The Top 12 Things to Do in St. Petersburg, Florida

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St. Petersburg is renowned as the Sunshine City because of its nice temperature and white-sand beaches. The city, located on Florida’s bay shore, is a popular tourist destination in the Tampa Bay Area.

Because of the mild weather, residents and visitors alike visit St. Pete for a variety of water-related activities such as boating, swimming, surfing, fishing, and so on!

The city is home to some of America’s top beaches, lively artistic communities, and breathtaking outdoor experiences. I probably appreciate St. Petersburg so much because it is vibrant and alive wherever you look.

Throughout the year, the city thrives due to its beautiful climate and brave people. Sports energy, relaxing music, gastronomy, nature, and nightlife are all popular among visitors, including me. Of course, nothing beats spending the night at Sunset Beach and floating away with the waves.

While visiting, I noticed that the city is never calm; there is always something to do in St. Petersburg. Apart from the beaches, I saw numerous handmade fine artsthe Earth Engaged Art, the famed Salvador Museum, and Craft Show, where craftsman shared their feelings via individualized work.

St. Pete, a gleaming gem on Florida’s Gulf Coast, features many great ingredients for your finest getawayan amazing food and drink scene, wonderful beaches, museums, dynamic arts, and nature at its best. If you like combining museums and beaches, this destination has several surprises in store for you.

These are my top recommendations for the greatest things to do in St. Petersburg; have fun and explore!

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Spring, Summer, and Autumn Activities in St. Petersburg


If you want to enjoy the sun, you should visit St. Petersburg between June and October.

The Museum of Salvador Dali

One Dali Boulevard +17278233767

This museum depicts the life history, early paintings, landscapes, his introduction to surrealism, classical art, the universe, fourth dimension, eternal works, and art pieces of Salvador Dali, a well-known Spanish surrealist artist.

Dali never ceased painting and used multidimensional and mathematical angles to depict his universe. The Dali Museum, which opened in 1982, today has about 2400 Dali exhibits, as well as 2100 pictures, prints, antiquities, and textiles. Dali’s 2400 original works include 96 surreal oil paintings, 200 sketches, and 200 watercolor masterpieces.

The Dali Museum, located on St. Petersburg’s waterfront, is a one-of-a-kind architectural structure with over 1000 triangular glass sheet walls known as the enigma, and a magnificent avant garden that elegantly portrays the city.

The museum also has a communal library for students interested in learning about art, Dalis work form, and the combined history. Trainees may study and participate in a variety of educational programs at the museum.

The museum not only showcases Dali, but other related artists for a really diversified visit.

The Dali Museum frequently rotates exceptional temporary exhibitions to expose new artists and artworks. Dalis’ oil painting at the museum transported me deep into the depths of physics, mathematics, immortality, and beauty.

Fort Desoto State Park

Pinellas Bayway, 3500 S.

This park, located south-southwest of St. Petersburg, is a large assemblage of five basic keys (small islands), beaches, white-sand coasts, native plants and shrubs, and remnants of some major history.

These five Florida keys, formerly military fortresses, today provide breathtaking scenery and historical relics. Madelaine Key, Christopher Key, St. Jean Key, Bonne Fortune Key, and Mullet Key are the names of the five islands. The Mullet is the largest of the five islands.

I came here for a morning hike, but its beauty drew me back for a full day of camping, hiking, visiting the historic center, and so much more. Fort DeSoto, spread over 1136 acres of land, will fascinate you for a lengthy day excursion and night camping.

I liked hiking, trailing, and wandering throughout the beaches and off-shores. Swimming in the water at sunset was both invigorating and relaxing. Visitors also enjoy fishing at the location’s two fishing docks. Needless to mention, this fort is a wonderful spot for bird-watching; over 320 bird species visit this area each year.

Discover these keys on your own and camp for the night. There are several establishments along the shore that organize campers.

The Sunken Gardens

+172755131021825 4th St. N.

For almost a century, the AvantSunken Gardens in St. Petersburg have been regarded as a prominent, historic roadside sight. This botanical park, which opened in 1926, has conserved and nourished 900 kinds of plants, shrubs, trees, and fauna.

Upon entering, the garden spreads a cooling shade shed of palm trees to passengers who have been exposed to the sun. Its botanical park, with its 50,000 tropical and subtropical plants, provides clean air during your tour.

Mr. George Turner created the garden on four acres; years later, it was sold to the city and is today a popular tourist destination.

For enhanced splendor, the Sunken Gardens now contain paved walks, flowing waterfalls, tiny fish ponds, a Japanese-style garden, a butterfly garden, wooden bridges, and Italian-style pergolas.

