Where to Dine in Baxter, Minnesota | 7 Top Baxter MN Restaurants

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Baxter, the second-largest city in the Brainerd Lakes Area, is located just north of Minnesota’s geographic center. It was founded in 1939 and named after Luther Baxter, a Northern Pacific Railroad attorney, Civil War colonel, and member of the Minnesota Legislature.

Tourism is one of the region’s most important industries, with a focus on cycling in the summer and ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter.

There is always delicious cuisine where there is tourists. Several of the restaurants in Baxter, MN are situated on an access road, Edgewood Drive, so call ahead and ask for the easiest street to get to from the interstate.

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7 Best Restaurants in Baxter, Minnesota

Christmas Point Wild Rice Company, Inc.

The phone number is 218-828-0603 and the address is 14803 Edgewood Dr.

It may assist to be on Santa’s good list in order to be brought to Christmas Point. Don’t allow the shop take your attention away from your meal. Shopping is accessible both before and after the performance and is strongly encouraged. Maybe it’s a grown-up Cracker Barrel; the shopping could even bring you through the door.

All year long, enjoy the sight and feel of Christmas. Feel the rough wood on the chair rungs and holiday-colored oars, touch the cozy sweater wools, and see everything you need for Christmas at the cabin. They offer two levels full of gorgeous and helpful products for the Christmas season and all year.

The drink selections are the only thing that vary with the seasons. Don’t be shocked if pumpkin spice runs out quickly in the autumn. It’s that well-known. Yet, hot chocolate and peppermint may be obtained throughout the Christmas season.

As you go in, you’ll notice how much sweets and fudge they have. Sweet Store USA it is. From chocolate-covered cherries and pretzels to German chocolate cake to authentic Minnesota treats like milk cashew grizzly, there’s something for everyone.

They have one of the biggest fudge displays I’ve seen outside of a free-standing fudge business. Vanilla, strawberry, rocky road, chocolate, chewy praline, and amaretto chocolate swirl are among the flavors available. You may like it so much that you purchase it online for your house. Check to see whether the deal is still available. Purchase four squares and get two squares for free (mention this article, and the manager said theyd honor it).

After that are the dessert options, which include two and three-tiered gourmet cakes, such as their gorgeous three-tier lemon cake. One slice comfortably serves four people who want something sweet after lunch.

You’ll be reminded of your favorite coffee shops as you approach the beverage counter. They have various choices, and if you stand to the right of the cashier’s counter, you can see the employees perform their magic.

But, you will pick up the menu and place your order at the main counter. You may want to take your time, so bring the menu with you to a table and settle down to consider your selections.

They feature a soup of the day that is served in a bowl or cup size, as well as many ways to present their great chicken salad croissant, wrap, or salad.

As vegetarian choices, they also provide a grilled veggie panini and a Mediterranean-grilled wrap.

While their chicken salad is the most renowned, the Reuben, Smoked Turkey Apple Brie Panini (or any of the other paninis), and Tuscan Turkey Melt are all popular among residents. You just cannot go wrong.

The gluten-free alternatives are clearly marked. The five salads are available with or without croutons.

Select your food, pay at the counter, and grab your napkins, silverware, and drink from separate stations. There is glassed-in sheltered sitting, but it is not heated. If you visit outside of the dead of winter, it is comfortable.

The amounts are large enough to fill you up, which may be detrimental to their dessert and candy counters. Consider serving at least one dessert every party; it’s well worth the additional calories and completely delightful. The meals are excellent, but it is the desserts that elevate this to the top of the Baxter restaurant list.

Prairie Bay Restaurant

115 Edgewood Drive (218)824-64415115 Edgewood Drive

If you and your family can’t decide what to eat for supper, you should travel to Prairie Bay. This neighborhood favorite provides something for everyone. They provide food for everyone, including meat eaters, vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, and even celiac vegans.

Moreover, it is a highly green restaurant dedicated to sustainable living. To give fresh, nutritional alternatives, they purchase locally and cultivate vegetables in their own garden, so the menu changes seasonally.

If you have a big appetite, inquire whether the pretzel is offered as an appetizer. It comes with an intriguing mix of cheeses and berries, enough to take home, and it tastes fantastic reheated (if you dont finish it off in the car).

To begin, choose from ahi tuna tostadas, spicy pork satay, or coconut shrimp. Instead, you may have lobster salad spring rolls, char su duck breast, or whiskey battered onion rings.

The drunken hummus is maybe the most unique. It’s Bloody Mary Hummus with English cucumber, celery, brandied tomatoes, crumbled feta, pickled red onion, and toasted Naan.

Street tacos are a great way to continue your build-your-own trend. Pick your protein, then three toppings, and finally your shells. Done.

The Asian chicken salad is one of their most popular meals. If you’re picky, ask for the dressing on the side, but I felt that they blended their dressing in exactly the appropriate balance to the salad and chicken.

Try their Reuben, one of their burgers, a sophisticated grilled cheese, or a balsamic with chicken. There is usually something heightened about a food you grew up with.

