The 14 Greatest Restaurants and Bars in Queretaro, Mexico

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In Quertaro, culinary tourism has never been very popular. Despite this, there are some delicious dishes to be found here.

There are several modern and traditional restaurants in the Centro, as well as some excellent foreign eateries, to provide a wide range of dining options.

The atmosphere is more essential than the food in some of the best establishments: Quertaro, unlike other contemporary cities, has been managed to keep a number of its classic cafeterias and fondas, which still attract a considerable local clientele.

Although though there aren’t as many street vendors here as there are in other parts of the nation, there are still plenty of cheap snacks and tacos. I’ve included a list of 17 of the city’s best bars and eateries below. Enjoy!

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Queretaro’s 14 Top Restaurants


+5214421784198 Cimatario, C. Carlos Septin Garca #22.

If you want some Indian cuisine, you should go to ZAIKA. It’s not only good, but it’s also fairly priced. We stumbled upon ZAIKA while looking for Indian cuisine.

The food and service were both excellent. With Chef Vinod and his wife, you instantly feel at ease and at home.

Eating authentic Indian cuisine was a fantastic gastronomic experience. The meal is savory and delicious. You must love spicy and hot food in order to completely appreciate it.

Samosas, bhel, biryani, lamb vindaloo, chicken masala, paneer dishes, butter chicken, and other meals were served. Everything was very great!

The service was outstanding, kind, and professional. The courtyard-style eating space at the rear of the building contains just five tables; it has a good atmosphere and is well furnished.

The food was delicious, but the restaurant was also wonderfully clean, cheerful, and well-kept by the proprietors, Vinod and Laura.

They welcomed us inside their restaurant and served us one of the most delicious dinners we’d ever had. If you like Indian cuisine, I highly suggest it. I hope to return shortly.


+524422400919 Bernardo Quintana Boulevard 23

It’s a contemporary setting. It is well designed and has a clean, uncluttered industrial appearance. Banal is a setting that makes you feel at ease and liberated, a relaxed atmosphere free of preconceived assumptions, offering a joyful experience supplemented with top-notch food and excellent service.

The ambiance and setting set the tone for a wonderful experience. Mr. Amador, the restaurant’s manager, is a wonderful person with a wealth of knowledge in evaluating the quality of the cuisine and what delights guests.

Kumamoto oysters, tuna tartare, Ensenada taco, grilled tatemado octopus, truffled French fries with parmesan, gaonera taco, and mac & cheese were among the dishes we had.

The tuna tartar and octopus were both delicious. These were the best I’ve ever tasted, not only in Quertaro, but anywhere. If you like mezcal, you must try the Terco drink. While there are TVs for sports events, I suggest booking a space on the patio.

Cocina Libre PA

Hidalgo +524421933425

Pa Cocina Libre is the only Slow Food certified restaurant in Quertaro. Breakfasts prepared with regional ingredients selected by Chef Juan Pablo Ins.

If you are visiting the Historic Center of Quertaro, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If all you want is more of the same, this is not the place for you (pancakes, quick and easy breakfasts, chorizo like you get at the grocery store).

Fresh herbs that provide a unique taste to your food may be found here, as well as vegetables from the area with the strongest flavors.

Nothing like it can be found in Quertaro, so come with an open mind to new flavors! For example, they infused the Chocolate and Oatmeal Porridge with mustard, which contrasted well with the nuts and fresh fruit.

The Tartin Ranchero, with handmade chorizo and sourdough bread, is another option. The color and taste of nopales in this dish will wow you.

If you appreciate eating, this is an excellent venue. Excellent food, and many thanks to everyone at P.A. Cocina Libre for providing us with such a memorable experience.

The Sweet Company

+524424610099 27 Calle Melchor Ocampo

Wow, I had no idea such a delicious Italian-style bakery café could be found in the center of Mexico. Thus far, the greatest European dessert store in Queretaro! At the freshly refurbished colonial home, there was an excellent blend of architectural elements, natural light, pleasant seating, and warm, engaging service.

I wished I had taken more photos. The pastries were displayed in beautiful antique wooden cases, and the coffee selection was superb. We had the perfect empanada, complete with slow-roasted mushrooms and onions.

