The 15 Best Restaurants and Bars in Puebla, Mexico | Where to Eat and Drink in Puebla, Mexico

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The cultural need for Mexican food is not unheard of, and anybody who visits the nation is certain to fall in love with its cuisine.

Fruit combinations, a Spanish influence, and culinary personalities are all there. Puebla, located only two hours from the capital, is the ideal location to sample and enjoy Mexican cuisine at its finest, falling in love with its rich tastes, fiery mole, deep-rooted multi-cultural influence(s), and veggie dishes.

Oaxaca, Merida, and Puebla are undoubtedly the most popular of Mexico’s popular gastronomic cities.

Puebla is well-known for its colonial and contemporary architectural architecture, Talavera pottery, and high-end cultural specialties as as mole poblano, tacos, yucateca, cocina poblana, chalupas, chiles en nogadas, Pulque, mezcal, cemitas, and many more.

With its colonial legacy, colossal structures, and old cultural attractions, there is little question that Puebla is worth a full trip, not simply an hourly excursion.

Being a history buff, I found this city to be a vivid colonial respite from the everyday hustle of the metropolis.

The interior azulejos, Baroque cathedrals, 18th-century convents, and Spain-influenced Talavera ceramics will seduce you into succumbing to its 15th-18th-century beauty. UNESCO designated Puebla’s historic core as a world heritage site in 1987. Now you know what awaits you at your destination!

Many visitors, like me, visit Puebla for obvious reasons: regional gastronomy, authentic Mexican culture, and enticing districts.

The Top 10 Best Restaurants in Puebla, Centro

Puebla quickly gained prominence, and it became home to a variety of traditional restaurants, cafés, and regional street markets. This is the finest of what I discovered in the city: ten magnificent Puebla restaurants and five unusual pubs with the greatest taste and culture.

Moyuelo— Best Cemitas in Puebla

+522222324270Av 7 Pte 312, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

Moyuelo is a typical Puebla restaurant that you won’t find anywhere else. The intricacies in every area of this cuisine are astonishing and tasty. More than anything, Moyuelo offers a contemporary respite for foodies bored of traditional regional cuisine and tastes.

Moyuelo continues to marry contemporary methods with Puebla’s less-than-regional cuisine. Their menu is simple yet expressive, and each meal showcases unique tastes you may not have encountered before in Poblano-style cuisine.

I’ve been to both Moyuelo sites, and the inside design has changed dramatically. Although the previous Moyuelo was rustic and homey, their new location focuses on contemporary architecture and is cute, warm, and welcome. Nevertheless, it is not the finest part. At Moyuelo, you may see the greatest cuisine presentation that Mexico has to offer; food has never looked as beautiful as it does at Moyuelo.

It’s no secret that real Mexican platters sometimes lack visual appeal, but not at this restaurant, which has mastered the word “aesthetic plating” in all literal meanings. The meal almost seems to be too excellent to be real.

But, Moyuelo is not your typical spice-driven restaurant. If you’re searching for hot Mexican dishes at this restaurant, you’ll be disappointed. Their cuisine is predicated on creating meals with real tastes; their whole goal is to bring out the actual essence of all the components in that particular dish.

If you’re not sure what to eat, start with their tasting menu. Their quantities are modest, but the flavor is unrivaled. While their menu varies on occasion, their cemitas, duck magret with peach mole, octopus with garlic mojo, and flan with pumpkin sweet are all outstanding.

Pizza Center Le Berenjena

+522226884754 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mxico, Calle 3 Ote. 407, Central

Pizza and alcohol are inseparable.

After days of eating Mexican cuisine, pizza was my first and final craving in the nation. Fortunately, La Berenjena was only around the corner, really three corners, Cholula, Sonata, and Centro.

Spending the evening at Le Berenjena completed the picture; their pizzas are among the finest in town, and the selection is vast. When combined with Mexican and Spanish professionals, La Berenjena quickly became a popular destination providing delectable tapas, platillos, and Mexican beer.

Try their pork belly; the crust is so thin and satisfying that you’ll want to return just for it. The topping is plenty and nicely cooked, in addition to the thin crust.

