The 9 Greatest Things to Do in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

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Are you looking for the greatest things to do in Blowing Rock, North Carolina? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

The only place on Earth where snow falls backwards Absolutely, Blowing Rock is the perfect location that delivers a one-of-a-kind experience of anti-gravity experiences!

Since 1933, this location has been one of North Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations.

From the vantage point of Blowing Rock, you can not only see the stunning environment and lush foliage below, but you can also enjoy Table Rock’s view and Hawksbill Mountain.

Blowing Rock rises 4000 feet above sea level. Consider the view you’ll have after you’ve reached the top. A deep, narrow valley 3000 feet below gives room for the James River to flow.

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It’s a Form of Magic

My first encounter with the mysterious hill was perplexing. It was scientifically amazing to defy gravity and see objects reemerge upwards.

The natural geological architecture causes a strong air current to travel to the top side of this location. When thrown downward, this upward stream returns part of the light-weighted material, conferring enchantment on this location.

Blowing Rock is a genie; anything you ask for, you will get immediately. The variety of retail centres and marketplaces stand proudly, providing gorgeous handmade clothing, original art, delectable cuisines, jewelry, shoes, stores, and much more.

On a breezy evening, wander through the historic High Country Wine paths, Downtown, and enjoy eating with your folks in old-school eateries.

Blowing Rock will not only blow your mind, but it will also provide you with life-changing experiences. These are some of my favorite locations to visit in town and activities to do in Blowing Rock!

Memorial Park for Moses H. Cone

+18282953782 The Blue Ridge Parkway

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park was created in 1901 by Moses H. Cone and his wife, Bertha. The avenue is home to over 3500 acres of rural homes and breathtaking views. Flat Top Manor, also known as the Moses Manor, is a large Colonial Revival style construction with around 23 king-size rooms.

You may get disoriented while experiencing this beauty, both physically and figuratively.

Moses Cone, the mansion’s owner, was a successful businessman as well as a conservationist. He devoted his life to the creation of stunning natural lakes and the planting of millions of apple orchards and other plants.

On my visit to this Manor, I also discovered homemade products and local handicrafts. Souvenirs are available in the local shop. These are magnificent.

MHCM park links to several pathways with excellent scenic surroundings. Don’t forget to explore the estate and the surrounding area on horseback, horseback carriage, hiking, or just wandering about with your dogs.

Blowing Rock Trails

  • China Creek Trail: It’s a longer route, traveling 8.4 kilometers of the path. China Creek is quite a meditative place when hiking alone – nature heals and talks to you through birds, wind, trees, rivers, etc. 

Don’t be shocked by the stunning scenery along the walk, which includes waterfalls, forests, animals, and wild fauna. Since there isn’t much traffic on the track, feel free to explore. And recover.

  • Trout Lake Loop Trail: This trail is famous for morning walks and jogging sessions early in the dawn. It’s a small hike covering one mile of twisted turns and a massive lake at the end. As a rookie fishing enthusiast, I enjoyed fishing for quite a while at the destination.
  • Rich Mountain Carriage Trail: It broadly extends to ten kilometers. Rich Mountain CarriageTtrail is moderately popular, but the crowd is often cheerful, and the scenery is always breathtaking. The hike is famous for horse riding, hiking, and cross-country skiing.
  • Bass Lake to Maze is a loop trail of about 8.1 kilometers; hiking is easy and lushly occupied in this area. It’s a pleasant trip to spend time with your pet.

Tweetsie Train

Tweetsie Railroad Ln. +18282649061300 Tweetsie Railroad Lane.

This large amusement park is located between Blowing Rock and Boone and offers a variety of antique rides, flights, ghost tours, and events. Tweetsie Railroad is a 200-acre entertaining environment where you can learn about history and current events.

While at the park, experience the famed 3.5-mile train ride aboard an old-generation steam engine. The journey will transport you back in time. This attraction not only includes train rides, but also a zoo, live entertainment, and typical leisure rides.

But wait! I nearly forgot to mention that the terrifying Ghost Train trip is a great way to see how courageous and daring you are (Halloween-themed train ride).

Tweetsie Railroad has a Ferris Wheel and a Chairlift to Miners Mountain, among other attractions. These two lovely rides showcase the park’s relaxing landscape, the endless vegetation underneath, and the ferocious mountains.

