Top Activities & Tours in Sisters OR | 13 Best Things To Do In Sisters OR

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Sisters, located at the foot of the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon, is a tiny town in the United States. There’s always something to do in this gorgeous mountain town, from hiking paths to casual walks to cycling and mountain biking, as well as the Hoodoo Ski Area.

If you appreciate the arts, the outdoors, and the feeling of community that a small town provides, I strongly suggest a visit to Sisters.

What are your plans for your stay in Sisters? Enjoy stunning views and dramatic elevation changes, as well as a variety of recreational opportunities.

Hiking, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, and skiing are just a few of the activities available during your visit. Want to know what the best things to do in Sisters, Oregon are? These are a couple of my favorites from this amazing site.

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The Top 13 Things to Do in Sisters, Oregon

Downtown Sisters Go On A Walk

Sisters, Oregon 97759 W Main Ave

Sisters offers something for everyone. Sisters’ charming old town is full with modest stores (including many local craftsmen), wonderful restaurants, and snug hotels. When you wander about downtown and shop, notice the range of hues in the intricate architecture’s wooden façade.

Sisters provides easy access to shopping and restaurants. The main street is dotted with inviting businesses, many of them are decorated in rustic style and embellished with wagon wheels.

If you appreciate eating delicious local cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking vistas of the Three Sisters Mountains, this is the place for you!

Clear Lake

97759 Oregon, USA

Clear Lake and the neighboring petrified forest are located in Sisters, Oregon. Clear Lake is the state’s biggest lake, rising more than 3,000 feet above sea level. You won’t overexert yourself if you organize your journey around this natural wonder.

Clear Lake, a popular destination in Sisters Country famed for its crystal clear water, is set amid the region of gorgeous lakes. Fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming are all popular year-round sports.

Numerous hiking routes and dirt roads surround the lake, giving outdoor enthusiasts plenty of options. Are you among them? This is just one of the numerous activities available in Sisters, Oregon.

Lake Three Creeks

97703 Portland, Oregon

This is another another excellent spot for introducing you to the natural wonders of the region and getting your tour underway. Three Creeks Lake is the ideal summer escape.

Explore a new route or a trout stream. Spend the day on the beach, swimming, or sunning. Relax by kayaking or just hanging out on the lake.

Swimming, hiking, day outings, and family fun are all available in Sisters, Oregon.

The Proxy Falls

97413 Portland, Oregon

Proxy Falls is one of the most popular walks in the region. There are also two waterfalls on the path, Upper Falls and Lower Falls, as well as areas to have lunch or rest before carrying on.

Standing 226 feet above the Columbia River Gorge, you may stare straight down to a stunning rock face seen from this vantage point. Despite some steep climbs, there are several locations with accessible paved pathways that will make your journey simpler.

Take time to explore Proxy Falls and the natural beauty it has to offer while in Sisters.

Chush Waterfall, Upper

97413 Portland, Oregon

There are various wonderful hiking paths around Sisters. Upper Chush is another name on the list. Upper Chush Falls near Sisters, Oregon, provides a pleasant day out in nature for anybody wishing to appreciate nature’s beauty. It also has animals and pure mountain air, despite being miles distant from other Cascade Lakes in Oregon.

Upper Chush Falls is one of Oregon’s most well-known waterfall treks. There is a 200-foot plunge, which is roughly double the height of Lower Chush Falls. The six-mile route to the falls goes through areas damaged by recent forest fires and avalanches.

If you want to find a natural treasure, you may see many gorgeous vistas along the journey.

Loop McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass

97413 Portland, Oregon

Are you spending the weekend in Sisters? A 82-mile circular journey via the McKenzie and Santiam Passes in Central Oregon takes you through two of the state’s most magnificent mountain passes.

The route takes you through beautiful river valleys and meadows, lava fields, black lava cliffs, snow-capped mountaintops, and three stunning Cascade Lakes.

Have you been searching for things to do this weekend in Sisters, Oregon? This road excursion is highly recommended!

And if you’re looking for weekend plans, I suggest reading our guide here, which will help you decide where to go next!

