Superior Wisconsin’s Top 10 Restaurants

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Superior, Wisconsin, the second side of the Twin Ports, increases as a tourist attraction as well as a shipbuilding and industrial center on a yearly basis. Fur-trading facilities were built in the 1660s, principally by the French, although settlement did not commence until the 1850s. The Edmund Fitzgerald’s last port of call, there are several plaques and mementos of the big ship constructed by Great Lakes Engineering Works.

Driving around town, you’ll see the slogan, Living Up To Our Name, beside the library or a public park. The restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of visiting are unquestionably excellent, thus the tagline holds true.

Request suggestions from your coworkers; The Golden Inn topped the list. Even if you ask someone what the greatest Chinese restaurant in Duluth is, they will point you in the direction of the Golden Inn. We order from them at least once a week. We like Chinese, they said.

So I had to go.

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Superior Wisconsin’s Top 10 Restaurants

Restaurant The Golden Inn

E Street (715) 395-2565

It’s immediately open and cheerful, with booths flanking the sides and four-top tables filling the middle of the space. With the customary Chinese symbols you’ve come to anticipate, the fallen ceiling with green shrubbery makes all the difference in the ambiance.

Take a seat and determine which of the Chinese symbols indicates the year of your birth. Although chopsticks may be requested, they also serve a fork AND knife, which gives you an idea of the size of their protein bits.

I’m pleased I have the knife with me. When I was there around noon, I had the chance to choose a few items. After all, who doesn’t enjoy Chinese leftovers?

Lunch specials include an entrée, an egg roll or crab rangoon, and fried rice. On request, steamed (white) rice is also offered.

I ordered both the Sesame Chicken and the General Tso’s Chicken (both of which are mild for me, at least the first time I try a new establishment) and asked the waiters for recommendations on which to take home. That is, which would reheat the most easily and effectively? It just took a second for him to say Sesame Chicken, so General Tso’s for lunch it is.

The restaurant is a wonderful spot to pass the time during a short wait. While the lunch rush had past, the most of the other customers were either friends reconnecting or couples enjoying a late lunch or early supper.

The General Tsos arrived with a flourish, the dish heaped with white rice over a substantial amount of chicken smothered in the tangy, spicy sauce. This meal has no veggies (or the sesame chicken). I’m sure I’ll try the medium spice next time I make this dish, but it was enough for a first supper. It was filling and plenty to take away for lunch the next day.

As I signaled that I was ready for my to-go box and check, the waitress promptly brought my sesame chicken. I opened the package simply to check how fresh everything tasted. The sauce differs somewhat from the General Tso’s, having less heat and more tang. The chicken is lightly breaded, and the combination with steamed rice is really excellent.

Based on my first two courses, I can see why the locals keep returning to this place.

A Dozen of Reasons

Tower Avenue (218) 409-25251112

This Doughnut Shop piqued my interest on my first visit to Superior, but I had to wait about a month to go. It’s roughly a 12-minute drive from downtown Duluth, over the Blatnik (or High) Bridge, and opens at 7 a.m.

I requested a coworker to cover me one Saturday and arrived at the business just as it opened, the woman just began to shift the trays of doughnuts from the sheet pan rack to the display case.

Turns out, is cash only, no credit cards, however the pub next door has a cash machine (they serve breakfast). And obtaining one of each accessible item cost me roughly $30.

The white powdered sugar-covered, raspberry-filled doughnut is their top seller, according to her. They are filled with blueberry, lemon curd, and raspberry filling, which is recognizable by a colorful dot in the middle. I just had half of one, but it was amazing. The dough is incredibly fresh and properly cooked, with exactly the correct texture mix.

Their crullers, which are equally delectable, are available in both sugared and glazed varieties. I had a sugar-covered cruller and would gladly eat it again.

Several of the doughnuts resembled layer cakes with icing on both sides.

One of my coworkers had worked all night and hadn’t had time for supper, so she chose the dark chocolate doughnut with sprinkles. It may have been the ideal moment to indulge in this delectable delight. She claimed she enjoyed it and had more energy to go home.

These apple fritters come with a variety of toppings. I like them simply. They’re a favorite of mine, so I’ll be enjoying them again soon.

They have cinnamon rolls as well as caramel rolls, so depending on how sticky you prefer your pastries, you’ll have plenty of options.

One of the enjoyable aspects? When I walked inside the hospital, several staff members stared longingly at the box, saying, “You’re going to be extremely popular today!” It’s the ideal treat for a dreary, rainy Sunday, or, let’s be honest, any day is a good day to treat your friends and family.

You don’t need a slew of reasons to go. Just don’t create a dozen excuses about not exercising when you start going on a regular basis.

They do sell gift cards online, so if you don’t have cash, think about getting a gift card before you attend.

