The Top 8 Sheridan Wyoming Restaurants

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Sheridan, Wyoming is a community situated on top of the Bighorn Mountains and surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

From the physical splendor to the people who have lived here for centuries, this region has a lot to offer.

Sheridan also boasts an excellent restaurant variety that will make your dining experience spectacular.

When visiting this city, you will surely want to dine at several local restaurants. Below are the top eight restaurants in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The Top 8 Sheridan Wyoming Restaurants

Cowboy Restaurant

+13076722391138 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

Cowboy Caf is a full-service restaurant that provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a great place to start your day before going on a tour or taking a nap in the afternoon.

The breakfast menu consists of conventional breakfast dishes, while the lunch menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. More dishes are provided during nighttime service, the most of which are traditional American comfort foods.

I choose the Swiss Mushroom Chicken after reading the menu. That was fried chicken cutlet with a mushroom cream sauce! That was amazing. It also came with a selection of fresh and grilled vegetables!

My companion had the half-rotisserie chicken, which he also appreciated. We were both provided glasses when we ordered beers since the beverages were in cans.

We not only received glasses, but they were also frosted. Make room for pie since they have a large assortment that sells out fast. We ordered pecan pie, which was fantastic.

This eatery is a hidden treasure among Sheridan Wyoming eateries! Try it; you won’t be disappointed.

The Herradura

+13076558090437 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

If you’re seeking for the greatest Mexican cuisine in Sheridan, Wyoming, look no further. La Herradura is famous for its wonderful Mexican cuisine made with fresh ingredients and slow-roasted in an open kitchen.

Unlike numerous Sheridan Wyoming Mexican restaurants, they provide a range of genuine food in addition to fajitas and quesadillas. When it’s busy, it might become crowded, but there’s also a beautiful terrace.

The Carne Asada was delicious! The beef was tender and well-seasoned. Also, the serving size was somewhat greater than I needed, which is excellent in my view.

If you give it a go, you will not be disappointed. Also, the staff is pleasant, and the cuisine is real.

Shabby Shack Restaurant & Catering

+13077634133330 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

Shabby Shack is an excellent small-town eatery that might flourish in a bigger metropolis. The Shabby Shack Restaurant is well-known for its inventive cuisine, outstanding service, and warm environment.

The Shabby Shack is a terrific discovery among Sheridan Wyoming eateries. If you’ve never gone, you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

You already know why if you’ve been there. All of their dishes are delicious, and the portions are not too enormous nor too little. They’re simply right!

For supper, we had their famed Lobster Mac & Cheese and Horsey Brisket Tacos.

Both were amazing and definitely too large for us. The Mac and Cheese was a tad thick for my tastes, but that was to be anticipated considering the quantity of cheese and hefty pieces of lobster included.

The tacos were wonderful, but the horsey sauce was a tad overpowering. The Mac & Cheese was complemented with a simple but delicious salad with a delectable huckleberry dressing!

With our meals, we also enjoyed a trademark Bloody Mary and a local craft beer, and we departed with a lovely dessert. I definitely suggest this establishment!

Japanese Steakhouse Sapporo

+130765587111062 E. Brundage Ln. # 101, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

There are more Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse locations in the United States. It is open for lunch and dinner every day.

While it specializes in hibachi, the restaurant also provides sushi and other Japanese dishes.

On the menu are also examples of several Asian cuisines. Diners comment about how beautifully the dishes are made and how exquisite the flavors are.

One of the pleasures of visiting this restaurant is seeing the chef prepare the cuisine, which adds an element of entertainment to the dining experience.

I ordered their two-roll lunch special and a cup of miso soup. The soup was the best miso I’d ever had. It was little spicy, which I liked.

The spicy crab and California rolls were both delicious. The crab had the perfect balance of creamy crab and peppery bite. The California was sweet and had a great veggie crunch.

If you’re looking for Japanese cuisine in Sheridan, I strongly recommend this place!

Pizza Powder River

+13076558040803 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

Powder River Pizza is the place to go in Sheridan for pizza. The restaurant has an incredible assortment of toppings, making it the greatest pizza shop in the neighborhood.

