Where to Dine in Cleveland, Ohio | 16 Top Cleveland Restaurants

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You’ve surely worked up an appetite after spending the day grooving at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, seeing some of the incredible exhibitions at the Cleveland Museum of Art, or exploring the trails of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. You’re probably wondering where to eat in Cleveland right now. Fortunately for you, this Midwestern city boasts a plethora of fantastic restaurants!

Cleveland is full with tempting dishes, from famous chef Michael Symons’ casual BBQ establishment to mouthwatering locals-only pub grub! So come hungry and depart satisfied, since the ultimate supper awaits you here.

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Cleveland’s Top 16 Restaurants

Cleveland’s Upscale Restaurants

Cleveland is home to amazing chefs like Dante Boccuzzi, which means there are plenty of pleasantly new and imaginative movements to experience in the city’s fine-dining scene. These are a couple of my favorites!


216-274-12002247 Professor Ave Suite C.

Chef Dante Boccuzzi of Dante mixes his passion of music and cuisine with harmonic combinations such Hawaiian tuna tartare with poached egg, olive caper remoulade, and a crisp potato nest.

The tasting menu, however, is the greatest thing to order here (and maybe in Cleveland). The 5-course tasting menu is a touch pricey, but trust Dantes’ intuition. You’ll be surprised by what he comes up with.

We’ve ordered the tasting menu a few times, and each time we’ve been brought something new and intriguing, such as squid-ink pasta, wonderful white fish over a creamy cauliflower sauce, and the most rich chocolate cake I’ve ever had. Choose the wine pairings. It’s worth the generous pour that comes with each meal!

Cleveland’s Low-Cost Dining

Although there are many fine-dining options in Cleveland, sometimes you simply want a hip restaurant that is inexpensive and enjoyable. These places will quench your need!

The Dog Is Content

The phone number is +1 216-651-94745801 Detroit Ave.

Happy Dog is by far the greatest dive in the area. Although it may not seem to be much from the outside, once entering, you will find the massive bar in the center of the restaurant, a barely-put-together stage, and a slew of ancient booths and tables that have obviously not been changed since the 1970s.

Although it may appear like something out of Cheers, here is the perfect location to get one of the numerous beers on tap. If you’re hungry, grab a pencil and a menu and create your ideal hot dog. The options are limitless! Consider all-beef hotdogs topped with Spaghetti-Os, a fried egg, and a sriracha ranch.

The vegan dog with garlic aioli, garlicky escarole, chunky peanut butter, feta, tomatoes, and cucumbers is my fave. This one is incredible, believe me!

Get it with tots and one of their many condiments, such as Asian yum-yum, chipotle ketchup, buffalo wing sauce, and more!


+1 216-206-76991404 W 29th St.

If there is one establishment on this list that locals are familiar with, it is Jukebox. Although many people rush to West 25th Street for fantastic food (it houses the bulk of Ohio City’s eateries), those in the know go to Jukebox.

It is the go-to location for perogies in Ohio City’s Hingetown neighborhood. They are the finest in town, pan-fried and stuffed with a variety of ingredients. Try the classic potato and cheese, or go for buffalo chickpea, potato, and bacon, or spicy chicken. You may thank me afterwards.

Good tip: this is also the finest late-night pizza, bagels, and ramen location!

Excellent Pho

Superior Ave #105 +1 216-781-74623030 Superior Ave

Although there are many great restaurants in Asia Town on Cleveland’s east side, Superior Pho is the finest spot to go.

While it’s a little difficult to discover within a retail complex, this restaurant is famed for its inexpensive bowls of that beautiful and delicious soup we all know and love: pho.

Get pho, banh mi, or a hearty bowl of bun cha with succulent pork and smooth rice noodles. Although it may be more expensive than in Vietnam, it is certainly affordable in Cleveland!

The finest pizza in Cleveland

While in Cleveland, I’ve made it my mission to discover and consume the greatest pizza in the city. And I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten at practically all of the pizza restaurants in town. Do you want some pizza? This is where to go.

Angelos Pizza Company

+1 (216) 221-044013715 Madison Ave.

Angelos Pizza in Lakewood is the place to go for a thick, chewy crust and limitless possibilities.

Be free to personalize whatever or order from their diverse menu. Of course, they offer the standard cheese, pepperoni, and Margherita pizzas, but try their seafood pizza with lobster cream sauce, shrimp, crab meat, and spinach, or baked potato pizza with onion, bacon, potatoes, butter, and tons of cheese.

Edisons Pizza Kitchen

Professor Ave., +1 216-298-44842365.

Edisons is the place to go if you want a flawless, extra-cheesy, huge pizza-by-the-slice with an absurd quantity of pepperoni.