Alder Springs Path

97413 Portland, Oregon

Enjoy the Alder Springs route and trek by a brook while taking in the beauty. The trek has so many vistas that it’s almost hard to mention them all.

Alder trees, which may grow to be 16 feet tall, are prevalent on the canyon bottom. While you walk, keep an eye out for them.

Staying outside of Sisters puts you only minutes away from this spectacular location.

Hoodoo Ski Resort

Big Lake Road +1541822379927400 Big Lake Road

Sisters, Oregon, one of Oregon’s most charming mountain resort communities, is best appreciated in the winter. This ski resort is one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest, and it offers a range of winter activities.

Hoodoo Ski Area features 34 lines, 16 of which are accessible via four lifts and provide night skiing. Tubing, like snowboarding and hiking, is an on-slope activity. Hoodoo also offers cross-country trails, as well as some tiny jumps and rails, in addition to a freestyle terrain park.

If you like winter sports, there is no better place to visit. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Raven Creates a Gallery

E Hood Ave +15417191182182

On your stay to Sisters, make sure to stop by the Raven Creates Gallery, a one-of-a-kind business that shows an incredible assortment of Indigenous art from all North American tribes.

Jewelry, acrylic paintings, ceramics, pottery, and other handcrafted and unique goods are among the great things available in this shop.

The gallery works hard to guarantee that its artists and purchasers are paid fairly, so that everyone may find something they enjoy. Therefore don’t pass up the chance to bring home a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

The Gallery of Imagination

W Hood Ave +15419120732222

As you go through the unusual metal gate at Ken Scott’s exhibition, you are instantly taken into another planet. Steel and other metals are utilized to make creative pieces of diverse types at the Imagination Gallery, which offers a continually changing collection of metal works.

It offers eccentric lighting fixtures, as well as quirky pieces of garden furniture and art.

Among his collections is a steel wall art collection made up of solid steel sheets turned into metal castings. Each item in this collection is created to strict standards, and they may be found in homes all around the globe.

Meat And Smokehouse Sisters

S Spruce St +15417191186110 S Spruce St

Stepping into Sisters Meat & Smokehouse’s crimson barn doors will take you to another era. The Elliott family, who settled in Sisters, is responsible for the rich history of the rustic wooden structure in which this establishment is housed.

In the center of Sisters, the Sisters Meat and Smokehouse is a tiny, family-owned meat store with an in-house smoker. This business offers a wide variety of speciality meats, including cured pig and beef jerky, as well as smoked turkey and salmon and buffalo on special request.

I like the variety of foods here, and you will as well if you are a gourmet who enjoys the true flavor of the cuisine this establishment has to offer.

Depot Restaurant

250 W Cascade Ave +15419044660

Have all of your shopping and strolling made you hungry? The Depot Café is a locals’ favorite hangout. This small café is a great spot to start or finish your day.

The Depot Café serves fresh, tasty meals and refreshing coffee to keep you going all day. Depot coffee is all about espresso, with various alternatives from Coffee Angel, but it also includes interesting options like lavender mocha and orange peel mocha.

Don’t forget to look at the seasonal specials if you’re looking for anything else than what’s on the menu. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Sisters Coffee Co.

W Hood Ave +15415490527273

Sisters Coffee Company goes above and beyond your regular cup of joe, with a large range of coffees, a pleasant ambience, and delicious pastries and brunch dishes.

Sisters Coffee Company offers a comprehensive coffee menu as well as take-out coffee and tea. Bagels, muffins, scones, fruit, and yogurt are among the breakfast selections. Also, the coffee roastery offers locally created culinary goods such as cheese, jam, and honey.

It’s certainly worth a visit if you’re staying here! It’s a charming and private neighborhood with a lot of personality.


Finally, Sisters is a hidden jewel that gives many opportunities to experience the majesty of Oregon’s Central Cascade Mountains. Simply said, it’s a gorgeous area with great vistas, natural wonders, and talented craftsmen and craftsman.

Sisters, which offers a one-of-a-kind shopping and eating experience, is a beautiful spot to relax and explore, particularly for those seeking adventure and looking forward to finding a new, delightful tiny town.

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