Their pizzas are always freshly baked, as shown by the first bite. Moreover, since they provide a sports bar ambiance with pleasant employees, you will feel calm and pleased throughout your lunch.

This was the most delectable pizza I’ve ever had! The sampler is expensive, but it was well worth it.

Both the German taco and the cowpoke are fantastic alternatives! They are amazing at heaping on as many toppings as possible; they do not skimp like other eateries. It’s an excellent pizza at a reasonable price.

That was such a terrific experience that it was well worth the trip!

The Delectables

+13076558121201 Broadway St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

Although many restaurants in Sheridan Wyoming provide traditional American meals, there are also alternatives for those looking for something a little different.

One of them is Las Delicias, Sheridan’s greatest Mexican restaurant. This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, so you may sit anywhere you choose depending on the weather.

There are traditional Mexican dishes on the menu, as well as vegetarian alternatives and lighter lunch options. The relaxed environment of this restaurant makes it great for family dinners or eating with friends.

We came here for supper and were happy with our choice. We were seated and immediately served salsa with chips!

I must say that the flavor of the Chimichanga and Flauta meal plates blew me away! I also ordered the Taco Salad as a side to complement the excellent main dish.

My companion ordered the Steak Fajitas. They looked fantastic! They really are one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in town. Give them a shot!

The Pony Bar and Restaurant

+130767470003 N. Gould St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

The Pony Bar & Restaurant provides something for everyone on the menu. The menu features both southern-inspired and Mexican-inspired dishes.

This is a nice laid-back restaurant with excellent cuisine, and the atmosphere was young and active on the nights we attended! Hardly raucous; just people having fun and eating their food.

We both got the Jammin Bacon and Bacon Blue Jack burgers. My companion found the bacon jam on the burger to be excessively sweet, despite the fact that both were great. That was amazing!

This site was a pleasant surprise! Even at a busy time, we had fantastic service, with multiple waiters asking how our dinner was and if we needed anything.

The flavor was fantastic, and the quantities were generous for the price. If you’re passing through town, don’t forget to add this stop in your itinerary! It is one of Sheridan Wyoming’s greatest restaurants.

Smokehouse Firewater Grill

+130767510272125 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, USA

The Firewater Smokehouse Restaurant is located on North Main Street at the Trail Ends Hotel Sheridan. American classics are available on the menu, and they are all handmade.

The restaurant has a bar, and some customers come only for a drink.

This location is ideal for those on a low budget since there are happy hours every day. On select nights, there may also be karaoke or other entertainment.

In my view, this was one of the best briskets we’ve ever eaten. The German sausage and pulled pork were both delicious, melting in our lips. There is no grease at all.

Their house ranch was thick and flavorful, and the barbecue sauce was the perfect complement. There were even fresh cherry tomatoes and no grey leaves in the salad.

Finally, the portobello poppers and fries were cooked to perfection in the fryer. The French fries were stunning in every aspect; they were perfectly salted and peppered, and the exterior was wonderfully crispy and golden in color.

If you’re on the fence about where to dine, this restaurant will not disappoint. It is one of Sheridan Wyoming’s greatest restaurants.


Why is Sheridan, Wyoming well-known?

Sheridan is steeped in Old West history and provides an insight into life as a cowboy, rancher, or pioneer along the westward migration routes. The American Plains Native Wars are commemorated via historical sites and exhibits.

Is Sheridan, Wyoming worth seeing?

Sheridan, Wyoming, is an off-the-beaten-path holiday destination that many visitors fall in love with on their first visit.

There are lots of wide open spaces here, as well as stunning mountain vistas, western history, and all of the home comforts you expect while traveling.

Is it windy in Sheridan, Wyoming?

Sheridan’s summers are short, hot, and dry, with usually clear sky, while its winters are cold, snowy, windy, and partially cloudy.

During the year, temperatures normally range from 14F to 89F, with temperatures seldom falling below -7F or exceeding 98F.

Final Comments on Sheridan Wyoming’s Top 8 Restaurants

Finally, a trip to Sheridan is about the experience as much as it is about the cuisine. There’s nothing like the landscape here, and a delicious lunch simply adds to the experience.

If you’re not sure where to go or what to sample, start with one of these fantastic restaurants. You will not be sorry.

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