The Greatest Barbecue in Charlotte: 10 Must-Try Spots

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Have you ever wondered why Charlotte is so well-known? You probably wouldn’t guess, so I’m going to assist you. Charlotte has some of the top Barbecue joints.

Sir Walter Raleigh discovered barbeque in the Carolinas in the 16th century while witnessing John White sketch some Indians cooking their fish over a flame.

Nowadays, Carolina-style barbecue foods are mostly made of pork, which is served pulled, shredded, chopped, or sliced.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at which restaurants in Charlotte provide the greatest BBQ.

I tried and tested them all, and any of them would fulfill your meat appetite.

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The Best BBQ in Charlotte

Barbecue King

704-399-83442900 Wilkinson Boulevard

This restaurant is a treasure trove of the greatest barbecue in Charlotte. The most intriguing aspect of this location is that you must be prepared to enjoy your delicious cuisine in your vehicle since there is no inside seating.

One suggestion is to pick up your order and travel to the airport for a wonderful picnic while watching the jets take off.

The fried onion rings and succulent meat will make you fall in love with the restaurant, and the excellent BBQ chicken will make your tummy dance.

I had read many positive reviews about Bar-B-Q King before arriving, and I must say that they were all accurate, making this one of the top bbq restaurants in Charlotte.

Smokehouse and Bar McKoys

Charlotte, NC +170452363304630 Old Pineville Rd

McKoys Smokehouse and Saloon is the place to go in Charlotte if you want delicious barbeque. Their brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken will satisfy your taste senses.

Delicious sides like macaroni and cheese and cornmeal muffins are available. The hosts will assist you in selecting your food.

The meal was amazing, and the service was excellent. That was my first time dining there, and I had a great experience.

I got the pulled chicken platter with mac and cheese and fried zucchini in addition to the sampling plate. Everything was hot and well-cooked, and the fried food had just the perfect amount of crunch. I would certainly return.

Barbecue in the City

+1 704-278-80158948 Suite 420, J M Keynes Dr.

City Barbeque was awarded the greatest BBQ location in Charlotte in 2018, thus it should be on your list of finest barbecue spots.

They cook their cuisine painstakingly from scratch, paying close attention to every detail.

What I like about this restaurant is that they care about their community and donate to charity and organizations.

When it comes to eating, the ribs were done with style. The bourbon sauce had an interesting taste.

They provided excellent service, and the employees were kind.

If you still have room in your stomach after consuming all that stuff, I recommend ordering the banana pudding. That will astound you.

City Barbeque should be on your list of Charlotte places to try.

Jim and Nick’s Barbecue

+1 704-930-229013840 Steele Creek Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28278-7547

Smokin since 85 is their slogan. This restaurant was created by father and son Jim and Nick and currently has over 40 locations in seven states throughout the United States.

From the time you walk in, you can see that the workers value hard work and are dedicated to quality and southern hospitality.

It’s worth noting that their initial restaurant was not in Charlotte, but in Birmingham, Alabama.

Pulled pork and chicken, beef brisket, turkey breast, pig hot links, and baby back ribs are the most popular meals. I also had the Greek smoked chicken salad, which was amazing.

Thus, if you want to taste the greatest BBQ in Charlotte in a beautiful setting, this is the place to go.

McKoys Smokehouse & Saloon is a restaurant and a saloon.

Charlotte, NC 28217-1847 +1 704-523-63304630 Old Pineville Rd

This location has a fascinating history. For many years, two brothers and their father had been collecting recipes in the hopes of one day opening a restaurant.

The day arrived, and I must say that this is not a location for a one-time supper. I tried the ribs for my first meal there. These were delicious on their own, but I recommend combining them with mushrooms and fried squash. That was delectable as heck!

McKoys has a terrific atmosphere, and the staff was really kind.

I had LTD the second time I went to McKoys, a meal of pulled pork, BBQ chicken, pot roast, and ribs that I highly suggest. This is the meal that will entice you to return for more of Charlotte’s greatest Barbecue.