I bit into a huge slice of melted chocolate cookie that was crunchy on the outer edges, somewhat crushed across the surfaces, and had a gooey mushy center, which is precisely how I enjoy my cookies but seldom find.

And you must have their chocolate eclair, which is the greatest I’ve ever tasted. The eclair itself was soft and moist, with a light cream filling that was somewhat sweet but not overwhelming, and the best part was the orange liqueur drizzle on top.

This is absolutely a site I urge you see on your future trip to Queretaro!

Sushi named Nama

+524421695743 99 Hacienda el Campanario

Nama Sushi, which serves genuine Japanese food, is a must-try among the eateries in Queretaro. It is on a quiet street and provides ample quantities, moderate prices, and delicious meals. They are known for its seafood, poultry, and grilled meats.

This is the place to go if you want to try anything else than conventional Mexican food. It’s a fantastic spot to go with family or friends.

The restaurant is well equipped and furnished, the music is fitting, and the seafood is delicious. The service is superb, and it is both helpful and unobtrusive. Cesar is a subject matter specialist, and the rest of the staff is attentive.

We sat at the bar, and the bartender was incredibly kind and accommodating to our requirements. As he served us an unexpected omakase, we were taken aback. I suggest purchasing nigiris while they are in season.

The environment is basic, and sitting at the bar is an enjoyable experience; the chefs are kind; they propose the finest meals, and if you question them, they offer a clear and reasonable explanation. Eating there was a fantastic experience. This is the place to go for Japanese food!

The Black Juice and Coffee Lab

+524421199955 15 Calle Vicente Guerrero

Although not being considered a speciality, Black Juice is a location that makes you feel unique. It is a café that prides itself on the care it gives to its clients and the constant invention of its cuisine with each season.

The establishment has a rustic style that is fairly appealing to the eye, and it offers both bars for working and tables with chairs or soft armchairs for hanging out with family or friends.

They feature a board game loan system and background music to make your day more enjoyable.

The dish was tasty and varied in taste. Excellent diversity and balance in the coffee, either basic or with some mix that is extremely pleasing to the tongue.

I had Moroccan mint tea with my acai bowl. My buddy had coffee with her overnight oats and fruit. Both were prepared fresh and deliciously.

Personally, I would suggest it for getting to work or eating breakfast on a wonderful morning. Undoubtedly one of Queretaro’s coziest eateries.


+524422996207 Also, Libertad 82

This French restaurant is famed in Queretaro. Behind the Hotel Meson de Santa Rosa, on a pedestrian street. A lovely semi-open air top patio of a fantastic French bakery.

Without a question, the greatest French breakfast in town. Everything is made using the finest ingredients in the traditional French style.

It serves delectable breakfasts and lunches, including beef bourguignon, steak frites, and mussels marinara, as well as excellent coffee and pastries to go.

When we sat on the patio, it was a gorgeous bright day with a clear sky. We started with ginger, pineapple, and orange juice, then had a great spinach quiche, and closed with a gorgeous thousand leaves dessert composed of red fruits, which satisfied both my palette and my stomach.

During the main course, everything went swimmingly. Each of us put a separate order, and we all ended up stealing food from our neighbors’ plates.

The ooh la la croissant sandwich was fantastic, and the potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms had been oven-roasted to bring out their finest tastes and textures.

The extremely appealing interior design, pleasant environment, moderate prices, and cordial service make this one of the best restaurants in Queretaro.

La Grupa Terraza

+524422124249Prol. Luis Pasteur 25, Norte

Terraza La Grupa is an excellent pick for foodies. The terrace has a wonderful environment, is tranquil and completely private, and provides a spectacular view of Queretaros’ old city center.

They provide speciality cocktails such as New Moon, Blue Moon, and Red, which have a delicate aftertaste for the discriminating palate, and the rates are cheap and the cuisine is excellent.

I stayed at the hotel and had breakfast there. They provide fruit and drinks, omelets, scrambled eggs, divorced eggs, and eggs to taste.

Chilaquiles and green or red enchiladas with cheese are also available. They may be eaten on their own, but adding chicken or eggs will increase the cost. They are served with toasty bread and a large cup of American coffee.

