The Best Pizza In Holland MI | 10 Must-Try Pizza Places In Holland, MI

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There are a number of great pizza places in the city of Holland, Michigan, each with delicious pizza, warm and inviting settings, and helpful staff.

All of these beautiful places may be found in Holland or in the surrounding area. Having gone to a few of them, I can tell you that if you enjoy pizza, you should at least give them a shot.

Because none of them are similar to the others, you won’t ever have to worry about being bored! Read this guide if you are looking for the best pizza in Holland, Michigan, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Pizza In Holland MI

Fricano’s Too

174 S. River Ave., Holland // +16163926279

reputable pie store that also has a full bar and offers pies with a thin crust and no more than five toppings, all of which are served on paper plates.

When you try the cuisine at Fricano’s Too, you won’t care that it’s not located in Holland’s most gorgeous neighborhood once you’ve had a taste of it. As you can see, all pies are presented on paper plates and are intended to be eaten immediately after being served.

You are not permitted to use cutlery since doing so would result in an extremely embarrassing situation. Despite this, these pizzas are piled high with toppings, so if you’re willing to take the chance, you won’t be disappointed.

They are famous for their pirogies, which are Eastern European dumplings often accompanied with sour cream and come from that region of the world. Additionally, they provide cheese and pepperoni pizzas to their customers. You are going to be astounded.

Sluggo’s Pizzeria

321 Douglas Ave., Holland // +16163959777

Since the middle of the 1990s, Sluggo’s has been one of the most popular restaurants in Holland. This pizza shop is owned and operated by a family, and they pride themselves on using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in their dishes.

The kitchen is visible to guests, and the service is warm and welcoming; as a result, this eatery is ideal for get-togethers with friends and family.

Sluggo’s, which sells pizzas made in stone ovens similar to those seen in Naples, Italy, is very simple to discover because to its position along Douglas Avenue.

In addition to sandwiches, spaghetti, salads, breadsticks, and frozen custard, they provide a selection of other mouthwatering delicacies. In addition, if you are feeling very inventive, you may use their online order form to design your own personalized pizzas, such as the Devious Four and The Works. Because of this, their pizza is considered to be the greatest in all of Holland, Michigan.

Skiles Tavern Inc.

154 E. 8th St.,  Holland // +16163967836

This quaint gastropub may be found in the heart of downtown Holland, Michigan. They offer a wide variety of beers available, which will satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated fans of craft beer.

In addition to the delicious pizza they provide, I highly recommend their pulled pork BBQ sandwich served with fries on the side.

If you’re seeking for a tranquil spot to unwind with friends or family after a long day of work, you’ve found it here!

You may also have a nice glass of wine or rum here, as well as a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Crust 54

45 E. 8th St., Holland // +16163943002

Delicious pizzas, salads, and sandwiches may be enjoyed at the cozy and homey Crust 54 restaurant, which has a variety of eating choices. Because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Crust 54 is an excellent choice not just for family get-togethers but also for professional lunches. This is the reason why it also serves the tastiest pizza in all of Holland, Michigan.

If you have never tasted Italian food before, you should go to Crust 54 so that you may sample some of their delicious dishes. The gluten-free pizza, salads, and pepperoni pizza are all wonderful. You should also try the refreshing lemonade.

You will be able to sate your hunger needs thanks to the extensive menu options that are presented to you at the restaurant. This place provides outstanding service.

The costs are reasonable considering the level of quality that is provided. The lovely furnishings and intimate setting made for a really pleasant experience for me.

Papa Romano’s Pizza & Mr. Pita

1153 S Washington Ave, Holland // +16163939115

South Washington Avenue is home to a wonderful community that offers a wide variety of activities that are suitable for the whole family, such as Papa Romano’s Pizza and Mr. Pita Holland!

I truly appreciate how devoted the personnel at Papa Romano’s is to giving outstanding service and how much they actually care about their customers.

It is a wonderful setting for you to have a dinner with both your loved ones and your companions. To put the cherry on top of it all, it offers some of the best pizza, breadsticks, and stromboli around!

This eatery also allows customers to place their meal orders online and have it delivered to their homes. Therefore, if you’ve never been to a restaurant where you were able to dine and feel at ease at the same time, Papa Romano’s Pizza & Mr. Pita Holland is the place for you to go.

