The Top 10 Things to Do in Outer Banks, North Carolina

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Are you looking for the greatest things to do in Outer Banks, North Carolina? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

The exquisite beauty of the Outer Banks is a therapeutic holy place for those who spend their money on treatments.

OBX is a spontaneous blend of relaxing nature where you may experience the true spirit of the homeland. Stop looking for transitory betrayals and instead set sail for these wonderful beachy islands known as the Outer Banks.

We all want to visit a destination that takes us away from our everyday stresses and routines, and I feel the Outer Banks is one of them.

Sports, dancing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and art displays are all popular pastimes in the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks (OBX), which consists of about 200 miles of island chains, is completely encircled by the ocean and provides a variety of recreational water sports. Nothing beats watching the sunset and rising early at the beach while drinking away your cares!

The sun, dusk-dawn, bright sky, powerful surf, and beaches are all enticing in the Outer Banks.

If you want to really experience this paradise, go between the months of May-August or November-January (things to do in Outer Banks in Winter) when the sea breezes and sun are at their best.

Additionally, due of the many island pathways located in North Carolina, the Outer Banks are often abbreviated as OBX. These are my favorite Outer Banks places and activities to do; add them to your list of things to do in Outer Banks.

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Things to Do on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

At Jockeys Ridge, you can hang glide.

Carolista Dr. +12524412426302 Carolista Dr.

Hang gliding is an exciting aerial activity in which you fly through the sky while attached to a giant kite; it is incredibly thrilling and intriguing.

While operating in the dunes, Kittyhawks at Jockeys Ridge allows tourists to explore 100+ yards of length at a height of around 15 feet.

As a novice, training and enjoying hang gliding over Jockeys Ridge sand dunes was ideal since the height was little and I could comprehend the flight dynamics.

If you’re a pro, you should go to Jarvisburg, which is around 15-20 minutes away from Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk Kites offers a 5000+ ft. flight for Jarvisburg, North Carolina guests!

My finest 30 minutes of life were spent hang gliding near Jarvisburg. There is no haste while flying across the skies. The aircraft’s modest speed enables you to really enjoy drifting across the gorgeous skies.

Hang gliding enables your body to separate and fly over the sky. The exciting panorama underneath is both terrifying and captivating! I won’t be able to express how I feel in words. Above all, you are the pilot of this airplane, controlling its speed and direction.

This great air sport took my mind off my anxieties and filled it with excitement and delight. In Jockeys Ridge State Park near Jarvisburg, NC, you may revel in the delusion of swing and sway.

Jennette Pier Fishing

S. Virginia Dare Trail +125225515017223 S. Virginia Dare Trail

Despite my lack of success in fishing, I attempt it in every city, sea, river, and pond I visit. Jennette Fishing Pier is a large 1000-foot structure near Nags Head, North Carolina. Standing on the pier and watching the sunset feels beautiful.

Jennettes Pier has a cozy atmosphere. My anxiousness at the dock was relieved by the cool breezes and lengthy beach walks.

In October, you may catch a variety of bluefish species, speckled trout, pigfish, and Spanish mackerel in the 25-foot-deep water body below.

Adults and children of all ages may cast their lines and enjoy a day of fishing at the pier. There is a little admittance charge, however there are many local establishments where you may buy baitcasting equipment.

A stunning indoor fish show may be seen at the main NC aquarium or the Jennettes Pier facility. A large luncheon or even a beach wedding feast might be held on the second level!

The instructional area contains information about fishing, the seas, daily weather updates, and much more!

Finally, witnessing the water from so close to the pier was incredible. Jennettes Pier puts you right next to the raging sea. It’s an excellent place to spend your summer vacation.

The dock is illuminated at night with decorative lighting. You may immerse yourself in the ocean by sitting on the concrete seats provided. It is open till 10 p.m.! (For further information, see the website.)

Lighthouse on Cape Hatteras

Lighthouse Rd. +1252473211146379 Lighthouse Rd.

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a massive structure on the Atlantic coast of Buxton, OBX. Starting in 1803, the historical monument has undergone several alterations in order to stand tall.

Cape Hatteras protects the Atlantic Ocean and is a beautiful historic location. Those who value the city’s history will enjoy spending a calm day at this lighthouse. This skyscraper, which curves its way to a height of 193 feet, has 257 steps to climb. It’s like ascending a 12-story building.

