Top Lake Tahoe Activities | 16 Fun Things To Do In Lake Tahoe, CA

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It’s a shame if you haven’t visited Lake Tahoe and its surrounding areas at least 10 times every year. Lake Tahoe is arguably the most fantastic journey you will embark on, with hundreds of water leisure activities and the apparent mountain exhilaration.

With its craggy mountains, pine woods, steep valleys, undersea secrets, snow-covered summits, untamed waterfalls, vegetation, and miles and miles of topaz lake, Lake Tahoe is a heaven on Earth. It covers the environment with contrasting white snow and green foliage in the winter.

The mountains become golden, brown, yellow, and orange in the autumn.

Imagine paddling a 122,000,000-acre lake, swimming underwater through the enigmatic Emerald Bay history, or river-rafting the mighty Truckee? Lake Tahoe offers breathtaking scenery as well as thrilling adrenaline-pumping activities.

Lake Tahoe’s desolate environment will astound you, whether you’re ascending Mt. Tallac at a height of 9000 feet or skiing the Diamond Peaks.

Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada and between California and Nevada City, is one of the most historic water reservoirs on the planet. We can only picture the flora and fauna that exists inside its two million years!

Are you unsure about where to begin or what to do in Lake Tahoe? My two summer and winter travels to the location, on the other hand, presented me to a plethora of exciting year-round experiences. Therefore, if you happen to be in California or Nevada, take your gear to Lake Tahoe and spend a full week relaxing and having fun.

These are my recommendations for your time thereenjoy the drill!

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Autumn Activities in Lake Tahoe


I’ll never forget walking across Lake Tahoe’s beautiful foliage and autumn hues. Dried and golden yellow-orange leaves met us along the road, along the beach, and along the hiking route.

I began my day with a hike to the cascading falls and ended it with stops to Emerald Bay, Pope Beach, and Nevada Beach.

Hiking, trailing, and boating are the greatest ways to enjoy autumn in Lake Tahoe. These are six unusual things to do in Lake Tahoe in September. September is the best month to see fall since the weather is mild. The water temperature is reasonable and pleasant; it is not too cold.

South Lake Tahoe’s Eagle Lake and Eagle Falls Trail

This Eagle Fall Trail, which is best appreciated in late September, will take you 3.1 kilometers across the forest and toward Eagle Lake. Eagle Falls and Lake are arguably the easiest routes to reach for a novice or someone who isn’t fond of altitudes. You’ll only be getting close to 450 feet.

The trailhead is on the west side of C.S. Highway 89, near the parking lot. Start ahead from there to see tiny streams flowing down. On a bright day, the falling water seems like nirvana.

To escape the heat and crowds, we began our hike early in the morning. Stop by and remove your shoes along your trip to enjoy the peaceful sounds of rushing water and cool stones.

You will see the waterfall flowing down with considerable intensity five minutes into the trek (probably the lower waterfalls). The weather may influence the water surge. The pathway features rock steps throughout to make it easier for families and children to navigate.

A rustic bridge just above Eagle Falls will provide you with a magnificent view of the falls and the surrounding splendor. When the water level is low, you may come across little ponds with clear lake water in which to swim.

I recommend continue on the route until you reach Eagle Lake, which sparkles like a diamond in the autumn. Additionally, dipping and swimming in the sea after spending so much time in the sun feels fulfilling and joyful. We remained at the lake for hours and returned late in the evening.

Bayview Walk with Falling Waterfalls

Cascade Falls Hiking Trail

Cascade Waterfalls, which runs along the Bayview Trail in South Lake Tahoe, was another waterfall I visited. It’s a modest 2.3-kilometer trek that’s ideal for youngsters and the elderly. I began my journey from Bayview camping and onward. Following kilometers of hard ascent, you may finally see the spectacular 200-foot Cascade Falls.

Beyond the route, the view of Lake Tahoe from the summit was breathtaking in the light. Since the water flow is modest in the autumn, trailing waterfalls are ideal, and little ponds may be found everywhere for dipping and swimming.

Alpine County, Hope Valley

Hope Valley is stunning every year, whether it’s winter or summer. Visitors like this region in the fall because of the wilder autumn mountains.

The leaves in Hope Valley are golden-yellow and orange. The mountains sometimes contrast with vivid crimson foliage and green trees. This area is mostly visited by tourists who are interested in photography, sceneries, trail running, and hiking.

