Tremont Places to Try | Where to Dine in Tremont Cleveland is a city in Ohio.

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Tremont may be renowned for university-themed street names like Literary Road or Professor Avenue, but if there is one location to learn the art of delicious cuisine, here is it.

Tremont, located less than a mile southwest of downtown Cleveland, is home to some of the city’s top restaurants. These are the greatest Tremont eateries, from Cleveland classics to the freshest brunch joints.

Top 11 Tremont Restaurants: Best Restaurants in Tremont, Cleveland

Tremont’s Best Casual Restaurants

Maybe you’re searching for a wonderful location to unwind after a long day at work. Maybe you’d want to recharge after a day of touring. In any case, make a reservation at one of these wonderful Tremont eateries.


+1 216-274-12022247 Prof. Ave.

This establishment is more formal than jeans and a t-shirt, but it is definitely worth it. Who doesn’t like sushi? Although Cleveland isn’t renowned for its unusual seafood, Ginko sends the freshest fish from across the globe, including Japan, twice a week. This isn’t just any sushi joint; it’s THE sushi joint in Cleveland. As in, after you’ve tried Ginko, you’ll never go back to the half-price sushi joint down the block.

Try their 6-course tasting menu or the chefs’ daily choices if you really want to indulge. That manner, the expert can serve you the most exquisite platter of sushi.

Thai Bistro Ty Fun

Phone: +1 216-664-1000815 Jefferson Ave.

Although it may not seem to be much on the exterior, this restaurant provides all of the Thai staples, including Thai coconut soup, tom yum (hot and sour soup), mee grob (crispy rice noodles), and the ever-popular pad Thai.

They also have a large vegetarian menu including tofu that may be steamed, fried, crispy, or sautéed. It’s a terrific place to sample Thai cuisine and meet the friendly staff.

11th Corner Bowl & Wrap

+1 216-713-17572391 W 11th St.

This modest yet famous poke bar brings Hawaii to Cleveland. Make your own poke by selecting your size, protein, sauces, and toppings.

Tuna and salmon are among the protein options, as are chicken and fried tofu. You may top it with tom-yum, spicy mango, or even sweet shoyu sauces.

Barrel Room on Bourbon Street

Professor Ave.

Are you concerned that you will have to look far and wide for inexpensive flights to New Orleans in order to sample some authentic Cajun cuisine? Consider again.

During happy hour, Bourbon Street Barrel Room offers $4 Abita beers, tapas, and even small hurricanes. Next, get into some seafood gumbo, gator bites, and maybe an old standby: the oyster poboy.

You will feel as though you are so near to Mardi Gras that you can taste it! They also offer deals and a whole Mardi Gras extravaganza!

Tremont Restaurants in Cleveland are a Cleveland institution.

Most businesses come and go, but these tried-and-true Tremont eateries are here to stay. A visit to each of these eateries is almost needed the next time you are in Cleveland, from Eastern-European classics to every millennial in Clevelands favorite taco eatery.


Literary Rd., +1 216-999-7714806 Literary Rd.

This taco stand began in Tremont, but it has now spread around the city like wildfire. Fortunately, the menu stays unchanged. Pull up a chair, drink a margarita (the thin skeleton is our favorite), take a pencil, and fill out the menu page to create your own unique taco.

And we’re not just talking about ground beef and cheese here! We’re talking about everything from the shell to the final drippings of sauce. Consider steak marinated with Coca-Cola, pulled pork, and Thai chili tofu. The green goddess shell (soft taco encasing a hard taco shell, held together with queso and guacamole), jalapeo lime shrimp, pico de gallo, and all of that topped with chipotle crema is a popular order. You will not be sorry.

Try the stoner queso if you want to have no regrets. This is not a recommendation. You had no idea how much you wanted something until you ate this simple queso. Their handmade queso is delicious on its own, but add some rice and it will blow your mind. The flavor, the texture, it has it all.

Cats Who Are Fat

+1 216-579-02002061 W 10th St.

You will not go hungry here, as the name implies! Although I’m not sure what they specialize in, Fat Cat’s ever-changing menu contains intriguing meals like the crab melt: lump crab flesh, gruyere cheese, and tarragon, or even a pumpkin pie with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and Lake Erie Creamery feta.