Seeing the area’s ponds, little waterfalls, and greenery seems like a calming reprise for fatigued visitors; nature’s noises, which resound from the birds alone, are restorative.

While the whole garden seemed bizarre, seeing the group of flamingos was something I did not expect.

The park is available to the public until 4 p.m. for a low admission fee. During the year, the destination hosts a variety of activities, including educational sessions, horticulture workshops, growing plant groups, and so on.

Fine Arts Museum

Beach Dr. NE +17278962667255 Beach Dr. NE

The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg is the city’s beating heart, displaying art from all around the globe. The museum showcases 20,000 historical and contemporary items, including some of the most exclusive Florida collections, such as the Monet, and spans over 5000 years of human civilization history.

The MFA’s diverse exhibits in Asian, African, modern, European, and Pacific art styles give art enthusiasts with a multicultural experience. In addition to permanent collections, the museum hosts temporary exhibits to support budding artists and their work.

A quick trip across time? Mrs. Margaret Acheson Stuart established this museum in 1896 in order to supply the city with limitless art.

Winter Things to Do in St. Petersburg


Traveling to St. Petersburg, Florida, if you are accustomed to chilly weather, may seem like living in an open sauna. I chose early December for my second trip to St. Petersburg since it was not too cold, but also not too hot.

Swimming and relaxing on the beaches will be your favorite summer pastimes, while winter will give you more room to explore, learn about the city up close, and be exposed to its unique culture.

Pier in St. Petersburg

800 Second Avenue NE

The new St. Pete Pier, located downtown, will expose you to St. Petersburg’s original lifestyle and culture. This entertainment complex, known as the Pleasure Pier, spans over 26 acres and provides a variety of activities for both visitors and residents, such as kayaking, paddle-boating, swimming, hiking, and strolling.

Visitors to St. Pete Pier may also enjoy the tranquil shoreline as well as the downtown City feel.

With over five restaurants, leisure facilities for kids, a pier plaza, an authentic market, waterfront resting spots, and so much more, St. Pete Pier is a favorite location for families and friends.

This pier has a splash pad at the plaza, the Discovery Center and wetland, the Glazer playground with swings and slides, and the Bioswale picnic area for children. With all of the activities and attractions, children will enjoy spending time here.

The avenue has bars, strolling paths along the sea, spas, a kayaking enclosure, boating, fishing, and asphalt walking pathways for adults.

This is an ideal location for couples searching for a lovely evening date. Relax alongside the shoreline and enjoy a candlelight supper in the open air, or spend the evening at the dock entranced by the darkness, lights, ocean, stars, and Petes Pier ambiance.

Wonderful Explorations Children’s Museum

+172782189921925 4th St. N.

Are you searching for a fun activity for your children? Great Explorations Childrens Museum is a terrific indoor platform for an engaging eveningwith more than 10 game zones. There’s a vet’s office, a kid-sized grocery shop with trolleys, a big surfboard tower, slides, and a Lego wall among the zones.

The admission cost is reasonably priced, and there is enough to see and do within. A touch tunnel is also available at the museum to stimulate children’s sensory motors. Established in 1986, this childrens museum lies alongside the Sunken Gardens.

Abercrombie National Park

Park St. N. & 38th Ave. N. +17278937441Park St. N. & 38th Ave. N.

Abercrombie Park is a tranquil spot near the seaside for family picnics and gatherings. The garden encompasses four acres of land and water. It helps you to enjoy activities such as walking, hiking, and riding.

Because of its modest popularity yet commendable architecture, locals refer to it as a hidden treasure. It’s a place to unwind when the sun shines brightly in St. Petersburg. The canopy of trees filters light through the room and provides guests with natural tanning hours.

This park, adorned with antique lighting, a jungle neighborhood, and healthy foliage, will provide consolation to those who like different flora. The gnarled trees, surrounded by hundreds of various flora, and the coastline provide a breathtaking view.

Bridge across the Sunshine Skyway

Sunshine Skyway Ln. S. 7508-7534 Sunshine Skyway Ln. S.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, built by the Fill & Muller firm in 1954, is one of Florida’s most recognizable landmarks. The bridge links St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia by running along Tampa Bay. It also runs through Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee counties.

The bridge was especially stunning at night, towering over the sea in all its splendour.

In the mornings, I hiked a tiny section of this stunning 12-mile-long bridge. At night or sunset, ride along the bridge, the ocean, wild wind, water lengths, and high heights; the bridge is magnificent at night. The bridge also has a fishing pier for those who want to go marine fishing.

