The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

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Before I went to Bali for the first time, many years ago, I believed that the island was a town located in Indonesia. It turns out that the island of Bali is made up of a number of different communities, each of which is unique and different from the others. Each of these settlements has its own personality and history. After just getting back from my second trip to Bali, during which I spent a combined total of three months traveling the island, I made the decision to put up my Ultimate Bali Travel Guide. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about some of the most well-known cities in Bali and explain the sights and activities that can be enjoyed there, in addition to the accommodations and restaurants that can be found there.

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Seminyak is a suburb in northern Kuta. Even though Seminyak draws more tourists and has a livelier party scene than the majority of other areas in Bali, it is not as notorious as Kuta, which is known for its high concentration of inebriated travelers due to its proximity to the beach. Seminyak, on the other hand, is known for having a party scene that is livelier than the majority of other areas in Bali. Many individuals are of the view that this area is not as “bad” as Kuta due to the fact that the expenses are some of the highest in Bali. As a result, many visitors who are on a budget avoid the location.

What to Do

Shopping is one of the most well-known activities that can be enjoyed in Seminyak. The busy main street is flanked on each side by a variety of shops, from cozy neighborhood stores to chic designer retailers. It’s possible that you’ll come across rows upon rows of stores that seem to go on forever, all of which sell knickknacks and other mementos that you may take back to your friends and family at home.

Visit the beach: Although the beach in Seminyak is not the most beautiful beach in all of Bali, it is still a good spot to hang out, and it is made much better by the fashionable restaurants and bars that line the shoreline and serve food and beverages. You can decide to spend the day sleeping in, sunbathing, and eating lunch served to you on your sunbed before going to one of the many coastal restaurants or cafes for a drink as the sun goes down. This might be a relaxing way to spend the day.

When the sun goes down, Seminyak has a reputation for having one of the liveliest nightlife scenes in all of Bali. You won’t have any problem finding whatever it is that strikes your fancy owing to the abundance of pubs and clubs that are competing for your business by providing discounted drinks in an effort to get you to come inside and patronize their establishments. The Mirror Lounge and La Favela are two of the hangouts in this area that get the highest foot traffic on a regular basis.

Pay a Visit to the Potato Head Beach Club – The day that I spent at the Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak stands out as the most memorable experience that I had there. It is possible to pay to attend the beach club even if you are not staying at the hotel that is connected to the beach club. Although it is evident that the price is designed to entice customers, the quality of the meal was exceptional, and the cocktails were unique takes on more classic drinks. On the other hand, the sun setting was the most memorable part of the event for me:

Where to Eat

The district of Seminyak is home to some of the island’s most acclaimed dining establishments. Here you will find a diverse selection of places to eat, ranging from luxury restaurants to some of the most mouthwatering street food in the country.

If you are interested in exquisite food, the degustation menu at Teatro is an experience that you should not pass up. The supper that we had here was less of a routine affair and more of an exciting excursion. Every dish that was taken out of the kitchen looked incredibly magnificent, almost like a delectable piece of art. If you do want to go there and experience it for yourself, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to shell out the extra money to get the menu that includes suggestions for accompanying beverages for each dish.

Macheese Cafe is known across Southeast Asia for having some of the most outrageously loaded macaroni and cheese skillets on the menu. Be sure to swing by and pick up one of these skillets if you’re looking for a meal that’s a bit less stuffy or formal than the others you’ve had. It came as a nice surprise to not only see the dish macaroni and cheese on a menu but also discover that it was made in a great way. This is due to the fact that macaroni and cheese is one of those delicacies that isn’t often seen in this region of the world.

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Where to stay

The Grandmas Plus Hotel is an uncomplicated lodging option that is located in a convenient location near to the beach and comes at a low cost. Although the rooms were on the smaller side, they were immaculate, and the staff was really kind and helpful. During all of my trips, the internet was among the most remarkable thing I experienced. In addition, there is a continual stream of taxis waiting outside, and they are ready to convey you wherever it is that you need transportation.


Canggu is sometimes referred to as a “hipster hangout,” and there is definitely some truth to this description. Many people who make their living online chose to set up shop in the laid-back surf community of Canggu. It receives some tourist foot traffic, but nothing near as much as other sites do, especially in comparison. Canggu, which I visited for a total of three months during my time in Bali, is not only my favorite spot on the island but also the only town in Bali in which I could see myself permanently settling down. The laid-back vibe of the surf community, along with the low number of visitors and the abundance of hip stores and eateries, makes it the perfect location.