Among of their wonderful alternatives include the grilled octopus, bahn bao (pork belly steam buns), and their delectable fish with pumpkin pancakes.

If you want a location that caters to locals, go for this Tremont hidden gem.

Tremont’s Top Brunch Restaurants

Although many Tremont eateries provide brunch, this handful have established themselves as the finest in the area. If you’re searching for a late breakfast, consider these Tremont brunch spots.

Next Door Dante

Phone: +1 216-274-12012247 Professor Ave.

In my Where to Dine in Cleveland piece, I praised the incredibly inventive and tasty Dante, but sometimes you simply need to go next door.

The considerably more relaxing Dante Next Door is located right next to the gourmet dining institution Dante. This is the spot to go for an unforgettable breakfast.

Dante Next Door has everything a brunch enthusiast could want: bloody Marys, French press coffee served in the press, crab cake eggs Benedict, duck fat potatoes, and more.

This isn’t your standard eggs and bacon joint. They’ve gained popularity for their innovative brunch offerings, which can help you nurse your hangover or just fill you up.

Grumpys Coffee Shop

+1 216-241-50252621 W 14th St.

With breakfast and brunch offered everyday (and until 3 p.m. on weekends), this establishment knows how to do brunch. They provide all brunch staples, sometimes all on the same dish. Consider the Grumpys special: two eggs, your choice of meat, home fries, and toast. Are you still hungry? Pancakes may also be included.

They also provide delectable variations on classic food. Try the vegetable Benedict with poached eggs over tomato and avocado slices, or the cinnamon apple walnut French toast, which is really fluffy and wonderful.

This family-friendly establishment is ideal for when my entire family is in town, complete with in-laws and nephews!

Caf Luckys

The phone number is +1 216-622-7773777 Starkweather Ave.

Have you ever wondered whether you could eat everything on a menu? When you visit by Luckys for their weekend brunch, you’ll wish you could. Consider roasted apples, honey whipped cream, caramel sauce, and cinnamon sugar on top of gingerbread waffles. Then top with their baked mac-and-cheese, which includes brie, cheddar, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheese.

With a cheddar scallion biscuit on top, you’ll believe you’ve died and gone to breakfast paradise.

Order the shipwreck if you’re extremely hungry. This meal will fill you up and make you happy with hash browns, eggs, vegetables, bacon, cheese, bread, and fruit.

Tremont’s Finest Pizza Restaurants

Is there poetry written about pizza? If they haven’t already, they should. Who knew a chewy crust topped with gooey cheese and coated with pizza sauce could be so amazing? Although these establishments don’t precisely compose poetry, their pizzas surely do.


+1 216-781-88582417 Professor Avenue.

The pizza at this restaurant is our favorite item on the menu. These pies have that flawlessly cooked and crispy crust because they are baked in a stone oven at 515 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want something traditional, try their traditional Margherita or pepperoni and sausage. Try the butter-poached Maine lobster pizza with triple cream brie or the Kobe short rib and fig pizza if you’re feeling brave.

This is one of the top Tremont eateries to try if you prefer a nice piece of pizza.


Phone: +1 216-583-02572258 Professor Ave.

Crust specializes on the finest crust, hand-tossed and made from scratch. Yet, their crust isn’t the only thing made from scratch on the menu. They also create their own sauce and slice their pepperoni every day.

Try the spanakopita pizza with garlic puree, spinach, mozzarella, feta, lemon zest, olive oil, and black pepper for something different. If you want your pizza with more vegetables, try the roasted eggplant pizza with red sauce, oregano, red peppers, tomato, eggplant, smoked mozzarella, arugula, olive oil, and a balsamic reduction.

This restaurant provides much more than pizza. It’s like pizza’s older, more refined sister, and it’s delicious.

Tremont is home to some of Cleveland’s top eateries. Thus, whether you’re visiting for a long weekend or staying for an extended period of time, a trip to Cleveland involves seeking out and dining at the greatest Tremont restaurants. From breakfast to dinner, a nice meal in Tremont offers more than simply food. Expect an unforgettable dining experience while dining in this area.

More Tremont classics, such as Dante and Edisons Pizza Restaurant, may be found in the Where to Eat in Cleveland page.

Which of these Tremont eateries do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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