What To Do In Santa Rosa CA | 11 Top Things To Do In Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa is a historic California city. Europeans built the city in 1833. Since then, the region has been a cultural and traditional melting pot. Santa Rosa is a community in every meaning of the word, with residents working together to construct and repair a prosperous city. Santa Rosa, California, has been reinvented and repaired after being shattered by an earthquake and damaged by fire.

Santa Rosa will gladly welcome you. These are some of my favorite activities in Santa Rosa, California.

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The Top 11 Things to Do in Santa Rosa, California

Learn More About Sparky

Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, lived in Santa Rosa for almost 40 years. In his cartoons, Sparky, as he was known, gave an enduring legacy of laughter and love to the globe.

Yet he also endowed Santa Rosa with institutions that would endure, educate, and delight future generations. Therefore, while in Santa Rosa, experience Peanuts-mania. It’s worth every chuckle, laugh, and selfie you take.

Museum of Charles M. Schulz

My first destination was the Charles M. Schulz Museum, my favorite museum in California. This lovely museum is intriguing, engaging, and constantly extending its collection and adding new exhibits. It is filled from top to bottom with the Peanuts gang and how they came to be.

During the day, a movie theater plays Peanuts movies and TV specials. There is a timetable available, and entrance is included with your ticket. The art area is another entertaining location where everyone may sketch their favorite Peanuts character. Snoopy is one of my favorite characters.

Snoopy’s Ice Cream

Redwood Empire Ice Arena, Snoopy’s Home Ice, is a professional ice facility that hosts pleasure skating, hockey, figure skating, and ice performances. The arena is open all year. What, no skates? There are rentals available. You can’t skate? Classes are provided for people of all ages. Snoopy himself comes here to skate; if you’re fortunate, you could spot him on the ice.

Throughout town, there are peanuts.

Peanuts on Parade, one of America’s longest-running art pieces, is located in Santa Rosa. The charming collection of fiberglass sculptures may be seen all across town. Peanuts figures stand five feet tall. Artists in the area created new identities for the shapes, bringing the white sculptures to life. The whole Peanuts clan was acquired and displayed by local businesses. A total of 200 sculptures were auctioned, raising $500,000 for art education.

Presently, there are 70 of these selfie-partners scattered across Santa Rosa. For a complete list of venues, see the Peanuts on Parade finder.

Sonoma County Museums

Sonoma County Museums is a county institution with two branches. The Art Museum and the History Museum, which are located next to each other, both contain permanent and rotating exhibitions. A sculpture park is also located between the two buildings.

The History Museum is housed in the former Santa Rosa Post Office. When an earthquake damaged much of downtown, the 1700-ton structure was relocated to its present site. The edifice was transported on stone rollers over a distance of 800 feet, which took more than 75 days.

Within are exhibits of artifacts from the First Peoples, the Bitakomtara, European settlers, early industry, and local history.

The art museum’s walls are adorned with the work of Sonoma County Contemporary painters. The Museum recently commemorated 35 years of contemporary art presentation with a collection of shows from the previous 35 years.

Historic District of St. Rose

After touring the Sonoma County Museums, take a brief walk through the St. Rose Historic District, a Victorian neighborhood. It is two streets northwest of downtown and just behind the Art Museum.

The history of these Victorian-era mansions, cottages, and flats is explained during a walking tour. Many were in the downtown area, which was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. Locals paid $1 to rescue the architectural treasures from the wrecking ball during city reconstruction. They were then relocated to the St. Rose District.

Sonoma County Children’s Museum is located in Sonoma, California.

You are welcome to the Childrens Museum of Sonoma County, regardless of your age. The exhibitions allow you to interact with them and learn about nature, science, art, and music.

The exhibit building is surrounded by a year-round garden. It is used to teach children about the origins of food and how to gather and prepare nature’s abundance.

The Luther Burbank Estate and Gardens

Luther Burbank Residence and Gardens is the source of more than 800 fruits, vegetables, nut trees, and flowers. You may have eaten or seen one of his plants today as a result of his decades of cross-breeding. Mr. Burbank’s remarkable horticultural creations include the Burbank Potato, the Shasta Daisy, Santa Rosa plums, and a spineless cactus.

Burbanks lived in Santa Rosa in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Burbanks Victorian home, greenhouse, and extensive gardens are open all year. There is a free audio self-tour accessible, as well as a nominal cost for a guided tour.

Center for Luther Burbank

The Luther Burbank Center is a venue for live performances. LBC is one of the top 100 live performance venues in the world, hosting top-tier national and international acts. Music, drama, visual arts, and courses are available all year. The objective of LBC is to give the community with accessible arts and family entertainment.

Railroad Station Square

At Santa Rosas center, Railroad Square is home to the railway station. In the late 1800s, the neighborhood was densely packed with warehouses and manufacturers. Raw materials were delivered, and completed things were delivered.

The historic warehouses that survived the 1906 earthquake have been converted into modern restaurants, bustling bars, and sophisticated stores. AC Hotel by Marriott will open in August 2020. The hotel combines Spanish traditions with European flair.

Join the Railroad Square Walking Tour to learn about the fascinating Victorian-era architecture.

Insider Tip: At the Railroad Square Train Station, take a day excursion to San Francisco.

Santa Rosa Liquors

What is your favorite drink? Santa Rosa can quench your hunger for wine, beer, spirits, coffee, or tea.

With over 495 wineries in Sonoma County, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Wineries range from small family-run operations to well-known international brands. The 25 craft brewers vary in size from micro to mega. Sonoma County is home to over 32 distilleries, with more on the way. There are three small-batch coffee roasters for caffeine addicts. There are also several independent coffee cafes. Most of the coffee shops had teas of various kinds.

Farmhouse in the middle of a vineyard

I couldn’t possibly mention all of the locations where you can find your favorite libation. The Santa Rosa Libations Handbook, on the other hand, can. Wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, kombucha, and yerba mate are all included. Take a sip!

Santa Rosa Bed and Breakfast

Art Gallery A completely new sleek and contemporary look. 36 rooms, two blocks from Courthouse Square.

Hotel E has a view of Courthouse Square. Eateries, breweries, farmers markets, entertainment, tasting rooms, and shopping are all within walking distance.

The Flamingo Hotel This historic resort and spa has been renovated. The pool, spa, rooms, restaurants, and lobby have all been reinvented and are excellent for a family or individual holiday.

How to Go to Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is about 50 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. STS (Charles M Schulz Sonoma County Airport) serves various large cities as well as smaller regionals.

At the airport, you may rent a vehicle. There is a railway station and bus stops nearby. The airports in San Francisco and Oakland are roughly an hour and a half apart from Santa Rosa.

Which of these top Santa Rosa activities do you want to attempt first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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