The Top 10 Belmont Restaurants | Where to Dine in Belmont, North Carolina

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Every year, millions of visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway begin their trek in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Queen City and gateway to the high peaks.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the second most visited National Park in the United States! The journey west from Charlotte to the High Country takes approximately two and a half hours and is rich with natural beauty throughout four seasons, with plenty of opportunity for off-the-road excursions along the route.

Begin with a weekend in Belmont for amazing meals and wonderful fun. You won’t go hungry since there are numerous excellent Belmont eateries to pick from.

Belmont is a gleaming jewel box nestled in Gaston County, just over the county line from Charlotte and fifteen minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Charm abounds in Belmont’s downtown and on the Belmont Abbey College campus, which is in in the heart of the Carolina Thread Trail. Both have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Exit Interstate 85 at Exit 27. The first thing you’ll notice is the lovely campus.

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10 Belmont Restaurants You Should Try

Sacred Grounds

100 Belmont-Mount Holly Road (704) 461-5060

Are you ready for some coffee? Or maybe a latte? Or any other caffeinated beverage? Can’t wait till you get to downtown? Then go to Holy Grounds, which is directly on campus.

It is the preferred coffee shop of Belmont Abbey College. Given its academic setting, its imaginative moniker makes perfect sense. It’s a friendly and inviting environment. Wander the campus, take a seat on a bench, and relax while taking in the fresh air and ambience of this stunning site.

Flowers and trees flourish on campus, cared for by horticultural professionals. Walk along Abbey Lane, past the Haid Art Center and the library, to stretch your legs. A lush hillside, a lovely footbridge, and a trickling creek will be seen from your window.

Then go back in your vehicle, leave campus, and drive the mile or so into downtown Belmont. Don’t worry about the train lines that run across campus. They have been deactivated for many years.

In the company of Belmont’s 12,000 or so people, you will feel a world away from the large metropolis. Locals, particularly downtown shopkeepers, will greet you with open arms.

Leave fast restaurants, malls, and outlet shops behind and appreciate Belmont’s quaintness, folksiness, and charm. Take a right onto Main Street. It’s full of stores and antiques, bars and food, candies and goodies.

Downtown Belmont is a foodie’s paradise! What about some light fare? A nice plate? A tasty treat? What are the best wines? What is the finest beer? Downtown Belmont has everything!

NSK (Nellies Southern Kitchen) (Nellies Southern Kitchen)

North Main Street (704) 396-716936 North Main Street

Begin at Nellies Southern Restaurant on the peak of downtown. Its owners are members of the famous Jonas Brothers family, and Jonas sightings do occur, although seldom.

If the weather permits, take the finest seats in the house, far up top, to plan your next movements.

Water dishes are distributed across the rooftop to greet your dog.

You’ll be able to see from one end of downtown to the other from this vantage point. You might also stay indoors and unwind.

Do you like a typical Southern chicken option? ribs? MacnCheese? Why not try all three?

There is a complete bar and an extensive beer selection. Stay for outstanding local musicians to entertain you with Carolina flare. Absolutely, they accept requests as well!

The Sunday brunch is also not to be missed. If you’re seeking for authentic southern cuisine, this is a must-try restaurant in Belmont.

The String Bean is a kind of legume.

106 North Main Street (704) 823-3636

String Bean is located just up the street and around the curve. Its incredible wine collection makes it a true find. At an appealing outdoor campfire table, sip a drink and snack.

This neighborhood favorite provides something for everyone. Within, there’s a fantastic deli. Gather supplies for later grilling.

Go over their wine list. You’ll be pleasantly pleased by their broad selection. If you want a costly bottle, they have it. If you want to spend less money, ask the staff for suggestions.

Make a point of exploring the whole area. The Wine Spectator awards on display are certain to wow.

Lodge Tavern and Tap

(704) 461-8044 101 Kenwood Avenue

The Lodge Tavern & Tap, located next door to The String Bean, serves pub meals with a local flavor.

The atmosphere is a warm and friendly premium barroom, tasting room, and treasure trove of libations possibilities, making it a favorite among locals and popular weekend getaways.

And then there’s the cuisine! This restaurant serves unique, flavorful, and visually appealing meals that will satisfy both your appetite and thirst.