What to Do

Canggu boasts beaches that are suitable for surfers of all skill levels, whether they are just starting out or are seasoned veterans. A significant number of individuals would spend the morning surfing before having lunch and going to a café or shared office space to work for the remainder of the afternoon.

Where to Eat

Amazing dining alternatives are not hard to come by in Canggu. Many of the hip eateries prioritize healthy menu options and use organic produce and other products wherever possible. It’s important to remember that this is a surfing community.

Crate would be my top recommendation for breakfast or brunch any day of the week. It would have been convenient for me to dine here every morning. The menu offered a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes at reasonable pricing. Be sure to get the “Peas Please,” which consists of toast topped with spinach, avocado, and peas, as well as a poached egg, cheese, and pesto. It is the ideal way to ease into the day’s activities.

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Where to Stay

During my stay in Canggu, the Kayuri Guesthouse served as an excellent home base for me. The rooms are simple, but they are always clean and pleasant, and the location of the hotel is ideal. The administration was extremely helpful and kind, and they would gladly assist you in making arrangements for motorcycles to use during your stay if it is something you desire.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a popular tourist destination located in the southern part of Bali. The majority of the activities that Nusa Dua has to offer are managed and organized via your resort, even if there are a few modest hotels and guesthouses in the town itself. Since the beach is flanked by luxurious resorts, this is the case. After checking out of the resort, I made the decision to remain in the area for a couple of more days, although I was honestly rather bored.

Spending a little more money at this stage in your journey is something I would recommend doing even if you are traveling on a tight budget but still want to see Nusa Dua. Because the majority of the beaches are privately owned, even if you stay in town at a more modest and reasonably priced guesthouse, you will still be required to pay a fee in order to access the beach.

What to Do

I honestly didn’t find anything to do at Nusa Dua other than enjoy the beaches there, so I recommend going to the beach and working on your tan. If you are staying in Bali for an extended period of time or traveling extensively over the island, you should absolutely make it a point to do things at a more leisurely pace here. The beaches are very stunning, and the town does not have the lively party culture that you’ll find in other places, so bring a good book, a towel, and locate a sunbed as soon as you can.

Where to Eat

If you are staying at a resort, the chances are good that the majority of your meals will be consumed inside the resort itself. Wherever you choose to stay, you will most likely be astonished by the quality and variety of the accommodations since the majority of the resorts are luxurious. There are a variety of alternatives that are kind to your wallet if you decide to remain in town. These range from street-side barbecue locations to Indian eateries, and I discovered some unexpectedly fantastic pizza at Nusa Dua Pizza.

Where to Stay

My vacation in Nusa Dua could not have been more enjoyable than it was at the Ayodya Resort. The resort is stunning to look at, and it is set in an ideal location along its very own length of private beach. In addition, it has a wide variety of restaurants that provide something for everyone. The hotel has three swimming pools, a spa, and gym facilities, so if you’re not in the mood for the beach, you still have options.

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The southernmost part of Kuta is home to the fishing town of Jimbaran. In recent years, a number of resorts have established their assets in this relatively undeveloped town. The seas of the beach in the main town are normally calm, and the waves that do occur there are quite mild, making it a perfect location for families.

What to Do

The local fishermen bring in their fresh catches each morning to sell at the fish market, where customers include both people and corporations. Even if you have no intention of buying seafood, just coming to the market to watch the process and engage in some friendly bargaining can make for an interesting visit. If you do decide to make a purchase, there are a number of smaller restaurants that will grill your food for you and also give rice, veggies, and soup on the side. You also have the option of staying in a nearby serviced apartment or Airbnb, in which case you may bring your goods home and prepare them on your own later.

Visit this fishing town to have access to some of the freshest seafood in all of Bali, and enjoy a seafood feast on the beach while you’re there. You may pick your own seafood at several of the restaurants that line the beach, and then tell the chef how you want it cooked. While the chefs make your meal, you should have a drink, find a table, and watch the waves come in while you’re waiting.

