The 10 Greatest Bars in Bar Harbor | Where to Drink in Bar Harbor

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Bar Harbor’s cuisine scene has grown to be one of the greatest in the nation. Many visitors come to this upmarket resort to discover its creative flair, but they also need a respite from the outdoors and its crowded retail sector.

Bar Harbor is more than just lobster rolls and fancy boats. There is a burgeoning waterfront scene, with numerous local bars selling delicious drinks and locally made beers.

This welcoming tiny town is a great gastronomic destination, so there are plenty of fantastic eateries within walking distance. Take a break from shopping and have an adult beverage at one of these Bar Harbor, ME bars.

The Top 10 Bars in Bar Harbor

Irish Pub Learys Landing

+12076643919156 Main St., Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

Leary’s Landing Irish Pub claims to be the closest Irish bar in America to Ireland. They provide a wide selection of artisan beers, seasonal beverages, and whiskey. Moreover, they remain open all year, unlike many other restaurants and bars in Bar Harbor.

I had a wonderful late lunch. I had a lobster roll, some fries, and a cup of chowder. Everything was wonderful! I’ve been travelling to Maine and eating lobster rolls for years, and this was one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

Additionally, special mention should be made of our server, who was attentive, friendly, and constantly on top of things! We ate outdoors (and asked for our meals in takeaway containers), and I was happy that we hadn’t been forgotten since the waiter dropped in on us repeatedly. I definitely recommend that you lunch at Learys Landing!

The Dog and Pony Tavern

+120728809004 Rodick Pl., Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

This is one of Bar Harbor’s top bars. Make a point of stopping by if you’re visiting Bar Harbor. Apart from the outstanding service and cuisine, the environment is just amazing.

We ordered a selection of craft and regional beers. Everything was fantastic! The locally made Downeast Cider was my particular favorite. That was delectable. We kicked things off with poutine fries and a cup of chili.

Instead of curds, the poutine fries were made using mozzarella cubes. This, however, did not distract from the dish. That was delicious! The gravy tasted great.

The chili was really tasty. I wholeheartedly endorse it. It was great for the crisp fall air. We followed it with a lobster roll and a burger. The lobster roll was delicious and fresh! I’ve never eaten a better lobster roll. It wasn’t covered with mayo and odd toppings as at other locations. The burger was very tasty. That was flawlessly executed.

It would be fantastic if you could visit this pub in Bar Harbor! The meal was delicious, and the service was superb!

Cottage Street Pub

+1207801265021 Cottage St., Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

Keep an eye out for some of the charming boutiques and Bar Harbor restaurants as you pass past the picturesque Agamont Park and continue toward the coast. The Cottage St. Pub is on your right. The beer, martinis, and cider are all wonderful at this establishment.

Among the Bar Harbor bars, it’s a terrific tiny pub with amazing cocktails and a superb bartender! For such a tiny shop, the pre-bottled beverages (such as Vieux Carre) were a welcome surprise. Popcorn at no cost!

Their menu is always changing, and they feature some of the greatest drinks in Bar Harbor. As a consequence, it’s the perfect setting for a summer drink.

My companion and I were seated in the outside sidebar just off the street. After dinner, it’s ideal for people-watching and drinking a beverage. The audience is always entertaining. It’s a tiny, tight location, but if you’re a cocktail expert, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Paddy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is located in Dublin, Ireland.

+1207801378650 West St., Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

Although I’m still looking for good bars in Bar Harbor, this is my current fave. Paddy’s has grown in popularity due to their excellent fried fish, cod fish and chips, and fish sandwiches.

Yet, more than likely, you’ll return to sample the delectable stouts, martinis, and ales. There are excellent chocolate frappes, lemonade, and tea offered here.

Without a doubt, this bar is great. It’s also directly next to a terrific pizza place. That’s even more impressive. The ambiance is clean and contemporary, reminiscent of a sports bar.

Great meal and a breathtaking view! The lobster bisque is deliciously light. Do not leave without sampling their blueberry pie if you haven’t before. It’s not your normal sugary blueberry pie, but it’s the greatest I’ve ever tasted.

If you prefer to expand out beyond the traditional light beers, the tap selection is worth checking out. While it is a college bar, it features something for everyone. Where else can you get a Natty Ice tub and a Stone Arrogant Bastard? Berkshire, Dogfish Head, Bear Republic, Wormtown, and 21st Amendment are all good options. I highly suggest you to see this hidden treasure among the Bar Harbor pubs.


+1207288507719 Main St., Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

Geddys Pub, located in downtown Bar Harbor, offers a unique feel and a wonderful range of local beers. They offer lunch and supper, with a focus on locally caught fish.

Geddys is famous for its Volcano Bowl drink, which is prepared with vodka, gin, brandy, amaretto, Bacardi 151, pineapple and orange juices, then LIGHT UP! Not what you’d expect from a New England pub, but like I said, it’s a distinct location among the many Bar Harbor bars!

We arrived at Bar Harbor ready for a good drink and settled up at Geddys right on the sea! The meal was fantastic! We got Brussels sprouts, a garden salad, salmon, and a bacon burger.

The Brussels were by far the greatest in Bar Harbor; you must order them! The fish was cooked to perfection, and the rice, salmon, and veggies all erupted in my mouth! This setting is fantastic!

Midtown Atlantic Brewing Co.

+1207288232652 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

Atlantic Brewing Company is a bar pub that provides delicious BBQ pork that goes well with your favorite pint of beer.

