The 8 Greatest KCK Taco Trail Restaurants | Kansas City, Kansas Taco Trail

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If you’re thinking about visiting Kansas City, I recommend you spend some time on the Kansas side. KCK, as it is called locally, is a city with a true community feel and some of the greatest tacos in the United States.

With so many local taquerias, the local tourist bureau created the KCK Taco Trail, a map and directory of over fifty eateries in KCK providing tacos and other cuisines with a zip code of Kansas City, Kansas.

The concept is brilliant, since the more restaurants you visit, the more rewards you may win. There are incentives to eat the tacos, such as stickers, locally made salsa, and t-shirts, but it is the support for the local eateries and community that shines out.

To sign up for the taco trail, go to the Visit KCK taco trail website. The website may download an app on your phone, making checking into the numerous places simple. After you reach five positions, you will be notified that you have won the first reward, a mas taco sticker. If you complete all fifty, you will get a KCK taco trail flag. Visitors have until October 31, 2021, to claim their rewards, although the restaurant list will remain accessible beyond that date.

It’s been great to learn how many locally-owned eateries I can support, from tacos to tortas. The cuisine is delicious, but the actual treasures may be the personnel and owners that welcome you into their establishments. All of the eateries were fantastic, but let’s start with my favorite seven.

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The KCK Taco Trail’s Top 8 Restaurants

The Real Camino

+19133424333903 N. 7th St.

El Camino Real was my first visit on the KCK Taco Trail, and it did not let me down. With the open kitchen concept, pork al pastor marinates on a spit that is visible.

Al pastor is similar to lamb shawarma, and some believe it was introduced to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. The beef is finely cut and combined with grilled pineapple in a fresh tortilla.

The slow cooking procedure of the spit results in a delicate, flavorful piece of meat. Onions and cilantro are served on the side to complement your taco. In addition, the restaurant offers salsas with varied degrees of heat.

El Camino Real operates two locations, both of which are on the KCK taco trail.

Barbacoa GGs

+19135628264210 S. 7th St.

GGs is one of the few restaurants on the KCK taco trail that does not offer inside seating; however, there are some outdoor chairs where you may enjoy your meal or buy carryout and nibble on tacos in one of the surrounding parks.

Breakfast is now available at GGs, which was a welcome change from lunch or supper. I ordered the huevos rancheros, which did not disappoint.

Warm tortillas covered in foil and over-medium eggs delivered in a to-go box compose the meal. Breakfast tacos may be made with grilled veggies and refried beans.

If breakfast isn’t your thing, there’s always tacos, tortas, and a variety of other Mexican cuisine on the menu at GGs. GGs also has online ordering, and I noticed a lot of vehicles come by and grab their to-go order. If the weather in KCK is being fickle, this is an excellent choice.

7 Leguas Taqueria

019332153001706 Central Ave.

Taqueria 7 Leguas soon became a family favorite on the KCK taco trail with its friendly staff and top-notch tortas. Since the space is limited, you may need to reserve numerous tables if you have more than four individuals. There will be a TV on and some locals watching the recent soccer game, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The menu is broad, but I usually have their torta. A torta is a Mexican sandwich served on a thin bread roll that can handle the meal’s many toppings. Choose the chorizo, which has just a hint of heat.

The sandwich is topped with mayo, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and jalapenos. The torta has a lot of flavor, and it’s clear that Seven Leguas utilizes fresh ingredients. Do you want to go for the tacos? Freshly cooked tortillas with a variety of fillings, including chicken, beef, and chorizo, are available. With some onion, cilantro, and a touch of lime, you’ll have a delectable taco feast.

slaps the grill

Central Ave.

Really? Is there a Barbecue joint on the KCK Taco Trail? Indeed, Slaps Barbecue is there, and it belongs! On Tuesdays, Slaps serves beef tacos with your choice of side. Grilled veggies and a substantial quantity of beef are wrapped in a flour tortilla. The brisket is tender and well seasoned.

Bring a big appetite since the tacos will fill you up before you can eat the cheesy potatoes or baked beans. The only downside to these tacos is that they are only available on Tuesdays, so prepare ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

The Guero Tacos

Minnesota Ave. +191376668351410 Minnesota Ave.

Tacos El Guero’s menu is straightforward, with the choice of quesadillas or tacos. Chicken, beef, and chorizo are among the meat fillings available.

The use of pinto beans distinguishes these tacos. I chose the chorizo tacos and made sure to add onion and cilantro, as well as their house-made salsa. The pinto beans gave the basic taco a delightful variation.

Get a Mexican coke or Jaritos drink from the refrigerator to round off your meal. There’s something unique about drinking a Coke from a glass bottle, particularly with tacos. The restaurant is modest, but there is seating available.

The staff is really kind and polite. I’ll try the quesadilla next time I come to try something different, but the tacos will be difficult to resist.

The Menudo

+19134491258904 N. 18th St.

It’s amazing how many various sorts of tacos are available on the KCK taco trail. El Menudazo specializes on birria tacos, which have a distinct taste of their own.

Birria tacos are constructed of stewed pork and served with a broth for dipping the taco. El Menudazo serves beef, chicken, or lamb tacos, and I choose the lamb to try something new.

The beef was tender, and the taco had an out-of-this-world taste. When the tortillas are deep-fried, the taco has a golden hue and a crispy texture.

The Birria taco was the most delectable on my KCK taco trail adventure, and I want to return.

Fronteras Grocery Store

19136211272765 Central Avenue

Fronteras is both a grocery store and a restaurant, and I like the real atmosphere. Locals will be seen shopping for groceries, as well as those having a quick dinner after work.

Before you walk up to order tacos, get a drink. Go up to the counter and request the meat filling and taco toppings for your tacos.

From chicken to carne asada, you will have your pick of fillings. Finish the taco with the mandatory cilantro, onion, and salsa, and you’re done.

Seating is limited, but we had little trouble locating a table. This location is a winner since it gives the impression that you are entering the community’s daily life.

Tropicana Pastries

+19136217000151 S. 18th St.

After eating so many tacos, you may need something sweet, and KC-based Paleterias Tropicana has a large selection of ice cream, popsicles, and churros. The restaurant is beautifully decorated in purples and greens, creating a cheerful atmosphere ideal for families or anybody in need of a pick-me-up. Yet, since there are so many selections on the menu, it may be an intimidating experience.

I chose a sundae since the ice cream is handcrafted, and the flavors range from cookies and cream to chocolate. The sundae contains strawberry syrup and whipped cream, and the serving size is enormous, so plan accordingly.

The churro stand is located to the side of the restaurant, where you can witness the churros being created fresh. If sweets aren’t your thing, the eatery also serves tortas, tacos, and burritos. Even on a weekday, the restaurant was busy, but the service was courteous and prompt.


I am really glad for the KCK taco trail because it made me realize how many local eateries there are in my community. Not only was I helping local companies at a time when they needed it, but the tacos and tortas were also delicious.

The KCK taco trail recommended eateries I would not have known existed. I considered myself a local, but to be honest, I was missing out on a lot. Each taco had a distinct taste and quality that made it stand out, and I’m still excited to see what more the KCK taco trail has to offer.

I’ve identified many locations where I’ll return when I’m in the mood for tacos. Kansas City, Kansas may not be at the top of your list of cuisine destinations, but the city is eager to welcome you and surprise you with all it has to offer. I hope to meet you on the KCK taco trail soon to discuss your favorite taco spot and taco!

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