Trento’s Top 10 Restaurants – Where to Dine and What to Order in Trento, Italy

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When I learned that Traverse was conducting a conference in Italy, I bought a ticket right away. Several of my blogging friends have either attended the conference or worked on campaigns with them, and they have all raved about their experiences. That was also an occasion to visit Italy and dine at the finest Trento eateries. Italy is one of my favorite places in the world and a foodie’s paradise.

I was aware that the conference would be held in Trento, Trentino, an area of northern Italy that I had never visited. Nonetheless, I like Italy and was eager to visit. Yet, if I expected the cuisine to be the same as it had been in Rome, Florence, or Cinque Terre, I was in for a surprise.

Trento’s food is great since it is influenced by more than simply Italian cuisine. Since this area is at the foot of the Alps, it has been significantly impacted by Swiss cuisine. Moreover, having been a part of the Austrian empire for so long, regional traditions did not vanish just because the border changed hands. They kept many Austrian flavors, both culturally and gastronomically.

As is customary for me, I arrived early enough before the conference to begin eating my way across the city. I also started investigating the best Trento eateries, and I came up with a strategy.

This page will discuss Trentino food and recommend the finest places to dine in Trento. You will discover how being a part of the Austrian empire impacted the local cuisine, as well as how much the Mountains inspire it, before being taken to the top restaurants in Trento to sample these regional specialities.

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Trento Trentino Cuisine

Smaller Plates

The canederli is a popular appetizer that can be found on the menus of all of Trento’s leading restaurants. Bread balls soaked in milk and combined with eggs and speck make up this delicacy (a type of cured ham similar to pancetta or bacon). They are then boiled in broth before being served. They may be made with either spinach and cheese or pancetta. Another delicacy that is comparable is the leberknodelsuppe, which is a dumpling-like food served in broth and prepared with calf liver and herbs.

One of the most well-known dishes is strangolapreti, which is their variation of gnocchi. They are tossed with spinach and cheese and accompanied with melted onion butter. They’re wonderful because they’re handcrafted. This is a potato and flour gnocchi called priest stranglers. They also offer Spatzli, a handmade, highly fluffy noodle that is often paired with their meat dishes and is largely inspired by German and Austrian Spatzle.

Another classic appetizer is speck on its own. This is a kind of cured ham akin to bacon or pancetta. It’s crispy pork with some tasty fat.

This is typically accompanied with bread, crackers, and cheeses. Other popular charcuterie meats include hauswurst and bratwurst sausages, which are accompanied with horseradish, pickles, and sauerkraut. As biroldi con crauti, blood sausage is served with walnuts and pine nuts.


Their excellent goulash is one of the most popular local main meals. Their goulash is influenced by Hungarian cuisine. This goulash is served with polenta on top. Their goulash is a hearty meat stew flavored with paprika and cumin. A common kind is rindsgulasch, which is a robust beef stew. Their sauerbraten is braised beef with wine, vinegar, and onions.

Soups are very popular among Trento’s greatest restaurants. They provide various robust soups, such as minestra di trippa, a tomato-based soup with vegetables and tripe. Saursuppe, another tripe soup, is spiced with nutmeg, white wine, onions, and herbs. Gerstensuppe, also known as orzetto, is a barley-based soup flavored with onions, garlic, vegetables, and speck from the region.

There are also various beef meals cooked with juniper berry brine to enhance the taste. These meats are known as Carne Salata and are often sautéed in butter before being served with beans or polenta.

A lamb loin in a potato crust is a favorite local taste, as is juniper deer.

Smacafam is a savory supper cake that is quite popular among the locals. The cake is created with wheat and Butter, and the meal is flavored with Lucanica sausage and smoked bacon.


The greatest Trento restaurants are brimming with delectable sweets in the Trentino area. The area is widely renowned for its crisp and tasty apples, which are used in a variety of sweets.

Apfelkuchel is a delectable cake packed with apple slices. They create a particularly tasty strudel that takes years to master due to its highly specialized method.

Krapfen is a sweet pastry filled with jam or marmalade. It may be fried or baked before being dusted with powdered sugar. This dish is similar to Bombolone, although it is lighter.

Strauben is another another delectable fried dessert. This dish is named from the German word straub, which means tortoise. The dough is formed with flour, butter, milk, and eggs, and it is topped with powdered sugar, jam, and chocolate. It’s similar to funnel cakes in the United States.

A sweet version of the smacafam is also available, prepared with raisins, almonds, and aniseed. If you’re in the neighborhood for the holidays, try the zelten, a Christmas celebration cake prepared with rye bread and almonds, candied fruit, honey, cinnamon, and liqueurs.

Kaiserschmarren, often known as the Emperor’s sweet omelets, are delectable sweet sweets. These are shredded pancakes with blueberry jam that are comparable to crpes.


