Tbilisi’s 18 Best Restaurants – Where to Dine and Drink in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Tbilisi is an incredible vacation destination that isn’t on every tourist’s itinerary but should be. It features the ideal combination of everything someone might desire. There are historic and fortified architectural structures, churches and religious heritage, a rich cultural history and past, bohemian arts and artisan crafts with an old-world Spice Lane market ambiance, warm and friendly inhabitants, and a foodies paradise.

The most often asked question is where to dine in Tbilisi. The good news is that this city has some of the most wonderful and delectable Georgian cuisine you will ever taste. If they do not cultivate everything themselves, almost all of Tbilisi’s greatest restaurants acquire all of their supplies directly from local farmers markets and gardens. This is a list of the best restaurants in Tbilisi, organized by category. Ive got you covered whether you’re searching for the greatest brunch in Tbilisi or the best wine bar in Tbilisi!

And, if you like wine as much as I do, Georgia should be at the top of your list of locations to visit! The nation claims to be the origin of wine, a claim that numerous other countries question, but don’t tell the natives!

In any case, Georgia is producing some genuinely wonderful wines at often astonishing rates. You will also be astounded by Georgian hospitality. Continue reading to learn more!

Are you unsure what to order? See my list of the finest Georgian foods!

In addition, I found several of these eateries while visiting Georgia with JayWay Travel. Many of you may recall the vacation I took with them last year. JayWay is so knowledgeable about Central and Eastern European travel that I leaped at the opportunity to work with them again this year. When planning your own trip to the area, be sure to visit their website!

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The Best Authentic Georgian Restaurants for a Genuine Local Experience

Many now travel deliberately to explore local culture and food. If this describes you, then these destinations must be on your itinerary.

Shavi Lomi’s

+995 32 296 09 5630 Zurab Kvlividze St.

This is one of Tbilisi’s most popular restaurants. Georgian modern food offered in rustic dishes is available here. The gobi starter plate, as well as the dolma, were popular choices.

If you’ve never tried beef cooked in red wine with cheesy potatoes, make it a point to have it on your next visit. This was one of the greatest national meals I had in Tbilisi throughout my whole stay!

Good tip: Make a reservation, particularly for a weekend table. This eatery fills up quickly, and we were unable to acquire a seat on many occasions when we attempted to arrive the day of or a day or two before. If the weather permits, request a table outdoors.


Mikheil Zandukeli St. +995 577 51 00 4427 Mikheil Zandukeli St.

Suliko is stunning. The whole experience is excellent, from the minute you walk in to the moment you sit in the gorgeous grounds. This is one of the nicest places in Tbilisi for a date.

Begin your meal with burrata. It’s excellent and flavorful without being overly heavy. The only thing that is heavy here are the rains!! The sweet tomato salad epitomizes freshness. This great establishment is housed in an ancient brick structure under Zandukeli Street. When the restaurant first opened, the owner quickly hired a local Georgian wine enthusiast to teach her employees and handle her wines.

Despite the fact that this establishment stocks over 130 distinct local wines, its expert knows each one intimately. Several of them are natural kvevri wines, and they are all produced by local family vintners. He thinks that wine should be paired with both food and people.


Giorgi Akhvlediani St.

Alubali is a stunning and popular restaurant with outside sitting in their lovely garden. They offer Georgian cuisine made using materials from local markets. Alubali even produces its own cheese! They offer the finest Georgian salad around, and the pig Barbecue was really delicious.

Samzareulo Chemi Qartuli

+995 595 64 99 44Ingorokva, 10th floor

This location is a fantastic choice at any time of day. They provide a fantastic breakfast and lunch. And for supper, they provide fantastic service and delicious Georgian food. They also have an open kitchen! Try the eggplant salad and the lobio with ham! I had eggplant salad at least 100 times throughout my stay in Tbilisi, and this was by far the greatest!


+995 555 63 44 11137 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave.

