Where to Dine in Fredericksburg, VA | 7 Best Fredericksburg Restaurants

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Looking for a place to dine in Fredericksburg, Virginia? Check out this list of my favorite eateries in Fredericksburg!

My sister lives in nearby Stafford (I’ve previously covered our fave Stafford restaurants if you want to check them out), so when I visit, we try to eat at every nice restaurant we can find. I’ve collected a list of our favorite restaurants to visit if you ever find yourself in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

This list offers something for everyone, from legendary pizza that people travel hours to sample to fantastic steaks, seafood, and the best genuine Mexican cuisine we’ve discovered in the neighborhood.

Oh, and although it’s not really a restaurant, I’ve included my family’s favorite snack stop as well.

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7 Fredericksburg Restaurants You Must Try

Tacos and soup

Caroline St. +1 540-899-0969813 Caroline St.

Soup and Taco is one of my favorite restaurants in town since they provide the most real Mexican-style tacos in town at a reasonable price. Each taco order includes two soft wheat tortillas covered with jalapeo crema and sprinkled with Pepper Jack cheese.

Every day, Soup and Taco serves two soups: their popular tortilla soup and a handmade soup of the day that varies throughout the week.

Larger entrees, known as platos fuertes, are also available. Choices include a tortilla encrusted fish dish, chimichangas, chipotle shrimp enchiladas, green chicken enchiladas, carne asada, or a chicken mol dish (check out the photo below). To wash it all down, they offer 10 different types of margaritas that may be ordered with your meal! They also provide excellent service.

Remember to leave space for dessert. Among the dishes on the menu are coconut flan, fried ice cream, and tres leches cake.

132 degrees Fahrenheit

+1 540-940-2614318 St. William St.

Fahrenheit 132 is a laid-back location with sidewalk seating that provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Locals come here for the best steaks and seafood, as well as artisan cocktails, wine, and local beer. Inside, the atmosphere is more premium. This is my family’s favorite place to celebrate anniversary and birthday parties.

The menu varies daily to reflect recipes produced with the freshest ingredients, and they take care in procuring local foods first.

Begin with an appetizer such as the Chesapeake-style crab cakes prepared with lump Maryland blue crab, Prince Edward Island mussels in a bourbon cream sauce, bacon-wrapped shrimp, or filet mignon tartare.

Their butcher cuts include a NY strip, center-cut sirloins, filet mignon, veal tomahawk, and even a prime Australian Kobe Cowboy for your supper. Designed for two individuals, this steak weighs in at about two pounds!

Every steak comes with a daily veggie and your choice of a side dish. Rosemary mashed potatoes, sautéed garlic green beans, braised mushrooms, hand-cut fries, and more are available.

Check out their Delmonico rib eye. Combine it with the truffle mac and cheese and black-eyed peas for an outstanding supper.

You don’t want a steak? A New Zealand rack of lamb served over Indian-style rice is another choice, as is Chilean sea bass pan-seared and topped with lump blue crab flesh, asparagus, and a beurre blanc sauce. On my next visit, I want to try either the sous vide duck breast served with a spicy blackberry sauce or the grilled chicken breast. Or maybe I’ll go for one of the seafood selections, such as the diver sea scallops or this entire lobster.

2 priced speciality drinks, reduced appetizers, and significant wine by the glass reductions. One of the greatest Fredericksburg Restaurants with one of the best happy hours! Additionally, stop in and take advantage of their happy hour. It is available from 4-6:30 for clients sitting at the bar. One of the hallmarks of happy hour is

The Paradise Diner

Warrenton Rd., +1 540-372-7585260 Warrenton Rd.

The menu of Paradise Diner combines American, Greek, and real Italian cuisine (one of the top Fredericksburg Restaurants). It may seem to be a lot at first, but it works, and the people enjoy it. My sister’s favorite location to get a country-fried steak. Remember, we’re from Oklahoma, so we know how to make a terrific country fried steak!

The large menu of Paradise Diner varies frequently, but Greek delicacies such stuffed cabbage with lemon cream, Greek spaghetti, and moussaka are constantly available.

Look for rotating specialties like the shrimp Creole, roasted pork with a pineapple cherry sauce, or a London broil topped with mushroom gravy on the more international side. Additional options include eggplant Parmesan, lamb shank with Greek salad, crab cake sandwiches, and fried calamari. Returning customers may be treated to Porterhouse pork chops, roasted turkey breasts with stuffing and gravy, a fried oyster supper, or even a broiled filet of salmon packed with crab meat.

The service at Paradise Diner is excellent, and the menu includes waffles, French toast, pumpkin hotcakes, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of omelets. I’d want to try the crab cake Benedict or the fried chicken and waffles the next time I go.

Charlie’s Crab Shack

White Oak Rd., +1 540-371-9988633 White Oak Rd.

For more than 20 years, the Bourne family has owned and managed Charlies Crab Restaurant. You’ll get the biggest crabs for the greatest price here, always well cooked and perfectly flavored.

This is an excellent location for steaming a bushel of crabs prior to throwing a barbeque or crab boil at home.

Please keep in mind that this is a seasonal restaurant. They are open from May through September, during crab season. Before making the trek, I suggest checking online to see whether they are open. In addition, when they run out of stock, they shut their shop. Thus, if you’re organizing a large gathering, pre-order or phone before to ensure they have plenty.

Charlies also often trades in other types of seafood, such as oysters. Check out their Facebook page (link above) to see what’s available right now.


The phone number is +1 540-300-700110013 Jefferson Davis Highway.

house BBQ sauce, cheddar mac & cheese, caramelized onions, and sharp cheddar are all available. Gourmeltz used to be a food truck, but they became so successful that they created a physical location. Another veteran-owned company, this Gourmeltz turns up gourmet artisan melts featuringplenty of creative variations on conventional grilled cheese. The Southern cookout melt, which is packed with house-smoked pulled pork …

The fiesta burger melt comes with two hamburger patties, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, pico de gallo, and pepper jack cheese. A feast for the taste senses.

These are just a handful of their many alternatives. There’s something here for every palate.

Gourmeltz also serves a variety of beers on tap. They also offered us crispy fried duck wings that complemented our beverages nicely!

Every day, military, veterans, police, and firemen get a 10% discount. Certainly at the top of the Fredericksburg Restaurants list!

Brewery Strangeways

Lansdowne Rd., +1 540-371-1776350 Lansdowne Rd.

Strangeway Brewery is the greatest beer bar in Fredericksburg. They feature a huge selection of beers on tap, including numerous odd sour alternatives.

Live music is often performed here. If you become hungry, there are always a few nice food trucks to pick from. They are also a dog-friendly restaurant.

The Popcorn Pouch

+1 (540) 850-77071219 Jefferson Davis Highway.

The Popcorn Bag, while not officially a restaurant, is a charming small boutique that provides roughly 60 different types of popcorn.

You may combine tastes to make dishes such as a loaded baked potato, chicken and waffles, sausage biscuits and gravy, coconut curry, one of the greatest pizzas in town, beer, or buffalo wings and ranch. They even have seasonal tastes that change. My niece adores the black-tiea Oreo and marshmallow combination.

Stop in and create your own unique mix. Instead, let the team assist you come up with recommendations for some of the most popular blends. These huge bags also make excellent presents.

Which of these Fredericksburg eateries do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

Have an idea for a different restaurant that should be included in the Fredericksburg Restaurants list? Let me know in the comments!

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