What to Do in Stowe Vermont | 10 Greatest Things to Do in Stowe Vermont

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Stowe, Vermont is a charming, little community located in the midst of the Green Mountains. Mansfield, Powwow, and Sprague Peak are three high peaks from Vermont’s famed Green Mountain range that encircle it. The town is attractive and old, and it provides everything you might want in a holiday, from tranquil, breathtaking vistas to thrilling activities.

Whatever your reason for visiting, Stowe is an excellent choice for a family vacation or a romantic break.

You could easily spend a week here, and you’re just 20 minutes from neighboring Burlington (for shopping) and 45 minutes from Montpelier (to go to all those Ben & Jerrys Factory Tours that your kids have been begging for). Not to mention Cabot Creamery!

Looking for a place to eat when visiting Stowe, Vermont? Check out the following articles to learn about the must-try eateries in Stowe and the 7 Best Breweries in Stowe!

When in Stowe, don’t miss out on the following activities that will let you immerse yourself in the city (get them while they’re hot!):

  • Stowe, Vermont: Half-Day Local Brewery Tour

The Top 10 Things to Do in Stowe, Vermont

Stowe Zip Tour

Stowe Mountain Resort (435) 336-8800

Do you want to fly over the skies like a bird? Are you planning a trip to Stowe, Vermont, but don’t have the time or physical capacity to trek up Mount Mansfield (Vermont’s highest peak and the location of Stowe Mountain Resort)?

You have a variety of transportation alternatives, including gondolas, chairlifts, and zip lines.

Zip-lining, or flying down a mountain slope on a zipline, is a thrilling activity, as the name suggests. The Stowe ZipTour in Vermont offers riders stunning vistas of the Green Mountains throughout the adventure, making it one of the most beautiful and enjoyable things to do in Stowe.

You and your buddy will go at around 40 mph through an old-growth forest, traversing five suspension bridges and four zip lines between towers.

The trip up the mountain offers a panoramic view of the Green Mountains. There are various hiking routes that go to the peak and a restaurant when the gondola stops. Several little waterfalls cascade down Mt. Mansfield into the lowlands below. This provides for beautiful photos that you will undoubtedly like, capturing wonderful memories of Stowe.

Scenic Boat Tours with Autumn Foliage

Waterbury Road (802) 253-73462703 Waterbury Rd

Enjoy the stunning display of autumn colors while taking in the picturesque views provided by the reservoir and surrounding mountains. Autumn Foliage Scenic Boat Tours provides a pleasant experience amid the autumn foliage. The landscape is breathtaking, and the leaf tour is a must-do in Stowe during the autumn season.

Waterbury Reservoir is 860 acres in size, bordered by the Adirondack Mountains, and provides a variety of recreational activities throughout the year, including fishing and boating.

The stunning sights of a vivid autumn setting in Stowe fill the journey from Burlington into the gorgeous Winooski River and via the Mount Snow Ski Resort. During your picnic lunch, you’ll wind your way around the Bolton Valley Reservoir, affording you a spectacular view of Vermont’s autumn colors in full bloom.

Since a customized pontoon boat can seat up to 16 people, this picturesque boat journey is ideal for singles or couples. The boat tour also includes refreshments and drinks to be consumed on board. When you’re wondering what to do in Stowe, the Autumn Foliage Scenic Boat excursions have a lot to offer.

See New England’s autumn colors, animals, and natural landscapes from a new viewpoint. In a 19th century classic Algonquin fishing boat, you may get a fantastic exercise, let off some steam, and enjoy nice food and company. As you ride over the waters of the historic Waterbury Reservoir, take in the breathtaking vistas of southern Vermont’s undulating hills, valleys, and mountains.

This autumn foliage excursion allows you to see nature with new eyes at one of the most beautiful periods of the year. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for autumn activities in Stowe that should not be missed!

Trapp Family Resort

700 Trapp Hill Road 800 826-7000

In Stowe, Vermont, the Trapp Family Lodge exudes Austrian charm. It’s also really memorable. Whether or not you like The Sound of Music, you can’t help but be enchanted by the lodge’s globally recognized narrative. This quaint hotel has an on-site beer hall and a variety of outdoor activities.