For $6.78 USD, you get two dinners, a salad, and a liter of wine. This modest Tbilisi restaurant serves Megrelian (a Georgian area) food. It is both inexpensive and genuine! Our meal for two was 20 GEL.

This real hole in the wall has English menus, but you can point to anything and it will be wonderful, so if you’re feeling brave, order something weird and enjoy!


992 Pekini Street +995 32 223 09

While Lagaza is primarily a wine bar, the wonderful food it serves has earned it a spot among the greatest local cuisine. It would be a mistake to come here only for the wine and ignore the meal. The pork belly and empanadas are must-orders.

Restaurants in Tbilisi With International Cuisines

Sometimes you simply become homesick and your body needs a vacation from the new foods. It is acceptable. If you need a break from the fresh local Georgian food, these locations all provide foreign cuisine that you may be more acquainted with.


Tamar Chovelidze St.

Lolita is a really hip restaurant with a lot of visitors, so theyre accustomed to speaking English and accommodating unique demands, something many traditional Georgian eateries do not.

Most people come for the pizza, but I had the roasted chicken with chimichurri sauce and it was delicious. They provide excellent service, and the wonderful and familiar foreign food keeps it packed all the time.

BBQ House No. 8

Vasil Petriashvili Street +995 595 45 63

This is Georgia’s first authentic American smokehouse. Honestly, they have a massive smoker inside! The distinctive flavor of home in the heart of Tbilisi comes from the Number 8 Craft Brewery and the Black Dog pub with Maclarens Irish Pub. You’ll feel right at home with whiskey, cigars, beer, and smokehouse cuisine!

Home of Art-Café

Betlemi St. +995 599 70 80 7913 Betlemi St.

If you’re searching for a more western European feel, this is an excellent place to visit. It’s extremely stunning on the inside!! With rustic décor and art adorning every spare inch of the wall, the dining room decor is unique and interesting. The lighting is also beautiful. They also provide fantastic cocktails, foreign wines, and fresh meals. The music has an Ibizan vibe to it. There’s even a rooftop bar!

Upscale Restaurants in Tbilisi

It’s time to treat yourself. We realize that you want to dine somewhere special this time. These are some of the most upscale and elegant restaurants in Georgia. Some are even owned by famous chefs!


D. Aghmashenebeli Ave. 132 +995 551 12 11

This is Georgia’s top fine dining experience. The atmosphere is very stunning, with everything from the decor to the lighting to the cuisine seeming quite formal. The service is impeccable, and the duck is cooked to perfection.

The menu changes periodically, but we were assured that certain popular items are always available.

Pro-tip: the amazing handmade bread and butter that they keep delivering to the table is charged separately each time they bring more. Our group spent $25 just for bread and butter alone. Yet no one was moaning since it was so good! You will also need to make bookings in advance.

Bina N37

+995 599 28 00 00 N5-a Mgaloblishvili str, entry N2, 8th floor, apartment N37

This restaurant is rather hidden, but eating on their rooftop patio is spectacular. They have an amazing environment and brew their own natural wine on the rooftop, something I haven’t seen at any other restaurant in Tbilisi!

We celebrated a friend’s birthday here, and I can confidently state that this is the ideal location for a birthday or other special event.

As you arrive at the location from Google Maps, look for the signage on the side of the private apartment building. The elevator is on the building’s side; the personnel will buzz you in. As previously said, it is somewhat concealed, but the experience is well worth it!


+995 577 58 58 5810 Tchorokhi Street, Davit Aghmashenebeli, 48

This is not a formal restaurant in the manner that Americans think of upmarket dining, but it is overseen by a local famous chef. The meal is fantastic. Begin with the croquettes, which are the greatest item on the menu!

Likewise, many of Tbilisi’s fancy restaurants do not provide khinkali (my favorite Georgian dish), but Chveni does. They also have gluten-free khinkali, something I have never seen on a Georgian menu.

Kote and Keto

+995 32 293 02 003 Dead End Mikheil Zandukeli

This location is difficult to discover, but the stunning architecture, natural lighting, and panoramic views are well worth the effort! Follow the instructions on Google Maps, even if it seems like it’s directing you towards an apartment complex parking lot, and you’ll be OK.