Grappa with chamomile is a very potent Italian liqueur. It is offered as a digestif at the conclusion of a meal. Grappa liquor is commonly produced with chamomile in Trento, giving it a delicate and pleasant taste that warms you up in the icy Alpine winters.

Vin Brule, often known as mulled wine, is a hot beverage produced by heating wine (typically red) and seasoning it with sweets and spices.

Trento’s Finest Restaurants

Now that you’ve determined the greatest local meals, it’s time to consider the top eateries. These are Trento’s best eateries. Check out these restaurants if you want to sample the finest of local food!

The Green Torre

29 Via Torre Verde +39 0461 231545

Torre Verde is readily found by interpreting its name, which means Green Tower. The Torre Verde, located near Sardagna, is a stunning structure. This eatery is just across the street from it. They feature fantastic Italian cuisine, an extensive wine list, and classic dishes with both Italian and Austrian characteristics.

Traditional Italian meals are well cooked at this restaurant. This is an excellent choice for authentic Italian pizza.

They also serve wonderful seafood pasta, including clam spaghetti.

Check out their Gelateria for dessert. If you don’t prefer the heavier pastries, you may cap your meal with a delightful, savory dessert.

Restaurant al Vo

+39 0461 985374Vicolo Vo, n.11Vicolo Vo, n.11

Ristorante al Vo is a fantastic restaurant that specializes on homemade gnocchi. This makes it one of Trento’s most popular eateries. They’re also a terrific brunch spot in Trento. This eatery is close to Piazza Duomo. This is a tiny, family-owned restaurant maintained by four individuals who are concerned about the quality of their food.

Its typical cuisine includes several Trentino foods, such as Piatto unico del buon consiglio, a polenta dish. They also serve beef carpaccio, tagliere di formaggi trentini, a meal using local cheeses, and tagliere di salumi Trentini, a sausage dish.

Forst Bierbrauerei

+39 0461 235590 38 Via Paolo Oss-Mazzurana

Fosterbrau Trento is another name for this location. It is a very contemporary restaurant with a rustic, cabin atmosphere for the inside guests. It’s evocative of the Austrian and German influences that prevailed in Trento before the province became Italian, with superb beers that match well with the region’s wonderful cuisine.

They provide beer samples and sell a large selection of beers in various sizes if you don’t want to fill a large stein. These beers are all local and go well with the wiener schnitzel. They also serve enormous portions, so you will undoubtedly leave satisfied. Since they are so popular, there is occasionally a wait. They accept reservations if you don’t want to wait too long.

Il Cappello Osteria

+39 0461 235850 Bruno Lunelli Piazza, 5

Osteria Il Cappello is one of Trento’s greatest restaurants. They provide classic Italian fare with Trentino touches from Austrian cuisine. These are a little more expensive than other restaurants, but they are definitely worth it. They have received a Certificate of Excellence every year since 2015.

The atmosphere is quite elegant, and this is definitely a more upscale eating experience. It’s ideal for a dating night. It’s also situated away from the usual tourist traps. Canederli and cow cheeks are two of their delectable native specialties. For those traveling in the autumn, they also produce a delectable persimmon delicacy called the Mont Blanc.

Modern Manufacturing Company

+39 0461 230484 21 Piazza Lodron

This location offers a nice informal bakery. They serve a large selection of freshly breaded meals, pastries, and delicacies. Wine and other foods are also available. They’re a fantastic casual spot. It has a beautiful and open contemporary atmosphere, and the people like it.

Apart from their broad pastry menu, they also provide a wide assortment of local wines and beers. Cappuccinos with heirs are also tasty. They think that a good cappuccino begins with excellent milk, good coffee beans, and plenty of attention. They get their beans and milk from nearby farms.

Their dishes combine delicious spices with tender meat and veggies. Their bread is cooked fresh throughout the day utilizing traditional methods.

Orso Grigio Trattoria

19 Via degli Orti +39 0461 984400

This eatery is off the usual path, yet it is fantastic. It has a wonderful covered garden space for eating, providing protection from the Italian heat. The serving sizes are standard, and they offer some excellent local wines.

This area is popular among locals, so it seems like a hidden treasure. It’s very lovely. They provide various inventive regional meals in traditional forms, as well as some more known and historically Italian food for those with less daring taste sensibilities.

One of the best aspects of this restaurant is its consistency. They know and have mastered their recipes. The recipes have been handed down through the generations, and the cooking skills have been practiced and taught to each new chef.

Its quality remains good, with local products used in the recipes, and their service is second to none.