The service was pleasant, and the food and portions were well-portioned and presented. The service was great.

The combination of the aforementioned characteristics, as well as the good weather and perspective from Terraza La Grupa, makes a one-of-a-kind and attractive atmosphere for admiring the magnificent Historical Center in the historic city of Quertaro. Perhaps one of the best restaurants in Queretaro.

Café Kultur Moser

Av. Industrializacin 4 +524422452733

Moser Café Kultur is a stylish cafe with moderate costs, especially considering the fresh and high-quality ingredients they use. Their craft beer selection is amazing, and they don’t simply offer what they have on hand, which is one of the reasons I rank this restaurant among the best in Queretaro.

The people are kind and pleasant, the food is reasonable and delicious, and the atmosphere is relaxed, making it easy to hang out with friends, customers, or even by oneself.

It is a relaxed setting where you may dine and drink while sitting outdoors in the shade. A poached egg on toast with mushrooms was wonderful.

My buddy enjoyed his goat cheese and mushroom omelet. The site is pretty unique, and the service was exceptional. Freshly made bread and pastries are also delicious!

This coffee shop offers the best coffee in Queretaro. Their employees are educated bartenders, and their coffee drink assortment is great. Check out this location as well as the other intriguing businesses in the shopping complex.


Calle Cto. Alamos 62A +524427210505

Sepia, one of the best brunch spots in Queretaro, with a one-of-a-kind décor. The amounts are substantial, the meal is great, and the service is polite and kind. The atmosphere is fantastic since it is similar to being in a living room or at a friend’s house.

For me, this is one of the nicest brunch spots in Queretaro. While it does not take reservations, even with a huge crowd waiting for a table, the wait time was just around 15 minutes.

I had to take a seat on the beautiful terrace. The service was timely and good. I had some Los Arcos eggs, which were excellent. It went well with a cappuccino and monkey bread from the restaurant’s Bakery.

The coffee was excellent and on point, and the sandwiches, wraps, and bagels are extremely well prepared; they are a perfect alternative for a full and healthy meal, and they are without a doubt one of the finest breakfast options in the area!

Bistro Allora

Calle Venustiano Carranza 37 +524422241998

With over a decade in operation, Allora Bistro has established itself as the perfect choice for customers seeking great cuisine and holds one of the top spots as one of the finest restaurants in Queretaro.

Their cuisine is well-known around the city, and their chef is eager to go the extra mile to create dishes with the greatest taste and ingredients.

One of the best poached eggs I’ve ever tasted. The food were beautifully arranged and presented. The waitress was really kind.

Therefore, if you’re bored of traveling to the same locations that provide terrible cuisine, don’t miss out on the opportunity to come here and have a delicious supper!


+52442226947376000, 37 Avenida Universidad

Without a doubt, the best breakfast I’ve ever had in Queretaro! When compared to other restaurants in Queretaro, the quality of the food and service at this elegantly constructed restaurant shone out like nowhere else.

They provide valet parking and sell paintings and other decorations for the restaurant. You should try it if you’re in town!

It is definitely a joy to find a site like this, from the calm and appealing entry, they have parking upon entering the area the magic starts, first with the impression of the place, elegant, inviting, and distinctive, it really shocked me.

The service was also excellent, with everyone paying close attention and dropping by your table to see if you needed anything. In contrast to other restaurants, you will not have to wait an age for a waitress to pay attention to you.

I had smoked salmon, tomato, and olive oil on toast. It was perfect in every aspect! The tomatoes were delicious and fresh! The remainder of our lunch was as delicious.

They also supply complimentary glasses of water, giving you a very European experience. There’s a lot to explore here. Very recommended!

Queretaro Botanicals

Circuito Alamos 64 terraza +524422862002

Botnico Queretaro is a wonderfully pleasant and cozy restaurant; we were served quickly and the staff was kind.

The lunch was delicious, and there were several options to choose from since this restaurant caters to different demographics.

The costs of the meals are very reasonable, making it possible for both families and groups of friends to enjoy themselves here. It’s one of the reasons why this restaurant is one of the finest value for money in Queretaro.

