The Top 7 Restaurants in Seminyak, Bali

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Seminyak has emerged as Bali’s gastronomic center. Here, you may find anything from street food vendors to restaurants that compete with Michelin-starred restaurants. After my recent visit, I’ve compiled a list of the top eateries in Seminyak.

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Seminyak’s Top Restaurants

Bali Barbacoa

+62 361 739233Jl. Petitenget 14, Jakarta

Barbacoa was without a doubt the most popular sight I saw while in Seminyak. It manages to be both fashionable yet not cliche, as well as large while still offering comfortable corners. The leather banquettes and dark wood around the restaurant give it a refined air without being arrogant.

The spacious layout instantly impresses you upon entering. We were sitting on a balcony outdoors, facing a beautiful green rice field. After a long day at the beach, this is a terrific place to congregate for happy hour or sunset drinks.

The Latin American restaurant specializes on BBQ, charcoal, wood fire, and smoke foods, and it does them all really well.

The ultimate ham and cheese appetizer, which consists of fresh hot bread, a skillet of melty, spreadable Manchego, and a portion of salty Spanish ham, was my favorite meal of the night. You put the ingredients together yourself; this is not your father’s ham and cheese sandwich.

The roasted suckling pig with chimichurri sauce was also delicious. The beef was really tender and tasty, and the sauce complemented it well.

The jalapeo croquettes were also delicious, with a tasty but not excessively spicy kick. Furthermore, the Corona beer-battered fish tacos with handmade mango chutney are a must-try. They were delicious with the jalapeo margarita that the bartender brought over.

Be sure to get the Toblerone ice cream for dessert. It’s made tableside using dry ice. The ice cream itself is wonderful, but witnessing the process is entertaining and something I’ve never seen done before.

Kreol Cuisine

Jalan Drupadi No. 56, +62 361 738514

Kreol Kitchen should absolutely be on your list of places to visit for breakfast while you’re in town. Although I only had time to stop in once, the shakshouka was wonderful, and every item I watched brought from the kitchen made me wish I could return. The corn fritters were extremely appealing.

Crazy Burger

821 44010888 Drupadi Road, No. 18

I love the inventive burgers I discovered at Wacko. On the menu were corn chips, beetroot, guacamole, sour cream, bacon, pepper cream cheese, tomato chutney, and many more toppings.

The OMG burger, which came with not just incredibly hot sambal (sauce), but also a whole fried chili, was my favorite.

This eatery was so amazing that I went twice, despite the fact that it wasn’t the healthiest choice I discovered on my trip. At my second visit, I had the Speedy Gonzalez, which was much milder but still inventive and tasty.


+62 361 300 7990 Potato Head Beach Club is located on Jl. Petitenget 51B.

Kaum stands out because it serves the greatest regional delicacies from all throughout Indonesia in a one location. Before the restaurant opened, the menu’s creators embarked on a culinary tour around the nation, learning recipes and cooking techniques from native tribes.

We let our waitress order for us since she had so many great choices, and we actually enjoyed everything she suggested. She discussed the food and its place of origin as she brought it to the table.

The Gohu Ikan Tuna, which comprised of raw tuna with virgin coconut oil, lime, pomelo, and toasted kenari nuts, was undoubtedly our favorite appetizer of the evening. This meal was light yet full of flavor.

The batagorfried fish and prawn dumplings mixed in spicy cashew nut sauce with sweet soy sauce came in second place for best appetizer. I could have eaten the whole second order. Dumplings of any type are my favorite.

We left the restaurant still arguing whether main dish was the best; it was too close to judge. The duck dish received my vote. It was fried and served with a relish of green mango and red chili.


+62 8510 1700078 No. 1-2, Jalan Kayu Aya.

Teatro means theater, and that is precisely what diners are experiencing when they attend.

I joined the Teatro staff to try their degustation meal. There aren’t enough words to convey how amazing the event was. The location is stunning. The cuisine was excellent. Drink combinations are ideal. The service was faultless. The whole experience was fantastic, and the service makes it look effortless as one meal after another arrives at your table with precise timing.

The platters arrive at the table looking like a series of delectable works of art.

With so many options, picking one that stood out was challenging. I would mention that the fish dishes were very impressive throughout the evening. The seafood is obtained locally, and the other elements on the platter complement it nicely.

The Wild 1 Deli

Jl. Drupadi no. 68, 80361 +62 813-3919-6139

I discovered this fantastic small breakfast establishment one morning, and as usual, I wish I could have returned to explore more of the menu. The Surfer, which I had, was delicious: poached eggs, bruschetta, sautéed spinach, and feta on sourdough bread. Don’t forget to taste one of their fresh juices.


+62 811 3860 507 No.7 Jalan Kayu Cendana

Sisterfields is a neighborhood favorite, as proven by the long lines out the door and inside. The food, however, is definitely worth the wait. I tried the house-made pappardelle with lamb neck ragu on the day I went. The pasta had a wonderful texture and the ragu had a strong taste, indicating that it was cooked in-house.

Thus, they are the greatest restaurants in Seminyak. Which one did you think looked the best? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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