La Berenjena is a basic venue with a welcoming vibe. I liked the vibe and everything about this relaxed spot. They also have an outside sitting area on nice days. If you want dessert, their pizza de choco avellana is delicious.

It’s one of the top restaurants in Puebla.

Top Mexican Restaurants in Puebla

El Patio Y Las Ranas

Av 2 Pte 105, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mxico

For me, El Patio Y Las Ranas was a lively experience with a cozy feeling. It was created inside the courtyard of a gorgeous Mexican structure painted in yellow-orange and white tones.

This patio restaurant features an open vertical rotisserie grill where you can see how Al pastor is cooked. If you haven’t experienced it yet, Al Pastor should be your first stop when you arrive.

It’s a pork meal marinated with achiote, onion, pineapple, and a variety of Mexican spices. Pueblas In literal words, al pastor is a chef’s kiss, and El Patio Y Las Ranas nails it. My personal favorites at the restaurant are the Al Pastor Arabe (obviously their speciality and most popular meal), the salsa verde, and the taqueria.

El Patio Y Las Ranas, located downtown, is an economical restaurant serving local cuisine with mouthwatering Mexican tastes. The restaurant has a modest ambience and a relaxed eating environment. Personally, I like simple places that provide excellent meals!

There is plenty of room in the courtyard. Yet, because to its popularity, El Patio Y Las Ranas is typically filled with both residents and tourists. I was fortunate enough to get a seat and see their rotisserie in action; the process is lovely! Your dish is served hot and accompanied with delectable Mexican sauces.

My only gripe about El Patio is that it occasionally turns me down for service.

Attico-303 – Best of the Puebla restaurants

+522229332171C. 16 September 303, Centro Histrico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

There’s nothing more romantic than a candle-lit meal at Attico-303. You may be wondering why! Attico-303 is a rooftop restaurant on the fourth story of the hotel Casa Rosa with a stunning view of the Puebla Cathedral and city center.

The ambience is already a winner, with towering glass walls, oak furnishings, excellent construction, and a neoclassical vibe. The sky-high above, paired with Puebla’s busy core, serves as an excellent stress reliever. You will be totally satisfied with your stay if you include Attico-303’s unusual food. It’s one of the most upmarket restaurants in Puebla.

The evenings at Attico-303 are particularly lovely. Thousands of lights illuminate the city, and the Cathedral is no exception. Attico-303 blends in wonderfully with the neighborhood and contributes with the same zeal and ambience.

I visited the location twice, and my experiences remain unparalleled to this day. Attico-303’s nights are private, and its breakfasts are joyful. The restaurant’s tablecloth is periodically changed to accentuate the attractiveness of its breakfast, sometimes a contrast of rouge pink and whites.

In terms of cuisine, I sampled a variety of regional and foreign specialities. If you’re not sure what to get, I recommend going for their buffet, which has a great range of Mexican and foreign foods.

Chalupas, rib-eye tacos, shrimp, poblano pepper corn soup, crust of nuts, mole poblano, and arrachera are among my favorite dishes at Attico-303.

The next day, we had chilaquiles, fried plantains, enchiladas, and a poblano omelet for a full Mexican breakfast.


  • Service may be delayed sometimes.
  • It can be fairly expensive.

Book ahead of time (at least a week) to get a window-side seat with the best view. Attico-303’s website offers more accessible bookings, including the ability to book directly via Whatsapp.

The rooftop bar is fantastic at mixology and drinks; it’s a touch pricey, but it’s worth it for the opulence.

Comal— Best Breakfast in Puebla

+522226884888C. 16 September 311-b, Centro Histrico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

There’s something tranquil about eating Mexican food in the center of the country. Although high-end fine dining establishments provide a contemporary ambience and stylish design, my heart goes to Mexico’s house-based venues. They are warm, comfortable, homey, bright, and extremely traditional, which I like.

Comal is one such gem tucked away among the Puebla eateries. The facility is huge, with each level providing culture, flavor, and passionate cookery.

