Where to Dine in Bronx’s East Tremont Neighborhood | 7 Top East Tremont Restaurants

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The East Tremont part of the Bronx is a neighborhood in the borough’s south-central region, immediately north of Crotona Park. This area is sometimes mistaken with the South Bronx, however the two are unrelated and quite distinct. The boundaries of East Tremont are Southern Boulevard (north), Third Avenue (east), and Interstate 95. (south).

Although a section of the Bronx is typically linked with poverty and violence, a tiny section has worked hard to avoid those bad preconceptions. East Tremont, a short metro trip from Manhattan, is home to gorgeous historic residences with well-kept gardens. There are numerous individuals and companies in East Tremont, as well as some pretty fantastic East Tremont restaurants. Moreover, you are near to several retail, entertainment, and eating alternatives such as Bronx Community College, Tremont Mall, Yankee Stadium, and The Hub.

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The 7 Best Restaurants in East Tremont

East Tremont is a neighborhood for culinary adventurers. With a plethora of restaurants, pubs, and cafés, this attraction has an intimate ambiance that is unlike anything else in the city. East Tremont eateries are popular with both residents and visitors, who flock to this casual hangout for drinks and supper. In this post, you will discover a list of a few of the greatest restaurants in East Tremont.

The Villager

E. Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY 10465 +171882363183444

Take a break from your day and join the locals in enjoying the greatest pizza in East Tremont. This small company is an important part of the community that it serves. Every diner receives high-quality meals from El Paisano Pizza & Pasta. The cuisine is great, and the staff is always kind and professional, making rapid work of large groups.

El Paisano’s cuisine is a mainstay of many different sorts of dinners. It is suitable for lunch, supper, or even morning. The greatest thing is that there are several alternatives to pick from, such as different pizzas and pastas. If you’re searching for something light, they have salads and soups. Or, how about a calzone or a hoagie? They also have it!

Try their handmade chocolate chip cookies and Zeppolis when you’re want something sweet. Come El Paisano, eat their delicious cuisine, and see why this Bronx Italian restaurant has so many followers!

Trattoria Antonios

+171873366302370 Belmont Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10458, USA

Antonios Trattoria, an Italian restaurant, debuted in the Bronx’s Little Italy in 2006. The restaurant was created by Anthony Lancione and two business partners. Since they grew up on Arthur Avenue, the three friends required a place to send tourists back in time in terms of food and ambience.

The menu includes thin-crust pizza, Italian-American staples including Chicken Parmigiana, and house-made pasta dishes. They also offer a large wine selection.

I had the Fettuccine Primavera with Chicken, which served two persons. The pasta is fresh and well cooked al dente. It also includes a range of fresh veggies.

The meal’s highlight was the massive Rapini Pizza (definitely enough for multiple meals). The Sicilian kind we got had a lovely thick crust. The broccoli rabe and sausage complemented the ample and excellent cheese. We also tried the classic and wonderful Garlic Knots.

We had cannoli for dessert, which was a delicious way to cap the dinner since it was loaded to the brim with cream.

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Our server was really kind, friendly, and attentive. The service was delivered promptly. The only problem was that they didn’t tell me that the garlic knots dish was pretty hot, so I burnt my fingers on it. Our waiter, on the other hand, quickly gave me some ice and ointment, displaying how much she cared for my health. There is lots of seating and the restaurant is furnished and set up like a classic Italian restaurant.

Overall, if you’re looking for Italian cuisine in the Bronx, I’d suggest Antonios Trattoria since I doubt you’ll find a better value anywhere else.

ka Ka Qellu’s

+171893361942321 Hughes Ave, The Bronx, New York 10458, USA

For a long time, I had wanted to visit this wonderfully constructed, rustic Albanian restaurant. But, I was concerned about how well they would accommodate a vegetarian diet. Despite the fact that their menu is mostly centered on meat, the vegetarian selections were excellent.

The lecenik was delicious, a cross between cornbread and polenta that was seasoned with creamy cheese and spinach. The fli was also distinctive, resembling a classic borek with layers of flaky pastry dough.

We also got a tiny serving of the red ajvar dip, which was presented with pita but went great with all of the bread.