I went to the valley to see the brilliant autumn colors, but I remained overnight to camp. This valley, located near the Carson Pass, has been undisturbed by civilisation. There is, however, a vintage resort to host your day with basic facilities. Wylder Hope Valley Resort has a restaurant, gift store, sauna, cottages, and vacation home rentals.

For fishing and sightseeing, the valley provided us with untamed meadows, Crater Lake, and Scotts Lake.

During my stay in Hope Valley, I tented at an elevation of 7600 feet along Blue Lake Road. The night was magnificent at its peak; the stars spoke many untold tales at night. The Hope Valley campsite has minimal camping facilities.

Winter visitors may enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and sledding at the site.

Tahoe Adventure Corporation

N. Lake Blvd. +153091392127010 N. Lake Blvd.

Kayaking is an exciting activity to try. With so much water surrounding you, you’re certain to see Lake Tahoe on Paddle. Although I couldn’t cover the whole lake in kayaks, it did provide me with hours of aquatic leisure.

Tahoe Adventure Company, headquartered in Tahoe Vista, provides a variety of water leisure activities such as paddleboarding, SUP paddles, kayaking, sailing, and so on. You may hire equipment or go on the whole excursion with an expert guide. During the year, TAC arranges a number of cruises.

My local tour guide drove me to many lovely spots and told me some historical tales.

Enjoy the broad expanse beneath the sun while floating on kayaks in the morning. See the sunset, moon, stars, and their intimate astronomy on paddles at night. Thus, whether you want to visit Sand Harbor Beach or Emerald Bay, LTA offers a variety of packages to choose from.

My particular favorite was the Full Moon Tour, which enabled us to see the lake illuminated by moonlight and stars at night. The evenings in the sea were surreal and magical at the same time.

If you want to kayak to every site on the lake, Tahoe Adventure Company offers two to three day tours to the lake’s east, west, and north shores.

Take frequent breaks and swim in the water while you are not kayaking or paddling. September is still an excellent month for swimming and snorkeling.

Reno’s Big Balloon Race

Regional Park of San Rafael

Consider 100 hot-air balloons traversing Lake Tahoe in the early morning. It was bright and cheerful. That is how the Reno Balloon Race appears in the sky and at the moment of takeoff.

Every September, Reno in North Sierra hosts The Great Reno Balloon Race, an autumn celebration in which hundreds of hot-air balloons race toward the specified targets. This event is hosted in San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, which is 40 minutes distant from Lake Tahoe. From a distance, it seems to be a large multicolored carnival.

The atmosphere is energetic and vibrant. Anticipate to see a rainbow of hot-air balloons in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes in the blue sky.

The event begins early in the morning when it is still dark, so I arrived early. I arrived at the area about 4 a.m.

These balloons fly 100 feet above the land and water. While the race is meant to be seen from afar, you may still apply to be a pilot in the air provided you have the necessary qualification.

I definitely recommend going to Reno to see the festival up close. With booths and sellers around, the carnival looks wonderful at the area.

Balloons above Lake Tahoe

+153054412212435 E. Venice Dr.

Want to ride in a hot-air balloon over Lake Tahoe and see the surrounding mountains and valleys? Lake Tahoe Balloons, on the other hand, is the region’s sole service that offers an unrivaled flying experience.

Lake Tahoe Balloons will take you over 10,000 feet in the air, giving you a panoramic view of the great Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, Cascade Lake, barren wilderness, and the collective 360-degree perspective of Lake Tahoe and its massiveness.

Flyers board the balloon at the top deck of Tahoe Flyer, which departs from Tahoe Key Marina and is the only government-approved service that takes off and lands on a boat.

I came a bit early to observe the whole balloon inflating procedure. The knowledgeable guide will answer any questions you may have about the place and the balloon you are flying in. Bring binoculars to see everything up close.

Summer Fun Things to Do in Lake Tahoe


Summer is all about laying in and around the lake, cooling, resting, diving, and letting Lake Tahoe replenish your energy throughout the hot heat. If I could, I would have spent more time in Lake Tahoe than I did throughout the summer.

Throughout the summer, I visited Kings Beach, Nevada Beach, Sand Harbor State Park, Crystal Bay, Secret Cove, and other locations. Whenever you go in Lake Tahoe, there are surprises. The topaz water welcomes you at every shore, the creative stones enable you to relax after hours of swimming, and the view is always stunning.

