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Look no further for a location to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with terrific cuisine and even great cocktails. In Fredericksburg, VA, you may discover fantastic restaurants serving genuine Mexican cuisine and delectable margaritas.

You may wish to consider one of these fantastic businesses when organising a catered event or a family excursion. They are a terrific spot to hang out with friends or meet new people, and their beverages are scrumptious and will leave you wanting more.

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The Top Mexican Restaurants in Fredericksburg, VA

Tacos and soup

+15408990969813 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401, USA

When most people think of a delicious lunch in Fredericksburg, Virginia, they don’t think of Mexican food. Yet, one location in town has become a favorite among both residents and visitors.

Soup & Taco Mexican Restaurant has been in business for more than 25 years. Their dishes are from the heart of Mexico and are produced with care and attention at the local enterprise.

This restaurant’s formula for success is their delectable tortilla soup, crab soup, and fish tacos. Additionally, their delicious doughnuts, tostones, and ice cream are highly recommended.

You may also refresh yourself with their delectable margaritas, beer, or sangria.

El Rodeo Restaurant serves Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine.

+15403737040203 Lansdowne Rd., Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401, USA

This restaurant has the potential to be one of the best among Mexican cuisine restaurants. El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant exceeds expectations in every way. It’s spotless, offers quick service, good cuisine, and a welcoming environment.

I was able to dine at El Rodeo Restaurant & Cantina. I was pleasantly impressed by their Tex-Mex menu, particularly the grilled fish. I was pleased with every mouthful since the cuisine was fresh, meaty, and tasty.

The restaurant also provides unique dishes such as shellfish soup, mixed grill, and chimichangas. What drew my attention, though, were their fresh tortillas, which were served in baskets on some wooden board or tray, much as my grandmother used to cook.

Restaurant El Asador

+15408981556100 Olde Greenwich Dr, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408, USA

El Asador is an excellent choice for Mexican cuisine in Fredericksburg, Virginia. After a hard day, the restaurant’s environment is ideal for unwinding.

Mexican tacos, chorizo and eggs, and enchiladas verdes are among the menu options at this eatery. Delicious fried bananas, Leche flans, and fruit salads are also highly recommended. You may get exquisite champagne or nice sangria. Enjoy the excellent licuado, smoothies, and horchata available here.

Mexican Family Restaurant El Jimador Azteca

+15402863133560 Celebrate Virginia Parkway #109, Fredericksburg, VA 22406, USA

One of Fredericksburg’s best-kept secrets is this location. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and seated. As I walked in, I saw how neatly furnished and well-kept the place was. The staff greeted us with a smile and promptly seated us.

They offer an excellent menu that includes all of the well-known, classic Mexican dishes. Our waitress also recommended Chori-Pollo, which consisted of grilled chicken breasts with chorizo on top. That was unlike anything I’d ever seen before since it was completely out of this world!

We also had a fantastic tamale with salsa rojo dish—the sauce was excellent!

There is even a salsa bar! This salsa bar featured around 6 or 7 salsas (all freshly produced in-house), so be sure to taste them all!

The meal was fantastic, and the service was outstanding. I wholeheartedly suggest El Jimador Azteca to anybody looking for a fantastic restaurant in Fredericksburg.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine at Mi Rancho

+154070210303400 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407, USA

My Rancho is a small family-owned restaurant that serves wonderful meals at reasonable costs. Also, the cuisine is of exceptional quality! You will feel welcomed from the moment you step through the door, thanks to their excellent service and kind employees. It serves some of the finest genuine Mexican cuisine in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

They greet you with a bright grin at the entryway, provide you menus, and take your drink orders right away. The crew collaborates to prepare your cuisine fresh, therefore it just takes 10-15 minutes to get your order.

This restaurant’s popularity stems from its traditional tamales, fajitas, and seafood. Meals cooked with seasoned prawns and mouthwatering tacos are two more delectable options. You will not be let down!

Mexican Margarita Bar & Restaurant Cancun

+154054817373102 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407, USA

Cancun Margarita Bar offers some of the greatest Mexican cuisine in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Here you will discover real Mexican cuisine that you would only get in Mexico. They feature both indoor and outdoor seating.

Pan pizza, ginger chicken, and fried chicken wings are among the delectable delicacies on their menu. If you’re needing anything sweet, their crème caramel, raspberry cheesecakes, and ginger ice cream will please. Cancun Margarita Bar serves fresh juices and ginger beer as beverages.

Final Thoughts on Mexican Cuisine in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Mexican cuisine is as American as it gets. And when done well in Fredericksburg, it is considered to make the city a gourmet pleasure.

You can’t go wrong with the places described above, which provide some of the most real and original Mexican food. Your taste senses, like the city, know how to have a good time!

Which of these Fredericksburg VA Mexican restaurants will you visit first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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