The Trapp Family Lodge is a must-see attraction in Vermont. If your family wishes to go away to the mountains, this is the ideal location. The lodge was erected in 1940 as a skier’s inn, but it was quickly acquired by the von Trapp family (whose tale was portrayed and elaborated upon in the film The Sound of Music).

Now, this is an Austrian-inspired residence with stunning views of Stowe. In addition, visitors may participate in a variety of activities. This offers winter skiing and fun, summer sports and hiking, free bike rentals year-round, and water activities at adjacent Lake Champlain.

You can let your inner kid run wild at the Trapp Family Lodge! This is one of the main attractions in Stowe, Vermont, so don’t forget to check out the lodge while you’re there.

Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

Phone: (800) 253-22321746 Mountain Rd

If you’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon but never had the courage to do so, you should take advantage of this chance and go on an experience in one of the state’s most picturesque aerial sites.

Interested about taking a hot air balloon ride over Stowe, Vermont? The scenery are spectacular, and the unique Stowe area experiences are well worth the journey. Stoweflake Resort has it everything, including sunrise hot air balloon rides over Thomas Land and beyond.

The hot air balloon flight not only provides magnificent views of the region, but it also provides visitors and residents with an activity to enjoy together in a setting that emphasizes Vermont’s natural beauty. It’s a really one-of-a-kind way to experience the attractions in Stowe.

If you’ve never been on a hot air balloon ride, you’re in for a treat. That is certainly an experience. Fly above Stowe Mountain Resort in a Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon and see the splendor of Vermont’s winter for yourself.

The Stowe Vermont Ride in a Hot Air Balloon tour, located at Stoweflake Mountain Resort, provides a unique trip over the gorgeous terrain of the Green Mountains with stunning views of the Northeast Kingdom’s most valued landscapes, from farms to mountain peaks. This is a must-do experience in Stowe for young and elderly alike.

The Long Path Hike

Waterbury-Stowe Road (802) 244-70374711 Waterbury-Stowe Road

The Long Trail is a 165-mile wilderness hiking trail that runs through Vermont’s Green Mountains, covering the distance between Boston and Montreal. It was James P. Taylor’s concept that formed the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail.

It is maintained by roughly 800 volunteers from various trail groups and is organized by the Green Mountain Club and part of Vermont’s park system, featuring day use fields, camping areas, and shelters along the route.

The Long Trail covers 155 miles of Vermont’s Green Mountains, which are wild, rough, and spectacular. It is the state’s oldest long-distance hiking route, having been established in 1910 to provide a wilderness walk for city dwellers.

It follows spectacular mountain peaks, cliffs, and panoramas as well as fauna such as moose, bobcat, and black bear.

The Long Trail’s aim has not changed throughout time: to offer outdoor leisure options in a natural environment. It offers an incredible panoramic view of the region and is a must-try while in Stowe.

Sleigh and carriage rides with the Gentle Giants

Mountain Rd (802) 253-22164000

Nothing beats a horse-drawn Victorian sleigh and carriage ride through the snow-covered pear orchards of Vermont’s Mad River Valley.

On a crisp winter day, snuggled beneath blankets against the cold, there is no better way to spend an afternoon or evening in December than traveling in a carriage with your special someone, taking in the spectacular beauty of snow-covered farmlands and picturesque towns.

Stowe Vermont Gentle Giants, the country’s oldest and biggest carriage business, is conveniently situated one mile from Stowe Ski Resort.

Gentle Giants provides a unique, uncomplicated, and secure carriage ride in the Stowe region. A pair of strong yet kind Belgian and Percheron horses drive open-air, capacious carriages for up to two people.

On a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh, tour the lovely, historic hamlet of Stowe, Vermont. You will experience the breathtaking grandeur of your surroundings while sitting back and relaxing in their original carriages or sleighs, which are ideal for festivities, family vacations, romantic getaways, and picture opportunities. It may not be a one-horse open sleigh, but it is something to do in Stowe during the winter.