Pleasant, friendly, and attentive. This downtown Belmont bar is the place for you!

The Tree of Bottles

704-829-8131 102 Davis St.

Have you seen the blue ranch-style home right around the corner? The Bottle Tree is a new, hip hangout in Belmont.

The bottle tree is completely distinct from its neighbors in terms of inventiveness, flavor, and look.

That’s a tough request, but book a table at the Bottle Tree and you’ll agree.

This imaginative and one-of-a-kind eating experience has left its mark in Belmont and is the buzz of the big city (Charlotte) as well!

Give plenty of time to enjoy this one! You’ll want to make reservations at this Belmont fine dining establishment.

Cherubs Restaurant

+1 (704) 825-0414

Reversing your path back into downtown, you’ll come upon Cherubs Caf.

Cherubs Caf, famed for its chicken salad, soups, and desserts, is a charming and significant option.

Cherubs is an entrepreneurship program run by a nonprofit organization, Holy Angels, and staffed entirely by its clients.

Make allowance for their delectable cookies or a fantastic ice cream cone.

This Belmont, North Carolina eatery is located between their neighboring popcorn shop and their art gallery. Invest in a Holy Angels artist’s original piece of art.

There is a picnic place for you to enjoy lunch in the Southern sunlight and gentle breezes. And, for the trip, grab some popcorn!

Every Day Market

7 South Main Street (980)283-7170

Here is the spot to get a speciality drink, a house-baked pastry, and distinctive evening nibbles.

The dessert case will fascinate you, beginning with the variety of macrons. Enjoy the aroma of the beautiful cakes and pies on exhibit. Be seduced by the prospect of breakfast delicacies in the morning.

Have a seat, speak with the cheerful staff, relax, and enjoy this one-of-a-kind market. It’s an unforgettable Belmont restaurant experience.

Browse the extensive assortment of takeout products, cooking oils, pasta, a great collection of wines, and a cooler full of treats not found anywhere else in the neighborhood. Indeed, the baked products are produced everyday in-house!

Steakhouse Old Stone

South Main Street (704) 825-999523 South Main Street

The Old Stone is unquestionably your serious Belmont steakhouse.

The inside has a dark wood, rustic feel to it. This is THE PLACE for a traditional, delicious steak supper, with a regional reputation for product quality.

The Old Stone’s exceptional wedge salad is unique among modern restaurants and a reason why some patrons return. That’s right, a typical lettuce wedge topped with bacon pieces and a blanket of bleu cheese dressing.

The devil is in the details, as the expression goes. The Old Stone places a premium on detail!

Reservations are strongly advised for this outstanding Belmont steakhouse.

Sammy’s Bar

(704) 825-4266 South Main St.

If informal, real Southern food is your thing, make a reservation at Sammys, a local favorite in Belmont.

Sammy’s has the perfect platter for every Carolina event. Locals gush about their burgers, jerked pork, fried fish, and so forth.

Sammys, known for the quality of their goods and their warm ambience, will make you feel at home no matter where you come from.

Their tastes are delicious, and the pricing is reasonable. You will undoubtedly be pleased with Sammy’s expertise.

Sammys also accepts take-out and call-ahead orders. Bring the entire family to Belmont for some great Southern food, and you’ll become all yall.

Kouzina, Estias

North Main Street (704) 825-7005609 North Main Street

Estias is only a few steps from downtown and conveniently close to interstate highway access.

Cuisine from Greece. The atmosphere is contemporary upmarket with a casual twist. This hidden gem is ideal for Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean cuisine may be found everywhere. Grab a seat at the bar and strike up a conversation with the usually friendly staff. Or, bring your beverage to your table and get some of the greatest Greek food.

You never have to be concerned about missing the big game. There are TVs scattered everywhere, and staff would be pleased to help you choose your chosen station.

Belmont’s Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll be pleased with Estia’s options, and with the proprietors on-site, make sure to let them know what you liked most. You will receive the greatest Greek food.

Pro Hints

Check out The Carolina Thread Trail, a piece of which passes straight through Belmont, for further exploration and to whet your appetite. It is a developing regional network of trails that runs across both North and South Carolina.

Maps and directions are available. The trail is still being built. When you encounter way-finding indicators, you’ll know you’re on the thread track.

Which of these Belmont eateries do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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