This restaurant has the greatest sauce AND crust recipe hands down. Both are essential for the ideal slice. So go down to Edisons Pub, maybe play some trivia, and savor that beautiful piece of paradise known as their pizza.

Pizzeria Il Rione

+1 216-282-14511303 W 65th St.

This small pizza is nestled away on Cleveland’s west side and is one of the greatest new eateries in town. Its romantic setting, excellent brick-oven slightly browned and perfectly cooked crust, and fresh, genuine ingredients like sliced mozzarella and basil will take you to Italy in one mouthful.

Expect a wait here, and maybe a pint at Stone Crazy Pub across the street before your dinner!

Cleveland’s Finest Casual Restaurants

These are the locations to go if you want to sit down yet dine casually.


+1 216-694-2122Fulton Rd.

Momocho is known for its contemporary twist on Mexican cuisine, and it provides wonderful meals.

Of course, they offer fantastic tacos and tostadas, but the guacamole sampling and margarita flight are a must. Be sure to sample the crab guacamole and the red bell pepper margarita!

Avo Mexicano Moderno

Cleveland, Ohio +121633169612058 W. 25th St.

The Avo Modern Mexican structure resembles an antique grocery shop. It’s composed of red brick and has a stucco overhang in the middle. It now contains one of Cleveland’s most popular restaurants.

Shrimp, chorizo, chicken cooked in avocado, barbeque, and ground beef are among the options at Avo Modern Mexican, with the toppings spilling over a corn tortilla.

For a great combination of sour and sweet, this meal blends red cabbage and radish slaw with chipotle-garlic aioli, heirloom pico de gallo, cilantro, and queso fresco.

Guacamole with honeycomb and candied walnuts, as well as honey, honeycomb, and honey, are among the appetizers.

Great dinners include the Burrito Colorado, which is packed with flank beef and rice cooked in chili sauce and topped with cilantro and fundido, Mexican-style queso.

Mabel’s Barbecue

+1 216-417-88232050 E 4th St.

Mabels is Chef Michael Symons’ interpretation of Cleveland Barbecue, located on the fashionable and trendy East 4th Street downtown. What exactly is that? Consider kielbasa, brisket, and smoked turkey. And that mix makes perfect sense!

With your meal, order some cracklin and wash it down with a drink from their whiskey selection.


+1 216-938-9301Larchmere Blvd.

Before taking a seat in this diverse and, at times, noisy eatery, start with a welcoming shot of tequila delivered in a lime. Then, get ready to indulge in some delectable Colombian food.

Arepas are the main attraction here. Their menu stuffs the tasty maize cakes with a variety of meats and cheeses. Grab the delicious corn queso as an appetizer, and don’t forget to order the yuca fries to go with your hot and wonderful arepa.

Cleveland’s Top Bars and Restaurants

Looking for a wonderful pint of beer or glass of wine to wash down your delicious meal? Look no farther than these incredible eateries.

Brewing Company of the Great Lakes

Market Ave., +1 216-771-44042516 Market Ave.

The Great Lakes Brewing Company is a Cleveland institution. One of Cleveland’s oldest running breweries, they were the first to open a brewery in Ohio City! In one area alone, there are currently almost ten breweries!

Nevertheless, in addition to producing some of Cleveland’s greatest and most well-known beers, such as Dortmunder Gold Lager, Burning River IPA, and Great Lakes Christmas Ale, they also offer some very delicious pub grub.

Begin with the potato kegs (giant tater tots with cheese inside). Then try their burgers and Edmund Fitzgerald Porter battered fish & chips.

Caf & Market Astoria

216-266-08345417 Detroit Ave.

This cafe and market are ideal for light refreshments and small meals. Pick a drink from their huge wine and beer menu, then examine the various sharing foods, including meat and cheese boards, Greek staple dishes like saganaki and hummus, and even octopus Alla Karvouna and duck confit.

Grab a couple small meals, settle down, and enjoy some wine while chatting and catching up with friends.

Beer and wine banter

+1 216-801-03057320 Michigan Ave.

Beer and wine banter features tasty beers and sometimes difficult-to-find wines from throughout the globe. This wine bar, however, is not like the others. Its outstanding wine list is led by none other thanpoutine?

It certainly does! And it may be the most brilliant combo ever. Try something new or stick to the traditional and always delicious fries, gravy, and cheese curd poutine! The pogo (fries, corndog, slaw, mustard, ketchup, cheese curds, and gravy) and chicken paprikash are two of their unique creations (fries, smoked chicken, spaetzle, cheese curds, and crme frache).

Cleveland is certainly a foodie’s paradise, with so many more fantastic spots we haven’t even mentioned. From traditional fare to international cuisine, the Cleveland culinary industry has a way of taking something and making it its own. So, what are you holding out for? Your next delicious supper is just around the corner!

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