The Top 10 Things to Do in Cleveland, Ohio

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Searching for the top activities in Cleveland, Ohio? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

I’ve always idealized the historical and cultural heritage of the places I’ve visited. I like discovering the incredible tales that every nook and corner has to tell.

During a recent journey to the lovely midwestern city of Cleveland, Ohio, I had the most exciting experience.

Cleveland, Ohio’s second-largest city, will captivate you with its beautiful natural beauty, magnificent architecture, and remarkable history.

It is an excellent vacation spot for everyone. You may visit Cleveland alone or with your family for a peaceful holiday. Visit Cleveland for a friends’ retreat or a romantic weekend; its immaculate and surreal beauty will make you fall in love.

Continue reading to learn more about this amazing holiday spot. In the meanwhile, start thinking about your next Christmas season.

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An Overview of Cleveland

With its ethereal beauty and spectacular vistas, Cleveland emanates a wonderful air and provides interesting feelings. Cleveland, located on the shores of Lake Erie, has regenerated as a world-class holiday destination.

It is a gorgeous town with exhilarating Natural Conservation Parks and Wildlife Preserves, exquisite architectural landmarks, great art, cultural history, and fantastic attractions. It is affectionately known as The Forest City.

Cleveland as a Vacation Destination

Cleveland is home to some very breathtaking vistas and attractive attractions. The city is proud of its lively culture, art, architecture, way of life, and history.

Cleveland’s most notable attractions are a string of 18 National Parks known as The Emerald Necklace. The town’s moniker, The Forest City, derives from these Metroparks. The Metroparks are home to the well-known animal sanctuaries and the Metroparks Zoo, which houses a variety of primate species.

The terrain is home to 3000 creatures from over 600 distinct species. Hiking, motorcycling, and forest trips are among the adventure activities available in the area.

Experience Cleveland’s rich history at the Museum of Arts, the Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

In the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, you can see spectacular animals, and at the Cleveland Aquarium, you can engage with aquatic life forms!

Take a trip around the Lakeview Cemetery’s 285 acres and pay a visit to some renowned persons who are buried there. Since it houses several monuments, gardens, and architectural wonders, the Cemetery is also known as the Outdoor Museum.

The Arcade Mall and the Westside Market are great places to shop. Test your luck at Jack Casino. Euclid Beach Park offers a stunning lakeside vista. Explore the history of music and discover more about great performers at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Take the city tour to see the best of Cleveland’s attractions. Little Italy, the Western Reserve Historical Society, the Detroit-Superior Bridge, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and many more beautiful sights are among Cleveland’s most popular attractions.

What To Do In Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has so much to offer that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when sorting through the alternatives and deciding on the finest places to visit.

Still, I’ve compiled a short list of the most popular Cleveland attractions to assist you in planning your trip.

Cleveland’s Museum of Art

East Blvd.

The Cleveland Museum of Arts, which opened in 1916, has a collection of 45,000 artworks, including iconic paintings, antiquities, and sculptures dating back more than 6000 years.

The galleries have collections of authentic Van Gogh paintings, Indian paintings and portraits representing Lord Krishna’s life, and Chinese artwork showing our ancestors’ journey from caves to graves.

There is a collection of artwork from many geographical areas including the Japanese tale art collection, the Islamic world collection, A New York minute showing street photography, and many more amazing artworks and historical artefacts.

For a history buff like myself, the Cleveland Museum of Arts is nirvana on earth. It is a lovely monument with Georgian marble construction.

The Museum has a variety of exhibits and yearly activities that you may be able to attend during your holiday. Among of the greatest events to attend are the Summer Solstice music festival, the Parade, the Circle event, and the CMA Autumn Members Party.

Downtown Cleveland, OH Attractions

The Square Playhouse

+121624160001501 Euclid Avenue, Suite 200

The Playhouse Square, located in the middle of Cleveland, is the city’s entertainment center. It is the second-largest performing arts venue in the United States and Broadway’s primary touring partner.

Playhouse Square typically hosts a variety of local theatrical plays as well as major Broadway touring musicals. You may view some breathtaking theater and be inspired by some of the most beautiful and heartfelt performances here.

Another well-known feature about Playhouse Square is that it is home to the world’s tallest outdoor chandelier (20 feet tall), which was built with 4,200 crystals. Take a day trip to Playhouse Square and see the most incredible shows of your life.

