The Top 9 Restaurants in Sodus Point

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Sodus Point, New York has a rich history, with the first pioneers arriving in the late 1700s. It was attacked and devastated by the British during the War of 1812, rebuilt, and established as a village in 1858.

Captain George Garlock used his schooner Free Trader in the mid-1800s to assist transport enslaved persons escape bondage through the Underground Railroad from Sodus Point to Brighton, Canada. Under the cover of darkness, the Captain would maneuver his ship towards the coast, where rowboats awaited to pick up valuable goods for their journey across Lake Ontario.

Around Sodus Point’s main street, visitors may discover retail stores, restaurants, boats, and bike rentals, among other things. Throughout the summer, live concerts are held on the spacious grounds of the Sodus Lighthouse Museum. Others spend their time fishing for bass, pike, trout, and salmon in the lake and bay. Chimney Bluffs State Park is just a short drive away. The rugged beach and stunning rock spires give the impression that they are on another planet.

There is no lack of excellent restaurants in Sodus Point. No matter where you look or what you want for breakfast, lunch, or supper, there are plenty of possibilities. These are nine of my favorite locations to visit.

The Top 9 Restaurants in Sodus Point

The Franklin House

Sentell Street +31555323098184 Sentell Street

I grew up in the little town of Franklin, so when I read the name of this restaurant, I realized it had the potential to be one of the greatest Sodus Point eateries. The pub-like ambience was ideal, as were the long wood tables and bar. We sat near the windows, which let in plenty of natural light.

The menu includes a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, speciality pizzas, pasta, and other dishes. It was difficult to make a decision. I chose a grilled shrimp skewer salad since it was a hot day. The shrimp were huge, fresh, and delicious. My new pals ordered a buffalo chicken wrap and a cheeseburger; suffice it to say, our plates were empty by the time we were done.

When our waitress came over at the conclusion of our lunch with a dessert supplied by a vendor, we grumbled. It was a peach cobbler that was still warm. We sighed, wishing we had left space for a second helping. Maybe next time.

Bay Street’s

Bay Street +31548322338427

If you like martinis as much as I do, The Bay Street is one of the nicest restaurants in Sodus Point. They had 250 to select from, and although I still went with a fairly nasty martini, the menu was entertaining to peruse.

The bar is small and cozy, with wide comfortable seats to relax on while you wait for a table. We arrived early in the evening, expecting to beat the crowds, but it was still fairly crowded. Everyone seemed to be nice, and it was clear that many locals hung around there.

I like restaurants that encourage you to sit down, settle in, and unwind for a bit. The dining area was lit up and the tables were separated for privacy, so it was ideal.

We took our time reviewing the menu. It was quite difficult to make a decision! Soups, salads, and entrees included sea bass, chicken and seafood jambalaya, southwestern pork tenderloin, pistachio-encrusted veal chop, roast rack of lamb, and more.

The French onion soup was steaming hot, and the cheese had melted and poured all over the crock. When it comes to onion soup, I’m a snob who is constantly on the lookout for the perfect recipe. I was pleased with theirs.

Our lunches came on Mackenzie Child’s plates—talk about making customers feel special! My little filet was wonderful, coated in a velvety mushroom sauce, and I didn’t even use the knife they provided to cut it. The mashed potatoes were spicy, and I liked the side of corn with roasted red pepper.

Dugans Restaurant

+31555321705716 NY-14

Breakfast was formerly one of my least favorite meals. I often missed the early morning meal. Yet, in recent years, I’ve appreciated the routine of starting the day with coffee, juice, and some form of egg dish.

Dugans Caf is a traditional rustic cafe with lots of indoor seating and pleasant waitstaff. The menu included a variety of foods such as french toast, pancakes, omelets, and oatmeal, to mention a few. Looking around the room, I saw trays of food in front of individuals who had congregated for a little time before their hectic days began. Servers were attentive, topping up coffee and ensuring that everyone was satisfied.

I went for my favorites: eggs over medium, bacon, grilled English muffin, and tater tots. My companion requested an omelet with mushrooms and cheese, sausage, and tater tots. Everything was hot, and we ate while chatting about life. Yet, despite the fact that a line of hungry people was building outside the entrance, we didn’t feel hurried to leave. It has always struck me as a hallmark of an excellent restaurant that I would return to.

Points of Interest

Greig Street +31548393018482 Greig Street

On a scorching hot day around a month ago, I decided to stop by Hots Point ice cream store. I figured it would be a perfect spot to have a cone from their open window service and relax at the picnic tables set up beneath the shade trees to attempt to cool down.

I was about to get a small mint chocolate chip when I saw their daily special of red or white Zweigles hot dogs. I enjoy a good grilled hot dog with all the condiments any time of year, but I had never heard of them before. I decided to give it a go.

Zweigles has been producing high-quality meats since 1800. Hots Point is a fifth-generation company that is pleased to provide its red or white, natural casing, Pop Open Hot Dogs. The ice cream cone will have to wait till next time, but the nostalgia-themed eatery provided onion rings, french fries, fried dill pickles, mozzarella cheese sticks, and much more. Sometimes all you need is a wonderful dog, and here are the greatest Sodus Point eateries to get one.

Farm Market & Garden Café Burnaps

+31548340507277 Maple Ave Extension

Burnaps Farm Market is a second-generation, family-owned and operated company that has been in existence since 1970. It was tempting to purchase fresh fruits, veggies, food sundries, and flowers as I went about the market. It was not doable since I was traveling around the region for many days without a cooler. Yet it didn’t stop me from having lunch there instead. This is one of the reasons it made the list of the top restaurants in Sodus Point.

