The Top 7 Mexican Restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi

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You’ve arrived at your destination. You’ve just arrived in Jackson, Mississippi, a bustling city near Memphis, Tennessee. Within its borders, the city boasts an ethnically diverse population from a range of origins.

Black Americans and Hispanics, as well as European Americans and Asians, have left their mark on Jackson. Take advantage of all Jackson, Mississippi has to offer, from eating at some of the best Mexican restaurants in town to snapping photographs in the park with your friends if you want to spend some time outdoors.

Locating a great Mexican restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, may be difficult. The fact that there are so many different sorts of restaurants complicates matters even further.

Many people are unaware that a city can have so many Mexican restaurants. Whether you’re looking for something a bit different or have never gone to a Mexican restaurant before, here are the Seven Best Mexican Restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Top 7 Mexican Restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi

Mexican Restaurant | Margaritas

+160195776721625 East County Line Road #120, Jackson, Mississippi 39211, USA

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant serves authentic Mexican cuisine and massive margaritas. They want to provide healthy Mexican meals at an affordable price.

You will get the opportunity to experience some of the greatest Mexican food available. I can assure you of that. They have a diverse menu that includes everything from traditional cuisine to border favorites. Margaritas Mexican Restaurant is great for dining in and relaxing. They provide wonderful meals using quality, fresh ingredients.

This is my very favorite spot. The prices are reasonable, the food is delicious, the service is superb, and the people are kind. It is kid-friendly and also has vegetarian alternatives.

They created their own salsa, which was delicious, and the chips were crisp and fresh. I also recommend the queso dip, which I really like. Eventually, I had an iced tea and a margarita. The margaritas were delicious, and the iced tea was refreshing.

My companion ordered several dishes from the vegetarian menu. All of the dishes were great, especially the bean burrito, bean and cheese chalupa, and white cheese enchiladas. The vegetarian fajitas were his favorite meal there.

A quesadilla with chicken fajitas was my option. The quesadilla has peppers, onions, cheese, and chicken on it. Guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, and chopped tomatoes are served as sides. This is the best quesadilla I’ve ever tasted. It was, however, much too huge! I didn’t even finish half of it. Margaritas serves some of Jackson’s greatest Mexican cuisine. As usual, please let me know if you think this is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Cazuela

+160135330141401 E. Fortification St, Jackson, Mississippi 39202, USA

La Cazuela was fantastic. The ambience was perfect, the service was superb, and the food was delicious! We treasured it! I enjoyed the outdoor seating; it’s a great place to dine if you want a calm environment, with a large outside porch where you can smoke.

The salsa was delicious; it wasn’t too spicy or too mild. I placed an order for a taco, two cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans. While it was pleasant, my friend’s meal was much better.

His supper consisted of rice, beans, peppers, and onions with a white cheese sauce on top. I will surely get his delicious lunch when we return, which will be shortly.

We visited there throughout the week. The parking lot quickly filled up, despite the fact that it wasn’t extremely packed. Thus, without a question, I’d recommend it for a small group looking for Mexican food in Jackson. Is La Cazuela one of the top Mexican restaurants in Jackson, MS?

El Charro Mexican Restaurant

Lakeland Dr., Jackson, Mississippi 39216, USA +160136244472086

That was an incredible discovery! My companion and I shared a $14 build-your-own combo plate that featured a ground beef taco, stuffed poblano pepper, potato enchilada, the best mushroom quesadilla Ive ever had, rice and beans, and two margaritas!

While the ambience was fantastic, the greatest aspects were the very cheap price, the lightning-quick service, and the tastiest mushroom quesadilla in all of human history and the future.

The atmosphere was lovely. I’ve gone there numerous times and have always received good service. Also, the lunch was delicious. On the vegetarian menu, my buddy ordered a chalupa, a cheese enchilada, and a chili relleno. The stuffed chili is very delicious! Since it looked so wonderful, I’ll surely have the spinach enchilada as my entree the next time!

I ate tacos and had never eaten fajita potatoes before. These were served as fajitas with diced potatoes in a cheese sauce, and although I expected them to be like McAllisters potatoes, I have to admit that those potatoes were outstanding!

This setting is simply stunning. It is not only quick, but also useful. I like how casual it is. It’s a terrific spot to hang out with friends or have a fun family excursion in Jackson for amazing Mexican cuisine. In addition, the costs are really affordable. I once went there and had a $2 lunch special with chips and salsa. I heartily recommend coming there; it is without a doubt one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi.

Picantes Grillados

+16013981344960 N. State St., Jackson, Mississippi 39202, USA

Fillings include cheese and beans. Jacksons Picantes Grill is a traditional Mexican restaurant and one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi. The restaurant serves both lunch and supper. They serve their fajitas, steaks, and pollo meals in hot skillets. Picantes Grill also serves a range of combo entrees, including chicken, beef, and pork.

They also provide kid-sized enchiladas, cheese quesadillas, burritos, nacho orders, and other items. I like their nachos since they come with cheese. To create wonderful meals, they employ expensive, fresh ingredients.

I visited right after lunch, so it wasn’t very crowded, but a few people were seated. When we got the dish, it was boiling hot and delicious. There was also the customary never-ending supply of tortilla chips.

