The Six Best Steakhouses in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Narrowing down the greatest steakhouses in a city that likes to eat was no easy task. With its location on the Pacific Ocean, one would assume that Vancouverites like seafood. And although we like fresh seafood and sushi, we also enjoy a nice steak.

There are many excellent steakhouses in Vancouver, but we have concentrated on those that regularly deliver. A steakhouse supper should be more than simply a meal.

These establishments recognize that eating is an experience and routinely deliver on it. In each of these steakhouses, you can expect a fantastic dining experience, from the restaurant decor to the service, ambience, and, of course, the food.

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Six of Vancouver’s Finest Steakhouses


109 Hamilton St. (604) 362-54431109 Hamilton St.

Elisa, located in Yaletown, Vancouver’s luxurious area, is frequently recognized as one of the greatest steakhouses in the city, and with good reason. They have an advantage that no one else has. They cook their meat on a wood-fired Grillworks Infierno grill, which produces the ideal crust.

Like with other high-end steakhouses, you order your meat and sides individually at Elisa. I had previously shared the 50 oz. Tomahawk with companions, but on my most recent visit, I decided to purchase my own steak to sample a different cut. I chose their potato salad and grass-fed striploin from Prince Edward Island. It was tender, juicy, and flavorful as always.

My favorite of their side dishes is their thick and creamy risotto. They were serving a special Black Truffle Risotto on my previous visit. Whichever you pick, their risotto is a must-order while eating at Elisa.

Their brown butter Brussels sprouts with Parmesan may surprise you. Think again if you don’t like Brussels! Crispy on the exterior, soft and buttery on the interior. I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you order these. If you like your steak without veggies, Elisa also serves onion rings and truffle fries.

Are you feeling fancy? Get yourself a piece of Wagyu beef. This Japanese beef cut is extremely tender and delicate. It melts in your lips and is a gourmet delight. Feeling frivolous? Since this is one of the few steakhouses in Vancouver that offers caviar, top it with it.


Vancouver (604) 605-8282615 Seymour St.

If trying Sturgeon Caviar is on your dining bucket list, go no further than Gotham Steakhouse. They are one of just a few restaurants in the city providing sumptuous W5 Wagyu steak from Japan, and they are perhaps the greatest of all the steakhouses in Vancouver.

The greatest time to try Gotham’s wonderful meals is during Social Hour. Monday through Friday from 3-6 p.m., and until 9 p.m., you may eat for 40% off in their lounge or on their terrace. Now, their New York Steak Sandwich costs less than $21.

If you want to eat outside of their social hour, they have a great assortment of meat and sides. Gotham is best appreciated in a group setting since their sides are rather huge. Whether you order your own steak or split a bigger piece, it’s always wonderful to be able to try a variety of sides. If you attempted to eat here by yourself, you’d probably end up with a lot of leftovers.

If you have space for dessert, it’s worth mentioning that all of Gotham’s sweets are produced in-house. A handmade Vanilla Bean Crème Brule is difficult to resist.

Hys Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar is a steakhouse and cocktail bar.

Vancouver (604) 683-7671637 Hornby St.

Hys is what comes to mind when you think of classic Vancouver steakhouses, with their gloomy lighting, dark wood, and leather interiors. They’ve struck the perfect combination of elegance and comfort.

Hys has been a fan favorite since 1955, so start your meal with their cheese toast. And you’ll understand why after your first ooey-gooey bite. That keeps people coming back for more. If this sounds familiar, it’s because I included it in my piece on the Best Restaurants in Whistler, since they just built a second site at the world-class ski resort.

I definitely suggest the Caesar Salad to go with their cheese toast. They prepare their famed Caesar salad at your table, which is best shared. Your server will arrive with a cart with all of the materials for making your salad and dressing from scratch. Needless to say, it’s one of the most delicious Caesar salads you’ll ever taste.