Architecture enthusiast. I visited Comal and returned many times over my vacation. The ability to sit alongside the balcony (second floor) and take in the view of Puebla Cathedral is a dream come true for any history buff.

The cuisine, especially the cemitas, will not disappoint you. Comat delivers Poblano-style cuisine that is rich in spices and flavors. Poblana is the most renowned chili pepper in Puebla (it originated there); it is mild and unusual.

After Cemitas, I strongly suggest their chiles en nogada; the presentation is stunning, particularly the walnut cream sauce with pomegranate seeds. It’s a Mexican specialty that’s frequently served at festivals.

Chiles en Nogada is a Mexican flag that honors Mexico’s independence. The dish is one-of-a-kind, with a luscious blend of meat and fruits (dried and fresh). Moreover, the sauce is so thick and creamy that you’ll be left wanting more. Certainly one of the most unusual eateries in Puebla.

El Mural De Los Poblanos— Best Breakfast in Puebla

+522222420503C. 16 de Septiembre 506, Centro Histrico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

El Mural De Los Poblanos is a classic masterpiece with Mexican history, a wall mural of poblanos by the legendary Antonio lvarez Morn, ancient ceramics, and an excellent ambience that sets it apart from the other Puebla restaurants.

This restaurant is another another wonderful gem in the city of Puebla, Mexico. It is housed in a traditional structure that exemplifies Mexican culture.

  • The whole architecture is a combination of orange and white hues. 
  • Green plants line the whole place and provide a beautiful contrast to its warming tones. 
  • The vintage wall lamps accentuate its overall aura and proffer a peaceful dinner/breakfast. 
  • The murals are El Mural De Los Poblano’s famous sight. They represent historical characters who have shaped and changed Mexico’s history. 

In reality, many people dress up in accordance with the general concept.

If you are a fan of art, you will love their serving ceramics and china. They add embellishments to every area of their company.

El Mural De Los Poblanos gets its ingredients locally and promotes small companies, thus seasonal cuisine are the norm. Its recipes are unique and have been passed down through generations to provide genuine Mexican meals.

Their chile en nogada, mole poblano, manchamanteles, huaxmole, pipian, and escamoles are all delicious. I definitely recommend getting their mole selection to sample every wonderful mole Mexico has to offer.

Maíz Criollo Mexico— Best Food in Puebla, Mexico

+522211786660Av 5 Pte #133-local A, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

You can never go wrong at Maiz Criollo Mexico; every dish on the menu is delectable. On my journey, I had the opportunity to sample a variety of Mexican cuisine, but few places matched the taste and richness of this cafe. It’s unpretentious and wonderful; believe me, you’ll want to return during your trip.

This is one of the Puebla eateries that stays loyal to its maiz (corn) roots and specializes on a maize-based cuisine. I’m not a dessert person, but their corn cheesecake is worth dying for!

Criollo maiz is a native maize species with a diverse color array and enticing flavor. At Maiz Criollo, chef Rafael Hurtado strives to infuse every Mexican cuisine with a trace of corn. In fact, the restaurant specialized on corn beverages, which are among the greatest I’ve had in Mexico.

Only a few steps from from Puebla Cathedral, this small cafe sits across the state congress in all its simplicity and pleasant ambience. It’s a tiny area with just a few sitting options, so it’s cozier and less congested.

For the main course, don’t miss out on their picaditas and pig belly. Pozole and oxtail If you’re hungry stew, Costilla cerdo is a terrific option at Maiz criollo. Finally, serve corn lime soup and pan de elote to round up your dinner (dessert). The flavor will make your day!


+522222902378Av 9 Ote 16, Centro Histrico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

Augurio, your humble host for the day, is in the historic core of Puebla; the mood is earthy, with magnificent paintings adorning the walls and a big chandelier hanging far above in the courtyard. Augurio is well-lit and spacious enough to accommodate a big group.

Despite the historical setting, I preferred Aurugios rooftop dining to spend and enjoy the evening. From above, you may be mesmerized by Puebla’s ancient center in all its shining beauty.

Together with the ancient neighborhood, the side view of Puebla Cathedral remains interesting.

