The 15 Greatest Brunch Restaurants in Nashville

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Nashville wasn’t always known as a brunch hotspot. For many years, there was nothing going on in Music City before noon on Sundays since artists were resting from their prior nights of partying and everyone else was going to church.

There were very few restaurants open. Nashville’s brunch options have evolved in tandem with the city’s demographics.

For this leisurely meal, there are various Nashville brunch eateries open today. The greatest brunch in Nashville is well worth your time, whether you’re looking for weekend activities or a hangover cure after a night out at one of the city’s top nightclubs.

It’s not just bloody marys, poached eggs, and chicken and waffles, but all three are excellent. These are the best brunch locations in Nashville for meeting up with friends, treating hangovers, people-watching, and ordering another drink.

The 15 Greatest Brunch Restaurants in Nashville

Adele performs in Nashville.

+161598897001210 McGavock St., Nashville, Tennessee 37203, USA

Adele’s favorite brunch spot in Nashville features the best foods on the menu for a Sunday feast. The buffet has several of the restaurant’s tried-and-true favourites, such as a whole-roasted pig at the carving station and JW chicken with salsa verde.

Together with pastries, there is a house-made yogurt station and drinks like as ros sangria and Adeles Milk Punch, which mix cognac and black rum with citrus and spices.

In general, I dislike buffets since the limited food choices is typically cold and expensive. But, the variety of breakfast and lunch items, as well as the excellent dessert selection, wowed me.

Since she was so informed and professional, our server may have been the finest we’ve ever had. Everyone we met, even the bartenders and food runners, was wonderful.

We could see the kitchen from our table, and it was obvious to see the cooks having fun and getting along so well. Don’t be afraid to make memories here. There is no question that the management is doing a good job!

The Midtown Café

+16153207176102 19th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

Weekends in Nashville are a bit more lively now that there are more visitors and fewer lawyers, thanks to the greatest Power Breakfast in town.

Yet, the excellent cuisine remains the same. The menu is lead by enhanced egg dishes and omelets, with the fork-tender short ribs basted in Coca-Cola barbecue sauce taking center stage. It is one of the top brunch eateries in Nashville.

Midtown also makes delicious buttermilk biscuits, whether stuffed with breakfast meats or topped with sausage gravy.

We tried some of their morning staples, such as eggs, pancakes, and French toast with bacon, and we couldn’t resist a mimosa to go with our delicious meal.

I really feel you should eat here since everything was wonderful, the amounts were perfect, and the staff was pleasant. A must-visit brunch spot in Nashville.

The Hampton Party

+16156227772201 1st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37201, USA

With a swinging bed, a rooftop, and multiple potential for Instagram picture ops, this venue near Broadway is the centerpiece for a drinking brunch and bachelorette watch.

Brunch is offered until 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at Hampton Social. The restaurant’s menu includes items such as lobster rolls and dawn quinoa bowls, as well as avocado toast and breakfast burritos.

To wash it all down, there are coffee-spiked drinks, large-format mimosa kits, bellinis served in enormous seashells, and a rainbow of other options.

From the charming flower-adorned sign at the entry to the open, large bar area on the lower level, the atmosphere is quite pleasant.

The deviled eggs with pork belly and tabouli on the side were fantastic. That was the most unique tabouli I’d ever tasted, made with quinoa, chickpeas, and a variety of vegetables.

The bartenders were kind and helpful in providing information about the downtown area. If you’re in Nashville, this is without a doubt one of the top Nashville brunch eateries!

Intermezzo Caf

+16158407933205 Demonbreun Street, 2nd Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37201, USA

Caf Intermezzo, a dessert-focused European-style coffee shop, offers brunch every week, beginning at 11 a.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends. You may have only pastries or combine them with savory items such as croque-monsieur, eggs Benedict, or a seafood crepe.

There was an amazing-looking array of gateaux in their cold fridge. Nevertheless, I chose the American omelet. A beautiful lady cooked it at my request.