Its tree-covered patio has outdoor dining and is dog-friendly. The excellent beers and sodas of the Atlantic Brewing Company are available at this terrific post-Acadian hike spot, which is 20 minutes drive from the harborside.

If you like beer, Atlantic Brewery has you covered. With its assortment of craft brews, the neighborhood brewery is well-known across east yeast. The Atlantic Brewing Company has found the answer to everything from light and fruity to dark and deep.

We went in since we like trying different beers. We were immediately taken to a table after being greeted. Once we took our seats, we were given a selection of beers to try. Our host was quite enthusiastic about the nine different beers served in varied ways.

They were a touch crowded, so we elected to wait at the bar rather than the desk, which was promptly cleaned by a lovely bartender.

A flight of Blueberry Ale, Real Ale, A Larger Boat, Faust, and SOB was ordered. The NE IPA A Larger Boat and the Blueberry were our favorites out of the bunch. They had meals, even though we didn’t order any. It’s a terrific place to chill and one of the trendiest Bar Harbor places to drink beer.

The Good Life

+1207288211055 West St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

La Bella Vita is one of those Bar Harbor establishments where you may unwind with a glass of wine and a full dinner. Flatbread pizza, antipasti, tapas-style appetizers, and Italian entrees are available. The views from Frenchmans Bay are reminiscent of the charming villages and port towns that dot the Italian coast.

We ate breakfast and supper here every day we were in Bar Harbor. The location and vista are unrivaled! Everything we had was delicious, and the only thing that could have been better was the attentive and knowledgable service. There are various eating choices in Bar Harbor, but I recommend stopping by this one. If we can, we’ll surely return to Bar Harbor.

We were seated near the large windows that overlook the ocean to begin our meal. The pool of the Regency Hotel, where the restaurant is situated, is still visible and beautiful. That was the perfect spot to have a drink as the sun sank.

And we had a good time. My friend’s Indian Summer was delicious, albeit I would have had a touch less vermouth in my martini. The cocktail is very fruity and overpowering!

Later that night, I drank the Quatro Assi, a delectable herbal, fruity cocktail made with vodka, Domain de Canton, lime, grape, and basil. After dinner, my friend liked the 5PM, a tea drink with Grand Marnier.

For supper, we ordered a fig salad and a tomato soup, both of which were excellent, with the salad receiving higher scores for inventiveness and freshness. After that was pizza with mushrooms and Pomodoro noodles. Some of the best pizza dough I’ve ever tasted in America was incredibly thin and light. After the thick, wonderful spaghetti, we were both pretty satiated.

Despite the fact that the dining room was a touch formal, the atmosphere was relaxed. We were at ease and delighted over dinner because of our kind and obliging waitress. Despite the expense, I feel the dinner and drinks were well worth it. as well as the sunset vista!

Café on Side Street

+1207801259149 Rodick St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

This hidden treasure among the Bar Harbor taverns is neatly placed away from the clamor yet is just as accessible as other downtown restaurants. Come here for burgers, lobster rolls, and their signature mac & cheese. Relax on the balcony and have a glass while you wait!

As we passed it the day before on a strange Bar Harbor side alley, it was hopping, so we made a mental note to check it out for dinner the next night. If you want a vibrant environment, outstanding service, and terrific music, this is the place to be!

The current margarita of the moment, a delightful blueberry lavender cocktail, changes on a regular basis. So we made a huge order to sample a variety of meals, and we had leftovers to take home.

The Beer Works in Bar Harbor

+12072882886119 Main St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

Since it is positioned immediately at the junction of Rodick Pl and Main St, the rooftop terrace at Bar Harbor Beer Werk is an excellent site to people-watch while eating. This busy tavern specializes on Maine-brewed beer and cider, in addition to classic pub cuisine like burgers and sandwiches. The burgers and the German pretzel, which comes with cheese and mustard for dipping, are also delicious here.

A fantastic atmosphere and a large range of draft beers! We sipped the beer and ate the buffalo cauliflower on the upper balcony. There were many friendly staff members chatting to everyone and offering their advice for fascinating excursions and local activities. Grab yourself a beer flight! There are lots to choose from!

The kind bartender was also a tremendous assistance. He briefed me about the local breweries and let me try the ones that piqued my attention. A wide variety of Maine beers are offered on tap.

This venue is massive, featuring indoor and outdoor seating on two stories. Darts, pool tables, and so forth. Situated in the city’s commercial and tourism areas. Among the Bar Harbor bars, this is an excellent spot for both residents and tourists.

Thirsty Whale Pub

+1207288933540 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609, USA

If you want to enjoy wonderful meals in a casual environment, the Thirsty Whale Tavern is a great option. The food is pub-style and delicious, and the service is pleasant and prompt.

You may get hearty sandwiches, fried oysters, and a great beverage from the bar in addition to the regular lobster feasts.

We sat on their back patio since it had a heater. Since the lobster bisque had already sold out, I requested the clam chowder. The lobster roll was delicious! And they’re all quite affordable.

It is worthwhile to taste their Allagash white beer. Their handmade sweet cream salad dressing is delicious. The Service was fast and kind. You should give it a go!

The Top 10 Bar Harbor Bars in Brief

Bar Harbor is luring foodies from all over the nation, and not only for its wonderful seafood. Moreover, Bar Harbor has developed into a thriving cultural community with a diverse selection of businesses and cafés.

So why go outdoors when there are so many fantastic eateries around the waterfront? People meet over a drink and catch up after a long day of touring at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. Locals, visitors, and tourists mingle at the taverns in Bar Harbor. That was a delightful experience that I wholeheartedly recommend.

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