The Greatest Burgers in Minneapolis | 10 Must-Try Minneapolis Burger Joints

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Minneapolis is the place to go if you like a good burger. It is home to some of the top restaurants in the nation, and superb burgers abound if you know where to search. This guide will show you where to get the greatest burgers in Minneapolis.

There have always been wonderful burger establishments in the Twin Cities, but there are a few outstanding new pop-ups that are serving high-class burgers, and you can now order pickup or delivery from your favorite locales.

The list of the 10 top burger eateries in Minneapolis below has something for everyone. You won’t be disappointed whether you’re a vegan, meat lover, shake aficionado, or side-obsessed fan. Enjoy!

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Minneapolis’ Finest Burgers

Meats from Lowry Hill

Minneapolis, +161299942001934 Hennepin Ave.

Lowry Hill Meats’ burgers are as bit as delicious as any in the Twin Cities. Erik Sather, the butcher shop’s long-time proprietor, is originally from Germany, where he worked as a high-ranking chef in the restaurant industry.

Apart from the good quality of the meat, this is an excellent illustration of the advantages of having a local market that grinds its burger mix directly in their store.

A burger made by him is a fantastic example of what he is capable of. With a magnificent piece of beef, a slice of American cheese, and a brioche bread, the heavens open and burger angels sing. Heavenly!

Little Len

Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, +161220812473800

Petite Leon unquestionably provides some of the greatest burgers in Minneapolis. Jorge Guzman, the restaurant’s creator and chief chef, has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Thomas Keller and Nancy Silverton.

With someone with such a wide history and understanding of what makes a good burger, it is only logical for him to be in charge of this new downtown Minneapolis restaurant.

Jorge Guzmans Mini Cheeseburger is a fully grilled burger with a juicy inside, double-stacked with caramelized onions, pickled cucumbers, and more, all on a buttery bread.


Minneapolis, +16123543135730 N. Washington Ave.

Because of its distinctive and tasty burgers, Parlour Steakhouse is without a doubt one of the greatest burger locations in Minneapolis.

In order to develop a distinct brand, each new site provides larger menus and a family-friendly ambience.

They offer the burger smash, which consists of two patties gently crushed on a grill and served with a piece of American cheese wedged between them. The burger is delicious and brimming with meat flavor!

MPLS Revival

Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, +161234545164257

Revival is undoubtedly one of Minneapolis’ top restaurants, with a fantastic menu that includes anything from small dishes to bone marrow mac and cheese.

Although though fried chicken is their speciality, their juicy burgers are equally as wonderful.

Since there are just two kinds of patties available, a two-piece is the best option.

Revival provides a changing selection of various cheeses for its burgers each month to keep things fresh. I decided to try their standard burger with American cheddar cheese this time.

Matt’s Bar & Restaurant

Cedar Ave., Minneapolis +161272270723500

Matts Bar and Grill, which opened in 1954, is where many Minnesotans start and conclude their burger talks.

When it comes to the jucy lucy, Matts is always a safe bet (burger patty with molten cheese stuffed inside).

This classic cheese-stuffed burger is pure simplicity: American cheese inside two thin patties grilled on a grill seasoned with years of pure beef for a flavor-dense charred surface.

The bun is straightforward, soft, and inconspicuous. Until that first oozy mouthful, the molten cheese is incredibly hot and confined. I definitely advise you to try it!

Mr. Zito

30th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, +16124567949501

This pop-up eatery may have the finest burger in town. During weekdays, Bebe Zito is a gourmet ice cream store; on weekends, it changes into one of the Twin Cities’ top burger joints.

On Friday and Sunday, you can enjoy simple, wonderful burgers that will have you fantasizing about them for the rest of the week.

While though the relatively economical burgers make excellent single purchases, go for their Jia meal, which includes four single burgers, a full-sized shake, and a scoop of Bebe Zitos’ special ice cream flavor.

Keep a watch out for the new Malcolm Yards location, which will open shortly, where you can fulfill your burger needs every day of the week.

Plant-Based Trio

Minneapolis, +16123261326610 W. Lake St.

During the past several years, the metro region has experienced a boom of really wonderful vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Trio Plant-Based is a Black-owned, tri-plant-based restaurant that serves 100% plant-based soul cuisine.

There’s a lot to adore here, from cauliflower wings to several mac-and-cheese variations. The traditional cheeseburger is named for a reason, and it’s one of a few burger alternatives I suggest you try. Ready to be astounded.

The Test Room

Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis, +161278903332124

There are lots of nice burgers to select from in the labyrinth of pubs that wound their way through Northeast Minneapolis, but where can you find the finest burger? The Sample Room gets my vote.

Only here can you get an elk and bacon burger patty (as far as I know). A sprinkling of maple syrup elevates it to the top of the list of the greatest burgers in Minneapolis.

The Bottineau Burger, named after the restaurant’s location, is the true star of the show. What’s not to love about a burger topped with pork belly, cheddar, and brandied onions?

Since the bun spread is insufficient, you will need to order an additional side of the smoked tomato aioli.

Food & Drink at The Block

St. Louis Park, +195276711177007 Walker St.

Going out of the city boundaries will provide you with numerous excellent burger establishments. The Block, right across the freeway from St. Louis Park, is a personal favorite of mine.

This restaurant’s broad menu has something for everyone, but their burgers are especially excellent. Moreover, there are 15 side alternatives in The Block alone, so there is certainly something for everyone.

I suggest the basic, but luxurious, smoked bacon burger, which has bacon in the patties, spread, and topping, while vegetarian friends may try the black bean burger, which includes cilantro and wild mushrooms in the patty and is topped with a combination of barbeque and Southwestern spices. Probably one of Minneapolis’ greatest burgers.

Smokehouse & Brewpub Northbound

Minneapolis, +161220814502716 E. 38th St.

For burger aficionados who want to see both sides of the spectrum, Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub is unrivaled. A fantastic wild rice burger is available for vegetarians, but let’s face it, you don’t go to a smokehouse unless you’re looking for more protein-rich alternatives.

If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with the Smoke Stack, commonly known as the turducken of burgers and home to some of Minneapolis’ greatest burgers!

The Smoke Stack, served on a toasted egg bun and a curl of bacon, is made out of a hamburger patty, corned beef, ham, 18-hour porketta, smoked Swiss cheese, and smoked cheddar with Texas BBQ.

When you take some of the house-smoked bacon home with you, you’ll never need to order meat again.

Synopsis of the Top 10 Burgers in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a foodie’s dream. Yet, with so many places to select from, deciding where to have your next meal might be difficult.

At the same time, getting a good burger in Minneapolis is more difficult than you may expect. Thus, if you want a good burger, Minneapolis is the place to go.

It is home to some of the top restaurants in the nation, and superb burgers abound if you know where to search.

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