The Top 9 Restaurants on Bainbridge Island in Washington

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Bainbridge Island is situated on Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula. It’s just a 30-minute boat journey from Seattle, but once there, it’s another planet.

You don’t have a lot of red lights, parking issues, or traffic. What you do have when you view all the things the island has to offer is a superb selection of food and drink.

The Top Nine Restaurants on Bainbridge Island, Washington

Diner Streamliner

The phone number is 206-842-8595397 Winslow Way E.

Among the eateries on Bainbridge Island, Streamliner Diner is a fantastic place to start. They’ve been serving residents and tourists for more than 22 years, so you know they’re fantastic.

It’s right adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce and displays information about nearby attractions out front. Here, you may have a delicious breakfast or lunch.

or anything obtained locally. On the island, their biscuits are renowned. The majority of their food is organic.

If you’re looking for something light, try their fresh fruit or their Eggs Benedict with toasted English muffins, Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and handmade hollandaise accompanied with hash potatoes. They have a small lunch menu, but breakfast is their specialty.


Lynwood Center Rd. NE, 206-866-6122

Pleasant Beach Village’s Marketplace is located on the town square. The settlement is both a local and a tourist destination. The Marketplace is the core of this hamlet inside a town.

It is one of the top restaurants on Bainbridge Island, as well as a cafe, wine shop, delicatessen, and taproom all in one. The Marketplace café is open everyday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I had the Fort Ward Tuna sandwich while I dined there. It was so large and delicious that I had to share some leftovers with a nice doggy at the adjacent table. Absolutely, you are welcome to bring your canine companion.

We sat inside, but the side door leads to a plaza with tables and umbrellas for shade.

There are statues of cats all across the area. Several visitors were eating lunch beside one of the splash fountains as their children played in the fountain where water erupted from a bunch of mice and a monitoring cat.

Sunday and Monday, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Tuesday through Saturday, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. From 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesdays, The Marketplace Bar and Taproom hosts Trivia Night.

The Marketplace’s wine bar is called Earth & Vine. It has live music on certain nights and a Half-Price Bottle Night every Tuesday, so you may sample a new vintage at a reasonable price.

Burgers from Hammy’s

Lynwood Center Rd. NE

Some of us of a certain age recall motoring around town in our big-finned gas guzzlers and stopping for a burger and shake at a burger shack.

The good times are still available at Hammys Burgers, only a few doors down from the Marketplace on the Square. At the very least, the burgers and shakes. Nobody can afford the petrol that those enormous eight-cylinder automobiles used to use.

4 pound burgers, hand-pressed daily in-house and grilled to order. They come with French fries, tots, and onion rings, just like they used to. These may be washed down with a shake or malt. Hammys is known for its 100% Angus beef. 1

4 lb. patties, peppered bacon, grilled onions, your choice of cheese, bbq sauce, and a crispy onion ring, but they also sell vegan Impossible Burgers. They feature authentic items such as the John Wayne Burger, a 1

The decor transports you to the 1950s. It’s styled like a diner, complete with a black and white tile floor, a Coke clock and posters, various motorcycles on the walls, and a front view of one of the old gas guzzlers behind one of the booths.

It’s no surprise they’re one of the greatest restaurants on Bainbridge Island after winning BEST BURGER ON BAINBRIDGE ISLAND six years in a row.


Winslow Way E. 206-201-3462236 Winslow Way E.

Bruciato is on the other side of the spectrum. It’s an elegant Italian restaurant on Bainbridge Island that serves exquisite pizzas cut with scissors.

There are also other extra bonuses. The pizza is prepared in a super-hot wood-fired oven and is so thin that it is sliced with scissors rather than a knife. Their pizza is made in the Napolitano style. They go to great lengths to get real meats and veggies.

I saw one of the cooks stretching the dough by hand. This is genuine and taken to extremes to get a superb pizza every time.

We tried a few of the appetizers, including the Olives e Focaccia, a combination of marinated olives and wood-fired flatbread.

Our Caesar Salad was delicious. The Polpettine, which were pig and beef meatballs, were the greatest I’d ever had.

We split three pizzas.

One had prosciutto and the other had fresh basil pesto. The Soppressata e Asiago, topped with pomodoro, soppressata, mozzarella, asiago, basil, Mama Lils peppers, red onion, and grana Padano, was my favorite.

Their sweets are on par with their pizza.

Tiramisu with mascarpone and ladyfingers, Caffe Vita espresso with marsala, or Mezzaluna, a decadent gigantic hazelnut-chocolate calzone that melts in your mouth.

This is the equivalent of a vacation to Italy without the airfare. This Italian treasure among the eateries on Bainbridge Island is well worth a visit.