Our morning began with a walk along the Emerald Bay Heritage Trail. Together with the magnificent aquatic species, the undersea environment was rich with antique artifacts, wrecked boats, and enigmatic finds. These are my top suggestions for summer activities in Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Sports Jet Skiing

Venice Dr.

Jet skiing, albeit relatively pricey, can provide you with an exciting experience. Cycle across Lake Tahoe at breakneck speed, stopping at practically every location.

Tahoe Sports offers a variety of water sports for thrill seekers. I participated in their kayaking and super boat trip, as well as jet skiing and parasailing.

Jet skiing was the most terrifying of them all. Despite my lack of expertise, riding the boat at such a high speed on the lake was surprisingly enjoyable! You do not need a boating license to drive. Nevertheless, prior familiarity with land vehicles is required for jet skiing.

I traversed miles and miles of Lake Tahoe at speeds over 60 mph, with wind splashing past and water spraying away. In the summer, jet skiing was still a thrilling experience; the water was shockingly chilly yet comfortable.

In addition to jet skiing, I found tubing and wake surfing behind the mega yachts. Wakesurfing is a more intimate activity since you can feel the ocean and waves underneath you. Every enormous wave delivers a new drill and a rush of excitement.

If you are a pro surfer, Lake Tahoe is the ideal water reservoir to test new techniques and play.

Jet skiing is organized by Tahoe Sports at two locations: Tahoe Key Marina and Ski Run Marina. They offer three high-end rides: Class Y, Class Z Supercharged, and a customized Emerald Bay Tour.


Marina, 700 N. Lake Blvd.

Following witnessing the spectacular Panorama of Lake Tahoe from a hot-air balloon, parasailing was the second-best choice for viewing Lake Tahoe from 1000 feet in the air.

I felt so little in comparison to the vast beauty that went under me. Lake Tahoe was magnificent with its beautiful surroundings. It seemed wonderful with acres of vegetation, mountains, valleys, and water bodies all around. I knew I may be lost here indefinitely.

Parasailing Tahoe is a reasonably priced water activity business. The parachute will carry you 800 feet above sea level and is available in two locations: Kings Beach and Tahoe City Marina. The package includes a one-hour boat trip as well as eight to 10 minutes of air time with the typical toe-dipping experience.

person, which I found to be surprisingly affordable. PARASAILING Tahoe also offers lower-cost jet ski and kayak rentals in the aforementioned areas. The organization assessed a fee of $100.

I started parasailing at 4 p.m. to enjoy the scenery without becoming too hot. Every day from 12:30 PM until 4:30 PM, the group resumes its trip.

Submarine Trail of Emerald Bay’s Maritime Heritage

Underwater exploration is a really separate universe, complete with a complicated ecosystem, no air, water everywhere, aquatic life, and so forth. I first snorkeled on my St. Petersburg tour, and it was an incredible experience.

If you like diving, Emerald Bay’s maritime history underwater route has historical relics of sunken vessels, barges, and shipwrecks. Nevada’s government safeguards every undersea artifact.

These shipwrecks and boats originate from the early 1900s, when water leisure activities first became popular in Lake Tahoe. After they had completed their purpose, the majority of these vessels were purposefully sunken.

The government has opened four new sites: the wooden fish boat, passenger launches, barges, and hard chine Skiff, all of which I was able to tour. Each relic is located at a different elevation.

Is preferable to tour the sights with a local. While visiting Emerald Bay Trail, remember to have a map, diving equipment, and safety equipment.

The Emerald Bay Maritime Trail, which opened in 2018, is one of Lake Tahoe’s biggest sunken sites. Some of the shipwrecks are almost a century old.

D.L. Bliss State Park is located in Texas.

9881 CA-89

D.L. Bliss State Park is a popular Lake Tahoe destination. The park is connected to some of the most amazing routes, including the Balancing-Rock path, the Rubicon trail, the Lighthouse trail, and many more.

I went to the park as a rest break after hiking the Rubicon Trail. It is 17 miles south of Tahoe City and 15 miles north of Emerald Bay.

Enjoy swimming and boating while you’re there. D.L. Bliss State Park also includes the Rubicon Point, one of Lake Tahoe’s deepest points.

At the location, there is a leisure center with touch me exhibits, animals, and water beauty. Over the summer, visitors go to the park to swim, sunbathe, and have picnics. I went to D.L. Bliss early to escape the crowds. I headed to the Rubicon path after admiring the coastline and water attractions.

