What To Do In Temecula CA | 10 Incredible Things To Do

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Temecula Valley is a Southern California region famed for its wineries and rolling hills. You will discover a quiet and laid-back attitude here, away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Temecula was founded in 1843 as Rancho Temecula, a Spanish land grant, and is today recognized for its wonderful shopping complexes, spas, wine tasting facilities, and magnificent restaurants.

Temecula Valley, nestled amid the undulating hills at the foot of the Palomar Mountain Range, is one of Southern California’s top locations for world-class wine.

Foreign visitors are rapidly discovering Temecula’s attractions, which include wonderful shopping, award-winning spas, peaceful day excursions to wine country, and much more!

Temecula is a wonderful destination for wine connoisseurs. Yet it does not end there. Wine Country attractions, as well as superb hotel, eating, and retail options, making this city an ideal destination for travellers.

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The Top 10 Things To Do In Temecula

Tour Old Town Temecula

Temecula’s La Serena Way

Old Town Temecula is the place to be whether you’re in Temecula for business or pleasure. This charming town has reinvented itself as a tourist attraction by attracting local businesses while protecting the historical treasures inside its bounds. Temecula offers a variety of activities ranging from brewery tours to wine tasting.

Why not take advantage of the fact that this city boasts the most vineyards per capita in California?

Old Town Temecula exhibits the finest of the area’s wares, with a plethora of stores allowing the best of the region to shine.

Thus, if you want to take a break from your hectic routine, there are at least four breweries inside City Limits that will tickle your palate while listening to live music.

Look around the Old Town Temecula Farmers Market.

+17607287343 Temecula’s Old Town Front Street and 6th Street

The Old Town Temecula Certified Farmers Market is a popular weekend event in the Temecula Valley.

Among the attractions are works by local artists and artisans, foreign food vendors, and a one-of-a-kind display of plants and flowers.

There are over forty certified California farmers on the premises, and a wide range of products, including organic food and conventionally farmed commodities, are available.

Every Saturday morning, the market is open with street parking available.

Pay a visit to the Temecula Valley Museum.

Temecula, CA +1951694645028314 Mercedes St

The Valley Museum, which contains displays that chronicle some of Temecula’s most significant historical events from its discovery to the present, is one of the greatest things to do in Temecula.

The museum has three permanent exhibitions, featuring old agricultural equipment, handmade objects, pictures, and historical papers.

The museum is kid-friendly, with an interactive exploration section where kids may let wild. Visitors visiting the museum may expect to see plenty of hands-on exhibitions, interesting reading material about the area’s history, and plenty of free parking.

The family-friendly museum has a children’s exploration section as well as a picnic space.

Also, for a modest price, the museum provides weekly walking tours of Old Town Temecula; reservations are required in advance to assure a space.

Pay a visit to The Leoness Cellars.

Temecula, CA +1951302760138311 De Portola Rd

Leoness Cellars was established in 2002 on a mountaintop overlooking Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards on twenty acres.

Its stunning vista makes Leoness a popular wedding destination and a popular location for family photographs.

Wine tours are available at the winery, and corporate team-building activities should be booked in advance. The Leoness gift store and onsite restaurant are open for lunch and supper on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. At the gift store, you may buy wine, accessories, and clothing.

Pay a visit to Wiens Family Cellars.

Temecula, +1951694989235055 Via Del

Wiens Family Cellars, which was founded in 2001, is known for its big reds.

Every day, guests are invited to try the winery’s red, white, and dessert wines from the tasting room. Those who like red wines may also see the working cellar production area and sample limited production and reserve wines.

The beautiful grounds are ideal for picnics, and visitors may have their meal brought to the deli.

Wiens aspires to provide customized hospitality and, most importantly, a friendly ambiance where everyone can relax and have fun together, in addition to award-winning wines.