We got the pepper tava and kacamak, which were both served in hot clay pots, for more substantial servings. Although the kacamak may not be physically pleasing, its salty tang develops progressively delightful with each mouthful and is a must-try.

Restaurant J & J

+17185833333718 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York 10457

When it comes to East Tremont eateries, J & J Restaurant is a hidden treasure! This Tremont restaurant is ruled by delicious cuisine, pleasant employees, and superb service. The costs are comparable to or cheaper than those of many fast-food restaurants, yet you receive fresh ingredients, beautifully tasty meals, and a generous portion for your money. Mofongo Chicken, Shrimp Soupy Rice, numerous combinations, lobster in garlic, fried hog meat, Cuban sandwich, different burgers, and so on are on the menu. Natural juices and desserts like Guava cake and three milk cake are delicious!

This is the spot to go in Tremont if you want a fantastic breakfast, lunch, or supper. You will not be disappointed if you dine at this family-run establishment. The employees have been taught to deliver prompt, polite, and outstanding service! They offer a wonderful ambience that is ideal for eating with family and friends. Their meal is created to order and prepared using fresh ingredients, assuring consistent quality.


+17182991925726 E Tremont Ave, The Bronx, New York 10457, USA

Cosmos East Tremont is the place to go in the Bronx if you want some delicious home fries.

This restaurant is not just one of several in East Tremont, but it is also a family-owned diner that serves amazing cuisine and provides excellent service!

Every day, they offer various lunch and breakfast specials. Fresh fruit and homemade strawberry syrup accompany the French toast.

Their pancakes are also large and fluffy! The staff is polite and always happy to assist you if you have any queries regarding the menu items or if you have any special requests. It’s certainly worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood!

Bronx Mamajuana Café

E. Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY 10461 +171882484003233

Tremont offers classic Latin American food served with tradition and enthusiasm. Enjoy the richness of Mamajuana Café with a menu influenced by centuries of Latin American culinary traditions, tastes, and flavors, presented in a trendy and modern environment. Taste the calamari, chuletas, hamburgesa Mamajuana, sopa de pollo, ensalada Espanola, empanada trio, and other popular dishes.

With a Caribbean flavor. Mamajuana Café is more than just a dining establishment. It’s a unique cultural experience. Mamajuana Café is a one-of-a-kind establishment. They take pleasure in offering fresh ingredients that are brought to life in their kitchen by the culinary creativity of their chefs and team. Their purpose is to revitalize the Bronx by honouring previous culinary traditions while offering engaging new cultural experiences for the present. They have something for everyone with a unique Hispanic flavor.

Cachapa, Cachapa, Cachapa

+134732906731903, Bathgate Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457, USA

I enjoy Venezuelan cuisine, therefore this business combines the best of both countries for me. The diversity of Spanish food will make your mouth water and you will be unable to select what to eat. That’s one of the reasons it’s at the top of my list of East Tremont eateries.

The Venezuelan sandwich cachapa is made with a sweet corn cake. The Cachapa there was made from arepas, which I’m sure can be done as well. The sandwich is filled with a special sauce, meat, and veggies. The price varies according on where you are.

I paid $9 for mine, which I felt was excessive at first. I was completely wrong. I also bought myself a Chinola Juice. The response time was extremely fast. It was entertaining to watch them prepare my food.

I saw them putting together the Cachapa and adding the cheese, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauces. Eventually, the nice guy behind the counter delivered my food to my table.

I had no idea what to anticipate since it looked very different from what I had previously. The chicken was tender all the way through. It had a good taste and was shredded. Below, it was topped with mozzarella cheese. The toppings I mentioned before came next.

This sandwich was boosted by the distinct sauces. One sauce had a ketchup-mayo taste, which is common in Spanish cuisine.

The other had a creamy sauce that reminded me of chimichurri, and it was delicious! It also had a faint herby and garlic taste that wasn’t overpowering.

Wrap Up: East Tremont Restaurants

East Tremont has a distinct personality, yet it retains a welcoming low-key ambiance. Almost all East Tremont eateries have outside patios and artisan brews. It’s a location where you can dress up or keep it casual, depending on your mood.

The food scene in this region is unquestionably exceptional. East Tremont is the Bronx’s go-to location for diverse gastronomic preferences. Therefore, don’t wait any longer to explore this great area and sample some of the finest cuisine.

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