The connected Rubicon route is as beautiful, with breathtaking pauses every five minutes. During the route, I was met with large boulders and stone staircases. Take your swimsuit with you to plunge into any body of water you come across; blue-green topaz water sparkles in the sun.

Lake Tahoe Boat Tour

+18002382463760 US-50

Cruising aboard MS Dixie II includes breakfast on the water, lunch on the deck, evening appetizers at sunset, and a magnificent dinner dance under the stars.

On my first day, I boarded the MS Dixie II and traveled from Zephyr Cove Resort to Emerald Bay. With a capacity of approximately 600 passengers, the ship soon fills up with energetic beachgoers. MS Dixie provided several breathtaking vistas during the journey, with warm and inviting seating spaces.

We went on a sunset tour to see the ocean and stars at night from a boat. You may engage in a unique dance supper performance to experience a Titanic-like atmosphere.

The journey lasts 2.5 hours and ends in the picturesque Emerald Bay. You may visit Vikingsholm Castle and be enchanted by its stone-carved dwelling.

Mrs. Lora was a devotee of Scandinavian architecture and erected Vikingsholm castle in 1929 in a similar style. Every summer, the court is accessible for tourists and looks magnificent both inside and out.

It’s the ideal marriage of nature with Nordic design, with many flowers, plants, and trees on the exterior. Moreover, the seashore adds to its allure. It seemed like a small Hogwarts to me.

Vikingsholm Castle is regarded as one of the outstanding examples of Scandinavian architecture in North America.

The Kings Beach

Lake Tahoe’s North Shore

Kings Beach, located in North Lake Tahoe, is a pleasant place to visit. Kings Beach has sandy shoreline, blue-heavenly waves, high snow-capped mountains (in winter), various hikes, kids playground, restaurants, street vendors, farmers market, North Tahoe event center, art fairs, and so on.

Throughout the summer, Kings Beach is regarded as the hottest lakefront to visit. At the lake, I went tubing, boating, paddleboarding, and swimming. Get yourself on the parasailing parachute and engulf the high mountain peaks with the spectacular lake vista underneath to enjoy the scenery.

In the winter, explore the many treks and trails that Kings Beach leads to. I had a great day skiing at Northstar California Ski Resort, which has over 100 different courses to choose from. I boarded a chairlift to see the high mountains and the picturesque vista of the cold lake below.

Although Lake Tahoe is closed in the winter, Kings Beach is a great spot for boating and watching the sunset.

If you like art, the North Tahoe Event Center hosts art and photography shows all year. Afterwards, head to the farmers market and buy locally made things. At night, eat your meal on the sea around a campfire. Lake Tahoe’s healthy center is Kings Beach.

State Park Sand Harbor

2005 NV-28

Sand Harbor State Park is another lovely beach on Lake Tahoe’s eastern coast. Known for its summer leisure activities, travelers and locals flock to this beach in large numbers throughout the summer. I arrived to Sand Harbor a bit early in order to avoid the crowds.

Beginning at the East Shore route in Incline Village, I set out early in the morning towards Sand Harbor. On foot, Nevada is breathtaking; mountains and steep valleys abound, and the sun-filtered canopy at the summit provides cooling picnic respite to hikers.

In the winter, Sand Harbor Beach provides horse-sleigh rides to visitors.

The two ramps on the shore are ideal for launching boats and fishing. After a tiring day at the lake, relax under the canopy of cedar trees; there are plenty nice picnic areas beneath.

Throughout the summer, Sand Harbor holds the spectacular Shakespeare festival, which includes live stage plays, romance, music, and art. If you appreciate dramatic, Shakespeare-style performances, this is a must-see. At about 4:30 p.m., the stage is adorned with a sunset and nightlights.

Things to Do in Lake Tahoe During the Winter


The sweet, cool winter in Lake Tahoe is a sight to see. Snow covers every beauty at the destination, whether it’s the rock formation in the lake, the sandy beaches, or the towering alpine trees.

Lake Tahoe, although frigid, was giving up. The ice islands and lakes offered as lovely memories, the routes were exciting, and skiing felt liberated.

I began my voyage on a horse sleigh to see Lake Tahoe’s winter magnificence. Then, I boarded the chairlift and gazed out over acres of snow-covered spiritual scenery, nature, trees, and beauty.

I appreciated my beginners skiing talents at the pro peaks after reaching the high peaks in North California and Squaw Valley Resort; Lake Tahoe is plenty of great heights, paths, and skiing options.