Catch A Performance At Pechanga Theater

Temecula, +1877711294645000 Pechanga Pkwy

The Pechanga Theater in Temecula, California, has long been a favorite. It’s even a favorite hangout for Pechanga Resort and Casino visitors. This attractively built theater is situated in The Pechanga Resort’s lively entertainment sector.

It holds concerts, Broadway productions, stand-up comedy acts, and musicals on a regular basis.

There are 1200 permanent seats in addition to a well equipped sound and lighting system. Patrons may buy snacks and alcoholic drinks in the foyer before and during intermissions.

Children under the age of 17 must always be accompanied by an adult while attending events containing adult material. Unless otherwise specified, all ages are welcome.

Pay a visit to the Vindemia Estate Winery.

Temecula Vista Del Monte Road +1951760933433133

Vindemia Estate Winery, situated in Temecula, California, is a family-owned and run winery that makes wine for both customers and companies. The estate’s vineyards were planted in 2005 and have expanded to around 10 acres.

The proprietors of Vindemias are enthusiastic about organic farming. The US Department of Agriculture has recognized them as sustainable under the California Certified Organic Growers program, and the Global Animal Partnership has verified them as animal welfare acceptable.

Vindemia wines are exclusively sold at Vindemia since it is a small winery. But, you are welcome to try wines in the outdoor tasting room, and you are urged to bring your food to have an alfresco dinner in the estates rose garden.

Dripping Springs Trail Hike

CA-79, Aguanga, CA 92536

The route passes through pristine landscape, offering views of the 18,000-acre Agua Tibia Wilderness (close to Palomar Mountain).

Together with breathtaking canyons and gurgling streams, there are tall oaks, Coulter pines, Douglas firs, and plenty of desert scrub.

If you opt to trek the Dripping Springs Trail, keep in mind that it is a lengthy journey. The path is fourteen miles long and takes roughly eight hours to finish. If you choose to do just a portion of the work, plan your path ahead of time.

There are many ways to get to the Dripping Springs Trail from the nature center. To begin, you may go north or south along Sunrise Highway’s access road, which is situated at the southernmost terminus of Sunrise Highway.

Each trail takes around fifteen minutes to explore. In case you were wondering, various side paths may divert your attention away from this one.

Fly Over The Valley with a Hot Air Balloon

Temecula, CA +1866365698731963 Rancho California Rd

Children may enjoy hot air balloon flights in Temecula, but one activity is especially enticing.

Every May, Temecula has a hot air balloon festival, and if you chance to be in Temecula during this month, do not miss this event or going on a balloon.

From the basket of your hot air balloon, you’ll be able to view all of the vineyards, citrus trees, and rolling hills that surround the valley.

Often, hot air balloon flights include gourmet lunches, champagne for adults, and group photos. This is one of the most memorable things to do in Temecula, therefore I highly suggest it.

Pay a visit to the Doffo Winery.

Temecula, CA +1951676698936083 Summitville St

Doffo Winery is a family-owned and run company that produces small batches of high-quality wines. They plant and harvest grapes and play classical music to relax the grapes as they mature.

They commit themselves to their property and the surrounding community by participating in several charities, such as the Junior League of Greater Los Angeles and neighborhood clean-up days.

Since one of the owners has a love for antique motorbikes, it is one of the highlights of people’s trips to the property.

The vineyard has a tasting area where you can try handcrafted wines, as well as a tour bus that provides you an unique look at the site.

The Top 10 Incredible Things To Do In Temecula

Temecula has a lot to see and do. You need a background that is both stunning and exciting for your shots. The city has numerous striking vistas since it is built on hills. As a result, if you’re planning a vacation to Southern California soon, Temecula should be on your itinerary.

Take your camera or phone with you while visiting local vineyards or touring in the early morning to obtain the greatest images.

Hiking paths, vineyards where you can observe how wine is made, many golf courses for those who want a challenge after their trek, and many museums and cultural attractions are all conveniently accessible in this city. Overall, there are a lot of things to do in Temecula; make sure you do at least half of these top 10!

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