TR LAtelier

Three Tree Lane, Unit 7 360-649-54208893

LAtelier TR specializes on chocolate and waffles. They make cakes and Continental delicacies and even provide culinary instruction, but their candy is out of this world. This is one of Bainbridge Island’s cutest eateries.

Chef Tamas Ronyai refined his chocolate skills while traveling the globe as a chef. He produces chocolate that makes you think you’re in paradise. Our particular treat here was a Hazelnut Praline, which was constructed with a combination of hazelnut caramel praline paste and milk chocolate and presented in a little dark chocolate square.

During a vacation to Belgium, Chef Tae Tran fell in love with waffles. Liege and Brussels styles coexist here.

Hello, Day Farm.

206-201-17704370 Old Mill Road NE 206-201-17704370

The primary structure of Hey Day Farm is the turn-of-the-century Pedersen farmhouse. The farmhouse and another early home were almost demolished to make way for a development, but they were salvaged and currently serve as a dining and event venue, as well as a 25-acre sustainable family farm. It’s a one-of-a-kind treasure among Bainbridge Island’s eateries.

Tifanie and Tadao Mitsui, the current proprietors, provide Community Dinners on most Thursday and Friday evenings.

These are small events with a capacity of fewer than 100 people, so make a reservation if you wish to attend.

Tad is the executive chef and a versatile individual. Our chicken drumsticks were delicious, served on an interesting Italian pasta.

It was difficult to choose between Cream Brul and chocolate brownie cake la mode with raspberry coulis for dessert.

Tifanie is the Beverage Director of Farm House. Consequently, they provide a wide range of local wines.

The farmhouse bakery is housed in the rustic barn.

There are flowers sprouting everywhere.

The riot of brilliant flowering flowers was spectacular when I went in September. They are a functioning farm, with vegetables grown in greenhouses and farm animals located farther down the road from the farmhouse.

Pegasus Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company.

203-691-4131 Parfitt Way

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate Pegasus. It all started when David Dessinger arrived to Bainbridge Island and was dissatisfied with the coffee available there.

He purchased a roaster and equipment in December 1979 and started roasting his own beans aboard his yacht. As his fame rose, he relocated his business to a building. He extended and opened up the front of the building where he had been roasting the beans to become Pegasus Coffee Shop in the spring of 1980.

We went to the real roasting place and learnt all I didn’t know about coffee. David Adler and Matt Grady gave us a demonstration, which included sampling a variety of roasts ranging from light to dark.

According to David, Bainbridge Island has a sister city relationship with Ometepe, an island in the midst of Lake Nicaragua. He explained how buying beans via Direct Trade supports farmers. The sisterhood has helped both islands.

Eagle Harbor Winery is a winery in Eagle Harbor, Washington.

Three Tree Ln. NE

You have options at Eagle Harbor. Not simply in the wine you drink, but also in the way you consume their goods.

Have a glass of the winery’s fruit of the vine while relaxing on the terrace in front of the vineyard, surrounded by a lifelike bronze sculpture of a guy resting on a bench.

You may take a tour of the winery and see the whole winemaking process. You may participate in the crushing if you come in the autumn.

On weekends throughout the summer, the winery hosts live music. For a taste, there is a downtown tasting room on Winslow Way, and many local restaurants offer their wines.

I like their 2017 Reserve Merlot, although there are over 20 kinds to choose from. Several of the options are well-aged wines since they are matured in French oak barrels rather than plastic.

Distillery Highside

The address is 206-708-24748895 Three Tree Lane NW.

Highside Distillery is a family business. It arose from a family journey to Jeff Glenn’s ancestral homeland. Jeff, Helen, and their son, Matt, traveled to Scotland’s Highlands and Speyside districts.

This experience encouraged me to make my ambition a reality. Following many years of planning, they started manufacturing gin and subsequently amaro in November 2018.

In a few weeks, in late September or October 2022, they will release their first batch of sour mash whiskey. The tour was both educational and entertaining.

Much more so in terms of taste. We tried a variety of items. The sour mash whiskey was delicious. Just enough heat and a smooth flavor.

The Barrel Aged Gin, which has been barrel rested in a variety of American Oak whiskey barrels, was my favorite. It is 164 proof and features tastes of juniper, orange, rose, bay leaf, cubeb fruit, and vanilla.

The aging in bourbon barrels imparts a whisky-like flavor. Creamy with a pleasant burn.

Restaurants on Bainbridge Island: Wrap Up

Remember that you are on Island Time while visiting Bainbridge Island, so relax and enjoy the tastes and flavors.

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