There are six salad options, each of which may be customized with steak, chicken, shrimp, vegan sausage or chorizo, huge scallops, or Unagi seasoned tofu. Do you see what I mean? Options.

After 4 p.m., they serve four bowls and five homemade meals.

Feeling like an Italian? Make your own bruschetta, or choose a wood-fired pizza from one of eleven selections, or one of three pasta meals. The lobster ravioli is a must-order.

Their doughnut dessert plate is outstanding. They give you nine doughnuts to dip in a cutting board with selections ranging from coconut to almond, chocolate or caramel, or raspberry.

This is a terrific spot to dine in Baxter if you want to make your own dishes based on your own preferences.

371 Diner

218-829-33561501 Edgewood Drive

If you’re interviewing in the area, your recruiter will almost certainly take you to 371 Diner for breakfast. That’s how fantastic it is. There’s a pleasant buzz in the air from the old-school diner vibe and noises, with the scent of both fried meals and healthy cuisine.

They serve breakfast all day and offer the finest brunch steak and eggs. You’ll be full till your lunch meeting if you add hash browns.

Apart from breakfast, they provide specialities such as the Country Ranch Texan Melt, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and Chicken Bacon Buffalo Sandwich with Batter Bits, which comes with a dill pickle.

In addition to their normal menu items, they offer a burger of the week. You may go every day and eat a new and intriguing lunch.

Enjoy the gourmet grilled chicken sandwich with delicious onion rings. Add mushrooms, sautéed onions, garlic, and your preferred cheese (Swiss is best) and you’re ready to go.

Is there room for dessert? Choose from their seasonal offerings. The fudge cake with raspberry icing is decadent in every way. A cup of coffee or tea goes well with the coffee cake, which may be a meal in itself. But, if they have the peanut butter fudge chocolate cake, you may want to get that before your dinner.

The staff is really pleasant and knows all of their regulars. If you are receptive to it, people will rapidly come to know you while you are new.

It’s clean, pleasant, and welcoming. A wonderful spot to visit and feel at ease. And a terrific location to eat in Baxter, Minnesota.

Baxter Grizzlys Wood-Fired Grill

Edgewood Dr N (218) 822-387715159

From the hostess welcome to the open wood fire, you’ll sense the warmth the moment you walk inside Grizzlys. Lights and wreaths are placed around the restaurant and bar sections throughout the holidays. Booths and tables with seats for up to 10 people are spread around the venue for convenience.

The Grizzly Skins, potato wedges covered with standard toppings, and the big pretzel that looks like a peace sign and is the greatest one I’ve tasted in the neighborhood, are the most popular appetizers. It was just transformed from multiple pretzel logs.

A hot artichoke dip, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Wood-Roasted Quesadillas, Texan Egg Rolls, Bacon & Onion Jam Brussel Sprouts, Firecracker Shrimp, and boneless chicken wings are among the other appetizers. and wood-fired wings with five sauce options.

They have a variety of rotisserie chicken and rib selections that are all highly recommended, and if you don’t want to rip your chicken off the bone, try the classic chicken tacos with black beans and roasted corn salsa.

Are you looking for a terrific lightweight option? On the main menu, there are five salads, as well as a wild rice soup and a chili choice. Pick the Apple Pecan Salad, which includes fresh romaine, chopped apples, toasted pecans, grapes, and bleu cheese crumbles (if they have them) with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Do you need additional protein? Grizzlys wood-roasted chicken is an excellent addition.

Nevertheless, if you get the combination sandwich and salad, I found that there was enough chicken on the taco to get me through the salad.

If you go for lunch on a weekday, their specials include a soup, salad, and sandwich or taco. Pick between a soup and salad for one price (add protein or modify a side dish for a little fee), a soup and sandwich for another, and a salad and sandwich for a third. All of their greatest dishes are available, including a crispy chicken wrap.

The chicken tacos with apple pecan salad were my option for this excursion. The raspberry vinaigrette they provide is the greatest I’ve ever eaten. The taco, a heavier dish with the smoke from the wood roasting, with the light, super-fresh vegetables in the salad the apples were still sharp, the grapes squirting their wonderful juices around the romaine a great break from the arugula in the taco.

Do yourself a favor and eat the taco first, followed by the salad. Delicious.

My vegetarian companion had two shrimp tacos with chicken and wild rice soup. The tacos were delicious and not too heavy, although they required a little rearranging to evenly spread the onions and pico at the bottom.

The soup was wonderfully cooked, but be warned: it is really creamy and thick. If that’s your thing, I strongly suggest the two pairs.

They serve sandwiches and tacos ranging from BBQ beef brisket to pulled pork, as well as their finest rotisserie chicken.

Pasta, walleye, and steaks are among their other faves. With house-made mac & cheese and fresh Norwegian salmon, practically everyone should be able to find something to their liking.

Are you ready to wash away the stresses of the day? They have a good wine list and a good beer variety. Try the whiskey sour, barrel-aged old fashions, southside (aviation gin, fresh mint, sugar, and soda), Triple Manhattan, or Kentucky Peach Tea (including Jim Beam Peach Bourbon). There are also five distinct margaritas, gin and rum-based Titanic Teas, Bloody Marys, and three different mojitos to choose from.

