The Best Places to Dine on Gili Air, Indonesia | 9 Must-Try Gili Air Restaurants

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Gili Air is an incredible holiday destination! This little Indonesian island features stunning coral reefs and sandy beaches bordered with shade palms. It is also close to Gili Meno, where sea turtles swim at Turtle Point. Gili Trawangan has the ruins of an ancient ship at Mentigi Beach for more daring explorers.

You’re probably thrilled about the things to see and do if you’ve scheduled a vacation there. Finding the finest eateries on Gili Air becomes increasingly difficult. While this little island is brimming with panoramic vistas that would make an Instagram influencer envy, deciding where to dine on Gili Air is not always as straightforward.

I personally eaten at as many restaurants on Gili Air as possible in order to offer you the finest of the island for your stay. When you’re on the island, you should definitely try the Gili Air eateries on my list. They’re worth it, believe me!

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Where to Eat on Gili Air, Indonesia – Best Local Restaurants!

Ruby’s Coffee Shop

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Rubys Caf is my absolute favorite restaurant on Gili Air. Since there is usually a wait for a table, the locals tend to agree. Believe me, the wait is worthwhile. This lovely cafe is just next door to Scallywags Mango Retreat and offers a brilliantly illuminated outside patio dining area.

They are particularly economical for budget tourists, ranging from $6 to $11 per dish, yet remaining fresh and tasty. They can accommodate particular dietary requirements, providing gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options on the menu.

Rubys Caf is really owned by Ruby, an exceptionally nice and lovely woman who sometimes prepares unique dishes and sweets. You have to taste her Rendang and yellow chicken curry!

If you’re gluten-free, let them know since they can create banana spring rolls with rice flour!


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Shark Bite is a great place to get some substantial meals. They prepare their own bread every day and use it on their wonderful shredded pork sandwich, among other things.

Their menu offers a little bit of everything, and if you’re longing home, you’ll like the ambience, which is reminiscent of a classic bar and grill. In fact, American-style food is available here! They provide sandwiches and salads, as well as great mac & cheese and nutritional alternatives.

Their cuisine is also very adaptable and personalized. To make the vegan lentil salad a bit heartier while yet staying fresh and healthful, I added some chicken and feta cheese.

Sharkbites is also at a great location. They’re directly on the sea, and you can dine outdoors while taking in the scenery. They also feature free Wi-Fi in case you need to get some work done while on vacation.

Cafe Olala

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Olala Caf has a pretty lovely rustic decor. Everything is made of wood that seems to have been created, and lighting fixtures hang from threads. Outside, they have daily deals written on a blackboard, welcoming visitors inside their excellent restaurant.

It also has a very reasonable menu, making it ideal for a quick lunch or supper. The unpleasant aspect of this area is that there are a lot of flies, so be cautious and carry bug spray.

Their personnel is exceptionally courteous, and they will gladly greet you and provide suggestions depending on your dietary requirements and taste preferences. They also provide plenty of fresh selections for vegans and vegetarians!

If you want to experience some local character, this is a terrific location to go. Their cuisine is highly regionally influenced, including fried fish and tuna tartar, and all of their components are obtained locally.

Musa Cooking

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Musa Cooking is one of the greatest restaurants on Gili Air. They have a wonderfully airy open-air joglo in the island’s center and are one of the finest spots in town for fresh vegan and vegetarian meals! In fact, they use superfoods in every meal they prepare to increase the nutritional value and vitality.

Their cuisine is prepared using only the best ingredients, such as local organic fruits, Bali sea salt, and cold-pressed coconut oil. Nothing is deep-fried, and all sauces, nut butters, jellies, and dressings are homemade. Consumers want guilt-free, cruelty-free cuisine that taste like decadent pleasures.

Musa is also open for breakfast, which is convenient. Many of the better restaurants are only open for lunch and supper, so it’s good to be able to pop in and have a smoothie bowl to start your day off well!

Thyme and coffee

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Coffee is Thyme is just stunning. They offer a beautiful outside sitting area with an island ambiance. Despite its name, they provide much more than simply coffee, with a variety of fresh selections to suit any diet. Since 2016, they have received a Certificate of Excellence every year!

The coffee is excellent, with a great flavor balance and roast, as well as some delectable frappe and latte beverages for creamy and sweet tastes. Starbucks is nonexistent in this part of the globe, so for those of you who must have your caffeine frappes, here is the place to go.

The bar area is totally open, so you can see where your drinks are being made and how they are made. It’s a wonderfully clean area with delicious drinks that are handcrafted.

Brahma Nad

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If you’re looking for some delicious Indian food, go no further than Nad Brahma. Their cuisine is exquisitely prepared, with brilliant color combinations and little nuances that make all the difference.

This dinner offers vegan and vegetarian Indian fusion food. One of the unique aspects of their kitchen is that they cook all of their cuisine in an open-air kitchen, allowing you to see it being prepared. They pay close attention to every detail of your food.

If you practice Ayurveda, they provide a list of these foods, as well as vegan and superfood alternatives. Their mango lassi and chai tea are delectable!

This restaurant is really owned by Rosie, a Swiss woman who spent years in India before settling down here. Her tales are incredible, and her whole crew is as kind and entertaining as she is.

Restaurant and Chili Bar

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If you’re looking for some local flavor, stop by Chili Bar and Restaurant for a taste of Gili Air. Gili Air is famous for its Lombok chilies, which give incredible taste to its cuisine. Although this restaurant serves a variety of different cuisines, including American burgers that are sure to please your children, they also have an entire menu dedicated to Indonesian favorites.

They are positioned on the island’s dawn side, where you may often witness turtles swimming past while you dine in their open-air café. The beach is calm, the owner is kind, the Wi-Fi is powerful, and the sun loungers are complimentary.

They have some of the most pleasant employees on the island. In fact, if you hang out with them after work, they will build a campfire and chill on the beach with you. They also provide 2 for 1 drinks all day, making them the finest happy hour spot on the island!


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Breadelicious is the place to go if you want extremely delicious doughnuts and pastries. They are in the heart of town and are ideal for a morning coffee or brunch break. They also make fantastic smoothies!

Breadelicious has both inside and outdoor seats, however their Wi-Fi is inconsistent. The bread is really fresh, and the bread and pastry to sandwich and filling ratio is just great. You must also try the raspberry pistachio cheesecake!

All of their breaded products are made using freshly squeezed juices and exquisite French pastry skills. The cinnamon roll is fantastic; it introduces European tastes and continental pastries to Indonesia.

They also offer a very pleasant staff and a really relaxed atmosphere that invites you to relax and remain for a while. Their quiche is also fantastic!

Yoga Garden Barbecue with Flowers and Fire

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Flowers and Fire is the last restaurant on our list of the greatest places to dine in Gili Air. This is a one-of-a-kind eating experience that you will not want to miss. They provide reliable WiFi and some of the greatest smoothie bowls and vegan meals on Gili Air.

This lovely open-air yoga studio has been designed to be quite calming. They are a lovely resort in the heart of Gili Air. They have a second-floor treehouse studio with a lovely view of the hamlet, as well as a second garden studio with a view of their gorgeous mango tree.

In addition to drop-in yoga sessions and seminars, they feature highly reliable Wi-Fi, traveler lodgings, and a full cuisine caf. These snacks are excellent and intended to keep you going throughout the day. Their cafe can meet almost every dietary restriction you may have.

Which of these Gili Air eateries do you wish to sample the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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