My omelet was a good size and tasted great. That was quite hot and refreshing. Since it was cooked correctly, the filling just complemented it to perfection. It was very tasty with the rosemary-seasoned potatoes.

All of this was followed by many glasses of delicious coffee. I had courteous treatment and will return, and I encourage that you do the same while visiting this hidden treasure among Nashville brunch places.

Earnest’s Hideaway & Bar

+16159151715438 Houston Street #160, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

Indulge in traditional brunch food like steak and eggs, huevos rancheros, and French toast at this chic Wedgewood-Houston hangout. Poutine Benedict and actual hot chicken-topped mac & cheese are additional options. Of course, getting bottomless mimosas requires ordering a brunch entrée.

Earnest serves brunch every day of the week except Monday because they recognize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The option to have a beverage with foods such as brown butter pancakes, breakfast tacos, and poutine Benedict is a great bonus for hospitality workers who must work during weekend brunch hours.

The meal was delicious! We ordered the Earnest breakfast, which consists of a modest stack of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. My companion then placed an order for French toast. The eggs and pancakes were delicious, and the bacon was crisp. Amazing!

Ruby Sunlight

+162921615761800 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212, USA

Since it was founded in New Orleans, you know Ruby Sunshine is a fantastic destination among Nashville brunch restaurants to soak up whatever sin is left in your system from yesterday night’s celebration.

A menu of creative Benedict dishes and Southern staples like shrimp and grits, biscuits and gravy, and fried green tomatoes will fill your belly with the energy you need to head back out and face the weekend.

Their open-air terrace is the ideal spot to unwind while watching the world go by in Hillsboro Village.

My companion ordered the three pigs omelet, while I had the BBQ shrimp and grits. The biscuits were delicious, and the omelet was packed with meat!

I got some of the best grits and shrimp I’ve ever tasted. Melted rosemary butter is sprinkled on top of the grits to add flavor. You should give it a go!

Nashville’s Finest Breakfast In The Gulch

Gulch of Milk and Honey

+16157127466214 11th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

Milk & Honey did not disappoint when I first went. Because of the restaurant’s popularity, you may have to wait an hour for a table, but be patient. Instead, take a stroll or get a drink or mimosa at the bar. The Gulch area contains interesting shops where you may kill time.

Avocado toast, breakfast-filled brunch sandwiches, and a daily array of pastries are among the options.

My friend’s cold brew and mine Nutella latte with oat milk were both delicious. For breakfast, I got a biscuit sandwich with home fries, bacon, egg, and cheese, and it was delicious!

The bacon was crisp and delicious, the egg was large and fluffy, and the biscuit was buttery and flaky. Whatever flavor they used, the potatoes were delicious.

My companion got the Hodgepodge Hash, which was fantastic; it was full of flavor and each item was expertly cooked.

On the side, we got a buttermilk waffle that was delightfully fluffy on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside.

We were able to enter and depart in plenty of time to start our day thanks to our helpful waitress and rapid meal delivery. Of course, you may have to wait for a table if you want to eat brunch at this Nashville restaurant, but the high grade of the meal is well worth a visit among all the Nashville brunch places.

Gulch of Biscuit Love

+16154909584316 11th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

This extremely popular breakfast spot started as a food truck and has now expanded to two locations in Nashville and one in Franklin. Traditional Southern comfort cuisine is available everywhere. Biscuit Love is well known for its buttermilk biscuits.

Only in the mornings and early afternoons is the Biscuit Love caf open. The restaurant, which is one of Nashville’s most renowned brunch destinations, serves more than simply weekend brunch.

The culinary team gets creative with biscuit dough, preparing French toast with fruit compote and frying it into doughnuts (sometimes known as bonuts). Biscuits may also be featured in a number of sandwiches. While oatmeal, omelets, and hash are offered without biscuits, this is not the cause for the long lines outside the entrance.