With a small dining area and a contemporary environment, the rooftop is calm and restful. If you’ve had a hard day, the little swimming pool and beverage options at Augurios rooftop can help you unwind.

Their perspective on regional cuisine was contemporary; all of the meals were beautifully presented and delicious. The beef rib, shrimp-pork crackling, and mole are among of the finest I’ve tasted in Mexico.

Mezcalli’s Salon

+522225648873 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mxico, Calle 3 Ote. 610, Centro

Genuine Mezcal bliss.

Salon Mezcalli is possibly the only place in Puebla to obtain a selection of mezcals that are all genuine to their regional traditions. Salon Mezcalli imports alcoholic drinks (mostly mezcal) from all around Mexico. I got the opportunity to sample the authentic agave spirits of Oaxaca, Puebla, and Michoacán.

You should be aware that mezcal is Mexico’s national liquor, made by distilling fermented agave. It would be a pity not to sample their traditional spirit in its own area, as well as at any of the Puebla restaurants.

Don’t be concerned about getting inebriated and drunk! Mezcal does not get you drunk; rather, it acts as a stimulant, re-energizing you into a new blissful realm. According to studies, the spirit does not produce hangovers since it is free of any contamination or artificial ingredients.

As you arrive, the gorgeous courtyard restaurant will provide you with a free pulque and a scrumptious green corn beginning.

Pulque, a typical alcoholic beverage in the nation, has a foamy-milk look.

Salon Mezcalli, with mezcal and pulque, is one of the Puebla restaurants that serves English, Spanish, and Mexican appetizers that are all wonderful and complement the alcohol. The menu was neither little nor large. Every proposed dish is delectable; salon mezcal is a fantastic snack for cooking, without a certain. Their mole with pollo, cemitas, molotes, and carne asada are all worth a try.

For dessert, try tamaldechocolate or paletes de Hielo, both of which are chef kisses.

Sabores Mercado

Av. 4 Pte. 1104, Historiadores, 72090 Puebla, Pue., Mxico

Despite the fact that it is not a restaurant Mercado de Sabores is a food market that you should not miss out on. Away from the more costly and upscale Puebla restaurants, this market provides the most genuine tastes and Mexican delights at reasonable costs. The merchants physically take you away to dine at their establishment.

With over 10-20 vendors, this location is brimming with local delights, particularly cemitas.

Trying cemitas at every stop in Puebla is a must. In Mercado de Sabores, you’ll find a street-style version of cemitas that’s even more delectable and wonderful.

Cemitas poblana originates in Mexico and is deemed royalty because to the bun used in its preparation. Cemitas are considered Mexico’s hallmark sandwiches, yet they resemble burgers more.

Its distinctive bread is distinguished by a high egg and butter content, akin to brioche, a French-style dough. Cemitas, like croissants, are buttery, tender, fluffy, and soft. Sesame seeds are also sprinkled on top of the buns. Avocado, shredded chicken, Mexican sauces, vegetables, and cheese are common fillings.

My Top Bars in Puebla, Mexico

Without a genuine dosage of mezcal or light beers, this list of Puebla eateries is incomplete.

Miel De Agave Mezcaleria

Av 7 Pte 110-1, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mxico, +52222688464672000,

Our experience at Mezcaleria miel de agave was as fervent as the alcohol itself. Rafa, the host, introduced me to the world of mezcal, and what a world it is!

Instead of cocktails, Rafa recommends drinking the spirit straight to get the full flavor and bloom of mezcal. The beverage has a robust flavor with smokey undertones. That is not all there is to mezcal; various bottles may range in flavor and deliver fruity-earthy tones.

Rafa taught me a lot, and my infatuation with mezcal began there. Mezcaleria Miel de Agave will take you on a passionate journey with in-depth information about the beverage, its traditional fermentation, producing process, tastes, and how to correctly enjoy mezcal if you are an aficionado.

The variety of mezcal available at the bar is astounding, and the bartender will pick up on your energy and recommend something that matches your personality.

Mezcaleria Miel de Agave is a modest institution with a few counter tables, which adds to the reasons to go at night. The atmosphere is serene, charming, and relaxing.

