The 13 Best Budapest Restaurants | Where to Eat in Budapest, Hungary

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It might be difficult to choose where to dine in Budapest since there are so many excellent restaurants in the city, which is particularly true if you are only in town for a short amount of time. I have asked a couple of my fellow bloggers to assist me in compiling a list of the top restaurants in Budapest for you.

On this list, you’ll discover recommendations for everything from the restaurant in town that serves the most delicious vegan food to the restaurant that serves the most authentic Hungarian cuisine.

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The Best Budapest Restaurants

Barack & Szilva (Peach & Plum)

VII. Klauzál u. 13 // +36 30 258 0965

During my stay in Budapest, I considered this to be the city’s best restaurant. It is also the first one I recommend to my friends once I find out that they are going to be in the city.

The menu is not very wide; but, it does provide a sufficient number of fascinating choices to make you want to come back even before you have placed your first order. It is difficult to choose just one item from the extensive menu, which includes a variety of alternatives such as duck salad, roasted pork tenderloin, filet mignon, and traditional Hungarian dishes.

This location is wonderful. During the course of my stay, I visited there three times! Because the restaurant is rather small despite its high level of popularity, it is strongly recommended that reservations be made in advance. Finding a spot at a table might be challenging.

Pest-Buda Bistro

Fortuna u. 3. 1014 // +36 1 225 0377

Maria, from Europe, recommends this product. Up Close

The Pest Buda Bistro, which can be found in the very center of the Castle complex, is an excellent place to sample one of the most well-known meals in all of Hungary: chicken paprikash with buttered noodles. A scrumptious paprika cream sauce is poured over chicken that is both tender and moist. This meal, along with the handmade spatzle, is one that you will be daydreaming about long after you have left the restaurant.

The interior design of Pest Buda Bistro is reminiscent of a contemporary Hungarian farmhouse; it is homey, comfortable, and welcoming. They also own a little hotel, and the accommodations there are nothing short of breathtaking. If you plan on staying there, you should make your reservation as soon as possible.

It is strongly recommended that you schedule your trip to Budapest’s Castle complex so that you have time to allow for lunch or supper at the famed Fisherman’s bastion, which is located only a few feet away from Pest Buda. I can assure you that you won’t be let down in any way.


Szent István tér 9 // +36 70 333 2163

Halef of The Round is the one who endorses this product. The Men of the World

The word “Beast” translates to “Bestia” in Hungarian. Placed in the heart of Budapest, very adjacent to the world-famous St. Stephan’s Basilica. This restaurant is the ideal spot for both residents and tourists to kick back, relax with a group of close friends, and have a drink while listening to live music since the space is dimly lit and has a warm, inviting ambiance.

The excellent cuisine, extensive assortment of specialty beers, and energetic live music are what set Bestia apart from the competition. The starter of sweet potato topped with shaved truffles and sour cream is my personal favorite dish from the meal.

I also had the slim Angus burger, which replaces the buns with lettuce leaves and is placed between the two halves of the burger. The burger was the greatest I’ve had anywhere in Europe.

Additionally, Bestia is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There is a wide variety of choices that are suitable for both.

The majority of the more than 30 craft beers offered at Bestia are from Hungary, while others come from other countries in Central Europe. To get started, give the one-of-a-kind India Pale Ale Mad Scientist Jam72 a shot!

Blue Rose

Wesselényi u. 9 // +36 1 342 8981

Clemens, from the Travelers Archive, gives his recommendation.

The Jewish neighborhood of Budapest is home to the well-kept secret that is Blue Rose Restaurant. If you don’t pay attention to the modest sign that’s posted on the home, you could pass it right by. Follow the instructions, and despite the fact that the restaurant’s interior is rather simply designed and, I assume, genuine, try not to be turned off by it.

The menu has a wide variety of traditional Hungarian meals, making it quite difficult to choose just one to order. However, after dining there for a few days in a row, we discovered the ideal order to follow: first, fall in love with the handmade pickles, then fall in love with the goulash, and then fall in love with the thick noodles. The goulash has a flavor that makes it seem as if it has been cooking for a very long time. The beef is quite tender, and the rich brown sauce is cooked to perfection – exactly as you would anticipate from a Hungarian grandmother who has been preparing this meal for a significant amount of time. Don’t pass up the opportunity to do it!

Street Food Karavan

Kazinczy u. 18 // +36 30 934 8013

Katie, who runs the website Where to Stay in Budapest, recommends this place.

Street food in Budapest has been more popular over the last several years, and Street Food Karavan has emerged as the city’s undisputed leader in this emerging industry. Karavan was established in an outdoor parking lot that has been closed to traffic and renovated into a pleasant venue with the atmosphere of a beer garden. It is located smack dab in the midst of Budapest’s party-loving 7th district and is only down the street from the famed Szimpla ruin bar.

You may pick up some traditional street meals, contemporary takes on traditional Hungarian dishes, and tastes from other parts of the world at the food trucks that line both sides of the parking lot. If you are looking for a dish that is traditional to the area, you can try the Lángos. These are deep-fried dough balls that are covered with garlic, cream cheese, and shredded cheese.

