The Greatest Pizza in Philadelphia | 10 Must-Try Philadelphia Pizza Spots

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Are you looking for the greatest pizza in Philadelphia? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

Nothing beats a well made piece of pizza. There are hundreds of pizza shops in Philadelphia, each packed with hungry residents and visitors eager for a tasty piece.

The pizza culture in Philadelphia, both locally and globally acclaimed, has fragmented into so many creative sects that it required a lot of deliberation and hard labor to come up with this essay.

I walked in with a certain attitude and was instantly challenged by different dough thicknesses, sauce formulas, imaginative toppings, and pretty much everything else that goes on pizza.

My requirements were that each pie be available for delivery and have a good reputation around the city.

Therefore, if you’re seeking for the tastiest pizza in Philadelphia, here are ten of the top places to go. I concentrated on the greatest sauce-and-cheese pairings, but there are also Italian regional pies, Roman pizzas, and even ones with a South Philadelphia twist.

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The Greatest Pizza in Philadelphia: 10 Must-Try Philadelphia Pizza Spots

Pizzeria Beddia

Philadelphia, +126792822561313 N Lee St

Beddia is an excellent spot to begin your discovery of all varieties of pizza in this wonderful city.

Their Fishtown location has a fantastic environment, and they offer natural wines on tap and creamy soft serve for dessert. Regardless of the name, their thin-crust pizzas (topped with aged gouda cheese like Old Gold) are among of the finest in town.

When you first taste a cheese pizza, it practically takes you back to a childhood memory or where you went on your first date.

Other standouts include the extremely hot furious pizza topped with jalapenos and the tomato pie oozing with olive oil and coated in sweet tomato sauce.

Shackamaxon PIZZA

Philadelphia, 115 E Girard Ave #3907

Pizzeria Beddia took over the Pizza Shackamaxon spot when it was just a counter store, and no one noticed.

While there are no longer long lineups out the door, these thin-crust pies are nonetheless delicious. You don’t have to purchase a whole pizza from Shackamaxon if you want to eat on the sofa. Their pizza is sold by the slice.

Despite their size, the slices still contain enough of toppings, so you won’t lose all of your lovely tiny grease puddles the instant you pick one up.

Even though this local eatery serves some of the greatest slices in town, you’ll be gone in no time.

Mulherins & Sons

N Front St, Philadelphia, +121529113551355

Mulherins, William Sons, a premium Fishtown hotel and restaurant, would not offer a large, oily piece of cheese pizza.

What you will receive is a 10-inch pie with a chewy, soft crust, topped with duck and pears or our personal favorite, a spicy jawn with long hot peppers and pepperoni.

When a cold slice from the fridge won’t do on a Saturday morning, some of their pizzas, such as one with speck and egg, are available for brunch. When it comes to the greatest pizza in Philly, this is without a doubt my favorite.

Pizza Mind

Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, +121529129652313

You can get great basic cheese pizza practically everywhere in Philadelphia, but Pizza Brain tops its pies with brisket, brown sugar, and cheese whiz and gives them weird names like Bob Sheldsmoose and Wendy Wedgeworth.

This slice business serves pies with thick, thin crusts and odd mixes that somehow work.

You’ll probably only need one pie to fill you up, and while you’re eating, you’ll be able to view all of the strange pizza stuff hanging on the wall.


Philadelphia, +12155759075100.5 S 21st St

Rione Pizza is the only establishment on our list that delivers, so you won’t have to wait in line or go across town for the greatest pizza in Philadelphia.

Riones are chewy, soft squares covered with a sweet tomato sauce that tastes fantastic with or without cheese.

Moreover, you may order by the slice, allowing you to explore a variety of topping combinations without having to purchase a large number of entire pies.

Enjays Pizza Company

+12152220770210 S 40th St, Philadelphia

In West Philly, there is a tavern named Smokey Joes near Penn. This divey sports pub has live music every week as well as a weekly game of quizzo. Sticky barstools, $2 drinks, and a makeshift stage round out the experience.

It is also the location of Enjays Pizza, making it one of the greatest dives in town. They produce their wood-fired pizza at Smokey Joes from a kitchen, and their pies are wonderfully charred with bubbling crusts.

Whether of whether you select the 12-inch or 18-inch size, they are all topped with parmesan and oregano. When you obtain one of these pies, you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a buried treasure.


Philadelphia, +12155469300110 S 13th St

Barbuzzo in West Philadelphia has been serving premium Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients since 2003. In addition to their high-quality cuisine, they are known for their wood-burning oven pizzas.

The Buzzo menu has some outstanding changing specials.

Apart from the roasted corn pie with pickled shallots, guanciale, and truffle egg, classics like the Margherita and eggplant pizzas with San Marzano tomatoes are available.

Pizzeria Pizzata

Philadelphia, +12155467200240 S 22nd St

Pizzata, an Italian-American pizza restaurant in Philadelphia, is one of the greatest spots in town to grab a slice. The menu at Pizzatas features a selection of signature pizzas and bruschetta.

Pizza dough is usually manufactured with high-quality all-purpose flour, no preservatives, and is naturally leavened. The garnishes are fresh.

The pizzeria’s location gives consumers a taste of Italy with its menu items, atmosphere, and architecture.

Gallagher and Labruno, who formerly worked at his family’s pizza shop in Naples, produce Pizzatas’ organically leavened dough, which is topped with spicy salami and burrata.

Angelos Pizza Restaurant

Philadelphia, +12159220000736 S 9th St

Angelos Pizza on South 9th Street accepts just cash, offers only takeaway, and requires preorders over the phone.

Lines are often lengthy, and it is open from 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday until it is sold out.

The chewy and tangy crust is layered with cheesy layers, vivid tomato sauce, and fresh basil. Tempted? Hoagies and cheesesteaks are equally as popular as pizza at Angelos.

Pie in the Square

Philadelphia, +12152380615801 E Passyunk Ave

There are few restaurants in town where you may easily spend a full evening like Square Pie. Of course, draft beer is available. There are also always excellent movies playing.

We’ll never eat circular pizzas again. That’s what John Longacre, co-owner of Square Pie pizza in South Philadelphia, tells his customers as he bakes their enormous square pies in the restaurant’s Gigantic oven. These bad guys are prepared on a 10-by-14-inch platter, as opposed to standard circular pizza pies.

Square Pie mixes genuine blue Italian ingredients with Brooklyn-style flair. Bring your whole group to this South Philadelphia pizza joint and order the porchetta pie, which is based on the roast pork sandwiches that Italian immigrants brought to the Northeast when they first came in America.

My Thoughts on the Top 10 Pizza Places in Philadelphia

If you like pizza as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this list of the finest in town. There is no lack of restaurants in Philadelphia to taste some of the greatest pizza available, from thin crust to deep dish and everything in between.

After reading this list, I am certain you will find a new favorite spot to indulge in some of the greatest pizza in the City of Brotherly Love.

I must confess that my friends and I disagreed on which pie was the greatest; nevertheless, I should emphasize that I am by far the most objective of the bunch. Having said that, I have no wish to force my own perspective its on you to find out which one is actually your favorite.

When you have a hunger for pizza in Philadelphia, where will you go first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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