The Top 10 East Chicago Pizza Places

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In Chicago, the politics of pizza are constantly hotly debated. Yet, whether it’s for deep dish or thin crust, die-hard fans will never give up.

Thankfully, the city has pizzaiolos that specialize in various types, so everyone may find something they like.

Some have a lengthy history, while others are newer, but they are all pushing boundaries and having an influence on local gastronomy.

These 10 pizza shops are only a fraction of the East Chicago pizza businesses in the neighborhood.

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East Chicago’s Top 10 Restaurants

Tonis’s Pizza

East Chicago, +121939790094724 Indianapolis Blvd.

Tonis Pizza has been a favorite among East Chicago residents for many years. They provide Chicago-style pizza, which is a local favorite.

Delicious Chicago pizza, sausages, and sandwiches are available here. Tonis Pizza has been ranked as one of the finest for food delivery in this region.

Because of their thin crusts and wonderful sauce, pizza and calzones cooked with homemade sauce and dough are tough to resist.

Tonis’ daily specialties are also wonderful and reasonably priced. Monday through Friday, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Pizza Genova

East Chicago, +121939740083820 Main St.

This family-run pizza offers a welcoming atmosphere and is definitely worth a visit. If you like Italian food, Genova Pizza is an excellent option. The pleasant setting is great for resting after a hard day at work.

Genova pizza is famous for its excellent flavor. This eatery hasn’t changed much since it first started. Italian sandwiches, burgers, and pasta are all available.

Nothing beats ending with a wonderful dessert at this restaurant!

Pizza by Isabellas

+121965965001932 Calumet Ave., Whiting, Michigan

The first thing that attracts notice to this pizza is its look, which is due to its friendly ambience. But, this place is amazing because of the individuals that work hard, keep happy, and contribute to its success.

In Chicago, there are several dining options. Nonetheless, Isabellas Pizza will provide you with delicious Italian pizza. You may also get Hawaiian pizza or Greek pizza.

Fresh fruit may be served as a dessert. The location is convenient, and the personnel is kind.

If you don’t feel like going to the pizza, you may order delivery. Nonetheless, it is difficult to resist their delectable pies. They are the greatest in the business.

Pizza for Dinosaurs

+121965907151601 Whiting 121st St.

Dinos Pizza has been in business for more than 50 years. Dinos Pizza has replaced Baker Boys Pizza. As a consequence, the menu has undergone several adjustments.

The pizza menu hasn’t altered much, but it has been extended to include sandwiches and handmade chili. Dinos is still family-owned and operated and is open seven days a week!

It’s a modest, open eating area with rows of tables and booths. Dinos is not a carry-out-only pizza since there is a small lunch counter with limited chairs available if you prefer to dine in.

They provide delicious sandwiches, homemade chili, and salads. Side dishes such as garlic bread, cheese bread, and tomato bread are also popular.

Dinos Pizza is a no-frills establishment, which is exactly what I like about it!

Millos Pizza Restaurant

East Chicago, +12193977600521 W. Chicago Ave.

Millos Pizzeria, a restaurant known for its wonderful pizza and other meals, is a local favorite in East Chicago. The personnel here is always pleasant. This establishment provides professional service.

Lunch will never be the same after visiting Millos Pizza. This restaurant’s meal delivery service is an added benefit.

In your leisure time, stop by this eatery to sample delectable pizza, chicken, and beef. This place’s comfort makes you feel calm and at ease.

Pizza Sauce

East Chicago, Indy Blvd. #1, +121939290004912

Pizza Mix has the greatest fried chicken, East Chicago pizza, and beef in the area. As you go inside this pizza, you will see a welcoming crew at the checkout.

Pizza Mix has all of the characteristics of an excellent restaurant, including high-quality cuisine. Also, the cooking method is superb, inviting people to return for another dinner at this pizza.

I visited this location many times and was always impressed by the service and kind hosts. Prices are typical, although exceptional bargains may be found online.

Pizza Mix has various wonderful items to suggest, including their fried chicken pizza, beef, meatballs, and deep-dish pizza.

Frankie against the Bar & Grill

Whiting, Calumet Ave., +121965554541923

Frankie Vs is a family-owned, local restaurant that is particularly popular among sports enthusiasts. It is well-known for its extensive menu of favorites ranging from Italian to American to seafood.

Pizza, gigantic chicken wings, half-pound burgers (including a Kobe beef burger), handmade Italian sausage, and Italian beef sandwiches are available.

There are also gnocchi, ravioli, and spaghetti dishes, as well as baked haddock and perch, many steak dishes, and sandwiches such as a ribeye steak sandwich and a fried chicken sandwich. It is definitely a must-see!

Aurelios Pizzeria

+121993214704226 Calumet Ave., Hammond, Indiana

Aurelios Pizza is a must-try among East Chicago pizza establishments. Joe Aurelio founded Aurelios in 1959 as a modest four-table pizza.

From its inception, Aurelios has utilized quality ingredients to give its consumers with a premium pizza at an affordable price. They personalize every orders to their clients’ preferences.

If you live in Chicago or intend to visit, you must eat Aurelio’s pizza! Whether it’s a tiny pizza or a giant calzone, they’re all fantastic.

If you’re not sure what sort of pizza to order, try one of the numerous specialty pizzas. You will not be disappointed!

Pizza Paisano

Calumet Ave., Hammond

Paisanos pizza is known for being the freshest and finest tasting Chicago-style Italian pizza. It’s Chicago’s favorite Italian restaurant, pizza, and town square all rolled into one!

The restaurant serves delicious pasta, gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, and salads that match nicely with homemade pizza crusts.

Paisanos has it everything, from the amazing Tony Ds to the delectable stromboli stand to the savory lasagna!

Pizza with a Key

+121984436687003 Kennedy Ave., Hammond, Louisiana

Key Pizza in East Chicago is a quick and pleasant pizza place where you can even design your own pizza with a selection of fresh toppings.

Key Pizza’s delicious and cheesy slices are unrivaled in East Chicago.

If you like pizza, you must try a piece of Key Pizza! Pizzas are produced with the freshest, best ingredients and are available in three crust styles: Original Filled Crust, Thick Crust, and Thin Crust.

There are four different types of Original Filled Crust pizzas, nine specialty pizzas, six different types of calzones, and several vegetarian alternatives.

Synopsis of the Top Ten East Chicago Pizza Restaurants

Pizza enthusiasts often criticize the city’s lack of quality pizza.

Despite all of the possibilities, most people agree that New York is the best spot to purchase a decent pizza pie. Nevertheless, newbies are unaware of the East Chicago pizza businesses.

You’d be shocked at how many fantastic and undervalued pizza joints there are in East Chicago! So go there and have some delicious pizza!

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