Every year, Playhouse Square organizes over a thousand events, including prominent international film festivals and iconic theatricals such as Not Going Quietly and No Ordinary Man.

The PlayHouse Square, with its dazzling neighborhoods, alleyways, and buildings, shines magnificently with or without a show. Taking a walk to enjoy the avenue is plenty. If you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, over the holidays, the Playhouse is a sight to see. I was fortunate to see fireworks at the destination (Winterfest)!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

+121678176251100 E. 9th St.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, which opened in 1995, is a six-story towering monument that celebrates Cleveland’s rich legacy of music and art.

It is the ideal location for exploring the history of the genre’s great musical luminaries and learning more about Cleveland’s ties with music culture.

You may be interested in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s lectures, interviews, and panel discussions on music. You may also view movies or listen to live musical performances.

The Rock & Roll Museum presents a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions where you may learn about some of rock and roll’s most renowned and ultimate champions. It is a haven for music aficionados and Rock & Roll fans.

Cool Family Activities in Cleveland, Ohio

Zoo in Cleveland Metroparks

Wildlife Way +121666165003900 Wildlife Way

In the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, you may see approximately 3000 animals from over 600 different species. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, which opened in 1882, is home to a variety of indigenous and exotic animals from all over the globe. It also provides enjoyable encounters with the animals.

I’ve always had a soft spot for animals. Regardless of the danger level, whether you present me with an adorable monkey or a fearsome tiger, I will always be amazed.

If you like connecting with animals, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a terrific place to meet new and attractive people. I was particularly taken by the sight of gigantic elephants and lofty giraffes.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo houses one of the greatest collections of primate species in the United States, including apes, lemurs, chimpanzees, and many other primate creatures. The zoo’s fauna includes amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and a variety of other species.

The location also offers entertainment and educational trips. Unexpectedly, CMZ provides several exciting activities within the site, such as night expeditions, trekking, and bonfire evenings.

Close observation contacts with the creatures are possible, and you may even feed some of the species under the supervision of Forest Rangers and animal trainers.

The Westside Market

+121666433871979 W. 25th St.

This Westside Market, Cleveland’s oldest and most diversified shopping destination, is a wonderful and intriguing tourist attraction. Since 1840, the market has been an open-air bazaar with over 100 booths managed by residents and sellers from all over the globe.

The Westside Market is a lively shopping destination where you may pick up some mementos for your loved ones. Vegetables, fruits, beautiful candles, flowers, local and unique cheese, excellent and fresh meat, baked treats, and many more speciality goods are available here.

The Market House, restored in 1912, is the most appealing element of the Westside Market, with a 137-foot-tall clock tower that is almost a century old. Explore all types of local and international things as you wander through this wow-shopping destination.

Natural History Museum of Cleveland

Wade Oval Dr.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is a local landmark. That is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can receive in Cleveland.

The museum has an extensive collection of fossils, gemstones, minerals, live species, and artifacts from numerous historical periods and civilizations. It is a study and evidence gathering center for astronomy, paleontology, and anthropology.

There is a collection of fossilized dinosaur skeletons from the Paleolithic, Mesozoic, and Cretaceous periods in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The Museum of Natural History’s main feature is a skeleton of our ancestor Australopithecus afarensis, often known as Lucy, who walked the globe three million years ago.

The Museum of Natural History is an exciting place to visit for both adults and children. This Cretaceous landmark will undoubtedly provide you with a memorable day.

Cleveland Botanical Garden is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

East Blvd, +1216721160011030

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens, built in the 1930s, are a joy to see. There are twenty beautiful yards spanning over 10 acres.

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens are home to a variety of blooming and non-flowering plants, as well as an impressive collection of native and foreign flora and wildlife. These botanical gardens provide an immersive experience that links you with nature in all of her splendor.

Because of its beauty and grandeur, the Cleveland Botanical Garden is a popular wedding destination for both residents and visitors. Many gazebos, little waterfalls, pebbled buildings, wooden tables and bridges, and contrasted flora may be seen in the magnificent scenery.

My favorite attractions were the butterfly lane and the Asian-Japanese theme garden. It’s the ideal place to spend time with your loved ones.