To explore, you must have a strong respiratory system and a strong determination. It’s too tight to get up.

Climbing this tower seemed like a triumph. The climb to the building was difficult, but the view from the top was spectacular!

If you like adventurous activities, you will enjoy this location.

There are several lighthouses to visit in the Outer Banks. Let me to accompany you there.

  • Bodie Island lighthouse
  • Roanoke marshes lighthouse
  • Ocracoke lighthouse

Best July Activities in Duck, Outer Banks

SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding)

I went SUP-ing at night with Kitty Hawk Adventures after having a lot of fun with paddleboarding. KHK provides a variety of paddleboarding events in the sea, from basic classes to pro-supping night trips.

If you wish to explore the water at night, join KHKs Light-Up SUP for a one-hour trip at Waves Village in Rodante. The night excursion is reasonably priced, but swimming and SUP expertise are required.

Sit for a while on the paddleboard, take in the neon light that tints the water, look for fish swimming beside you, and stare at the stars after you’ve stabilized. After balancing on the paddleboard, carefully rise up, regain your composure, and race away.

If you have no prior experience with Stand-Up Paddleboards, you may learn and explore by enrolling in Kitty Hawk Kites lessons. Individuals might also experience the water more vividly during early sessions.

SUP provides enjoyment while simultaneously burning calories. Paddleboarding is also a water-friendly activity that works up your whole body.

Go Surfing

Surfing and life share analogies. Salamanca-Brosig, Elizabeth

Surfing enables you to experience the exhilarating motion of the waves. These marine waves bounce up and down in time with your heartbeats. Duck Pier and S-curves have long been popular surf spots on the Outer Banks.

The mix of blistering heat, cold beaches, and warm breeze adds to the fun. I’m not a great surfer, but it would be a pity to miss out on surfing when seeing a dozen beaches and being surrounded by so much water and big waves.

Kitty Hawk Adventures offers 3-5 day surfing trips to learn to surf at the pace of the water. If your time and finances allow for a few surfing lessons, I strongly advise you to take advantage of the chance! Nothing beats plunging into the swells and smashing with the waves.

Please keep in mind that surfing entails much more than just paddleboarding. To begin surfing, you must have complete focus, balance, and posture!

Yet, once you’ve learned how to play and explore with the waves, you’ll never want to leave!

Beach at Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 27949

When it comes to ocean sightseeing, Kitty Hawk Beach is unrivaled.

This prominent beach is known for its all-marine margins, flowery paths, and wistful sunsets.

With the inauguration of the Wright Brothers National Historic Monument, Kitty Hawk gained worldwide attention.

The undulating surroundings of Kitty Hawk Beach make it ideal for a variety of water sport activities. Discover the depths of the water or spend a relaxing weekend at the beach. The beach promotes amazing tranquillity.

In the morning, you may cruise around Kitty Hawk beaches, see dolphins and whales perform in the vastness, or parasail the different water body.

Jet-skiing is a must-do activity in Kitty Hawk beaches. I spent my time sightseeing, swimming, and resting on all of the beaches that the Outer Banks had to offer.

Some popular beaches in town that I visited were:

  • Nags Head
  • Duck
  • Kill Devil Hills

That’s the beauty of the Outer Banks: the fun and relaxation never stop. This magnificent location will need two or three visits to fully investigate.

The National Wildlife Refuge at Alligator River

Milltail Road +12524731131Milltail Rd

The Alligator River preserves and protects wetland wildlife. The goal of this wildlife refuge system is to protect the habitats of fish, animal, and plant resources.

This wildlife-rich site spans over 152,000 acres of land and sea. In the site, you will very certainly see black bears, reptiles, red wolves, and a variety of other ferocious species. The beauty and animals of the Alligator Rivers provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Although witnessing alligators is a terrifying experience, the refuge ensures that guests are protected. It is safe to kayak in the Alligator River streams that run through the reserve.

While paddling along the river, take in the natural splendor of the forest. The small pass leads you through the untamed woodland and natural surroundings.

Rivers are famous for holding secrets. You are free to shout your heart out to it. This furious location will completely take you out of your comfort zone.

Things to Do on the Outer Banks for Inexpensive in November


Manteo, located off the coast of Roanoke Island, is a historic village that provides a tranquil respite from your action-packed Outer Banks trip. After seeing all of the famed Outer Banks islands, my next trip was Roanoke Island and the surrounding town.

