Top Cape Cod Tours & Activities | 8 Greatest Things To Do In Cape Cod

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Cape Cod is a lovely spot to visit, with a wide range of activities and sights.

Just an hour from Boston, the peninsula provides stunning beaches, vibrant sunsets, wedding sites, restaurants, a variety of outdoor activities, picture-perfect lighthouses, and distinctive historic sights. My insider’s advice will assist you in packing for an amazing vacation loaded with exciting Cape Cod activities.

By the way, I hope you like eating as much as I do. And if you are, then check out the greatest Cape Cod restaurants for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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The Top 8 Things to Do in Cape Cod

National Seashore of Cape Cod

99 Marconi Site Road, Wellfleet, Massachusetts 02667, USA

The Cape Cod National Seashore is an American gem and the Atlantic coast’s first National Seashore. It has 40 miles of virgin sandy beaches, lighthouses, breathtaking scenery, and outdoor activities ranging from swimming to sailing. There are several ways to enjoy this gorgeous bit of paradise, whether you are coming for the day or planning your next summer vacation.

Around 3,500 acres of gorgeous beaches, marshes, and sand dunes make up the National Seashore. Via five lighthouses, the National Park Service offers spectacular vistas of sunrises and sunsets. You may also take a tour of Herring Cove Beach or stroll along one of the park’s numerous hiking paths.

The Salt Pond Visitor Center is the major visitor facility of Cape Cod National Seashore. The museum features an introductory film, displays about the Cape’s history and natural environment, and a gift store with books, movies, souvenirs, and mementos about the region.

The Province Lands Visitor Center is two miles south of the Salt Pond Visitor Center at the northern end of Cape Cod National Seashore in Provincetown. Private boats may enter Provincial Lands from late spring to early winter. The 1.25-mile paved walk has two picnic sites and a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from the cape’s highest point.

Visit the Cape Cod National Seashore for breathtaking views from dawn to dusk. It is one of the top Cape Cod attractions.

Whale Watching with the Dolphin Fleet

+15082403636307 Commercial St. No. 1

A private, one-hour tour to famed seabird colonies and the variety of animals on their migratory route will introduce you to the world of boating. If you like sailing, this is one of the greatest things to do on Cape Cod.

While you cruise to these iconic places with breathtaking Cape Cod vistas, the professional tour guides will deliver fascinating information on the land and water. Your whale-watching trip, or just enjoying the view and the ocean air, will be remembered for years to come.

The trips, which are led by expert naturalists, take two and a half to four hours and include chances to see finback, humpback, and minke whales swimming amid seals, porpoises, and other marine life near the island of Nantucket.

A number of guided marine excursions leave from Woods Hole, giving visitors the chance to witness whale migration pathways and learn about marine creatures. Excursions with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute vary in subject and concentration, so inquire before boarding what the theme and focus of each expedition is. Check out the whale-watching and other marine excursions in Cape Cod for an out-of-this-world experience.

Nickerson State Park is a must-see.

3488 Main Street, Brewster, MA 02631, USA

Nickerson State Park, located in the center of Cape Cod, is famed for its kettle ponds, rolling hills, and deep pine forests. Around 10,000 years ago, glaciers formed 70 ponds with 45 miles of coastline. The area is home to a variety of species and is a great spot to explore or paddle across peaceful ponds.

Nickerson State Park’s natural beauty is a rare gem on Cape Cod and an excellent example of the peculiar landscape produced by receding glaciers over 10,000 years ago.

Three kettle ponds, salt marshes and tidal flats, pitch pine trees, and undulating meadows with stunning views of Mount Tom make up the park.

Nickerson State Park, located in the center of Cape Cod, is a 1,913-acre camping area. This popular site, which includes ponds and paths such as the 200-foot crescent-shaped East Pond and the 400-foot long West Pond, provides lots of activity for all ages, including swimming and kayaking, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, bicycling, and nature viewing. Nickerson State Park is a must-see for spectacular outdoor activities on Cape Cod.

Visit Nantucket.

Nantucket is a lovely place to visit. Visit the cobblestone streets, try seafood at restaurants and pubs, and relax on kilometers of sandy beaches. Stroll along the beach, which has wonderful vistas and historical landmarks. Learn about the island’s fascinating whaling history at the Nantucket Whaling Museum.

This picturesque Cape town is a favorite shopping and hotel destination, with several 18th century residences, a 13th century whaling church, and other modest stores and boutiques.

Nantucket is more than shells and sailing, from the craggy coast of Provincetown to the cranberry bogs of Wareham. See the many museums, gardens, and natural preserves that dot the 14-mile-long peninsula.

Formerly a summer playground for artists and authors such as Henry David Thoreau and Edith Wharton, you may now see the house, observatory, and aquarium featuring local marine life of famed female astronomer Maria Mitchell.

The majority of tourists now come by boat or air to enjoy the wonders of this natural sanctuary. While considering things to do in Cape Cod, don’t forget to include a trip to Nantucket.

At Island Queen, you may watch the sunset.

Take a 35-minute journey to Oak Bluffs for some retail therapy, or spend the day at one of the island’s three beaches. Visit one of the many quaint boutiques in Edgartown or eat at one of the island’s best restaurants. The Island Queen boat voyage is the starting point for all of these Cape Cod activities.