Vietnamese Family Noodles Restaurant Pho Cali

320 Belknap Street (715)718-55671320 Belknap Street

This relaxed restaurant provides the popular rice and noodle meals, as well as sandwiches and fruity beverages for both kids and adults. On the way home from work, one of my coworkers is often entrusted with stopping here to pick up supper for the family.

If you have time to eat, though, peruse the menu while ordering garlic fries or potstickers. Fried shrimp rolls and fried calamari, two of my daughter’s favorites, are also available.

They provide nine rare steak noodle soups as well as a chicken noodle soup that my father would have enjoyed. There are eight more forms of soup, including Won Ton, to provide a diverse range of flavours.

If you’re not a frequent Pho eater, it may take some time to get used to the menu, so take your time and inspect each item. Each time you visit, try a different meal. It might be daunting if you are not a very experimental eater.

They serve 11 different varieties of pork, ranging from charbroiled to shredded, typically with rice or chicken, beef, or seafood fried rice.

I’m still finding my way around the world of Pho. When my daughter requests something more unusual, I could order the chicken with vegetables or broccoli, shaken beef with rice, or the super-easy sweet and sour chicken over fried rice (ask in advance if they have steamed rice if thats your preference).

They do have tofu dishes, such as spring rolls and chow fun meals with a variety of proteins, as well as a fantastic chow mein.

They also provide strawberry or avocado smoothies, coconut or orange juice, and hot or iced milk coffee for a pleasant drink.

Even inexperienced diners can find something to enjoy at this highly regarded eatery.

The Spirit Room

+1 715 817-47751323 Broadway Suite #100

This delightful tapas bar has not yet started food service due to the epidemic, but you are welcome to bring an order from another nearby restaurant and enjoy their enlarged outside seating. It is open from Wednesday through Saturday.

Thirsty Pagan Brewing Company

+1 715-394-25001615 Winter Street

If you’re searching for a local brewery with delicious pizza and beer and live music, this is the place to go! And since you’ll be in such a hurry to get your pizza here, you may as well abbreviate it to Za.

Are you ready for some pub food? TPB Bread is a vegetarian delicacy constructed with 10 round, fresh-baked pizza bread with your choice of toppings such as Margherita style, garlic, mozzarella cheese, and a warm red sauce for dipping, or artichoke and mozzarella cheese.

When served without the bread, the filled mushrooms become gluten-free, and you won’t notice the difference with the mushroom caps loaded with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese bake. Reuben roll-ups are another possibility for 10 circular stretched then loaded with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing. I’m curious whether they’ll serve corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day.

Go no farther than their giant soft pretzel, served with dill mustard, or their loaded pretzel, the same pretzel chopped into bite-sized pieces coated with mozzarella, cheddar, and bacon, also served with dill mustard but as delicious without.

They propose beer matches for pizza lovers. For instance, are you ready for Tequila Lime Chicken Za? Drink a Peacock Pilsner. What is the Curry Chickpea Za? Try the Amber from the North Coast. We got a suggestion from our waitress for the six pizzas we asked about. They feature a gluten-free cauliflower crust and a calzone as an extra option. Make Your Own Pizza is another option, with 23 ingredients available for a 10-, 13-, or 16-inch pie. It’s also entertaining to watch sports.

If you have any space left after all of those delicious options, try their cheesecake bits or plate (ask your waitress for current selections), vanilla ice cream, or the Burntwood Black Brownie. The latter is created using the house-brewed Burntwood Black beer and is a local favorite. Make your request early to ensure you receive a portion.

They provide Pepsi goods as well as Sprecher Root Beer and Cream Soda.

The Anchor Bar and Grill

715-394-9747413 Tower Avenue

My coworkers suggested Anchor Bar & Grill, which was also featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It’s a terrible dump, but it’s inexpensive and contains beer, which we like, he remarked.

And, of course, he was correct. You might easily lose an hour simply marveling at the nautical paraphernalia strewn over the premises, above, below, and around the bar. Finding non-nautical stuff is a game we play simply because we can.

They do one thing, and they do it incredibly well. Burgers and fries are available. With so many outdoor activities in this area, it’s fantastic to be able to go into a welcoming establishment and have one of the most amazing burgers I’ve ever tasted.

Gronks Restaurant and Bar

715-398-03334909 E. 2nd St.

If you contact Gronks to make a To-Go order and they dont answer, it indicates theyre too busy (typically 5p-730pm) to answer the phone, so come on in, sit down, and place your order here in person.

Gronks is known for everything upside down, from its upside-down burger to their 22 beer bottoms-up tap system. One of my coworkers described it to me, and it makes sense for waste reduction based on what I learnt in the Guinness Storehouse.

The bottom of the beer mug features a circle through which the tap enters and the glass fills. There’s no need to be concerned about the head pouring over the lip. That just falls in. It’s very amazing to see in person.

The cuisine not only tastes and smells sumptuous, but the quantities are so huge that you can count on having leftovers for your next meal.

