The 9 Best Foods in Iceland

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Everyone warned me about the cuisine in Iceland when I announced my trip. I had been informed that the cuisine in Iceland is quite terrible. They informed me that as a gourmand, I would hate the vacation.

They were mistaken.

Although I had more than my fair share of awful gas station sandwiches due to financial constraints (food, like everything else, is very expensive in Iceland), there is delicious cuisine to be discovered. Indeed, the meal was rather nice.

In this article, I’ll share with you, in no particular sequence, the greatest Iceland cuisine I discovered throughout my two-week vacation of Iceland.

The Best Icelandic Cuisine

1. Mexican Cream Sauce for Cod

This meal was the day’s special at a roadside diner we discovered just off the highway. I enjoy any meal with double carbohydrates since it’s both tasty and full!

2. Pasta with Icelandic Seafood

When you think of Iceland, you don’t usually think of wonderful pasta, but this meal had fresh fish and was served with a simple salad.

3. BACON!!

We were relieved to locate this eatery providing an American-style breakfast with a substantial amount of bacon after so many plain meals. This handmade berry jam given with the toast was absolutely delicious.

4. Cod Roasted

It’s no surprise that this list would be strong on seafood. As hunger compelled us to pull over on the side of the road, we discovered another special of the day. This basic meal of wonderfully prepared fish and a simple salad was just what we needed to get back on the road.

5. Icelandic Traditional Fish Stew

This was the ideal meal for a chilly day, along with heavy bread.

6. Lobster Roll with Butter

This massive lobster roll, loaded with freshly cooked lobster on a buttery bun and accompanied with potatoes, was one of the trip’s most memorable dinners. I’d return to Iceland simply for this meal.

Icelandic Fish and Chips

This is my new favorite since I prefer roasted potatoes over fries. The little salad was also a refreshing addition to a plate that was otherwise substantial and rich.

Iceland has tapas?

Tapas are available in Iceland. Smakkbarinn in Reykjavik serves tapas made using local ingredients. This means you’ll be able to eat smaller quantities of meals you’re not sure about, such as reindeer, whale, and pickled shark.

9. Skyr

I’ve always said that I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I discovered a dessert in Iceland that I really like. Skyr is a classic Icelandic dessert with a gentle yogurt-like base and fresh fruit on top. Granola is sometimes included. Versions available around the nation vary from basic to extremely high end.

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