Manteo has the peaceful beach-city old atmosphere that is uncommon in many off-shore villages. You will see a tranquil neighborhood, vivid old-school buildings, warm air, and a remote location. Manteo is particularly beautiful around Christmas and Halloween. These natives know just how to celebrate holidays!

Manteo, in my opinion, is the greatest place to end your Outer Banks vacation. It includes beautiful gift stores and excellent treats for your loved ones. This unusual location has gorgeous flora and vintage roads, giving it a homey feel.

The town also offers a lot of artwork and picturesque vistas. The historical birthplace of Virginia Dare exemplifies the creative talent, current art, and antiquity of the Outer Banks.

North Carolina’s most grey-haired community offers convenience, picturesque water, boats, ports, parks, halls, restaurants, and cottages.

National Historic Site of Fort Raleigh

National Park Dr. +125247321111401 National Park Dr.

Fort Raleigh’s national historic monument was established in 1585 and encompasses approximately six hectares of land.

It is close to Manteos island town, a popular spot for plantation exploration and photography.

Spend a day exploring the Lost Colony’s limits, remnants, and the mystery surrounding their location.

Being a historical site, native people perform memorial plays outside the garden. During the year, communities engage in a variety of colourful festivals that highlight the lifestyle and sophistication of well-known individuals.

The heroic landmarks, prickly plants, savage creatures, and craggy base provide the impression of a spine-chilling illusionary universe. Moreover, the cultural environment adds to the thrill of this location.

The Fort Raleigh center houses many displays, antiques, and (discovered) colony remains to recreate the enigmatic age of the 15th and 16th centuries. The center also depicts incidents that may have occurred in the Lost Colony. The rest of history is a mystery.

The Forgotten Colony

National Park Dr.

The Lost Colony is England’s first American colony that mysteriously vanished. The term was derived from the inexplicable and mysterious disappearance of the majority after the failure of a colony created by John White in 1587.

Sir Walter Raleigh founded the Roanoke colony in the Elizabethan period in pursuit of the first English settlement. The mystery of curiosity lingers, and the characteristics of this community remain secret. If you like portraiture, you have a terrific opportunity to capture this enigmatic colony.

Visit Roanoke Island and Fort Raleigh to learn about the land’s unsolved mysteries. The Fort Raleigh center houses numerous historical relics and imagined tales.

The Elizabethan Gardens

National Park Dr. +125247332341411 National Park Dr.

Elizabeth’s garden has a lovely ambiance, complete with blossoming flowers, gazebos, fountains, greenery, and a friendly atmosphere.

As a non-profit organization, the garden marked its 70th anniversary. Have a brief vacation to this lovely fantasy surrounded by flora and historic sculptures while exploring the breadth of Fort Raleigh and the additional mystery!

This garden’s entry seems like Elizabeth’s judgement. The sculptures on display are quite lifelike. When strolling around the park, you will come across several ancient stories etched on marbles.

Being a history enthusiast, I was curious about Elizabetha and her empire, and the garden would tell you tales along the walk.

While the garden is in flower all year, the seasons of spring, autumn, and winter are all excellent times to come. Fall vibes are ideal for experiencing the tranquillity of Elizabethan gardens. Trees lose their leaves, and brilliant flowers adorn the asphalt walks, softening the overall mood.

Winter lights illuminate the whole area and draw thousands of tourists from November to January. When adorning the landscape in blue, red, pink, green, and golden colours, not a single tree or shrub is left untouched.


The Outer Banks is a healthy vacation location. You spend the day snorkeling and conclude the night drinking drinks on the beach. While experiencing beaches to the fullest, you will also come across fascinating historic sites and secrets.

Evenings are spent on a boat overlooking the waters, and nights are spent meandering through historic Manteo. Outer Banks has a lot to see and experience. It is a thrilling, adventurous, and reckless journey.

On the other side, there are still quiet evenings, pleasant days, lovely hikes, relaxing towns, a distinct history, and unresolved mysteries.

Outer Banks will draw you in and hold you fast, whether you are a history buff, a nocturnal explorer, an adventurer, a surfer, an introvert, or an extrovert. There is something for everyone at the location! These are my top eleven things to do in North Carolina’s Outer Banks!

Which of these Outer Banks activities appeals to you the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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