Tremont Cleveland’s Top Bars | 8 Must-Try Tremont Bars

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Tremont is one of Cleveland’s most diverse and vibrant districts, with some of the city’s most popular clubs, restaurants, and boutiques. There are so many hidden treasures among the Tremont pubs that you could spend all day drinking coffee, sipping cocktails, or sampling a range of beers. So gather your date night ideas and prepare to be enchanted by this lovely area!

The Tremont Arts & Culture Festival, a full day of art exhibitions, activities, music, and entertainment, is held in the area if you’re searching for something entertaining, activity-based, and engaging for all ages. When you visit this region, you will understand why many claim it is the nicest neighborhood in Cleveland!

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Cleveland’s Top 8 Tremont Bars

Go no farther than the lively area of Tremont for your next Cleveland date night location. This burgeoning neighborhood has a slew of pubs worth seeing if you’re in the area. This post will help you identify some of the top must-see Tremont bars.

The South End

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121693722882207 W. 11th St.

The South Side is a renowned Tremont pub noted for its wide food, vast cocktail, beer, and whiskey selection, and laid-back environment. With a welcoming environment and reasonable rates, it’s no surprise that this bar has been crowded for more than 15 years. They are delighted to be located in Cleveland’s historic Tremont district, which is rich in history and locally owned businesses, and they hope you will take the time to explore while you are here.

The South Side is a Tremont institution where hospitality has been at the heart of the business since its inception. Our objective is to offer you with a pleasant, relaxed environment in which to enjoy cuisine and drink made by one of the industry’s most skilled chefs and served by well-trained personnel, assuring your total pleasure at each visit. Tremont’s South Side is the finest location to have a great drink and discover what all the fuss is about.

Tremont Taproom

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121629844512572 Scranton Rd.

Craft beer enthusiasts, rejoice! Tremont Taphouse is a stylish, welcoming option for those seeking a craft beer pub with a modern cuisine using locally produced and sustainable products. This Tremont pub in the middle of downtown boasts a casual environment and great burgers and is known for its vast beer selection. The beers are tasty yet light enough to drink more than one, so mix them with some of their traditional American fare, such as juicy burgers, hand-cut fries, wings, and more.

This location is fantastic, lively, and easygoing, with attentive personnel eager to help you with your food and beverage requirements or answer any questions you may have about the company. Spend quality time with friends or family over cool beers and delicious cuisine. Bring your furry pals, since this is a dog-friendly establishment.

The Cloak and Dagger

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121679556572399 W. 11th St.

Cloak & Dagger is a handmade cocktail bar located in the center of Cleveland’s historic Tremont district. Their goal is to raise the bar for the ever-expanding hospitality community, all while putting their own distinct spin on service and what it means to be artisan. They attempt to make you feel at ease the minute you step in the door. The service is courteous, and the drink menu is outstanding. They pay attention to detail and create a gloomy mood. This is an experience unlike any other in Cleveland.

Everyone wants to be appreciated for something. Cloak & Dagger understood how to foster innovation while also fostering employee growth and development, both individually and collectively. Every day at Cloak & Dagger is packed with terrific music, a vibrant environment, kindness and trust in service, and superb cuisine accompanied with drinks you won’t soon forget.

The Arboretum

Cleveland, OH 44113 +12166962505820 College Ave.

The Treehouse has been a Tremont favorite for more than 20 years, thanks to its spectacular tree-adorned bar, quirky memorabilia, and comfortable corners. The Treehouse, located in the center of Tremont, is noted for its extensive beer variety and uptown environment. There’s always something going on at the Treehouse, with a live music schedule that includes both local and national bands.

It’s a fantastic corner pub with outstanding cuisine, drinks, environment, service, and employees. The Treehouse has a devoted following because to its meal and drink promotions, which include one of Cleveland’s most comprehensive beer choices. Thus, whether you want a traditional pub experience or live music, The Treehouse has you covered. Swing into The Treehouse and meet your pals; they offer cool beverages and delicious meals to satiate your stomach.

The Spotted Owl is a kind of owl.

Cleveland, OH 44113 +12167955595710 Jefferson Ave.

The Spotted Owl is a cocktail bar that serves a variety of hand-crafted beverages prepared with seasonal ingredients. The cocktail menu, which features locally produced distillates, varies on a regular basis. The historic structure dates from the 1850s. It’s in a popular neighborhood with surrounding high-end shopping, eating, and entertainment. Since it is adorned with actual antique furniture and salvaged wood while also showing details, the room merges traditional with a contemporary feel.

The cocktails are expertly prepared with bourbon, rye, wine, and other spirits and presented with a grin. The crew is well-trained and will assist you in selecting the ideal drink for any occasion. Moreover, in the main bar, they prepare complicated cocktails from their specific menu based on alcohol preferences that fit your mood. Thus, if you want to spend a relaxing evening with your pals, this is the place to be.

Tiki Room & Porco Lounge

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121680292222527 W. 25th St.

The whole idea of Porco Lounge is centered on Polynesian culture, which is world-renowned for its inviting environment and unusual beverages. They have professionally educated mixologists who have honed their skills in some of Cleveland’s most exclusive restaurants. They provide a broad range of tropical concoctions, and their bartenders use fresh juices, homemade syrups, and big mixers to make mouth-watering drinks that will delight any pallet.

Porco Lounge offers a distinctive tiki-bar ambience with a feeling of amazement, wonder, and mystery that you would expect to find on one of the numerous isolated South Pacific islands. They provide all of your favorite tropical drinks as well as a variety of delectable bar food. If you’re looking for the ideal Cleveland getaway, go no further than this wonderful apartment, which includes a lovely outside terrace. They feel the moment has come for Cleveland’s secret jewel to come out of hiding once again.

Tango Room in Velvet

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121624188692095 Columbus Rd.

The Velvet Tango Room is a cocktail bar that specializes on classic drinks with a contemporary twist. It has a long history in Cleveland’s culinary and bar communities. They think that an exceptional encounter starts with superb service, continues with top-tier goods, and culminates with a memorable overall experience.

For over a decade, their highly experienced, professional bartenders have perfected the exquisite art of making distinctive drinks. They only utilize fresh, natural ingredients and are experts of old methods to guarantee that each drink is perfectly made. They try to be the best by reviving classic cocktails with their knowledge and skills. Their love for these drinks motivates them to always enhance their talents so that they may set a higher standard for everyone.

The Flying Monkey Restaurant

Cleveland, OH 44113 +12168616659819 Jefferson Ave.

Stop by the Flying Monkey Pub if you’re searching for a good location to grab a drink in the fashionable Tremont area. Their customer service is outstanding. Friendly bartenders like having fun while serving customers delicious drinks, beer, and wine. The Flying Monkey Pub is a Cleveland tavern that caters to more than just sports enthusiasts. Every Sunday, the bar has a terrific karaoke night, as well as various daily specials throughout the week. Be careful to choose one that appeals to you.

Come your friends and family to Tremont’s Flying Monkey Pub for some great karaoke and fun! In the warmer months, they feature an outside terrace where you may enjoy your drink. Also, the outside area is dog-friendly, so bring your canine companions!

Tremont Bars: The End

Clevelanders have a true passion for food and beverages. Therefore, it is not a stretch to claim that a direct connection can be drawn between Cleveland chefs and restaurateurs and the citys recent renaissance. After a day spent touring the area and shopping, you’ll want to stop by one of Tremont’s numerous stylish pubs. Visit Tremont bars and have a drink with your friends and family.

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