Take the Island Queen boat from Falmouth to Oak Bluffs and enjoy a scenic ride. Visit Oak Bluffs Harbor and beach, or travel to Lobsterville Beach for views of Dike Rock and the Gay Head Cliffs. To visit Martha’s Vineyard, take a vehicle ferry, such as The Steamship Authority, to the island’s east side.

Those that want to see Martha’s Vineyard should take the Island Queen. The quick and dependable ferry sails from April to October and is outfitted with comfortable seats, plenty of room to move about, and cutting-edge safety technology.

There is lots of parking near the boarding area in Falmouth, and visitors may bring their bikes with them to explore the lovely island of Marthas Vineyard on two wheels. This is a must-do while planning your Cape Cod activities.

Edward Gorey’s Home

+150836239098 Strawberry Drive

The Edward Gorey House is a wonderfully restored 200-year-old mansion on Yarmouth Port’s town green. Edward Gorey, an American novelist, artist, dramatist, and set and costume designer, previously lived in the house.

The Edward Gorey House, which is now available to the public, includes an art gallery and bookshop with a collection of rare first editions and limited editions from Edward Gorey’s work.

The Edward Gorey Mansion, located in the picturesque community of West Tisbury, MA, is one of Cape Cod’s most popular attractions. Everything of Gorey’s work is available for purchase in high quality reproductions, including hand-signed original drawings and prints, cards, and books.

The Edward Gorey House and Museum attracts visitors with its varied collection of art, literature, and artifacts relating to its namesake. On a recent beautiful day, the third annual Fantastagorey event was conducted, complete with cat headbands, face painting, and other activities for youngsters.

The Edward Gorey House is a museum and gallery dedicated to Edward Gorey’s art, with an emphasis on Gorey’s Cape Cod residence. The art collection includes publications by Edward Goreys, original art pieces, original correspondence, and minor manuscripts from Goreys’ archives.

It also contains the main branch of the Museum Store and the Studio Shop, which provide unique souvenirs to Mr. Goreys followers while earning funds for the museum.

Provincetown Museum and Pilgrim Monument

The Pilgrim Monument is the highest free-standing masonry monument in New England and the tallest structure on the Cape. The Monument, which stands 252 feet tall and was erected between 1907 and 1910, provides a stunning perspective of Provincetown Bay, the Chatham Channel, and the surrounding environment.

In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived aboard the Mayflower and set up camp here. You may drive or stroll to the top of the Monument for spectacular views of the port and the Ocean. At the crown is a 19th-century museum with exhibits on Provincetown’s intriguing history, as well as excellent whale-watching opportunities from February to November.

Daily guided tours of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum give a unique viewpoint on Cape Cod’s history and geography. Trip Advisor just rated it one of America’s Most Popular Attractions in 2013 and a must-see attraction on Cape Cod.

Our summer vacation destination is located in Provincetown, the Cape’s most popular resort, and it has a bustling art and music scene. Provincetown is situated near the point of Cape Cod, at the end of a sandbar that shelters it from high waves, making it ideal for relaxing on the beach all day.

There are so many enjoyable activities in Provincetown that you won’t know where to begin!

Go to Martha’s Vineyard.

Whether you’re a repeat tourist or experiencing the beauty of the islands for the first time, this article seeks to bring new locations, activities, and items to your notice, allowing you to explore every part of these gorgeous islands and uncover the finest spots to visit in Marthas Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is a perfect vacation for art enthusiasts, with its numerous artists and companies and distinct creative heritage. See modern art and live performance art from Provincetown to Hyannis while taking in the natural beauty of the Cape’s beaches.

Martha’s tourist business, like that of the rest of Cape Cod, is thriving, providing activities for people of all ages. Visiting the ancient sights of the Cape can keep you occupied for days.

There are various opportunities to explore Cape Cod’s rich cultural past, from early industry at the Sandwich Glass Museum to inspirational art at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. To go even farther, visit The Cape Cod Room at the Kennedy Hyannis Museum.


Is it possible to camp on Cape Cod?

The answer is unequivocally yes. You may camp anywhere on Cape Cod, but if you want to venture far down the coast, be sure you have enough food to come back. Everyone enjoys disconnecting from time to time.

How about hiring a bicycle?

Consider renting a bike for your Cape Cod excursions. As you would expect, there are businesses and people that will hire you a bike for the length of your visit to Cape Cod. You may find them here.

How do you get there?

For the quickest access, use this rapid boat.

What are the warmest days in Cape Cod? What are the hottest temperatures?

July and August are the warmest months on Cape Cod, with highs of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 58-63 degrees Fahrenheit (low).

Is it possible to surf in Cape Cod?

Absolutely, there are several surfing spots on Cape Cod. If you are not frightened of the waves, you should certainly go for a swim in the ocean. See the top five surfing spots in Cape Cod.


In terms of time, I only named eight things to do in Cape Cod. Of course, there are many more spots to see, but these are the ones that stood out to me the most.

To summarize, I believe that every dollar spent on Cape Cod is well worth your money and effort. Possessing a camera or a nice phone is a fantastic idea so that when you return to your hometown, you have something to show your family and friends and may bring them with you the next time.

There are several good activities on Cape Cod and the islands. Choose from a variety of activities such as beaches, golf, museums, shopping, history tours, and more. Summer is on its way. What exactly are you waiting for?

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