I ordered chilaquiles, which arrived swiftly and were delicious.

The waffles really enhanced the whole experience. Among the restaurants in Queretaro, it is a must-see!

La Laborcilla Hacienda

Corregidora Nte. 911 bis +524422451695

If you visit Quertaro, you must go here. The Hacienda is magnificent, the ambience is delightful, and the wide food will astound you.

It’s a sophisticated restaurant set in a restored 18th-century hacienda with a fountain and green terrace seats. The dinner was pricey, but it was worth it since it was delicious.

It was a fantastic experience, and the bartender was polite and eager to go above and above to personalize the drinks. Luis Rojo, our waiter, was outstanding; attentive and courteous, and he never left our table without asking if there was anything further we need.

outdoor setting and is built around a pool that is well-lit at night. The meal was delicious, with a wide variety of meats, fish and shellfish, pizzas, and pasta dishes. The restaurant features an indoor seating area.

My companion had the more typical shrimp and pasta meal. I came up with stuffed prawns after some experimenting. Prawns are, in fact, shrimp. They, on the other hand, were gigantic, with full-length shells, antennae, and other characteristics. It was served with spaghetti made with squash, zucchini, and carrots. That was fantastic!

The service was excellent. The night we arrived, live music was playing, which was fantastic. It was audible, concentrated, but not overpowering. I really suggest it, and I hope to return soon. Without a doubt, one of the top restaurants in Queretaro.

Bars in Queretaro


+525549449393C. May 5th 111

If you’re in Quertaro and looking for a great venue to drink a few beers, this is the place to go. Steampunk-themed restaurant and pub that offers fantastic cuisine, has a great music selection, and always has beautiful things coming out of the kitchen. It is a unique site. Because of the ornamentation, it gives a mystery air that piques intrigue. It is without a doubt one of the most distinctive eateries in Queretaro.

I appreciated the outstanding mixology at a fair price, and the music was different from what I was accustomed to hearing at other bars. The cuisine was delicious, the beverages were plenty, and the atmosphere was trendy. Expect to spend about 200 pesos per person, not including a drink.

A great place to hang out with friends, drink, and eat amazing food, especially the incredibly hot wings, salmon and pears pizza, guacamole, and nachos.

The setting is not inexpensive, but it is also not prohibitively costly, and it is definitely worth it. This is a fantastic area to spend some time with friends.


+524423840666C. May 5th 71

The restaurant sits in downtown Quertaro and is a wonderful stop for a drink while touring. This location was fantastic.

Great beer selection and a fantastic atmosphere. The service was kind and fast to propose a drink.

They provide a wide range of cocktails to suit every taste, from basic classics to more complicated mixtures prepared with fruity, herbal, floral, and exotic ingredients like as apricot jam. I recommend that you move outside of your comfort zone because you will not be disappointed.

Tudor Cocktail Society

+524427095974 50 Calle Venustiano Carranza

Arguably the greatest martini bar in Queretaro, as well as one of the best restaurants. All of the things were fairly priced, and both locals and tourists agreed that you get what you pay for when you eat and drink there.

They provide a sensuous, pleasant atmosphere, fantastic music, and great energy. They do not need more furniture since the room is small and already has a few tables and a bar with tall seats.

While the menu was limited to a few salads and main courses, we were pleased with the cuisine’s variety and quality!

We ordered from the menu and made great personalized cocktails, thanks to the head bartender who had everything in order and delivered excellent service. All of the drinks we tried were well balanced.

It distinguishes itself from the other pubs in the area simply because you may come and order an unique drink for yourself.

Stop in, enjoy the variety of speciality drinks, and if you must, challenge them to anything. They prepared our cocktails without hesitation and passed our testing with flying colors. It is an excellent location in every aspect. A pleasant experience awaits you!

The Top Restaurants in Queretaro in Brief

Quertaro is the place to go if you want to experience authentic Mexican culture and the finest of the nation.

Quertaro is a city that should not be overlooked, from its gorgeous architecture to its attractive center plaza, from its diverse local cuisine to its many entertainment options.

Although there are no large resorts like in Acapulco, what is available will undoubtedly present you with life-changing experiences!

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