To begin, be prepared to stand in line. Despite the fact that there was a line around the block when we arrived, it only took us around twenty minutes to get in.

Once inside, you order your meal at the counter and must wait for seats to become available. While it wasn’t a bother and really contributed to the pleasure, knowing about the wait ahead of time is useful.

I got the Princess, a biscuit topped with a large, soft piece of hot chicken, pickles, mustard, and honey. I wouldn’t normally have this for breakfast, but I couldn’t resist.

The sandwich was delicious, and I was taken away by how delicate and crispy the chicken was. It wasn’t very spicy, just a little. The taste was really intense. We all had a terrific time eating, and we wholeheartedly suggest Biscuit Love as one of the best brunch eateries in Nashville.

Masala House and Chauhan Ale

12th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37203, United States +16152428426123

Exclusively on Sundays, book a noon reservation at Maneet Chauhan’s eponymous Gulch restaurant for a new brunch menu that includes a great brunch burger, gulab jamun monkey bread, and hot pakora fried chicken in addition to typical favorites, curries, and meat-and-three tiffin.

Maneet Chauhan rose to prominence after appearing on Iron Chef America and Chopped. Being the proprietor of three restaurants in Nashville, she is also well-known for bringing Indian street food to a city that was previously unrecognized for its Indian cuisine.

Chauhan may expand its love of fusion food with breakfast dishes that combine the funkiest of the south with chicken tikka, curry, and more. When it comes to alcohol as hangover cures, there are no rules.

My morning tacos with a buddy were the greatest I’d ever eaten. Fresh ingredients in a handmade shell with a spicy orange sauce (requested that). My other friend’s chicken and waffles were prepared with strawberry butter and lavender syrup and were excellent.

To round off our overindulgence, we shared the Elvis peanut butter pancakes. I’ve never eaten anything like that! Peanut butter pancakes with candied bacon and caramelized bananas. Paradise had entered my tongue!

The Marsh House

+16152626001401 11th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

You have to give New Orleans credit for their brunch prowess. This Louisiana-inspired restaurant in the lobby of the trendy Thompson Hotel offers shrimp toast, crab fingers, and some of the best shrimp and grits in town.

If you want to make your champagne intake more effective, Marsh House also provides cham bong service, which employs open-ended flutes to send the bubbly down your throat at rapid speed.

We went for late-morning brunch on Sunday and were quickly seated. The breakfast menu was filled with both sweet and savory options. My companion ordered a salad, while I ate biscuits and gravy.

I couldn’t finish the meal since it was so good and rich. There are several additional traditional southern dishes. The dining area was elegantly furnished, mid-century contemporary but current.

If you want to enjoy a leisurely brunch while tasting wonderful Louisiana-inspired dishes, I highly suggest it!

The Best Breakfast in Nashville

Red Henrietta

+161549080421200 4th Avenue N., Nashville, TN 37208, USA

The best way to enjoy Henrietta Red’s weekend brunch is with friends! Henrietta Red’s menu varies with the seasons.

Monkey bread and other sweet alternatives are generally lovely. There are also savory alternatives such as crab cakes, quiche, and shrimp salad. You may also start your morning with wood-roasted oysters here.

This seafood restaurant, owned and run by Julia Sullivan of Nashville, will not disappoint you at any time of day. The Germantown restaurant is committed to utilizing simple, fresh ingredients to create outstanding cuisine.

The breakfast was the best I’d had in a long time! My companion had the kimchi farro bowl, while I got the BLT with pesto that was on sale that day. Both were outstanding and amazing! Our waitress was kind and helpful. We will surely return to this hidden treasure among Nashville brunch spots!

The Liberty Commons

+16156498900207 1st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37201, USA

The trendy eatery delivers classic Southern dishes with a French twist. Brunch is best served in the stylish dining area.

Every Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9:30 a.m., the Southern brasserie downtown offers fried chicken biscuits, cinnamon walnut pancakes, and brunch burgers. There is also plenty of outdoor eating area for sunny days and people-watching.

