What To Do In Sebastopol CA | 5 Top Things To Do In Sebastopol

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Dreams, small-town charm, and California sunsets. The scent of delightful wine and fresh home-grown apples will lead you to the magical town of Sebastopol, which is situated between the Pacific Coast and the Russian River.

Let me to lead you around the wonderful culture of our town. I assure you will not be disappointed, not even by the pubs, nature, art galleries, stores, boutiques, restaurants, or street art. Every crucial part will be embraced by you.

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When it comes to dining, be sure to check out the 11 finest restaurants in Sebastopol.

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5 Incredible Things to Do in Sebastopol

Sebastopol Arts Center (SebArts)

(707-8294-797282 S. High Street)

I don’t want you to overlook SebArts because art is too essential not to share. Art unites us, takes us away from our mundane and practical existence, and transmits experiences across time and place.

This is the biggest center in California, located north of San Francisco. It is a non-profit organization that was created in 1988 that hosts exhibitions, courses, events, and performances.

The Sebastopol Center for Arts draws over 50,000 people every year because it is dedicated to offering excellent, award-winning arts that convey creativity and human passion. Moreover, they offer a venue for a variety of events for local, national, and worldwide artists, including musicians, filmmakers, and authors.

Below is a list of the services they offer:

  • A variety of classes, different for children, teens, and adults
  • Summer camps for children and summer programs for teens
  • Lectures led by noted experts
  • Annual Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
  • Online marketplace
  • Free admission to all SebArts Gallery exhibitions. Open gallery hours are Thursday-Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Open call for artists from all over the world

This center’s staff is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers, workers, contributors, and frequent visitors, which helps them grow more well-known and successful.

Mr. Barlow

McKinley St (707) 824 56006770

Maybe you’re searching for a great place to get some meal and go shopping. A nice area to spend a sunny day, with numerous pleasant fragrances around every turn.

The Barlow is a 12-acre outdoor market that sells regional and traditional foods, beer, wine, and crafts. This market began as an experiment in the autumn of 2012, and it has since become a destination for Sonoma County’s greatest restaurants, wines, distilleries, stores, and galleries.

Make a point of visiting the following Key locations:

  • Acre Pizza: They make delicious pizza using different baking techniques and use fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. I bet you can’t resist.
  • Lori Austin Gallery: Lori founded her gallery with her husband in 2018, but that is not the whole story. She has almost 30 years of experience operating retail galleries.
  • Barge North Company: Slow-fashioned, high-quality and eco-friendly clothes for women and men. Check it out if you have a thing for unique styling.
  • Crooked Goat Brewing: This is a low-budget, hometown brewery that offers more than 350 different types of beer. Save water, drink beer.
  • Spirit Works Distillery: A microdistillery that produces premium vodka, gin, and whiskey. They were awarded Distillery of the Year in July 2020.
  • Taylor Lane: The best organic coffees and teas.
  • Wm. Cofield Cheesemakers: Offers three tasty kinds of cheese made of organic milk from grass-fed cows. Don’t miss their cheddar because that is their specialty.
  • Patisserie Angelica: This bakery makes delightful pastries; cakes, macarons, scones, tea, croissants. Indeed, a lovely place if a delicate pastry is your thing.
  • Tibetan Gallery: In the Center of the Barlow lies a place where you can find out so much about the Tibetan culture through fantastic and authentic works of art. They are all made by Tashi Dargyal, who is passionate about classical Tibetan painting.

Regional Park Ragle Ranch

Ragle Road (707) 823 7262500 Ragle Rd

Ragle Ranch Regional Park has 3.56 miles of trails, soccer fields, volleyball and tennis courts, dog parks, picnic areas, and is a favorite bird-watching location.

It has a 500 Ragle Road entrance and comprises 157 acres on the west side of town. There are paved, wheelchair-accessible pathways as well as accessible playgrounds and spaces throughout the park. Hiking, cycling, and horseback riding are all possible on the unpaved routes.

I believe that a day spent in this park would be enjoyable for everyone. It may be you and your family, your dog, or just you. Each of you has a variety of enjoyable activities to choose from.

According to research, spending one day every week in nature benefits our mental health. It alleviates anxiety and tension, improves focus and creativity, and helps us to connect with others. In our contemporary lives, we are easily distracted by routines.

The Junk Art Museum of Patrick Amiot

(707) 824 9388

We’re back to art, and your next stop should be the Patrick Amiot Junk Art Museum.

Patrick Amiot, a Canadian sculptor, lives and works in Montreal. He and his wife, Brigitte Laurent, reside in Sebastopol, California. They make their own universe out of old and discarded things, full of ingenuity and abstraction.

According to Patrick, the whole objective of his job is to exalt these items since they have their own soul. After a hubcap has gone millions of miles on a truck and has seen the plains in the winter and the scorching summer asphalt, when it is done traveling with that vehicle and finds itself at the scrapyard, I like to utilize it. From the day it was made until today, this hubcap, or whatever piece of metal it is, has a significant history. And I want to believe that the spirits of all of these objects enjoyed extraordinary lives. They could tell you great tales if they could speak to you.

They are significant words. Patrick is a visionary artist who seems to be non-materialistic and very creative.

Vineyards Iron Horse

707-887-15079786 Ross Station Rd

Life is too short to waste on terrible wine. Therefore, let me to show you to one of Sebastopol’s best vineyards. It’s tranquil, quiet, and lovely. The views from Iron Horse Vineyards are breathtaking. The whole setting is reminiscent of a storybook.

Iron Horse Vineyards was founded in 1976 by Audrey and Barry Sterling, and it is still run as a small, family company, despite its worldwide success. They even collaborate with National Geographic to create a limited-edition Blanc de Blancs called Ocean Reserve. One bottle of Ocean Reserve contributes $4 to the protection of marine life.


This vineyard has a wine store as well as wine sampling in their exquisite garden. They only manufacture three varieties of wine from their estate-grown grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and sparkling wines.

They are well renowned for their sparkling wines, of which they have nine varieties among the 25 they sell. You can see it on their website, which we linked to above, and even get it from their webshop.

This place is a true find. It delivers more than just wine; it also provides an experience. You should remember to make a reservation since they only function with reservations.

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Last thoughts

Sebastopol is a must-see for everyone who is adventurous, inquisitive about cultures, and interested in cuisine, wine, art, and environment. When you are sick and weary of ordinary life, this is the ideal vacation. It will captivate you with its simplicity and vitality.

I’m sure there are many more places to visit in this lovely town, but I did my best to compile a list of the best-reviewed and most popular areas. Or maybe you might inform me whether I was correct when you come to Sebastopol. Could you please do it for me?

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