During my last trip, I ascended Mt. Tallac, Lake Tahoe’s deadliest peak. The height was insane, but the view of Lake Tahoe from the summit was satisfying and spectacular. A soulful place I’ll never forget!

Although there are many activities to do in Lake Tahoe in December, my best recommendations are included below.

Lake Tahoe Skiing Tahoe Palisades

+18004030206Squaw Valley Rd.

Palisades Tahoe, formerly known as Squaw Ski Resort, is Lake Tahoe’s most extensive skiing resort. The resort, located in Tahoe City, northwest of Lake Tahoe, has a wild terrain of 6200 feet offering lines for every skier.

Palisades is one of the most difficult peaks to skate and ski, with approximately 3000 acres of skiing terrain.

The resort, on the other hand, is known for having some of the world’s top skiers. Palisades Tahoe sponsors a variety of winter leisure contests, including as skiing and skating. In 1960, the resort hosted the Winter Olympics.

For skiers, the mountain has six summits, 43 chairlifts, and 270 paths. Each chairlift will transport you to a different location, such as the easy, green skiing runs, blue runs, and black diamonds. People’s favorites are the Tramway and Funitel. The flights ascend up to 9000 feet above sea level, providing a breathtaking view of Lake Tahoe.

Additional Lake Tahoe ski resorts include:

  • Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort: If you are in South Lake Tahoe, this is one of the most outstanding resorts in SLT. 
  • Northstar California Ski resort: The resort is situated in Truckee and offers excellent skiing terrain. I went there for the ice rink. The performances held at the facilities are mind-blowing. 
  • Diamond Peak Ski Resort: Situated in Incline Village, Nevada, this retreat gave us the lake’s beautiful view while skiing. 

Snowmobile Tour in Lake Tahoe

3071 US-50

Lake Tahoe Activities, located in Hope Valley, provides sledding activities all year. In the winter, the group is well-known for offering snowmobile trips to elevations of 8000+ feet.

I originally visited Hope Valley in the summer to become familiar with Lake Tahoe’s lovely fall. It was just as beautiful in the winter.

LTA provides two highlighted excursions in Hope Valley and the Sierra Nevada, each of which include up to 10,000 feet of elevation and hundreds of terrains. There are also two snowmobile tours: a Summit trip for novices and an Ultimate route for experienced drivers.

Choosing the latter, I sled through the most difficult Sierra Nevada routes with the most spectacular scenery in the states.

The two-hour excursion provided several vistas and skilled possibilities; the whole ride was exciting and so much fun! You may also pick a private rental to drive alone if not with family and friends.

Mt. Tallac Hiking

Mt. Tallac, located in El Dorado County, is one of the most difficult mountains to climb, particularly in the winter.

Mount Tallac, at a height of 9000+ feet, was steep with little to no open terrains. I began my trip early in the morning and saw one of the most heavily snowy mountain views in Lily Lake on the Glen Alpine route.

The trek started immediately after filling out the Desolation Wilderness form, with breathtaking vistas around every curve. I drove by many chalets hidden in the snow, including the Glen Alpine Resort. Along the expedition, Mt. Tallac was met with frozen lakes, waterfalls, water bodies, and walkways.

Although being well signposted, it is still essential to have your navigation equipment to prevent getting lost. I arrived at Gilmore Lake after three kilometers of trekking and had a little stop to warm up my body and prepare for the tougher mountain climb ahead.

The final part was exceedingly perilous, but it was well worth it when I reached Mt. Tallac’s highest summit! Every painful toe and cold finger felt worthwhile.

The vista was breathtakingly beautiful. Mt. Tallac provided a spectacular view of the Sierra Nevada mountains coated in snow. I could see the planet in all its grandeur wherever I looked, and it was surreal! Mt. Tallac should surely be your go-to location if you have strong expertise trekking in winter conditions and have the necessary equipment.

Things to Do in Lake Tahoe, California

If you’ve ever gone to Lake Tahoe, you know that there’s something to do almost every month of the year, no matter how many times you’ve come.

Throughout the summer, I witnessed some pristine beauty from afar that still makes me happy: Hidden Cove Nude Beach, Tallac Historic Park, Hellman-Ehrman House, Gatekeepers Museum, and Glen Alpine Waterfall. Lake Tahoe is a secret paradise that may take years to fully explore.

Until then, enjoy these fantastic Lake Tahoe activities.

Which of these Lake Tahoe activities appeals to you the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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