The Ultimate Foodie Guide To Prizren Kosovo | 3 Best Things To Do In Prizren

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During my most recent trip to Albania, I hadn’t intended to make it out to Prizren, which is located in Kosovo. But after hearing so many positive things about the nation from other people, I decided to rethink my plans. In addition to that, I found out about Dokufest, which is an annual international documentary film festival that is held in the quaint town of Prizren in Kosovo.

In this travel guide to Prizren, Kosovo, I will show you the highlights of what to do, where to eat, where to stay, and – for the first time ever – we’re not to stay.

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What To See In Prizren Kosovo

It’s no secret that Prizren doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of attractions and activities. If it weren’t for the festival, I don’t believe it would be worth staying in the town for more than a couple of nights at most. Because we planned to see quite a few movies on our trip, it lasted almost a whole week.

The town itself is rather attractive, and some may even call it charming. Although it is a relatively tiny city, Prizren is Kosovo’s second biggest town, ranking just behind the country’s capital, Pristina.

Prizren is roughly split in half by a river that is just a trickle.

You may cross the river using any one of the many little bridges. The one with the love locks was my favorite, and it seems that other cities are following Paris’s lead in this regard since the fad originated there.

The view of Prizren that can be seen from atop the Kalaja Fortress is an experience that should not be missed when in the city:

As you make your way up the hill to the fort, you should stop at the remains of the church of St. Savior on the route. Even though there isn’t much of the chapel that’s still standing, it nevertheless makes for a fascinating stop along the journey.

The Sinan Pasha Mosque may be found in the center of town, just over the main street in Prizren.

The city’s highest structure is the minaret of the mosque, which was completed in 1615 and is the oldest building in the city.

The Church of Our Lady of Ljevi is not at a location that is convenient for visitors. Barbed wire surrounds the area, and you require specific authorization to access, which might be difficult to get. We did not ask for permission since we were too busy with the festival, but if you are interested in churches, you may go to St. George’s church to ask for permission to go inside. If you are interested in churches.

You may go to the Old Town on the other side of the river.

On this side of town, you’ll find the best hotels and a wide variety of dining options along the river.

As the sun goes down, you also have the opportunity to take some striking photographs:

Where To Stay In Prizren Kosovo

In the brief amount of time that I was in Prizren, I was able to stay in three different hotels, and I will suggest two of them.

When I go back to Prizren, the Hotel Kacinari will be the first place I look for a place to stay. The rooms were spacious and comfy, the service was outstanding, the location was in the heart of the city, and the air conditioning and internet both functioned quite well. Check back here for up-to-date pricing information.

If you are in town for Dokufest, you can easily stroll to the ticket office from the Hotel Prizreni, which is conveniently positioned in the middle of town and within easy walking distance of everything else. The staff was helpful, educated, and went above and above to ensure that my stay was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. An amazing breakfast that was included in the cost of my stay was served on a balcony overlooking the city, which was one of my favorite parts of the hotel. Simply click this link to get the most up-to-date list of the Hotel Prizreni’s most reasonable prices.

And in a move that’s never been done before on this page, I’m also going to advise against you staying anywhere. There are not enough negative things that I can say about our stay at the Theranda Hotel. The following is an excerpt from a post that I made on Facebook when we were in the middle of the crisis:

Even though we moved rooms many times, the situation continued to deteriorate rapidly. When we mentioned that we intended to check out earlier than expected, the staff informed us that since we had scheduled the nights in question, we would be responsible for paying for them even though we wouldn’t be using them. In order for the internet to operate, I needed to sit in the common area of the level below us. The room had centralized air conditioning, but it was never sufficient to chill down the space. The employees gave the impression that they were unhappy whenever we asked for anything, and on top of that, the lady who checked us out of the property on the last day “accidentally” began to bill me for an additional 60 euros. Don’t let the inexpensive rates and convenient location sway your decision; you’ll get what you paid for.

Where to Eat In Prizren Kosovo

My favorite part! There are a great number of cozy eateries in Prizren, most of them specialize in grilled meats, salads, and other similar dishes. The Pashtriku restaurant, which is situated in the heart of the town center, was our top pick.

I was unable to locate any internet review sites that had information on Pashtriku; nevertheless, it is located close to the fountain.

It quickly became our go-to location for local cuisine that was not just fast but also reasonable and satisfying.

The Ambient Restaurant was our top pick for a more upscale dining experience in this city. This restaurant was located on the hill across the river from the river, and while it was a little more costly than others, it was well worth it.

Fried shrimp served with a crisp salad made using local ingredients was one of our go-to recipes.

as well as the product of the sea’s labor, pasta.

Vila 100 is located only a little distance from the heart of the city, but after hearing positive recommendations from a number of the town’s residents, we were certain that it was well worth the journey. It didn’t disappoint.

The shrimp that were prepared in a garlic, white wine, and butter sauce and served with lots of crusty bread to sop up the sauce was our family’s favorite meal.

The lamb that was cooked inside a bread bowl was another meal that we really appreciated, but the version of this dish that is served at Ambient is much more impressive.

Have I convinced you to visit Prizren Kosovo yet? What looked best to you? Let me know in the comments section below!