Check out their daily specials (from chimichanga to prime rib sandwich basket to beer-battered fish) for an even better value, but don’t be shocked if you keep coming back for the burgers. Burger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, patty melt, mushroom Swiss burger, California burger, cheddar burger, and chili cheeseburger are all options.

Or go for gold and order the Gronk burger, which has a mound of onions on top of the burger, smoky bacon, their own BBQ sauce, and stringy provolone cheese. Ms. Gronk includes pickles and veggies. The Mighty Mammoth burger is one pound of ground beef. I have yet to see anybody complete it.

If you’re looking for something new, they offer a fantastic beef dip, an Italian bomber (beef and sausage), prime rib sandwich, fish sandwich, BLT, grilled cheese, and chicken fajita pita.

Their chicken is available as a supper option or as part of the henny penny special. You’ll feel right at home with the loaded baked potato or the sconny poutine. I made the mistake of suggesting that their BBQ rib supper is much too much food for me to consume. My colleagues chuckled as they pointed to the largemouth menu. Any of their other eight burgers might be used as a sandwich basket (fries or chips and cole slaw). Nobody wanted to take on the five-pound Enger Tower or the eight-pound Great Divide burger challenges. Maybe another time.

But wait, theres more. The sandwiches, sausage, and hot dogs are filling enough on their own, but pizza is also offered. You could live in and never eat the same thing again.

Ice cream sundaes, root beer or orange crush ice cream floats, and warmed-up lava cake topped with ice cream are among the dessert options.

This is one of the rare places where I couldn’t even think about dessert. That’s rather remarkable.

7 West

Tower Avenue (715)718-03861319 Tower Avenue

Lovers of architecture (tin ceiling!) and pub cuisine will find a double treat at this welcoming neighborhood institution with ever-entertaining names. Computer comprehension. Biscotti with chocolate dipping. Large Puff Tart. Moo Joos with Tiramisu. Mango Blonde is my particular fave. Brunettes having more fun for the brown ales has its own section.

They’ll pour it dark, light, sweet, or sour.

Pretzel nibbles and cheese curds are among the nine starting options. These loaded tots are spiced up with jalapenos. My coworkers’ favorite are the Jalapeno Beer Cheese Wontons.

Three salads and six tacos; I like that they provide a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla. It should come as no surprise that a deconstructed beer cheese wonton is a popular item.

In addition to the fantastic Plain Jane, a burger and a bun, they have seven specialty burgers to choose from. Do you have a nostalgic streak tonight? Choose the PBJ & bacon; it’s a beef patty with peanut butter, grape jelly, bacon, and sriracha sauce on a pretzel bun. You’d never guess it could taste this wonderful.

The green olive and cream cheese sandwich (or add jalapenos for a little more heat) and the one-eyed jack, pepper-jack with a fried egg on a pretzel bun are two of the eight sandwiches available. Whoever comes up with the names gets their own prize.

Tap House Chips or French Fries are cut to order in front of you. Those are the most delicious, fresh potatoes we have ever eaten. With eleven dipping sauces (try the White BBQ! ), the potatoes may be a meal on their own.

Excellent Waffle House

Tower Ave., (715) 718-02291412.

It’s a waffle. The whole establishment is dedicated to waffles. It’s fantastic.

In case you need more information, a local news station recently named it one of the greatest places to eat in the Twin Ports region (ABC affiliate). Offering both savory and sweet options, I thought their strawberry cheesecake waffle was the winner.

Apart from that prize winner, I like the warm apple crisp waffle and have met many individuals who return for the Celebration waffle, which comes with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Their chicken and waffle was also highlighted by the local news for its flavorful waffles. It is suitable for eating as a sandwich. The Sconie, pronounced skan-ee like a Wisconsinite, eaten with ham, cheese, and raspberry jam, is a fantastic blend of sweet and savory and very popular.

The Braffle is maybe the most remarkable to me. It’s a grilled brat nested in a waffle with raspberry jam and syrup. Astounding. And accessible every day except Monday.

Culture Restaurant JamRock

Tower Ave. (718) 718-07201901 Tower Ave.

The owner and head chef of this famed Jamaican restaurant has been cooking for 25 years. If you’ve never tried Caribbean cuisine, this is a fantastic place to start. The generous servings and delicious meals make it simple to return.

This is fantastic, particularly given how quickly the menu changes. What I had last week could not be accessible next month when I return.

The Jerk Brisket Stew with roasted herb-crusted potatoes was my favorite. Some restaurants go beyond with the jerk seasoning, which is where this chef’s skills shine. It was the ideal proportion, with delicate brisket that I felt could only be made by my Great Aunt Eileen. The chef had never met her, but I believe they would have admired one other’s abilities.

Chef Tony ONeill believes his grandma taught him a lot. It’s always a good idea to keep it in the family. I’m delighted he’s sharing what he’s learnt with the rest of us.

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