The Best Mediterranean Cuisine in Chicago | 9 Must-Try Mediterranean Restaurants in Chicago

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Mediterranean food is popular among Chicagoans. It is flavorful and nutritious, whether made at home or eaten at a restaurant.

Several different types of cuisine are included in the Mediterranean category. It all starts with Greek cuisine, which is a staple Mediterranean diet. The dish is nutritious and has been shown to decrease cholesterol.

Following that comes Italian food, which is prepared with minimal ingredients. Turkish and Lebanese cuisines, for example, incorporate spices and herbs in their primary meals. If that isn’t enough, Chicago has a lot more Mediterranean cuisine.

Freshly baked bread and yogurt-based salads are common accompaniments to meat and vegetarian meals in Lebanon. While eating at a Mediterranean restaurant, it might be difficult to select one combination of tastes over another.

Mediterranean food, when combined with fresh herbs and spices, provides meals that are pleasing to both the eyes and the taste senses. It’s no secret that Chicago has a plethora of excellent Mediterranean eateries. These are some of my personal favorites!

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The 9 Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Chicago

Greek Restaurant Athena

Chicago, IL +13126550000212 S. Halsted St. #1

Greek food seems to be a global favorite, with most people enjoying its tastes and basic ingredients.

The simplicity of olive oil, excellent bread, cheese, and meat is a Greek cuisine mainstay and a Chicago favorite!

Greek cuisine such as seafood kebabs, chicken kebabs, stuffed chicken breasts, and roasted lamb are available at Restaurant Athena.

Within, you may relax and observe the relaxing waterfall and the Greek-inspired architecture, or if the weather allows, you can enjoy the city’s splendor from the terrace. In any case, you can expect a fantastic lunch and a welcoming setting.

My lamb chops were cooked and seasoned to perfection! The ambience was really nice, and the service was superb! I will absolutely return!

Taylor, Tuscany

+131282919901014 West Taylor Street, Chicago

If you’re looking for sophisticated Italian cuisine with your favorite seafood, Tuscany is the place to go.

Whether you go there for lunch or supper, be sure to sample the soups, salads, bruschetta, polenta, and ravioli.

Customer service is amazing, and you will feel welcomed as soon as you step in. In addition, you may experience a few new vintages from their comprehensive Italian wine range.

Cargo Bar

Chicago, +13129290065605 N. Wells St.

There are many wonderful pizza places in Chicago, but for one with a Mediterranean twist, go to Bar Cargo. This bar serves the greatest true Roman-style pizza in town—even the flour for the dough is imported from Rome.

Each pizza is hand-tossed and topped with only the freshest, tastiest toppings based on your preferences. The dish is then roasted in an Italian stone oven, also imported from Italy, until it is properly done.

Pizza is one option on the menu, but you can also choose a salad, fried ravioli, or a chicken Caprese sandwich.

There’s little question you’ll have a terrific time eating anything you want. Additionally, don’t miss out on the bottomless drink offers at weekend brunch!

The Halal Men

Chicago, +13123741145172 N. Wabash Ave.

It began as a modest food cart and has since evolved into one of the country’s most successful small companies.

They began in New York City but have since spread to Chicago, where they have a few sites across the city.

Just tasting their wonderfully seasoned halal meat and rice will explain why people fly from all over to enjoy this specific Mediterranean meal in Chicago.

Alternately, the meat and rice may be served on a plate or wrapped in gyro. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without the famed red and white sauces, which bring all of the tastes together to produce a genuinely delightful feast.

You can even have your halal wrapped up in a tortilla, so give it a go the next time you’re here!

The gyros on their menu are excellent. Their lamb dish is also delicious. I’m confident I’ll return since their service is excellent and timely. The cuisine may be made and served in a matter of minutes.


Chicago +13127611777200 N. Green St.

Cira is a terrific spot to dine with your friends if you want to enjoy a variety of Mediterranean-style meals.

These tiny dishes are designed to be shared among friends and family while engaging in lively conversation.

You may always taste something new since the menu varies with the seasons, so be sure to swing by often to explore new and intriguing flavors.

Throughout the day, you may recline here and listen to fantastic music from the live DJ while talking with friends, or you can work on your laptop all day and still get table service.

I Had a Falafel Dream

W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, +17736722780851

It might be difficult to eat properly when you are hurried or on the move. You won’t have that issue at I Dream of Falafel since they can provide you with all of your favorite Mediterranean foods that are also nutritious!

You may order your sandwich in a pita, wrap, plate, or over hummus. Next choose your foundation (rice, couscous, or quinoa), followed by your protein.

You may order chicken shawarma, gyros, kebabs, or falafel patties with your choice of toppings.

At the end, you’ll have a wonderful lunch that’s easy on both your money and your waistline! Finally, thanks to the quick and polite service, you may grab your sandwich and go back to your busy day!

Desire Kabob

+131260068001521 West Madison Street, Chicago

Craving Kabob, a renowned Chicago cafe, has locations in both the West Loop and Skokie, both of which showcase a contemporary twist on Mediterranean cuisine with rapid service. So just grab a meal and leave.

There are many options on the menu, but the most popular things are the wraps, hummus, and falafel balls, all of which are Mediterranean classics.

Since it’s so delicious, I’ve ordered it four or five times. There are a choice of meats, salads, and sauces to select from, all of which are fresh and delectable.

Restaurant Taste of Lebanon

Chicago, +177333416001509 W. Foster Ave.

Taste of Lebanon Restaurant, tucked behind a Lebanese-owned fabric business in Chicago, is a favorite lunch place for Middle Eastern cuisine enthusiasts.

If you’re searching for a fast, affordable, and substantial Middle Eastern lunch, this no-frills Lebanese eatery is a fantastic option.

This restaurant serves a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, including creamy lentil soup, lavash wraps packed with falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, wrapped grape leaves, lamb kebabs, beef shawarma, and more. Baklava is a popular delicacy among people with a sweet craving.


Chicago, +177358314004748 N. Kedzie Ave.

If you’re seeking for authentic Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in Chicago, look no further! Kabobi Grill’s servings and tastes do not disappoint. Moreover, the restaurant features a relaxed, counter-service ambience.

You may select from a variety of lunch, supper, and late-night munchies.

Kabobi Grill is open from 10:30 a.m. until midnight every day of the week!

In their menu, you may pick from a variety of options. They include both meat and vegetarian alternatives, as well as a lunch special and late-night eating. Filet Mignon and Chicken Breast Kabob, Lamb Shank, and Caspian Eggplant are among the menu options.

A Summary of the Top Mediterranean Restaurants in Chicago

What is there not to love about Mediterranean cuisine? Its diversified cuisine always leaves customers wanting more. You’ll find everything from open-air eateries offering fresh fish and scalding hot hummus to shawarma shops cooking meat on a spit.

The tastes of the Mediterranean are widely known to entice tourists in droves, and Chicago is no stranger to this famous cuisine.

Recipes are derived from Mediterranean nations such as Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Lebanon, so you’re sure to discover something you like and maybe even something new!

Which restaurant will you try first now that we’ve showed you the greatest Mediterranean cuisine in Chicago? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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