Its decor is pleasant, with a massive mezcal counter that will captivate you. The service is excellent; the bartenders at Mezcalerias are attentive and will chat for hours about their profession and product.

Their food, drinks, mezcal, beverage selections, variety, and ambience drew me back twice. The only bar I visited twice throughout my vacation was Mezcaleria Miel de Agave.

San Pedrito licorera

72000, Av 9 Ote 16, Centro Histrico de Puebla, Mexico, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

San Pedrito Licoreria is more than simply a bar; it exudes a genuine Mexican atmosphere. The decor, with ancient Arabian lamps, wall art, and space design, is locally appealing! The pub was warm, filled, antique, classic, and vibrant. The facility also has a gaming area and a rooftop restaurant.

Snack in the evening. I went to San Pedrito Licoreria before going to Augurio, and it was a lovely mix. If you’re in Centro, a stop to San Pedrito Licoreria is a necessity before heading to Augurio. Your late-night supper will be enhanced by the drinks.

San Pedrito licoreria focuses mostly on mezcal, tobala, and bacanora. Visit the bar in the evening; the sunsets are spectacular. The tipsy drunkenness will set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Hormiga Negra (Black Hormiga)

+522221966888C. 5 Sur 705, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

Hormiga Negra is a pleasant location to conclude your day, despite being a bit difficult to discover. It is modest, snug, and serene. You could sit and sip various drinks for hours without being bothered.

The bar offers an elegant ambience, with warm wood tones wonderfully contrasting with its general gray motif. The walls display imaginative art and trendy furnishings.

Hormiga Negra is an expert in mixology, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a deft departure from the town’s mezcal bars. In the bar, you’ll discover a good selection of Vodka, Tequila, and Bacardi.

The Hormiga meal choices and flavor were the only things I couldn’t get enough of. The snacks are tasty, but they are not suitable for a filling supper.

La Paseo

+522212771891Av 5 Ote 602, Centro Histrico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

Drink Pasita, sir, to prevail in love.

This pub, located in the heart of Puebla, has a romantic approach to drinking. Over the last 60 years, the ancient structure has entertained audiences. Emilio Contreras Aicardo, the proprietor of La Pasita, devised the dessert alcohol that gave the establishment its its name.

Pasita is a sweet liqueur made of raisins and goat cheese blocks. It is so good that it may easily pass for dessert. Pasita is sweetened with raisins, and the cheese block salts it to balance the tastes. Tourists and locals alike go to this ancient pub to sample and enjoy their delectable cocktails.

Pasita isn’t the only thing the pub is known for; they’ve always created and served innovative beverages. Among the greatest drinks at La Pasita are the sangre de brujas, Charro with espuelas, and China Poblana, to mention a few. Their components include blackberries, pineapple, almonds, apricot, hibiscus, egg, and coconut, among others.

La Pasita, which has been open for 60 years, is a lovely old business with a colonial décor and a courtyard dining area. Don’t miss the owner’s antique counter collection at the bar, which is full with foreign and regional art.

Utopia Belgian Beer and Bistro— Perfect for Puebla’s Nightlife

+522222461147Av 9 Ote 6 B, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

The bar is a lovely jumble of old antiques and bright vintage trinkets. Utopia Belgian beer & cafe, despite its tiny size, is a fantastic place for your first night date.

The conversation starters and beauty hidden behind these walls are vast and should be recognized. Warm lighting and a rustic décor embellish the lengths of Utopia Belgian beer and cafe.

Most pubs in Puebla provide mild beer that is not very intoxicating. This establishment exposed me to a fantastic assortment of craft beer in Puebla; the flavor was unrivaled! During our tour, we sampled a variety of beers, and each malt had a distinct taste character. They provide a diverse selection of Belgian, Mexican, and foreign beers, all with its own individual style.

The appetizers are minimal, but plenty to get through the evening with a few of drinks.

Restaurants in Puebla Finish

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, there are no words to express its originality and depth in flavor. That is why I try as many places as possible and provide them to you so you can decide whether or not to visit them. A piece of advice? Visit as many restaurants in Puebla as you can!

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