When I’m in the mood for something a little more exotic, I like to stop at Samurice and get the teriyaki chicken rice burger.

There are a few different alternatives available to vegetarians and vegans that are sure to satisfy their hunger. You may also get straightforward beverages such as beer, wine, and froccs (wine spritzers), a popular choice among the natives!

The fact that Karavan is only open at certain times of the year is the most significant drawback of eating there. Due to the harsh winters in Budapest, Karavan is closed from late autumn until early spring. Beginning in April of each year is the typical time when it first welcomes customers.

Are you looking for places to go and activities to participate in while you are in town? Have a look at my travel guide where I describe the top things to do in Budapest!

OINOS Wine Bar & Bistro

Rákóczi tér 7 // +36 70 770 9803

Without having any prior knowledge of the establishment, I decided to go to Oinos to satisfy one of my (typical) cravings for Italian food. I had absolutely no idea what to anticipate when I walked into the cafe, but by the time I left, I was a huge fan.

The products were of high quality, the servings were ample, the wine selection was extensive, and the staff was kind and eager to provide recommendations.

Following dinner, I sampled a few different local red wines while enjoying a traditional bolognese dish. Everything from the food to the service to the wine was exceptional.

Napfényes Étterem

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2 // +36 20 311 0313

Recommendations from: Laura, Vegan vs. Travel

There is not a shred of question in my mind that Napfényes Étterem is among the very greatest restaurants in all of Budapest. The cuisine is excellent, the service is friendly—which is quite unusual in Hungary—and the rates are reasonable. It is also one of the few restaurants in Budapest where you can sample a dish that is not only classically Hungarian but also vegan. This makes it a standout among Budapest restaurants.

We highly suggest the Kolozsvári Toltott Káposzta, which consists of packed cabbage leaves and home-made sauerkraut. Although it may seem revolting, I can assure you that it is in fact one of the most delicious meals you will ever have. We have persuaded a good many of meat eaters to come to this restaurant, and every one of them has been shocked by how much they have loved the meal here.

Even though the quantities are enormous, they do have a takeout option available. Therefore, if you find that you are already too full to finish it, simply take it with you when you leave. They also make some of the most delicious pizzas in town, in case you’re in the mood for something that’s a bit less Eastern European.

Gettó Gulyás

Wesselényi u. 18 //+36 20 376 4480

Gina, from “Jet Set and Forget,” highly recommends it.

Following a month-long journey throughout Europe, the visitor arrives in Budapest for the last time. Gettó Gulyás was the location of my first ever Hungarian dining experience. Because I’m from New York City, I sometimes find myself becoming jaded when I visit other countries and dine at their restaurants. This location was able to completely steal my breath away, which is quite a lot considering how difficult it is to impress me.

When you come in, the first thing that strikes you is how contemporary, clean, and inviting the interior design is. The menu, which is published in English, is succinct and easy to understand, and it is prepared using fresh ingredients. The beef stew with a red wine reduction was by far my favorite meal throughout all three visits I made to that restaurant. The meat was really tender, and the balance of salty to sweet flavors was spot on. I was really aback by the fact that one of the stews they sell is made with rooster testicles in addition to chicken, veal, and venison. For those who choose not to consume meat, they also offer fish and a vegetarian mushroom stew. When in Budapest, you really must come here for a meal since it is that good.


Wesselényi u. 35 // +36 20 439 3338

Recommendation from Megsy, who runs the Food Fun Travel blog.

It’s possible that you won’t consider eating a burger to be a very “gastronomic” thing to do if you’re going to be in Budapest. However, the people we spoke to while we were there said that the best thing to eat in Budapest is a burger. This came as quite a surprise to us. We reluctantly agreed to give it a go, and it turns out that they were correct! We enjoyed some of the nicest burgers we’ve ever had in Budapest, namely at the W35 burger business, which is genuinely rocking out some of the best burgers we’ve ever eaten.

Imagine a perfectly cooked medium-rare hamburger patty that is put on a freshly toasted home-baked bread roll. On top of the beef patty, there is homemade BBQ sauce with cheese spilling out. A plate of potatoes that have been cooked in duck fat is provided as a side dish. You got it correctly! Fries made with duck fat and potatoes. You haven’t really lived your life if you haven’t had potatoes cooked in duck fat at least once. To add the cherry on top, the total cost of this lunch is just approximately four dollars US.

We also suggest giving the jalapeno poppers a go if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit naughtier but just as wonderful. They are the epitome of depravity, yet they are irresistible.

Hungarikum Bistro

Steindl Imre u. 13 // +36 30 661 6244

Lavina from Continent Hop is the one who gave her stamp of approval. When I travel, it is essential for me to sample the cuisine of the area. It doesn’t matter how much I like eating on the street, there’s nothing quite like a nice, relaxed lunch at one of the local restaurants here. They have some of the greatest cuisine in the whole area! Hungarikum Bistro was no exception! I smiled as I opened the menu and noticed all of the delicious options that were available at this little restaurant that was located not too far from the city center and just a five-minute walk from the Parliament building. A number of mouthwatering dishes, including chicken paprikash, goulash, Hungarian sausages, filled cabbage rolls, and Langos, were available for purchase.