They take Georgian food and raise it to new heights. This would be an excellent location for a date or special night out. For a true treat, try the beef in blue cheese sauce and the fried mushrooms!

Call ahead if you want one of the nicer tables with a view, particularly on weekends.


Tamar Chovelidze St. +995 599 19 01 2424 Tamar Chovelidze St.

This is how you’ll know it’s one of the top restaurants in Tbilisi: it’s where I chose to have my final supper in town.

The restaurant is good without being arrogant, and I could eat everything on the menu, but our faves were the Saperavi burger and the pork belly!

Saperavi is a local red wine used to produce burger sauce, along with pan sauce made from caramelized onions, mustard, and garlic. I know that seems strange, but we were purchasing additional plates of it to dip our fries in!

In addition, the pork belly was marinated in a cinnamon honey sauce before being roasted to perfection. Both of these meals were standouts during my stay in Georgia.

Leila’s Coffee Shop

2018 Ioane Shavteli St.

The décor alone make this room seem elegant and magnificent. It stands near the historic Tbilisi clock tower and combines contemporary and antique Turkish design elements.

They provide vegetarian fare that will not make you crave meat! It’s an excellent lunch location.


Aleksandre Kazbegi St. +995 32 215 92 9357 Aleksandre Kazbegi St.

Sormoni is another another lovely Tbilisi terrace restaurant. Their garden is lush and colorful, and it’s the ideal setting for a leisurely supper with friends over a few bottles of wine. The restaurant has an onsite baker who creates fresh bread to deliver to the tables, thus all of their bread dishes are fantastic.

Sormoni is a bit out of the way, but they are worth the journey, and in a nation where prices are already low, we found the value for money here to be exceptional.

Khasheria Culinarium

Abano St., +995 32 272 11 5723.

This is a fantastic fusion restaurant. They combine traditional Georgian dishes with Thai and Asian influences.

The drinks are enormous for the price. Try the fried elargi croquettes and the veal cheeks.

Wine Guesthouse g.Vino

Dimitri Uznadze St. +995 577 22 29 0982 Dimitri Uznadze St.

This is much more than just a wine bar. Their tasting menu nicely mixes local wines with delicious food. You’ll have to pay a bit more than usual for the experience, but it’s well worth it. Make your reservation as soon as possible.

Breakfast Restaurants in Tbilisi

Georgia does not seem to have a strong breakfast culture, and brunch even less so. Most Georgians, it seems, prefer to have a short lunch at home before heading out the door to work. We discovered a handful of terrific alternatives after numerous futile tries to locate the greatest breakfast in Tbilisi.

These are some excellent spots to begin your day!

The Coffee Lab

Alexander Kazbegi Ave. +995 32 250 54 0527 Alexander Kazbegi Ave.

This is one of the nicest hidden gems spotted during our vacation to Tbilisi. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you may miss it tucked away in an overgrown park.

Coffee snobs aficionados will love the fact that they roast their own beans. Their venue is stunning, contemporary, and airy. They not only have the greatest coffee in Georgia, but they also offer the best breakfast! The savory waffle with crunchy carrots and parmesan granola was our favorite.


307 Sandro Euli Street +995 568 39 34 307

Amra, which was founded by Abkhazian exiles, serves Abkhazian cuisine blended with Mingrelian food from west Georgia. They have one of the top brunch spots in Tbilisi. Their fantastic meal is rustic yet excellent, full but fresh and not overpowering.

They also serve evening and late-night fare, so come back more than once a day to sample their whole menu. The ice cream with tangerine jam is fantastic for a sweet craving!

Tbilisi’s Top Bars and Wine Bars

Consequently, drinking is a key component of the nightlife. Tbilisi doesnt disappoint when it comes to understanding how to blend cuisine and wine in a memorable combination. There’s something for everyone here, from edgy nightclubs to luxury wine bars.