Among the 20 Botanical Gardens’ distinct assortment, the most well-known gardens are:

  • Mary Ann Sears Swetland Rose Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Hershey Children’s Garden
  • Restorative Garden
  • CK Patrick Perennial Garden
  • Western Reserve Herb Society Garden 
  • Campsey-Stauffer Gateway Garden

The Cleveland Botanical Garden contains an 18,000 square foot greenhouse, which serves as an inspiring zone for visitors to interact with and discover new ideas for their own gardens.

The flora collection has 21,000 plants and plant groups, including 350 rare plant species. Pollinating insects, birds, reptiles, and amphibians abound in the fauna.

Come the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for an unforgettable experience among the captivating settings and natural paths of artistically manicured bewitching plants, trees, and gardens.

Free Activities in Cleveland, Ohio

The Edgewater Park

44102 Cleveland, OH

Edgewater Park is a Lakefront Reserve Metropark with a wonderful view of Lake Erie and nearby parks. It has 9000 feet of beachfront and spans over 240 acres.

Edgewater Beach and Perkins Beach are included in the region, which is a lovely spot to rest and unwind.

The Edgewater Park has a beach house that serves genuine and local beers, a Marine Club, a Yacht Club, a fishing pier, a boat club, rental pavilions, barbecues, picnic spots, and dog-friendly beach zones.

Enjoy a quiet day in Edgewater Park by having a picnic, swimming, fishing, renting a boat, participating in watersports, or enjoying some delectable meals and beers. Come Edgewater Park for a refreshing experience and a fun and relaxing day.

The Franklin Castle

4308 Franklin Boulevard

The Franklin Castle, famous for its terrifying legends, is an unnerving location and a one-of-a-kind attraction in Cleveland. The castle, built in the 1880s, is a treasure trove of historical information and has stunning Victorian architecture and design.

The Franklin Castle may not be Cleveland’s top priority destination. Yet, it is well worth a visit due to its distinct and improving beauty, vast historical past, and various terrifying legends.

Franklin Castle would be a fascinating location for your schedule if you are captivated by ghosts and afterlife experiences.

Italy’s Little Italy

Little Italy, a historic district in downtown Cleveland, was founded in the nineteenth century by Italian immigrants. It is a 130-year-old village that has evolved into a significant cultural and historical site.

Little Italy is a lovely district that is home to several art galleries, restaurants, cafés, stores, trattorias, and bakeries. Little Italy’s picturesque alleys are adorned with granite and marble statues and artworks. It is a beautiful place with a rich history and cultural tradition.

Take a stroll around this lovely neighborhood, sample some delectable and mouth-watering restaurants, shop for baked goods, and enjoy the many other amenities available. Little Italy is one of Cleveland’s top attractions and a must-see during your stay.

A Glimpse of History

Cleveland was founded in the 18th century by Connecticut Surveyor Moses Cleaveland and his friends as a center for marine commerce and linking water channels.

During the history of slavery in America, this expansion served as a route to liberation for countless enslaved individuals.

A system of canals links Cleveland to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. These connecting rivers have been a huge benefit to the city, continuously contributing to its economic growth and establishing itself as an essential commerce route.

Cleveland’s waterways link the Great Lakes and provide access to a variety of attractions. The rivers also established Cleveland as an important terminus for the underground railroad, sometimes known as the Station Hope.

Cleveland was liberated from industrialized sabotage by changed legislation and turned into the lovely and immaculate city that we know today.


Cleveland is a lovely place with a plethora of amazing attractions. Cleveland has a lot to offer, from nature preserves to botanical gardens, amusement parks, shopping arcades, historic districts, museums, beaches, and theaters.

The Forest City is a delightful and beautiful holiday destination with a rich history, culture, art, music, architecture, and woodland setting. Cleveland has so many unique and amazing things to offer that there are several possibilities for making the most of your holiday trip.

Arrange a family vacation, a bachelor party, or a single trip to Cleveland and enjoy the fun of your life. Visit museums, metroparks, zoos, botanical gardens, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Little Italy, the Westside Market, and a variety of other amazing attractions.

Explore Cleveland’s rich culture and history while taking in its ethereal beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

So, what’s holding you back right now? Start planning your trip to this magnificent city in the Buckeye State, and have a fantastic time with your loved ones.

Which of these Cleveland activities will you attempt first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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