Where to Eat

During your time in Jimbaran, you should do yourself a favor and book a reservation at the Kuyamanis Resto. If you can, try to go there early in the evening. Every single one of the items that we tasted here was absolutely fantastic, and the presentation of them was top-notch. The restaurant has a more personal atmosphere as a result of its location amid a lush tropical garden. Not only does the food taste wonderful, but the restaurant also takes great pleasure in the excellent service it provides to its customers.

AKAU Bali is a Spanish restaurant on the beach that is where I first had barramundi, which has since become one of my favorite types of fish. On the menu, you’ll find Spanish meals made with fresh products from the area. The atmosphere is ultra-contemporary and chic, and there is even a rooftop bar where you can watch the sun go down. I would suggest trying any of the seafood meals since the proprietor takes great pride in serving the freshest fish that is available.

Where to Stay

The Bali Breezz Hotel was known for its amazing personnel as well as its convenient location, various swimming pools, and reliable internet. What more could you possibly want from life? When I return to the Jimbaran area, I will not hesitate to make a reservation at this hotel.


Sanur would be my choice if I had to choose a second favorite location on the island of Bali. Sanur is filled to the brim with wonderful places to dine, an abundance of things to do, and magnificent beaches, yet it lacks the crowds that are typical in other areas of Bali. The town as a whole has an air of calm and ease and is visited by tourists of a more middle-aged demographic than those of a younger backpacker kind.

What to Do

My research revealed that Sanur was the location that provided the most affordable rates for a variety of planned activities, including river rafting, jungle hiking, ziplining, day outings, and others. I was also successful in finding the lowest costs for ferries departing from Sanur to the Gili Islands.

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Sanur is home to a number of Bali’s most well-known dive spots, making it a popular destination for scuba divers. Be careful to chat with the various stores and compare rates in order to choose the one that will make you feel the most comfortable.

Where to Eat

Sanur has an impressively diverse food scene, especially considering its size as a town. My number one recommendation is Soul in a Bowl, which is also the establishment at which I found myself the most often. It was a wonderful spot to bring my laptop and spend the day working; not only did I like their meal, but the service they provided was outstanding. I came here for brunch on more than one occasion, but I ended up working until it was time to place an order for supper.

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Where to Stay

Because my stay at Kirana Homestay was so enjoyable, I decided to schedule another one there when I found myself in Sanur for a second time. To be honest, the neighborhood probably has a lot of other guesthouses that are much like the one you’re looking for. It is not an elite establishment, but it is really clean, and the service was wonderful.


The breathtaking limestone cliff shoreline of Uluwatu is one of the park’s most recognizable features. Although the beach is well-known among surfers, the majority of tourists that come to Bali do not go there.

What to Do

Even those who decide not to remain in Uluwatu for an extended period of time will make the journey to see one of the most well-known temples in Bali: the Uluwatu Temple. During your time here, you shouldn’t let this historical site pass without paying it a visit.

Visit Dreamland Beach – My favorite beach in Bali is located only a few minutes’ ride on a scooter from the center of town, and you can find it at Dreamland Beach. It is possible that this is not the finest beach for families to come with children since the waves are much bigger and more powerful here than they are in the main town.

Rent a motorcycle: If you are not an experienced rider of motorcycles, Uluwatu is the finest spot to rent a motorcycle and learn how to ride a bike so that you may explore the region on your own.

Where to Eat

Cafe La Paison is without a doubt our favorite discovery in Uluwatu. Although it is located a little bit out of the way, it is really worth the effort to find Cafe La Paison. The atmosphere at the restaurant is laid-back and informal, yet nevertheless edgy, and the dishes on the menu are uniquely prepared. Be sure to stop by in the evening for the happy hour, which has deals like as two drinks for the price of one and live music every single night. Since the restaurant even has its own pool, you are more than welcome to come in your swimsuit for either lunch or supper.

Where to Stay

The Devata Giri Homestay had accommodations that were simple yet pleasant, and the location was perfect. The location of this guesthouse is ideal since it is right in the middle of two of the most well-known restaurants in the area, and the staff is delighted to help you hire a motorcycle.


Ubud has rapidly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Bali since since the international success of the film “Eat, Pray, Love.” When I went there for the first time, around two years ago, I thought it was busy, but when I went there most recently, it was overflowing with people.

What to Do

Monkey Forest – A trip to Ubud is not considered successful until it includes a stop to the world-famous Monkey Forest. Be very cautious, though, since even while the monkeys are generally nice, there have been instances when they have stolen from people. Make sure that all of your stuff are stored away in a cautious manner.