Wine Factory N1

Vasil Petriashvili Street No. 1

Therefore, don’t be confused since the Wine Factory wine bar is part of a chain of pubs and restaurants with the same name. Make your way to the Wine Factory complex and look for the Wine Factory wine bar.

This was by far the group’s favorite location. We started returning night after night, and it rapidly became our go-to spot in Tbilisi!

They offer floor-to-ceiling aisles upon aisles of wines, some of which cost as low as $2 USD! The pricing and quality of the local wines are unbeatable, and the staff is quite knowledgable. They can recommend the best wine for your budget and taste.

This is a terrific way to locate bottles of wine you loved at different Tbilisi restaurants for up to half the amount you spent at dinner!

Wine Bar Dadi

Shalva Dadiani St.

Dadi is a lovely spot for a fantastic wine pairing. They provide perfectly coordinated seasonal meals with vegetarian alternatives made from fresh, local products at their height of ripeness. They serve everything from baked tomato soup and handmade cheese bread to artisanal Georgian cheese plates and even polenta with eggplant, poached eggs, and beef.

Its wines are supplied from local Georgian vineyards as well. They provide 100% natural qveri wines. Even the locals like the Nakalovari and other lovely amber wines made from Kisi, Rkatsitelo, Khikhvi, and other grapes.

Speakeasy Wolands

Ivane Machabeli St.

A wonderful hidden treasure is nestled within an inconspicuous yet stunning restaurant. The bookshelf at the rear of this cafe leads to Wolands Speakeasy. Those who know the password can move the bookshelves aside and get entrance to a concealed bar.

The beverages are very inexpensive, with some costing as little as $2 USD and the most expensive still costing about $10 USD. The environment is also fantastic, with soft lighting and lovely decor. They sometimes have live music to accompany their excellent drinks. This is Tbilisi’s first speakeasy!

Cocktail Creations

1 Petriashvili

If you’re longing home, pay a visit to the cocktail factory. This is a neighborhood pub with a really American vibe. They provide native cocktails for visitors who wish to sample Georgian culture, but they also speak great English and can mix more familiar beverages like mezcal margaritas and martinis. This will feel like a home away from home. This is in the same building as the Wine Factory, so stop by for pre-dinner cocktails and one more glass (or bottle) of wine before calling it a night.

It’s Chacha Time!

Geronti Kikodze St. +995 568 83 32 935 Geronti Kikodze St.

This is a fantastic local cocktail bar that serves the popular Georgian spirit chahca. Chacha is a Georgian pomace brandy that is very powerful and flavorful. Although being manufactured from grapes, it tastes similar to vodka. Drinks vary from $2 to $8, so experiment with the local tastes! If you’re feeling bold, you may even purchase a flight of various chachas to sample!

Subterranean Vino

+995 599 50 64 2715 Tabidze Galaktion St.

This restaurant has the vibe of a hipster hangout in Brooklyn or Los Angeles. They have live music from local rock and punk bands, a fantastic wine selection, and relatively reasonable rates. They have a really nice and informed staff.

Vintages 8000

Sulkhan Tsintsadze St.

This is a wine bar and wine store in one. You may book an appointment for samples of charcuterie and cheese platters. They allow you to choose the wines you want to try, which vary from exotic and nutty whites to dark, strong reds. From the Rkatsiteli to the Tavkveri, all 8000 vintages are acquired locally.


+995 599 45 99 9410, Tabidze Galaktion St.

If a glass of wine isn’t for you, try 9MTA. Theyre one of the top craft beer bars in Tbilisi. The staff are fluent in English and know how to precisely mix your delicious meal with your beverages. They also serve what many believe to be the greatest khinkali in town, but the dispute continues.

Which of these Tbilisi eateries do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

Disclaimer: Some, but not all, of these meals were provided by Jayway Travel during my stay there. Nonetheless, as usual, all thoughts are my own. Since 2018, JayWay has been organizing tours to Georgia and the Caucasus.

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