Top Detroit Burgers | 10 Must-Try Detroit Burgers

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You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for the greatest burgers in Detroit!

Burgers are simple to enjoy, which is why they are so popular. A juicy ground beef patty and a fresh, fluffy bread serve as the ideal canvas for a gourmet excursion.

Whether the patty is topped with American cheese, kimchi, or jalapenos, the choices are unlimited.

A burger may be found practically anyplace in Detroit and the surrounding region. Where, though, can you get the most authentic Detroit burgers in the area? If you’re searching for something more than your typical hamburger, the 10 Detroit eateries listed below provide some of the city’s most legendary burgers.

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The Greatest Burgers in Detroit

Mercury Burger Shop

+131396450002163 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan

Mercury Burger Bar is the city of Detroit’s sole restaurant with a mid-century modern concept.

Summer is the ideal time to relax outdoors and dine at one of the colorful tables.

Mercury Burger Bar serves a selection of genuine Detroit burgers. There are 15 different sliders to choose from, like the Southwest, which has a chorizo slider, jalapenos, Munster cheese, tortilla strips, and more, and the Cadillac Ranch, which includes pulled pork.

Vegetarians and those seeking lighter fare will be pleased to learn that sandwiches and salads are available.

Don’t forget to get a milkshake. There are three flavors: marionberry pie, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate peanut butter crunch.

Stables with a Green Dot

+131396255882200 West Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit

At Green Dot Stables, nothing beats slider-style burgers and artisan beer. The amazing thing about their slider menu is that everything is under $4, so you can mix and match various mini-burgers.

A cheeseburger is everyone’s favorite meal, but the Mystery Meat is a must-order for those looking for excitement. Specialties included kangaroo burgers, salmon, wild boar, elk sausage, and even shark.

Green Dot offers dine-in and take-out options, as well as online and phone ordering. They also have terrace seating.

Detroit’s Grey Ghost

+1313262653447 Watson St., Detroit, Michigan

When a restaurant provides steak and burgers, it is a genuine find, and Grey Ghost fits the bill. On a toasted bun, their Dry Aged Cheeseburger mixes aged beef with bacon jam, smoked cheddar, and spicy mustard.

This burger is undeniably superior than a standard burger stall meal. Nonetheless, the technique remains traditional, with two griddle patties stacked with American cheese, chopped lettuce, and a mayonnaise and onion special sauce.

When you add an egg, the whole experience is heightened. You may order a burger to go or get a kit to prepare it at home. Now, the restaurant is available for dine-in and terrace service.

Sincere Johns

Selden St., Detroit

Swing by this Detroit staple for an authentic bar burger. Honest Johns serves a delicious cheeseburger with all the trimmings.

The standard 100% ground chuck burger comes with fries and your choice of cheese, or try their gourmet barbeque bacon, cheddar burger.

It is open till midnight and is a popular late-night food spot in the city. Honest Johns now provides outdoor eating, carryout, and inside dining.

Royale with Cheddar

Cass Ave., +131331530144163, Detroit

You can stroll to the Detroit Institute of Arts and other institutions from Royale with Cheese, which is situated in Midtown and includes indoor seating.

This Midtown restaurant is well-known for its Detroit burgers, as well as its fantastic atmosphere and distinctly Detroit concoctions.

Several of their burgers are topped with unique ingredients, such as candied turkey bacon, mesquite barbecue chips, roasted corn, poblano peppers, melty cheese, and honey-ancho barbecue sauce.

The restaurant has indoor seating, and orders may also be done over the phone.

Restaurant Exchange Food

+131357956168451 Harper Ave.

There is a suitable location for you. The restaurant is called Food Exchange, and it is situated on Harper Avenue. You’re probably thinking of another burger establishment. Of sure, but believe me on this. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before.

onions. Also, vegetarian choices are always accessible. tomato They own a burger establishment that uses only the best ingredients, including as 100 percent ground beef bred without hormones or antibiotics, baked potatoes, whole wheat buns or Texas toast, and shredded lettuce.

They are famed for its 12-ounce patties topped with American and Swiss cheese, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, along with corned beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mayonnaise. It is suitable for sharing with a companion and is available for takeaway or delivery. Tops the list of the finest burgers in Detroit.

Central Kitchen + Bar

+13139639000660 4A Woodward Avenue, Detroit

This vibrant gastropub sits in the center of downtown Detroit. This restaurant delivers wonderful meals, wine, and beverages in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here you’ll discover wood-grilled seafood and steaks, as well as creative salads.

There are several hamburger flavors to choose from. Some people love grilled burgers, while others prefer broiled burgers with fries on top.

If you like mushrooms on your burger, you may appreciate their Detroit burger. The burger is made with roasted wild mushrooms, gruyere cheese, zip sauce, and brioche buns. The experience also includes downtown city feelings.

Burgers by Marcus

E. McNichols Rd., Detroit, +131389161706349

Marcus Hamburgers has been in the same family since 1929 and is regarded as one of the top dive eateries. Gourmet burgers are served on hotdog buns.

I went to Marcus for lunch and ordered the double bacon burger with cheese and bacon fries. Everything about it was fantastic.

As soon as you come in, you notice the unique d├ęcor. Marcus’ walls are adorned with old newspaper cuttings of great performers who have visited throughout the years, giving the establishment a vintage aura.

There are also several images on the walls of celebrities who have previously visited the venue, including Jay Leno, Eminem, and Ellen Degeneres.

If you want to try something new and tasty, I definitely suggest this place!

The Checker Bar

Cadillac Square, Detroit +13139619249124

The Checker Bar is a Detroit classic and a must-see for any burger enthusiast visiting the city. It is situated in the historic Cadillac Square district of downtown and serves award-winning burgers and sides for lunch and supper.

A historic arcade located upstairs pays respect to the building’s previous life as a bowling alley in the 1930s.

Its name comes from the famous Checker Burger, which has a 100% all-natural beef patties on a buttery brioche bun with pickles, cheddar cheese, and cabbage.

According to their website, their burger recipe is top secret. Try the checkerboard fries, which are waffle fries covered with melted cheese and bacon pieces. These are incredible!

Burger Joint in the Basement

Brush St., +131381837081326 Detroit

Basement Burger Bar’s build-your-own menus are quite popular. More than 10 protein alternatives are available, including American Bison, Ground Beef (never frozen), Wagyu Kobe Beef, the Impossible Burger, and others.

It’s an underground burger establishment with customized burgers and house specialities like the Bandwagon Burger with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, onion rings, and a sunny-side-up egg.

As you wait for your hamburger, travel upstairs to 1UP, their freshly launched arcade bar (or maybe while you digest it). You may, of course, eat in, take out, or order online.

The Best Detroit Burgers in Summary

Detroiters clearly enjoy their burgers, since the city is home to two of the most famous culinary festivals in the nation and is renowned as the unofficial burger capital of America.

Lucky for everyone, Detroit is not short of excellent burger establishments. Throughout metro Detroit, there is a burger option for every occasion and cuisine, from hole-in-the-wall joints to sophisticated eateries and everything in between.

When you next visit Detroit, be sure to come with an empty stomach and a hunger for some Detroit burgers!

Which of these Detroit burger joints will you visit first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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