802-253-894317 Town Farm Lane

A visit to the Stowe Vermont West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Garden is not complete without a stop in Vermont. The gallery, which houses some of the greatest world-class contemporary art in a serene rural location, offers an intimate atmosphere in which to let art work inspire.

The 440-piece West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Garden collection is on display all year. The gallery’s lofty ceilings, great lighting, and nooks and crannies allow for a meandering study of the various art treasures housed therein.

A sculpture park with stone and metal works is located outside, amid rolling grass, trees, and a river. Sculptures are only accessible by invitation to demonstrate that they are completed and for sale. A second-story deck surrounds the big outdoor area, from where you may enjoy your lunch or snack while taking in panoramic views of the Adirondack Mountains.

Whether you came for the gallery or the sculpture garden, you’ll find yourself tapping your toes to the beat of a lovely Vermont day. Come early and bring your camera since you’ll want to stay longer than you anticipated. You’ll want to bring something home to remind you of your Stowe trip.

Bingham Canyon

Mountain Road, 802-253-72216524-6892

In Stowe, Vermont, Bingham Falls is a popular swimming place. The 72-acre site is part of Mount Mansfield State Park, and the waterfalls attract over one million tourists each year. There are several hiking and snowshoe routes to explore, and some people even opt to climb Bingham Falls!

There are multiple waterfalls, deep natural swimming pools, hiking routes, and picnic sites along the falls that lead to an overlook.

Bingham Falls, with its torrents of water dropping approximately 100 feet over steep terrain, is a popular hiking site. The park has almost 17 miles of trails and is well-known for its deep, natural ponds that are ideal for swimming.

Tourists often picnic at the falls’ foot or climb the nearby rocks to learn about the geological phenomena that generated them. Plan a trip to Bingham Falls one of your Stowe afternoon activities.

Stowe Golf Course

Mountain Road (802) 253-71591613 Mountain Road

The Stowe Golf Park, located on the opposite side of Montpelier, is a miniature golf course designed to seem like a real golf course.

The layout is reminiscent of miniature golf, with twisting courses and hazards eager to wreck your putts. Although there are windmills, water hazards, and one of those enormous forts that kids love to climb on, the Stowe Golf Park was created by actual golf professionals.

These obstacles are ideally situated for genuine play and have been individually tested by the park’s owner.

The 4,300-square-foot course has four par-3 holes and one par-5 hole. From the tee, each hole provides a unique approach to play. Balls may be rolled down slopes and through mazes of artfully groomed bushes by the more athletic or brave players. Others may choose to navigate minor tunnel-like obstacles or simple rolling greens.

This is a wonderful spot to visit if you’re searching for family entertainment in Stowe.

Pizzeria and Lounge Piecasso

Mountain Road (802) 253-44111899 Mountain Rd

Most of us can agree on two things: Vermonters appreciate a good slice of pizza, and the options for finding that slice in Stowe have shrunk in recent years. Piecasso Pizzeria and Lounge bridges the gap between the simple pie shops that dot the downtown streets and the always changing roster of restaurants that dominate the mountain resort town’s famous dining scene.

Piecasso Pizzeria and Lounge has been serving excellent hand-tossed gourmet pizzas to the Stowe community for over 16 years.

While Piecasso was one of Stowe’s first restaurants, it had remained practically untouched throughout the past 20 years, with an antiquated d├ęcor, and had become an out-of-place closed eyesore inside the city. Now, after many years of laying unoccupied, local restaurateur and owner Eduardo Rovetto is bringing the property back to life.

Check out The Top Seven Restaurants in Stowe for more information about the greatest cuisine restaurants in Stowe, Vermont!

Stowe, Vermont, is a tiny, independent town at the foot of the Green Mountains. Even though it has evolved into the most coveted vacation region in New England, the village has managed to keep its uniqueness and charm.

Stowe is now a thriving year-round attraction with an urban center filled with restaurants, hotels, stores, galleries, and entertainment, as well as natural areas where horses may range freely on the slope.

But be assured, there is never a lack of things to do in Stowe!

Which of these top things to do in Stowe, Vermont do you want to do the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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