The most popular brunch meal is Waffle Madame, a throwback to the classic French brasserie staple. The fried chicken biscuit and the cinnamon-walnut buttermilk pancakes are must-orders.

Out of curiosity, I got the Bahn oui sandwich, which was delicious. The pate was thicker than previous pates I’ve had, and the pickled veggies added just the right amount of crunch.

I was also pleased to see mint in my sandwich. I was impressed by the chefs’ painstaking attention to detail, which perfectly matched the tastes.

My buddy picked a unique twist on the classic hot chicken and waffles. The chicken was large and fried crisply.

But, it was not a unique Tennessee dish. I also tried my other friend’s chicken sandwich, which I enjoyed since it highlighted the chicken. The seasoned mayo on the side and the thin-cut fries made me really delighted on their own.

If you’re in downtown Nashville, make a point of stopping by for a cappuccino or mimosa with orange, grapefruit, or pineapple juice.

When the weather permits, request a seat on the cafe’s patio in the French fashion. You may have breakfast while taking in the sights of the city. It’s one of the more upscale Nashville brunch spots.


Nashville, TN 37203 +161524571605005 Broadway Pl.

The entertainment facility specializes on Spanish tapas and offers a large bar menu. Given that the newest addition to the Fifth + Broadway retail district is a boozy brunch, it makes perfect sense.

Brunch at Boqueria is served Friday through Sunday and includes torrija, caramelized French toast with lemon honey, and roasted chicken paella piquillo with peppers, chorizo, greens, and eggs.

Including a one-of-a-kind 90-minute free flow. You can have a good time for an hour and a half with sangria, mimosas, beer, Bloody Marys, or cava deals.

We ordered from the chef’s menu, and the portion size for the price was outstanding. We truly appreciated every meal, which gave us the sense that we were in the heart of a Madrid market.

If you go, you will not be disappointed. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest brunch eateries in Nashville!

Snooze, an A.M. Restaurant

+16153145600969 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37206, USA

The imaginative adaptations of classic breakfast dishes, such as gigantic breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches on pretzel rolls, and sumptuous pancake and French toast platters, are drawing many guests at this Denver brunch eatery. That is why it is one of the best brunch places in Nashville. East Nashville does not sustain chain restaurants. Nonetheless, this breakfast

Of course, the whipped cream on top of the pancake is just the icing on the cake when it comes to complete liquor and coffee bars.

Its décor is beautiful, with pastel hues from the 1970s that I really liked. Moreover, the lunch was excellent, but some products, such as egg whites, were unavailable owing to the new eatery.

I had ham and eggs Benedict, and the ham was delicious. Moreover, they are well-known for their ever-changing pancake flights.

There are many additional Eggs Benedict versions. The hash browns are delicious and come in little circular pieces that are nicely cooked and not excessively greasy.

Limozeen (white limozeen)

+16156497239101 20th Avenue N., Nashville, TN 37203, USA

White Limozeen, an Instagram-worthy rooftop bar and restaurant on top of the Graduate Nashville, is one of Music City’s most popular brunch destinations.

Its menu includes French Onion Quiche, Caviar and Soft Scrambled Eggs, and Bread Pudding French Toast. Of course, a good brunch cocktail like the White Limozeen Bloody Mary complements any meal.

We ate the Caesar salad and the avocado salad. The salmon sashimi and crab cake were then devoured. The caviar was fantastic, with a wonderful biscuit taste. A very unforgettable experience among Nashville brunch establishments!

Summary of the Top Brunch Restaurants in Nashville

Brunch is so popular in Nashville that some restaurants only offer it on weekends. Thus, everytime you go to Music City, you’re certain to discover something.

Brunch menus might include all of the expected options, but you can also find eateries that put their own touch on conventional breakfast meals.

With so many options, you could spend endless weekends trying out various brunch eateries in Nashville.

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