Tilt-a-Wheel, Tornado, Round-up, and Free-Fall were some of my favorite rides.

Winter Activities in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Mountain Skiing in the Appalachian Mountains

Ski Mountain Road +18282957828940 Ski Mountain Rd

Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always takes the lead.

Appalachian Ski Mountain, which opened in the winter of 1962, is today one of Blowing Rock’s most popular attractions.

ASMs the town’s first ski region, with a vast 46000 sq. ft. accommodation area for skiing, chairlifting, sightseeing, and lodging.

My experience as an intermediate skier was strange. You fly with the wind, reaching speeds that invoke feelings of freedom, excitement, and healing.

The high hills feature skiing slopes and runs for everyone, whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or a pro. This location offers twelve hilly tracks for you to ski during your trip.

I had a great day at Appalachian Ski Mountain for a variety of reasons. The novel way of creating fake snow was perplexing and, of course, a nighttime blast!

Cities will give a night skiing experience, but ASMs in Blowing Rock is the solution if you want to experience snow, speed, and skiing at night. Not many amenities

I’ve always been a fan of and enthusiast for the nightlife. Appalachian Ski Mountain’s night blast was a relaxing experience. It was incredible to see snow-capped mountains at such a high height! If you are an adventurous tourist, you must experience night skiing at least once in your life!

Although snowmaking is not a novel idea, seeing it come to reality was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.

Appalachian Ski Mountain also has rental shops, restaurants, ski marts, and an ice skating rink outside.

Skiing is a must-do activity in this location, which is surrounded by mountains, sceneries, and animals.


The address is 1036 Main St.

Winterfest has been held in the town since 1998.

Blowing Rock’s Winterfest is an annual event. It is one of the most popular fiestas for both locals and visitors.

Every year, around 3,500 people attend this festival. It is a four-day festival that includes shopping at local establishments, exhibits, live music sessions, and activities.

Every area of the city is adorned with beautiful and amusing ice figures. As the sun sets, all of these sculptures shine with dazzling fairy lights. The four-day celebration blooms with live music, food booths, wine sampling stalls, games, and much more throughout the winter (January).

The Winter Fashion Show, snow and ice carving constructions, and my personal favorite, the Polar Bear Plunge, were among the popular acts I saw during Blowing Rocks Winterfest. This festival is an excellent opportunity to experience Blowing Rocks culture and the city as a whole.

Blowing Rock Museum of Art and History

+18282959099159 Blowing Rock Ginny Stevens Lane

There is no better venue to learn about a region’s history, culture, and art than a museum. BRAHM is a museum in the Appalachian Mountains that has been open to the public since 2011.

It is a cultural community center that promotes the work of local artists. Visit the site to discover about Blowing Rock’s lengthy history as well as its rich culture, lifestyle, ancestry, and legacy.

This location also hosts a variety of courses, events, and exhibits for anyone interested in art and the history of objects.

The Blowing Rock History and Art Museum is completely free to visitors. The only purpose of BRAHM is to introduce more people to art and history via ceramics, paintings, one-of-a-kind items, and educational activities.

Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Blowing Rock, NC

Mysterious Hill

+18282642792129 Ln. Mysterious Hill

Stay strong! That’s what folks say after they get down Mystery Hill in Blowing Rocks.

Mystery Hill is a large facility that offers a variety of entertaining activities such as anti-gravity adventures, a small art gallery, outdoor activities, a hall of mystery, bull-riding, and so on.

The Natural Gravitational Anomaly room will make you forget about gravity and enjoy the sensation of being so light. Not only does this facility provide anti-gravity effects, but it also has a variety of science-related attractions, such as the bubblerama, gem mining, optical illusions, and other amusements.

Over the last 70 years, Mystery Hill has provided tourists with a fascinating experience. The gravitational vortex is the most well-known attraction for tourists, including me.

My day at Mystery Hill was full with science and joy, as if I were reliving my youth. Everything shouted fun, whether it was riding the bull, crossing the river barefoot, or just defying gravity!

  • Natural Gravitational Anomaly: It’s no surprise that I wanted to defy gravity and feel what it feels. It was surreal! The anomaly attracts around 70,000 visitors every year. 