Nachos, buffalo tenders, salads, sandwiches, quesadillas, soups, pizza, and a variety of sides are available in the café. I can tell you it was difficult to choose! I didn’t mind the queue at their outdoor order window since it provided me some time to pick down my options from their large menu.

The turkey club sandwich was served on a warm French bread, loaded with thinly sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a zesty mustard mayo dressing. That was so thick that I couldn’t even get my tongue around it! Both the potato chips and the applesauce were prepared from scratch. I relished my dinner while watching families eat at tables around me, their children playing in a separate area.

I’m sure fall is a great season for shopping to get together. Visitors could choose apples from surrounding trees, select potted aster and hardy mum plants to help decorate for the holidays, and even navigate the market’s corn maze before settling down to eat.

Tiki Bar Abes Mai Tai

+31555325548527 Greig Avenue

While picking a restaurant, guests may be more interested in the ambience or scenery than the restaurant itself. It might be true of Abes Mai Tai Tiki Bar. It’s situated on the water, with wonderful views of Sodus Bay, and the sitting on two outdoor decks offers spectacular views of the area’s boats.

The menu includes steak, Italian cuisine, seafood, burgers, wraps, and quesadillas. There are many wing types to select from, as well as nachos with beef or chicken, fried pickles, fresh salads, deep-fried shrimp, chicken tenders, and a massive shrimp cocktail.

The beverages are typical of those found in a Tiki bar. Mai Tai, painkiller, zombie, rum runner, blue Hawaiian, and more drinks are available. You’ve come to the correct location if you like dark rum and fruity combinations.

Abes also has live music from Thursday through Sunday, as well as activities including pool, corn-hole, and darts. Even when the establishment is full, the waitstaff aims to be polite and attentive, which is always a winning combination for me, and a topper of the finest Sodus Point restaurants list.

The Back Alley Grille

+5854894605 Sodus Point, New York 14555

Food trucks have always piqued my interest; I just learned that there are over 23,000 of them in the United States! I like the wonderful range of dishes available. I also respect the entrepreneurial spirit of food truck owners that provide gourmet foodies like myself with a diverse selection of culinary options.

Asian-inspired street food. She is quite nice and quick, and she provides a variety of sushi rolls, speciality foods, and what she refers to as extras. Guests may dine outdoors or at the bar while sipping a drink. Maybe one of the 250 martinis I described previously in this article. One of the top food truck eateries in Sodus Point. Back Alley Grill is located on The Bay Street Restaurant’s side lawn; the owner and chef, Kimberly Roth, creates fresh and delectable sushi meals to go. She describes it as a unique twist on Sushi.

Her extensive menu is released every Thursday morning and varies weekly owing to supply concerns, so double-check it before you go. Kimberly urges people to place their orders ahead of time by texting or contacting the phone number shown on the menu. If you’re in the neighborhood and happen to wander up to the food truck on a whim, you’ll notice that her menu is more limited.

I recommend you try The Plate. It’s a rice bowl topped with bacon, fried shrimp, bell pepper, scallions, jalapeño, tomatoes, and cucumber in a ponzu, ginger-mayo, sriracha, bourbon-soy reduction, fried garlic, onion crunchies, and sesame dressing. Talk about flavor power—your taste senses will thank you!

Captain Jack’s Goodtime Inn

+31548395708505 Greig Avenue

Captain Jacks is another great option for Sodus Point restaurants on the water, featuring both inside and outdoor deck dining with views of the bay. We ate there on a really hot evening, so we sat inside with the air conditioner blaring. The inside was warm and friendly, with a variety of mementos adorning the walls and ceilings. The decor is definitely a talking grabber.

Soups, salads, wings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, pizza, sandwiches, fish hoagies, paninis, burgers, and more are available on the menu.

The coconut shrimp came first. Our waiter delivered a dozen wonderfully cooked prawns with a delightful Thai chili sauce to our table.

The night we were there, one of their specials was prime rib tacos, which I had for supper. The three tacos were enough, packed with delicious beef, shredded lettuce, and pico de gallo, with chips and salsa on the side.


+31548316508489 Greig Avenue

This restaurant is also on the lake, with an open-air layout that I like since we could feel the cool wind travel from the beachfront terrace to the interior tables.

Let me tell you, it helps when the weather is nice. We considered sitting outdoors, but the area was already occupied. A queue of people formed before of us, waiting for a deck table, so we ate inside at the bar.

This is one of the restaurants in Sodus Point that specializes in black-oven cuisine, in which wood and coals are burned in the same chamber as the dish.

We were in the mood for a wood-fired pizza, and the waiter recommended the BLT when we couldn’t decide between the various options on the menu.

The golden brown pizza dough was topped with tons of bacon, lettuce, and tomato, then drizzled with a creamy mayo dressing. That was amazing! That also went well with my lager.

Six50 boasts a diverse cuisine that is sure to suit every diner.

Just a few examples are spinach and artichoke dip, chicken lettuce wraps, stuffed clams, beet & goat cheese salad, lobster mac & cheese, slow-fire roasted baby back ribs, pan-seared salmon, and haddock filet.

We were tempted to taste a few spoonfuls of their chocolate peanut butter mouse cake, but we were already stuffed. Maybe next time.

It’s Over: The Top Sodus Point Restaurants

Sodus Point is a lovely part of New York, with water activities, boating, bicycling, fishing, live music, friendly people, beaches, natural beauties, and historical sites to assist tourists learn about the region.

It’s around 30 miles from Syracuse, 40 miles from Rochester, and less than two hours from Buffalo—all simple excursions if you want to spend the day exploring. Yet I bet you dig your toes in the sand, take in the lake air, remain put, and eat delicious meals at one of Sodus Point’s restaurants.

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