Tremont Pizza Restaurants | Where to Get Tremont Pizza

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Tremont is Cleveland’s lively arts neighborhood, tucked along the Towpath Trail and minutes from Downtown Cleveland. Many creative locals and tourists love the neighborhood’s locally-owned taverns, restaurants, shops, and art galleries in a picturesque park setting with stunning churches and antique buildings. Tremont’s vibrant art scene provides a plethora of shopping opportunities, including works by edgy emerging designers, crafts by local craftsmen, and vintage clothes.

Tremont is a vibrant and varied Cleveland neighborhood. It’s no surprise that Downtown Cleveland is a popular destination for both tourists and residents. Tremont’s unique arts neighborhood has enough local charm to keep you occupied all day! In this post, we will look at the greatest pizza restaurants in Tremont.

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Tremont’s Finest Pizza

Tremont is one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods, going back to the early 1800s. It is now recognized across the globe for its award-winning restaurants and varied cuisine, including Italian. You’ll love sitting on the wrap-around front porch or lounging in one of the numerous outdoor places, including stunning patios surrounded by trees and foliage, while enjoying your ideal slice of downtown Cleveland pizza!

Pizza Maker

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121624264641822 W. 25th St.

If you like delicious meals and are asking, Where can I locate pizza near me? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. Pizza Whirl is dedicated to offering only the freshest and most delicious pizza in Tremont, whether it’s a wonderful salad, pizza, calzone, or one of their famous pies. Pizza A La Vodka, Pizza The King, Quatro Formagi Calzone, or Mushroom Madness pie are all available. You will not be sorry for whatever decision you make.

Everyone knows that pizza is one of the most delicious dishes on the planet. Each taste is better than the previous, from the pizza dough to the cheese to the sauce and toppings. They have perfected the art of all pizza at Pizza Whirl! So make your selection and enjoy your pizza with a grin.


Cleveland, OH 44113 +121658302572258 Professor Ave.

Crust is a family-owned company that attempts to provide a diverse menu that appeals to all tastes. They take pleasure in producing delectable meals and beverages using fresh ingredients produced from scratch on-site. They are well-known for their pizza, but they also provide a variety of Italian-inspired foods such as hand-rolled gnocchi and traditional Italian dinners. Build your own pizza from their selection of toppings and crusts, or order anything from their menu.

Visit Crust for restaurant-quality Italian cuisine. Every day, they make homemade pizza dough and fresh pasta with only the best ingredients, such as housemade tomato sauce, house-shredded cheese, and hand-cut pepperoni. Have a seat on the front or back patio for some al fresco eating! Don’t forget about your canine companions. They are welcome and will undoubtedly enjoy the company of other nice dogs while you dine. Nothing beats the sensation of lounging in the sun with your friends and family.

Edison’s Pizza Restaurant

Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113 +121629844842365

Edisons Pizza Restaurant is a perfect marriage of wonderful cuisine and great people. They’ve mastered their Tremont pizza recipe, which all of their customers rave about, and it shows in their dedication to their company. They take pleasure in producing the greatest pizza in Tremont, with the ideal dough that is just the right amount of doughy and crispy.

The sauce is silky, with a deep tomato taste you won’t be able to get enough of! They provide a variety of specialized pizzas, both thin and thick crust, as well as several varieties of regular pizzas, calzones, and stromboli that are all incredibly excellent.

Edisons Pizza Kitchen workers are friendly and always happy to assist you with ordering ideas or recommendations on their speciality pizzas. The service is quick and efficient, and the costs are fair. The combination of quality and attention results in consistently outstanding pizza. Our Tremont neighborhood pizza is a genuine flavor delight, created from just the freshest ingredients.

Tonys Southside

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121677105152193 Professor Ave.

Tonys Southside has been serving traditional Italian-style cuisine to a dedicated client base since 1985. It’s Tremont’s iconic neighborhood pizza, a Tremont institution with a long history dating back more than 30 years. Thus, whether you want conventional pizza or spaghetti, Tonys Southside offers everything you want.

Tonys Southside serves all of your Italian classics, but notably pizza. Savor any of their delectable pizzas and choose from the different toppings that are provided, or order Nero or Plebian Pizza. It has a family-friendly ambiance and delicious dishes. It’s unlike anything else. Moreover, the crew is kind and takes pleasure in what they have created at Tonys. At Tony’s Southside, every mouthful is delicious. So don’t wait any longer and pay them a visit now!

Edison’s Public House

Cleveland, OH 44113 +121652200062373 Professor Ave

Edisons Tavern on Tremont Avenue is a tavern pizzeria that serves great pizza as well as craft and foreign beers. It’s a true neighborhood bar with a huge patio and wooden booths in a laid-back vibe. They have a menu that includes all of your favorite foods, including pizza.

The cuisine is excellent. The pizza is crispy and fresh, with exactly the proper proportion of sauce to cheese and toppings! Prices are quite inexpensive, and service was good and accommodating to unusual demands. Their mission is to mix delectable cuisine with quick, pleasant service in a relaxed setting. Edison will never let you down. In fact, it will quickly become one of your favorite Tremont pizza joints!

Cats Who Are Fat

Cleveland, OH 44113

Fat Cats is a chef-owned restaurant that has been in operation for almost 20 years and serves the greatest pizza in Tremont. Chef Ricardo Sandoval, who is enthusiastic about cuisine and has produced a menu consisting of classic favorites like pizza, seafood, and more, has made this contemporary pizzeria a favorite for generations of Clevelanders. Pizza with ricotta is Fat Cats’ trademark dish. It’s difficult to find a restaurant with a better ambience and cuisine than Fat Cats.

Fat Cats has developed a lot over the years, from modest beginnings to its present position as a trendy-yet-family-friendly neighborhood hangout in Cleveland, Ohio. Yet, the restaurant’s dedication to providing high-quality cuisine and service continues to bring in new and returning customers. So, first, sample the traditional flavor of comfort cuisine with a visit for supper at Fat Cats in Tremont, which has a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Tremont Pizza Pleasure

One of the top reasons to visit Cleveland is its culinary culture, and the wonderful array of restaurants makes Downtown Cleveland a terrific spot to dine. In one of the distinctive, art-filled dining rooms, enjoy a leisurely lunch or supper at an award-winning restaurant and sample some of Cleveland’s greatest pizzas. With an outstanding assortment of eateries, it’s no surprise that the Tremont neighborhood of downtown Cleveland is popular with both tourists and residents.

Which of these Tremont pizza joints will you visit first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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