The personnel was kind, and the service was quite quick. They made recommendations and went through the many different wines that were offered. While we waited for our dinner, a musician performed on various instruments.

The dinner was served scalding hot and was quite tasty. The Langos had a crunchy exterior and a cheesy inside. The paprikash was served with an appropriate level of heat. In spite of this, a paprika dip was also provided for those of us who want a little more heat.

The meal we had at the Hungarikum Bistro was one of the most memorable experiences of our trip, and the cuisine was so good that we ate there three times while we were there!

Menza Étterem és Kávézó

Liszt Ferenc tér 2 // +36 1 413 1482

The recommendation comes from Karen over at

Menza Étterem és Kávézó is a traditional Hungarian eatery located in Budapest that exudes a throwback atmosphere and provides excellent traditional Hungarian cuisine. This quaint restaurant is a favorite among both residents and visitors due to its superb wine selection, welcoming staff members who are fluent in English, and convenient location that is near to several of Budapest’s most popular tourist destinations.

A Hungarian girl that I met led me to her favorite restaurant, Menza, and advised that I have the beef goulash there. Personally, I thought it was delicious and it was a great recommendation. In addition, there will be a choice available for vegetarians.

Because the menu is updated every week, you should be aware that it is possible that they will not have a certain house speciality that you have read about online.

When it comes to cleanliness, Menza was one of the restaurants in Budapest that stood out to me the most. They accommodated my lactose intolerance, and I would strongly suggest Menza to anybody who suffers from food allergies. If it weren’t for them, I would have had a difficult time in Budapest.

I was blown away by the size of the quantities, and I was thrilled to see that for such a reasonable price, you can have a complete dinner consisting of three courses. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for gatherings, since the quantities are big enough to be split (and still have leftovers)


Mazi Greek Kitchen

Alkotmány utca 19 // +36 70 203 4990

Finding restaurants like Mazi, which is one of the most popular in the area and is thus usually busy, is one of my favorite things to do in the city. I was given a menu, but before I had the opportunity to make a selection, the welcoming proprietor made her way over to my table. After a brief discussion, I decided to base my supper decision on his suggestions.

I was particularly surprised by the seafood, which was both fresh and served in a traditional Greek way that was both straightforward and simple. The staff’s suggestions for wine pairings, which were equally excellent, were right on.

Another restaurant on our list of popular options is this one. It is highly recommended that you book reservations in advance.

Café Gerbeaud

Vörösmarty tér 7-8 // +36 1 429 9000

Gabor of Surfing the Planet has given his recommendation.

Traditional bakeries and coffee houses have made Budapest well-known around the world. Some of these establishments, like the Gerbeaud Café that is situated in Vorosmarty Square, have grown to accommodate the operation of dining establishments as well.

Midway through the 19th century, the establishment first opened its doors, but it was Hungarian-born confectioner Emil Gerbeaud who brought it to widespread attention. Even if you aren’t planning on eating there while you are seeing the sights of Budapest, it is still well worth your time to stop in so that you may see the gorgeous chandeliers and marble tables that are found within. You may also take advantage of the pleasant weather by sitting on the terrace at Gerbeaud Café, which is located on the second floor.

Despite the fact that the most popular items are still the cakes, such as the Dobos or the iconic Gerbeaud Cake, the latter of which is my personal favorite. A delicious goulash soup and other Hungarian delicacies, such as stuffed cabbage and various stews, are served in the bistro part of the Gerbeaud Café, which also has a beautiful seating space. You may also place orders for foods from other parts of the world, such as burgers and pasta.

Which of these Budapest restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Do you tip in Budapest?

Tipping is not required in Budapest; nonetheless, it is considered polite and is used by both tourists and residents alike. Tipping is expected in the hospitality industry, including hotels and concierge services. In addition, a tip of 10% to 15% might be given to the bill at a restaurant, unless the service tax has already been included.

What is the national dish of Budapest?

Gulyás (Goulash) (Goulash)

Gulyás, which is the national cuisine of Hungary, is often presented as a stew in most areas of the globe; however, a true gulyás is actually a broth that is prepared from pieces of beef that have been boiled with onions, paprika, tomatoes, and pepper. Fresh white bread and chopped hot paprika are often included in the side dish presentation.

What time do people in Budapest eat dinner?

Dinner, which is considered the most important meal of the day in Hungary, is often had between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m. Try reserving a table around eight o’clock in the evening for the very finest experience. Because the vast majority of good dining establishments only turn over one table every evening, you should be able to get a reservation for eight o’clock.

What is the famous dessert in Budapest?

Kürtoskalács is one of the most well-known and popular Hungarian street delicacies, and it is almost always included on the “bucket list” itineraries of foodies coming to Hungary from other countries. Essentially, it is prepared by wrapping a sweet yeast dough around a baking spit, cooking it over some hot charcoal, and topping it with a coating of cinnamon and granulated sugar at the end of the process.