Isn’t that enough? Choose from one of four mules: Moscow, Irish, Minnesota, or Kentucky. Only you’ll know if your Moscow Mule Copper mug contains vodka, Jameson whiskey, or Jim Beam bourbon.

Is there room for dessert? You must be bringing a to-go container with you.

They do offer a handmade cheesecake that regulars who enjoy cheesecake appreciate. If you don’t like cheesecake, there’s a Cold Stone Creamery just across the parking lot.

According to sources, they are negotiating with the owner to increase the dessert menu. Honestly, the raspberry vinaigrette would go well with vanilla bean ice cream.

Whatever your culinary preferences, this top Baxter, MN restaurant has something for you. You can’t stand missing the Grizzlies.

Catering by Baxter

Phone: (218) 829-17397788 Fairview Road

This is another Baxter restaurant that serves breakfast all day; when you go in, it seems like you’re in a rural kitchen.

It’s the restaurant where your folks used to eat. And perhaps even took you there. If this is the case, it will feel quite familiar. With the registration out in front and the ability to choose your table or booth, it has a charming, down-home atmosphere. The personnel is all kind, and many of them wear LED tags with changeable messages.

If you have a bigger party, each person should choose something different so that everyone gets a taste of everything.

The Belgian waffle with bacon and eggs is a hearty breakfast. The syrup is delicious and plenty. The waffle is light and fluffy, and it disappears swiftly. The eggs were produced according to our demands and were very much appreciated.

The shrimp in the basket are breaded and fried, and they are quite little. The server had predicted 8 or 9 shrimp, but there were many more, much tiny, popcorn shrimp-style. The fries that came with it were hot and excellent.

When asked to choose between the burger and the BLT, the waitress suggested the BLT, which was offered on white, wheat, or sourdough bread. It might also be wrapped. If desired, the bacon may be cooked very crispy, and the strips include more meat than fat. Asking them to put mayonnaise on it sounded hazardous at the moment, and it seemed that they had used more mayonnaise than I was used to, but the result was properly proportionate and delightful.

If you like breakfast at any time of day, this is one of the greatest eateries in Baxter.

Restaurant and Black Bear Lodge

The phone number is (218) 828-8400, and the address is 14819 Edgewood Drive.

The enormous fireplace and chandeliers with black bearskins and cabin characteristics throughout this cozy, folksy eatery. Enter and either go left into the bar or right into the restaurant.

Tables or booths are available for seating. If you have a big company, contact ahead to book the tables in front of the stoves. Two groups were there when we arrived, and they had a great time.

They feature a standard menu as well as a specials sheet. There is also a gluten-free menu available.

Appetizers include bruschetta, cheese curds (which are similar to mozzarella sticks, only smaller), and loaded bear chips, which are potato chips coated with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and pepperoncini peppers instead of potato skins.

There are three soups, four salads, and three pasta selections.

The menu includes burgers & sandwiches, tacos, prime ribs, and steaks.

The shrimp tacos were battered and quite standard for the region. The rice pilaf was also delicious.

The steak and potatoes were wonderful, as were the carrots from the vegetable medley.

Each steak or dinner entree comes with a garden salad and your choice of a side dish from baked potatoes, loaded baked potatoes, au gratin potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, or wild rice pilaf.

If you want to have a cabin experience with your pals, cuddle up in the booths or relax in front of the fire and order one of their specials or regular meals. Whatever option you choose, you will like this Baxter, MN eatery.

The Lodge’s Baxter Bar & Grill

Phone: (218) 822-56346967 Lake Forest Road

This restaurant, not to be mistaken with the Baxter Grill & Bar, is situated on the outskirts of the Arrowwood complex, which also contains a hotel and a water park. If you’re at one of those places, you’re in luck since there’s fantastic cuisine nearby.

The pretzel bits are their most popular appetizer. There are plenty for a party of three or four, served with a hot cheese sauce (which is labeled as white but appears more like a yellow cheddar to me). They’re fast, simple, and tasty.

It’s bar food, delivered quickly and pleasantly.

The burger was cooked to order, and the pickles were a tart dill. Bacon is available on practically every burger, and you may customize your order by adding or removing toppings.

The shrimp taco dish was aesthetically pleasing, well-proportioned, and vibrant.

We haven’t located a restaurant in Baxter that serves shrimp tacos that my pescatarian enjoys. They’re all battered and fried, and they’re all bland. I’m not sure how they manage to stink up the vehicle even when they’re taken to be doctored at home. Someone more knowledgeable about shellfish than I am informs me that this signifies they are not fresh. It’s not surprising in Minnesota during the winter. And the majority of people like the way they are prepared.

On the day we arrived, they did provide sweets, including a build-your-own sundae and a crme brulee.

If you visit Baxter, you’ll have lots of places to dine while enjoying your leisure activities. You can’t go wrong when it comes to picking where to eat in Baxter. With all of these top Baxter eateries, eating your way across town is a gourmet delight.

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