Sunday Market on Corey Avenue

The address is 398-300 Corey Ave.

Want to pick up some keepsakes on your way home? For antiques and original things, I went to this quaint Sunday market on St. Pete Beach.

Corey Avenue Market, which has over 70-80 exhibitors every Sunday, is a fun with live music, open street food kiosks, ceramics, handmade products, and so much more.

Every Sunday throughout the year, the market is open from early morning until noon. Breakfast, brunch, and lunch are available at the site.

The whole avenue has a homey feel to it. Visitors that prefer mingling with locals will particularly appreciate this market. Support local businesses and buy original products. Groceries, fresh farm-grown vegetables and fruits, herbal supplements for healing, and other items are available from the sellers.

If you’re fortunate, you could see some foreign merchants from Himachal, India, offering handcrafted scarves.

Vertical Partnerships

+17273046290116 18th St. S.

Do you like mountain climbing? St. Petersburg, Florida, may not have many mountains to climb, but it does boast Vertical Ventures, commonly known as the climbers gym. Vertical Ventures offers guests exciting wall-climbing activities.

It’s strange to have a climbing practice field in Florida, a flatland. Locals, on the other hand, appreciate this mountain-climbing training and continue their treks to high rocky mountains for mischievous escapades.

Even if you only have time to go once, Vertical Ventures is a fun location to go. The gym has 20,000 square feet of space, 40 tall climbs, nine auto-belays, 75+ climb lines, and 150+ climbing routes.

There are several walls for different climbers, which are basically classified as beginner, intermediate, and pro. When you’ve finished the beginner’s tutorial to climbing and belaying, there’s a lot of fun waiting for you at the steep, curved walls with edges around every corner.

It certainly is a rejuvenating experience for adventure seekers. I came here with some local friends during the week to escape the crowds, and it turned out to be a fantastic gaming day. Together with the climbing walls, the climbing gym features a fitness and yoga space. You have the option of taking personal instruction or learning with the beginners group!

Climbing a mountain. Vertical Ventures is an equally enjoyable place for children who appreciate activities such as wall climbing.

Island Boat Expeditions Snorkeling and boating

Sunshine Skyway Ln. S. +172787126286800 Sunshine Skyway Ln. S.

I’ve always liked water sports, whether swimming, boating, kayaking, or river rafting. Snorkeling, shelling, and dolphin viewing were all introduced to me via St. Pete Beach and Island Boat Trips.

The whole tour brings visitors to the remnants of Old Fort Dade, where they may swim and collect seashells. After that, the boat journey brings tourists to Egmont Key for further snorkeling, animal discovery, shelling, and picnicking.

Several wild bottlenose dolphins will visit you during the journey. We were fortunate enough to see them whirl quickly in the water; it was breathtaking. If you like seeing marine and avian nature, this four-hour boat journey will show you to various birds, fish, aquatic creatures, and even tortoises.

The boat journey is reasonably priced and includes snorkeling equipment. Take this voyage to see the wonders of undersea life.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Gulf Blvd., +181352758224237 Gulf Blvd.

Have you ever heard of night kayaking? I have never done that before until I tried it with Glass Bottom. Toursit was intense and spectacular. The kayaks we used featured glass bottoms and LED lights that illuminated the vessel as well as the water underneath and around it.

Despite the magnificent darkness, we could see through the water and the colorful animals present deep beneath the sea. A one-hour tour is organized by Glass Bottom Tours at St. Pete Beach. The crazy adventure begins at 8:30 p.m. Despite the fact that the city is completely black, our kayaks and the water underneath them sparkle with brilliant contrastsgreen, pink, and so forth.

It is quite captivating to watch the night reveal the beauty of the darkness. Kayaking at night will present you to a distinct and fascinating environment.

The eco-friendly trip also includes nighttime fish feeding. You may kayak with the tour guides or with your pals; both journeys are equally enjoyable and captivating.

Finishing Up the Top St. Petersburg, FL Attractions

This golden city has a variety of entertainment options available at all hours of the day. Although you may enjoy beaches and a fantastic tan during the day, St. Petersburg comes alive at night.

Take a walk around the famed downtown area and sample their food; St. Pete is particularly recognized for wineries and breweries. Afterwards, take a sunset sail over the waterfront and dine on a watercraft in the middle of the sea. In Fort DeSoto at night, go kayaking or have a romantic date with your lover.

Vacation for two. You will never be at a loss for things to do in St. Petersburg. With its beaches, parks, playgrounds, and food scene, the city has it all and draws tourists. Thus, for your ideal summer family, enjoy these twelve great activities to do in St. Petersburg.

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