Among the greatest meals were the chicken, beef, shrimp, and chorizo fajitas. That was incredible. More than enough to satisfy one person. They have excellent salsa. I liked how fresh it tasted and how much lime was in it.

My favorite and greatest paprika on the table. Everyone must apply it to everything. We had burrito and enchilada suppers, which were delicious. These came with Mexican rice and refried beans as well. The salsa and chips were both scorching and just the proper amount of spicy. Furthermore, a fantastic deal!

I was brought to tears. The only concern was that while this setting is wonderful, it may become a bit busy at times. If they are busy, be patient with them. Even though it took them a while to obtain the second basket of chips, they didn’t forget about you! They also provide takeaway, which is necessary these days. I recommend giving it a go!

Tacos de Green Ghost

+160148760822820 N. State St., Jackson, Mississippi 39216, USA

In my view, one of Jackson’s best Tex-Mex spots. Every time I go, it’s pretty good, with a large choice and reasonable prices. You can’t go wrong with a cemita, one of their delicious tacos, a burrito, or some enchiladas.

It’s a hidden treasure! It is bright, vivid, neat, and wonderful. Service and employees are pleasant. To wash it all down, they offer a fantastic range of beers and margaritas.

The things were produced incredibly well and quickly, and the customer service was outstanding. The cuisine is also very reasonably priced!

I haven’t tasted real Mexican cuisine in a long time! I went for the American tacos with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. You may choose among maize or flour tortillas that have been crushed, grilled, and cooked right on the spot. The pastor was the star of the show, and the pork was tasty and juicy.

The fresh pineapple tasted delicious, and it caught fire when I added some smoky, sweet red chile salsa. The flour tortilla was delicious, but the corn tortilla couldn’t hold up to the salsa. Despite its delightful crunch, I could pack it full with salsa, which held up beautifully until the last bite.

Since it was simply meat and cheese, I was curious as to what all the fuss was about when my buddy ordered the steak quesadilla. I can see why everyone enjoyed their quesadilla. It was the perfect marriage of a handmade flour tortilla and several Mexican cheeses. I don’t even need meat; just give it to me! I’m a bit jealous that I got away with it.

When he stopped, the proprietor was extremely personable and interacted with each client. She then permitted us to try the sopapillas. Deep-fried crispy flour covered with cinnamon-brown sugar, honey, and chocolate syrup, then topped with vanilla ice cream.

We came here on a whim, and I’m glad we did; we’ll be back for the greatest Tex-Mex in Jackson. Would you come back? Please let us know, and please let us know if it really is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Jackson Mississippi.

Iron Horse Grille

+16013980151320 W. Pearl Street, Jackson, Mississippi 39203, USA

One of Jackson, MS’s most distinctive Mexican eateries! This restaurant has an excellent cuisine and an excellent environment. There is a nice lounging area outdoors, as well as plenty of space upstairs and below. One is above, while the other is below. Despite the fact that it was so loud, the music was wonderful and engaging. The restaurant was really busy when I came, yet we still got our food and beverages on time! I really urge visiting at least once!

Being near to the city center, this location provides the feeling of being far away. It is situated in a decrepit brick edifice that was originally built in 1906 as an Armor smokehouse. The employees are really pleasant and knowledgeable. Considering how busy they were, the service was excellent.

The food was delicious. To begin, I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the seasoned chips and salsa were. Since it was a huge portion, I had plenty to take home. My favorites were the shrimp and grits. The big portion of shrimp and the nice texture of the grits were both appreciated. My companion ordered fried fish and chips and commented on how well-done the fish was. The bread and sweet butter were also outstanding.

Our waiter welcomed us and was quite courteous and pleasant. He took our drink and meal orders while paying attentive attention to us. I strongly advise you to visit this amazing site.

Southwest Grill Moe’s

+160166747531220 East Northside Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39211, USA

Moes Southwest Grill is a Jackson MS Mexican restaurant landmark. In a cheerful ambiance, this chain counter-service restaurant provides nachos, burritos, and other classic Southwestern food.

Their crew can produce whatever you want, from their legendary queso and handcrafted guacamole to complimentary chips and in-house seasonal salsas. They provide a variety of fresh and delicious dishes to accommodate any diet.

They also provide catering, making them an excellent alternative for turning your lunch into a party. They also provide gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo alternatives.

This location is akin to Qdoba in the southern United States! I walked in and was instantly struck by the aroma of freshly cooked tortilla chips. I consider myself a Tex-Mex enthusiast. As a result, visiting this location was exhilarating!

I chose the taco salad since it had been a long day and it was hot outdoors. The taco salad was somewhat less costly than the burrito bowl, but it was on par! Rice might still be added, which was fascinating.

So I got the salad with ground beef, romaine lettuce, pinto beans, olives, and extra goodies. Everything was fresh and had a distinct taste. Nothing out of the norm, yet really tasty! Whenever I need some fast Tex-Mex in Jackson, I’ll most certainly return here! I’d want to try the burrito bowl next. A must-see and one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi.

Synopsis of the 7 Top Mexican Restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi

Mexican restaurants are wonderful places to socialize with friends and family. Everyone, no matter how picky they are about their cuisine, can find something they like during this meal.

If you’re looking for locations that fulfill this requirement, the best seven Mexican restaurants in Jackson Mississippi are mentioned above.

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