Escargot is my go-to appetizer at Hys Steakhouse or any restaurant that provides it. As my main course, I often split the 32 oz. bone-in rib eye, which is perhaps one of the greatest steaks I’ve ever had. The crust is tasty and matches the soft, juicy cut of steak wonderfully every time. I like their crispy Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes with brown butter pecan carrots. It is always tasty.

The Keg’s

Many sites

I seldom put a franchise restaurant in a ranking of the greatest restaurants in a city, but The Keg has earned its spot on our list. The initial establishment in North Vancouver debuted almost 50 years ago, and they have since grown to 100 steakhouses spanning nine provinces and five states. In Vancouver, there are four sites.

If you want a terrific steak supper without the high price tag that usually comes with it, The Keg is the place to go. There is no Wagyu beef or caviar on the menu, but there is escargot and some of the tastiest prime ribs. You won’t have to share your steak supper with anybody else since it comes with sides.

My favorite meal there is their Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon, which is incredibly exquisite. It’s my favorite dish at The Keg, cooked medium-rare and served with their twice-baked potato. Their twice-baked potatoes are an absolute must-order! If you’re feeling frisky, order everything.

With lower meal sizes than other steakhouses, you may even have space for dessert. If it’s your birthday, they’ll offer you their renowned Billy Miner ice cream pie for free. You now know where my buddies and I celebrate our birthdays.

Japanese Steakhouse Kobe

Vancouver (604) 684-24511042, Alberni St.

If you want supper with a show, go to Kobes, one of Vancouver’s top teppanyaki-style Japanese steakhouses. Every table is a party, according to their slogan. If you’ve never eaten in this restaurant style, you’re missing out!

Teppanyaki means “grilling on an iron plate” in Japanese. The chef at Kobe prepares your food right in front of you on a big grill. You’re sitting at a rectangle table with a grill in the middle. Eat with a big group of friends or make new ones at your table while you all marvel as the chef cuts, dices, and lights fire to your dinner. The flaming onion volcano is fascinating to see. The chef shapes the onion like a volcano and then sets it on fire!

Teppan shrimp appetizer, Shabu Shabu soup, garden fresh veggies, rice, and Japanese green tea are included with all meals. You next choose a complementary meat or a selection of meats to round out your meal. They provide combo dinners that contain steak, chicken, and prawns so you may try everything. You may also upgrade to a Wagyu steak here.

On my most recent visit, I chose the Emperors Feast, which included Filet Mignon, tiger prawns, and teriyaki chicken breast. That was just enough of each so I could sample everything without going overboard.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse offers a delightful dining experience free of the snobbish attitudes that may often accompany high-end steakhouses. The chefs prepare a delicious lunch while entertaining your whole table.

Brazilian Steakhouse Rio

Vancouver (604) 568-77221122 Denman St.

Bring your appetite to Rio, the only all-you-can-eat restaurant on our list. This real Brazilian steakhouse will keep serving you until you say no. You will taste CHURRASCO, a real and one-of-a-kind Brazilian BBQ, a Meat Paradise. Here’s why it’s one of Vancouver’s top steakhouses.

As you arrive in Rio, you are given a card with one green side and one red side. They will continue to come around with varied meat if you leave your card with the green side facing up. They will not only provide steak, but also pig, lamb, chicken, ribs, and other dishes.

Sides are also limitless, and I’ll confess that I ordered additional cornbread since it was the greatest I’d ever eaten. In the centre of the restaurant is a self-service cold salad bar that is also all-you-can-eat.

When you’ve had your fill, their great location is perfect for an after-dinner walk along the waterfront. The beach is literally on their doorstep, since they are just a block away from English Bay.

Vancouver offers the steakhouse for you, whether you want a polished, high-end steak eating experience or one where they ignite your meal on fire right in front of you. This seaside city likes its steak in more ways than one, with prices ranging from daily to lavish.

Which of these Vancouver steakhouses are you going to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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