Water will be flowing upwards, and balls will be rolling upwards. Without any additional push, I was automatically positioned at a 45-degree angle in the room, similar to a Michael Jackson Dangerous move.

  • Hall of Mystery: The room offers mind-blowing optical illusions. It can also make shadows disappear. You can fly in this room, too. So, make sure to visit Mystery Hill and Blowing Rock to have a nature-bending experience. 
  • Professor Finnegan’s Old-Time Photos: Head back in time without a time machine. How? Well, Mr. Finnegan will help you with it. Just grab any old costume, choose a backdrop or a green screen, and click the most memorable photos with your family/friends/partners.

This location also offers various outdoor activities. In North Carolina, it’s a must-try treat.

Ziplines in Extreme Conditions

Tweetsie Railroad Ln. +18283838823215 Tweetsie Railroad Lane.

North Carolina has the most zip lines in the world, according to statistics.

High Gravity Adventures will undoubtedly comply to important courageous challenges that will provide you with an adrenaline rush and a spine-tingling sensation. Along the avenue, you may enjoy various challenges such as zip lines, sky swings, and climbing puzzles.

Following ziplining, I climbed at the Blue Ridge Course, which has over 65 different rope orientations. The whole setup towers above the Aerial Adventure Park.

Its automated brakes will let you to enjoy the landscape at roughly 1700 feet with ease. While in the air, you may testify for Blowing Rocks’ magnificence and panoramic nature for two hours.

High Gravity Adventures in Blowing Rock also boasts a unique endzone that is 70 feet tall to give a safer landing. What are you waiting for? The HGA also provides mountain climbing with the most recent and safest technology, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a quest!

Summer Affordable Things to Do in Blowing Rock

Glen Burney Path

Laurel Lane, 243.

Glen Burney Trail, sometimes known as the city’s heart, is located in the heart of Blowing Rock. On foot, the track traverses 33 acres of terrain. It is well-known among those who like trekking and early morning treks. Glen Burney Trail is also known as a High Country jewel among locals.

A thousand days of luxury and comfort are worth the risk of adventure. Coelho, Paulo

The Glen Burney Trail has a total length of 3.4 miles. The overall ruins, 600 feet of highland elevation rise, and slick paths provide this trek a perilous twist. Make sure you’re completely equipped for this slippery and edgy walk, since there’s action around every corner.

Despite the hazardous trek, the Glen Burney trail is filled with spectacular vegetation and animals. The difficult walk concludes with three magnificent waterfalls. During the wet season, they looked stunning.

Begin your tour in the Annie Cannon Gardens, where you’ll find a walkway lined with gorgeous flowers and downward stairs. This garden is ideal for a leisurely meal in the morning or a quick picnic after a tough climb.

Park in Broyhill

The address is 173 Lakeside Dr.

Broyhill Park is located in the heart of Blowing Rock. A lovely refuge surrounded by vivid flowers, an enticing perfume, and an enchanting gazebo. Broyhill Park is ideal for both family picnics and romantic date evenings.

Spend the night with your spouse in Broyhill Park, along the lake and under a beautiful gazebo.

This park has a pathway to the lake, picturesque concrete walks, and a fishing pier for those who like fishing in the sun. You may feed the ducks and unwind by the lake.

After your Blowing Rock vacation is over, pay a visit to Broyhill Park to soak in the town’s beauty and vitality. It’s a relaxing and restorative place to visit before returning home.

Best Things to Do in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

To summarize, Blowing Rock is unquestionably one of those spots that you can check off your adventurous bucket list. If you like a pleasant audience, the busiest months to visit Blowing Rock are October, June, and February.

Whether you come in December or January, the fun and excitement never seem to stop. The city is a year-round celebration.

Don’t forget to pick up tiny mementos for your family and friends while seeing the city. There are several stores selling handmade jewelry and locally manufactured goods. Blowing Rock offers a superb eating scene with traditional restaurants and street cuisine, in addition to unique attractions.

The striking shape of this location attracts people to plan colourful weddings and other events.

These are all of the activities at Blowing Rock that I really loved. Add the place to your vacation itinerary, and you’ll have as much fun as I did! If the opportunity arises, I intend to return to the town with my family.

Which of these Blowing Rock NC activities piques your curiosity the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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