The Midwood Smokehouse

Charlotte, NC 28209 +1 980-237-7929540 Brandywine Rd

I’ve had barbecue in a number of locations as a barbecue aficionado, but the cuisine at Midwood was unlike any other. That is why I consider this restaurant to have the greatest Barbecue in Charlotte.

I visited this location a few months back, and from what I had heard from others, the charred ends were highly recommended. And they were correct; the charred ends were delicious.

Yet, since I am a gourmet, I also tried their famed four-protein combination. Of course, hog BBQ without ribs isn’t barbecue, and the ribs were out of this world.

This restaurant is unique in that they have launched their own brand of BBQ sauces. Matts Original, Eastern North Carolina Vinegar, South Carolina Mustard, and Pacos Chipotle Hot Sauce are all available.

If I didn’t purchase all of them, I’d have to turn in my gourmet card, which I did. I loved them all, but you have to pick a favorite. Pacos Chipotle was my favorite sauce since it was hot but not too much for me, but just enough to make my BBQ the best.

Barbecue by Sweet Lews

+1 (980) 224-7584923 Belmont Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205-2712

When it comes to the definition of the greatest BBQ in Charlotte, Sweet Lews is one of the top local favorites.

My advice is to order as much as possible and try a few bites of everything on the table, since the cuisine is incredible here.

You will not be disappointed with a pork sandwich, house-made spicy sausage, ribs, or even briskets. Just browse their website and watch the introductory video as you read this.

You’ll just take a few seconds to get into your vehicle and go over there for lunch. Try Lews if you’re looking for the greatest BBQ sandwiches in Charlotte.

Mac’s Performance Store

+1 704-522-62272511 South Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28203-5011

I am not a bike owner, and you do not have to be to visit Macs Speed Store, although the majority of the customers are. Yet, if you like barbecue and beer, you are welcome at this Charlotte BBQ restaurant.

I recommend visiting when the weather is great so you can enjoy the live music on their outside patio as well as the finest barbecue in Charlotte.

I tried a variety of meats, and the beer can chicken was my favorite. That was novel to me, but it was wonderful.

Bring your closest buddy, your dog, since they are always welcome.

Smoke of Nobility

Charlotte, NC +170470352522216 Freedom Dr

Noble Smoke has hundreds of various types of art in addition to fantastic cuisine and beverages.

Its Caribbean decor makes it ideal for gatherings with friends and family, and it is only a short walk from South Park Mall.

In this stylish BBQ joint, you’ll discover wonderful food, first-rate service, and a terrific atmosphere (in a warm, home-like setting).

The zesty mouthfuls of ultimate dining can’t go wrong. Handcrafted smoking ribs, beef briskets, smoked fowl, and a variety of other delectable delicacies are available. An large draft beer, wine, and spirits menu complements your dining experience.

Bobbee Os Barbecue

Charlotte, NC 28269 +1 704-509-69029401 Statesville Rd

This final location may not have a lengthy history, but the narrative of this location began in 1947, the day the owner, Bob, was born.

He was dissatisfied with the flavor of the sauces he tried for many years, so he took matters into his own hands and began trying to discover the ultimate taste of a superb barbecue homemade sauce.

He didn’t launch his own restaurant until 2008, and after a few years of mastering his pulled pork, his business became incredibly popular and is generally referred to as the greatest BBQ in Charlotte.

Of course, I was one of those who sampled his pulled pork, and OMG, I need to go back. I also tried pork shoulder to keep up with the others.


The greatest BBQ in Charlotte is by far the most delicious dish in the world; I personally believe it connects people on many levels. Although personal preferences and tastes vary, any of these Charlotte barbecue restaurants will provide you with a delicious dinner.

I’d say it’s the only way to properly get to know the cuisine of the location you’re in or want to visit in the future. If you’re in the mood for Barbecue, listen to your inner voice and don’t ignore it. Please put your faith in me and enjoy the greatest BBQ in Charlotte.

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