Doebs Pizzeria

503 W. 17th St., Holland // +16168487070

Doebs Pizzeria, one of the newest restaurants in Holland, makes the claim that their cuisine is of good quality at reasonable prices.

They are a chef-owned pizzeria that serves Detroit-Style Pizza, Artisan Pizza, Flatbread, Focaccia, and a variety of other pizzas!

The restaurant not only provides sitting at tables, but also at comfortable bench seating and a large bar with a view of the activities taking place in the kitchen.

They can be found in the western side of Holland, and if you take my word for it, you should definitely make the trek over there.

Petrino’s Pizzeria

29 W. 16th St., Holland // +16163965900

Petrino’s Pizzeria is a warm and welcoming restaurant that is operated by a family and has been serving up some of the most delicious pizza in Holland since 1992. Delicious calzones, pepperonis, and pizza may be enjoyed in the relaxed setting of this Italian restaurant, which specializes on traditional dishes.

They have staff members that are both pleasant and well-trained. When you go into this establishment, there is a good chance that you will notice the scrumptious pizza and the spicy sausage that is being served.

In addition, the restaurant serves bacon roll-ups, sausage rolls, brie cheese, scampi diablo, garlic mushroom pizza, and free refills of tea or soda. Tiramisu is also available for dessert.

Petrino’s is sure to provide you with an experience you won’t forget, so don’t hesitate to stop by!


850 Butternut Dr., Holland // +16163992570

At Mario’s Pizza & Spaghetti House, they provide authentic Mexican and Italian cuisine, both of which are full of flavor.

The menu of this establishment includes items such as pizza, burgers, and sandwiches in addition to hot wings. A salad is an excellent alternative for a lighter meal.

You may watch sports events on any one of the bar’s several flat-screen televisions, which are spread out over the establishment. In addition, there are over 20 wines that may be purchased by the glass or bottle, as well as freshly made premium draft beers that are available on tap.

In addition to that, you may choose from delectable options such as Mexican pizza, burritos, or spaghetti. Do not be afraid to give them a shot.

Village Inn Pizza & Sports Grille

934 Washington Ave., Holland // +16163921818

It’s possible that you’ve had the vast majority of pizzas in Holland, but the pizza at Village Inn Pizza & Sports Grille stands out from the rest. Without a doubt, their pizza is the greatest in Holland, Michigan.

Pizza parlor Village Inn Pizza & Sports Grille is not just any pizza parlor! The Village Inn offers a relaxed setting for eating, and the restaurant’s cuisine and service are both superb.

At this pizza, you may wash down your meal with a glass of exquisite wine or a refreshing beer. However, what really sets this establishment apart from others is its knowledgeable employees and welcoming environment.

Their pizza, which is both delectable and cooked to perfection, is baked in a brick oven. There is a varied assortment of pizzas available to satiate anyone’s hunger needs.

You have the option of ordering one of their hand-tossed speciality pizzas or one of their hand-crafted, artisan flatbreads. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Big Lake Brewing

13 W. 7th St., Holland // +16167968888

When you get close to Big Lake Brewing, the first thing that jumps out at you is a massive wooden sign that has the name of the establishment carved into it.

At Big Lake Brewing, the restaurant provides traditional American cuisine. There is a cheerful disposition throughout, and the staff is helpful.

Big Lake Brewing has some of the best pizza in Holland, Michigan, and the reason for this is because their pizza goes so well with their beer, which they also serve.

The wood-fired pizza, spaghetti, and charcuterie platters are excellent options for groups of friends looking for something to share. In addition to that, don’t forget to sample one of their specialty craft brews!

Summary About The Best Pizza In Holland MI

Pizza is definitely up there on my list of favorite meals. To tell you the truth, I probably consume an unhealthy amount of pizza on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, the pizza in Holland, Michigan has never failed to live up to my expectations.

There are a number of great restaurants in Holland, and many of them serve up fantastic foods that are crispy, cheesy, and smothered in sauce.

There is an abundant variety of mouthwatering alternatives, ranging from pizza outlets to sit-down restaurants that provide amazing appetizers and sweets.