Ubud is a really green place, so make sure to check out the rice terraces there. If I had to sum up Ubud in one word, it would be “green.” Or, if I wanted to appear more sophisticated, I might use the word verdant. The whole region is encircled on all sides by verdant rice terraces. If you want to travel to the most renowned terrace, known as Tegalalang, most people go on an organized tour or hire a driver for the day. However, you may rent a motorcycle and go exploring on your own if you want to.

Shopping for Souvenirs Since Ubud is the heart of traditional crafts in Bali, it is the ideal location to stock up on souvenirs for friends and family back home or pick up some native home décor to remember you of your time spent there.

Where to Eat

As a result of Ubud’s popularity with visitors, the town has a large number of excellent dining establishments from which to pick. Expect to find a wide variety of healthy food alternatives in this town since it is geared toward the vegan, yoga, and holistic community. However, there is no need for alarm, meat lovers, since there are still a plethora of choices available to us.

Blanco par Mandif – If you want a dining experience that can compete with any restaurant that has received a Michelin star, you absolutely must go to Blanco par Mandif. The ten-course sampling meal with drink pairings was an excellent choice for us, and the rest of the evening did not disappoint either of us. The cuisine was remarkable in its level of delectability. They created meals that looked like delicious pieces of art by using elaborate methods and sourcing ingredients from the freshest local sources possible. The resulting tastes were nuanced and occasionally unexpected. The food and drink pairings were carefully thought out, and while I was dubious about some of the combinations, they all turned out to be successful in the end.

One of the most well-known eateries in all of Ubud, the eatery known as Warung Babi Guling is also referred to by its former name, Ibu Oka. It is possible to get their well-known roasted suckling pig dish, which is known as babi guling, all around Indonesia; nonetheless, they are said to have the greatest version of it. The pork is roasted over rice and accompanied with a straightforward soup and a serving of crispy skin before being served. During your stay in Bali, you really must make this one of the delicacies you try.

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Where to Stay

An authentic, functioning permaculture community serves as the backdrop for the luxurious Desa Visesa property. When you stay here, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural events, giving you a taste of the local culture. In addition, there is a spa at the hotel, in addition to various different eateries. To see the comprehensive assessment that I’ve written about the location, go here.

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I really hope that you find my Bali Travel Guide to be informative. In the event that you have any questions that I haven’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments area down below.


How many days are enough to visit Bali?

The majority of tourists will concur that a visit to Bali lasting ten days is the optimal length of time to spend there. On the other hand, the bare minimum amount of time necessary to tour more than one region of the island is five days. In this piece, we will discuss the appropriate amount of time that you should stay in Bali as well as the activities that you should participate in while you are there.

Is Bali worth visiting 2022?

Many people get the impression that Bali no longer resembles the paradise they had hoped to find there. Many visitors now avoid areas known for their dense populations of tourists and infrastructure designed specifically to accommodate them. To tell you the truth, even in 2022, we continue to feel that it is worthwhile to visit Bali, and we think that the majority of people would agree with this assessment.

How do I plan a perfect trip to Bali?

One-week Bali itinerary idea

  • Day 1: You will fly into Ubud….
  • The Tegalalang rice terraces and the surrounding area of Ubud will be the focus of Day 2.
  • Day 3: Sunset walk in Batur. …
  • Day 4: Eastern Temples of Bali — Besakih, Lempuyang and Tirta Gangga.
  • Day 5: Ulun Danu Beratan. …
  • Day 6: Taman Ayun Temple, Tanah Lot and Canggu.
  • Day 7: Jimbaran and Uluwatu

Is Bali or Maldives better?

If you’re looking for some land-based excitement, Bali is the place to go. On the other side, the Maldives have excellent options for the ocean; the Baa Atoll is an incredible location for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other kinds of underwater excursions. The watersports available in the Maldives are some of the best in the world, and there are many different spots to experience them.

Is Bali cheaper than Thailand?

Although the price is comparable, backpackers will find more savings in Thailand. Both Bali and Thailand are travel locations that are quite inexpensive. In addition, if you are a tourist with a moderate or luxury budget, you will discover a wide variety of interesting lodging alternatives (such as secluded forest retreats) that are reasonably priced in both locations.