Albert’s Pizzeria

+39 0461 260094 15 Via Giuseppe Verdi

Although the tastes of the region might be delicious, Austrian cuisine can be heavy and daring at times. If you want to eat locally yet still have an authentic Italian experience, head to Pizza da Albert.

Their pizza is out of this world. They’re robust and full, with thick, hearty local ingredients on top. They are also extremely reasonably priced and have received a certificate of excellence every year since 2015.

While the locals love to come here, the pizza may become a little boisterous, so if you prefer a calm lunch, avoid going here during usual dinner hours. Having said that, the service is efficient and polite since they are accustomed to dealing with crowds.

Hotel Le Due Travi

+39 0461 096502 20 Via del Suffragio

This restaurant successfully transforms traditional cooking into highly contemporary food. Brunch, lunch, and supper are all available. Everything is created from scratch, and the tapas menu is vast and wonderful. The personnel are quite knowledgeable. And the wine selection is excellent.

The tapas are the focus of the menu at this restaurant, which is situated downstairs from a bed & breakfast. It’s an excellent opportunity to sample some of the local tastes without committing to a substantial meal. Fresh salads, excellent charcuterie platters, and delectable homemade pasta are available.

It’s a family business, and the parents have passed along the traditions to their daughters. The proprietor can suggest good local wines to complement each meal.

Menta and Uva

+39 0461 190 3162Via Dietro le Mura A, 35Via Dietro le Mura A, 35

This location is fantastic. Their space has a really contemporary, avant-garde vibe about it. They have a pizza and a caf, each with their own distinct moods. Grapes and mint are translated as Uva e Menta. They utilize grapes since they have a large wine collection, and mint because it is their surname.

Their meals are truly stunning, striking a balance between rich and full without being too heavy. They’re one of Trento’s greatest eateries. Their service is pleasant, and their craft brews go well with their unique pizzas.

The Gelateria

+39 327 225 8203 50 Via Rodolfo Belenzani

After you’ve had your fill of wonderful meals, you may need something sweet. Yet, Italian cuisine may be rather heavy, particularly if you choose for the region’s typical meals, which are all rich and laden with creams and bread due to German and Austrian influences.

If you’re too full to attempt the local dessert pastries, gelato is the best way to end your dinner. This shop serves the greatest gelato in Trento. They have really substantial quantities and a wide variety of tastes. They not only provide gelato, but also sorbet and ice cream onsoya. Gelato caldo, or heated gelato, is an unusual local choice. This tastes like mousse and has really unique flavors.

Which of these regional meals appeals to you the most? Which Trento restaurant do you wish to sample the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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What is the #1 Italian restaurant in the world?

Osteria Francescana (Italian: [osteria franteskana]; “Franciscan Tavern”) is a Modena, Italy restaurant owned and operated by chef Massimo Bottura.

What is Italy’s most popular restaurant?

The most renowned restaurant in Italy is Osteria Francescana. Massimo Bottura founded it in 1995, and it has since received three Michelin stars. Osteria Francescana was named the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016, making it the first Italian restaurant to achieve such an award.

What’s the difference between a trattoria and an osteria?

Osterias are wine bars that have grown into restaurants that offer basic meals. They are often simpler than trattorias and do not have a menu. The menu varies daily based on market conditions, and two or three dishes are given at a set price, including wine.

What is Trento Italy known for?

Trento is the principal city, notable for hosting the historical Council of the 16 Century and for its Trentodoc, one of Italy’s most valuable spumante sparkling wines.

What is the hardest restaurant to get into in Italy?

1) Noma. With two years at the top of the San Pellegrino list, not to mention the summer closure of elBulli, there is no doubt that René Redzepi’s Noma is the most in-demand table in the world.

What is the number 1 most popular Italian meal?

1. Pizza. Despite a slab of flat bread served with oil and spices existed long before Italy’s unification, arguably no food is more widespread or symbolic of the nation than the simple pizza.

What are the 3 most popular foods in Italy?

Pizza is a famous Italian meal and drink. To begin, forget everything you thought you knew about pizza: in Italy, pizza creation is a sort of art…. Pasta…. Risotto…. Polenta and cured meats…. Fish…. Gelato and Dolce…. Coffee and renowned tipples.

What are the 3 most popular dishes in Italy?

The following are the top ten most iconic Italian meals to try on your next vacation:
Carbonara fettuccine. Spaghetti alla Carbonara is at the top of the list of Italian delicacies you must eat…. Napoletana Pizza.
Risotto.. Fiorentina Steak.. Polenta.. Truffles.. Lasagne.. Gelato.
Aug 21, 2021

What Italian restaurant is more formal than an osteria?

Enoteca is an Italian restaurant name.

Enoteche are luxury wine bars that are generally affiliated with local vineyards and wineries. They are often a bit more formal than an osteria, with a larger focus on local wines.

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