Where To Dine In Canggu, Bali: The Top 8 Fantastic Restaurants

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Canggu was my favorite city in Bali, thanks in large part to the fantastic cuisine scene. Being a surfing town, it’s no surprise that many Canggu eateries emphasize healthful selections made with locally sourced foods. These are some of my faves among the seaside town’s fashionable (dare I say hipster?) restaurants.

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Canggu’s Top 8 Restaurants

Bottega Italiana Rosmarina

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.77 +62 822-3611-1011

I was actually amazed to discover such delicious, authentic Italian cuisine in an Indonesian beach town. Rosmarina is famous for its use of fresh ingredients, simple dishes, and traditional methods.

The trademark salad was one of my favorite foods. Quinoa and lentils, mixed vegetables, and crunchy nuts were drizzled with EVOO to create the ideal light lunch or, in my case, a massive appetizer.

I knew I had to taste the pasta after learning that it was produced fresh and in-house. That was simply flawless. Large servings of al dente pasta in your choice of traditional sauces.


+62 852-3821-4003 Pantai Berawa Jl.

When I originally heard that Nude’s menu had a huge assortment of raw cuisine, I was skeptical. But don’t worry, not everything on their menu is raw. They also provide a delicious burger in a variety of flavors.

Make a point of trying the pork belly burger with Asian slaw. I like how they utilize charcoal buns on their burgers. Don’t be thrown off by the black bread; it’s really rather tasty.

Bro Restaurant

+62 813-3966-365434 Pantai Batu Bolong Road

When hunting for lunch one day, I came into a Chinese fusion restaurant. The menu is lots of fascinating alternatives, but the steamed dumplings sold me. I’m a dumpling fanatic, and they did not disappoint. I was fortunate to come upon this French website.

I also ate the incredible slow-cooked potato ribs. This massive serving of slow-braised Chinese seasoned pork ribs was not only excellent but also satisfying. Soaked in stock, the potatoes were fork soft yet flavorful.


Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.64 +62 812-3894-3040

Crate is without a doubt my favorite breakfast establishment in town. Every morning, the place is full, and the whole menu looks amazing. Many of the selections were healthful, but there was also bacon and French toast on the menu. Check out their freshly crafted smoothies as well.

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Lacalita Bar and Restaurant

+62 822-4731-2217 No.68 Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong

It’s no surprise that I was looking for Mexican cuisine at Canggu restaurants. Lacalita is the sister restaurant of Seminyak’s immensely famous Lacalaca. The restaurant is beautifully designed, and the menu features a variety of fresh, genuine Mexican meals.

The menu included a lot of fascinating options, such as short rib burgers and beef short ribs, but I went because I was wanting tacos. The jalapeo-infused tequila margaritas I washed them down with aren’t shown.

Milk and Madu

+62-851-0278-1872 No. 52, Pantai Berawa

I could have eaten at Milk & Madu every day if I could. With several meals available throughout the day, they make it impossible to leave. Every night at 5 p.m., the breakfast and lunch menus are replaced with an evening menu.

As we waited for the menu to change, we snacked on delicious crostini.

Our patience was rewarded when we were served this crispy pig belly entrée, which did not disappoint.

Macan Restaurant

+62-812-3800-9970 No. 14 Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa

As the waitress at Macan Cafe brought my order, I questioned whether I was permitted to identify the first restaurant in town that I tried as my favorite. The whole menu looked incredible, and this was hands down the finest burger I’d eaten in a long time.

Ruko Restaurant

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 99, +62 812-3967-3077

Ruko Café is located near the Berawa Beach entrance. Brunch options on the menu include pulled pork benedict and avocado toast.

Burgers, wraps, and salad bowls were on the lunch menu. I (wisely) opted to serve my chicken burger with polenta fries.

Which of my Top 8 Fantastic Canggu Restaurants would you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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