Where to Dine in Guanajuato, Mexico | 10 Top Guanajuato Restaurants

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Guanajuato, Mexico has a palpable and inviting atmosphere that welcomes both tourists and residents. The eateries in Guanajuato follow suit.

I’d wanted to go to Guanajuato since I came to Mexico. I’d heard about the small alleyways and brightly colored buildings and knew I wanted to see them for myself.

In fact, many people claim that Guanajuato is the most beautiful city in Mexico, but my choice still belongs to San Cristobal.

If you’re coming for the first time, here’s a list of some of our favorite Guanajuato eateries. They are all great in terms of cuisine and service and are the finest places to dine in Guanajuato.

However, if you’re short on time or just want to sample the finest of Guanajuato street cuisine, we collaborated with Mexico Street Food Tours during my stay in Guanajuato. I take a lot of walking food tours across the globe, but this one stood out for us not just because of the amazingly excellent cuisine, but also because of the amount of history we learnt about the city.

The organization offers two tours: the street food trip that we took and a bars and tacos night tour that I plan to take the next time I’m in town.

Click here to learn more about the two excursions and reserve your spot. You won’t be sorry, and be sure to tell them I sent you!

Check out my packing list for Mexico and this article regarding whether or not you need travel insurance for Mexico before you go.

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10 Must-Try Restaurants in Guanajuato

Campos de los Angeles

De La Alameda 4a, Plaza Baratillo, Centro

Los Campos is a fantastic tapas restaurant in central Guanajuato. Little dishes are ideal for sharing with friends and a bottle of wine. The sweet corn and jalapeño fritters and pork and oregano meatballs were two of our faves.

If you have a greater appetite than tapas, larger plates are also available. A beef tenderloin with salsa verde, a meatloaf burger, beef short rib tacos, and a pork chop al pastor that I can’t wait to taste on my next visit are all options.

Dinner reservations are strongly advised since the restaurant is tiny and might rapidly fill up. Reservations may be made online by clicking here.

The Rose of Life

+52 473 114 3534 Cantarranas 18, Centro Zone

La Vie en Rose is a French bakery with an upstairs restaurant. The restaurant has been characterized as a little of Paris in Mexico, and I thought the description to be not only lovely but also accurate. When I initially walked inside the bakery, I almost forgot I was in Mexico and thought I’d stepped into Paris, France.

I know you’re probably thinking it’s odd to put a French-themed restaurant #1 on a list of restaurants in Guanajuato, Mexico, but that’s because they’re that good. If the pastries and sweets aren’t enough for you, try the coffee.

La Vie en Rose originally opened in late 2014 and quickly became a hit, delivering delectable breakfast and to-die-for pastries not found anywhere else in Mexico. You’ll want to return here for a taste of Paris every time you visit Guanajuato.

Mexico, Beautiful and Sweet

+52 473 731 0529 Barrio de la Presa, Paseo de la Presa

If you’re searching for Guanajuato restaurants that provide the finest of Mexican food, México Lindo y Sabroso is the place to go. Their menu has over forty genuine Mexican meals that are all created from scratch. They are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., so you may come in at any time for breakfast, lunch, or supper.

There will be no new innovations, gastronomy, or experimental foods. The recipes utilized are traditional and genuine, allowing every visitor to go back in time and experience foods that have been passed down through generations in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Falafel Habibti

+52 473 732 9418 21 Sostenes Rocha Centro Histrico

This falafel restaurant was really pretty pleasant, despite being a little hole in the wall sort of establishment. The Lebanese and Middle Eastern foods were great, the ambiance was warm, and the service crew was kind. The quantities are rather large for the price, so you may want to consider bringing part of your meal home with you.

You may get your falafels wrapped in a tortilla or a large leaf of lettuce. To drink, you may choose between Italian soda or handmade lemonade produced directly in the shop. One of the greatest veggie-friendly restaurants in town.

If you’re searching for a restaurant with a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives, or if you simply need a break from all the tacos, we suggest paying Habibti Falafel a visit at least once. It’ll be a welcome change from the often heavy and spicy fare of Mexican cuisine.


+52 473 732 0632 Positos 38, Centro Zone

Are you and your friends having problems deciding where to eat in Guanajuato? I suggest visiting Escarola. The diversity on their menu will satisfy everyone in your party, even those who prefer vegan or vegetarian meals. The service is also quite pleasant. When you’ve finished your meal, go to the bar for some delectable beverages.

We also found several gluten-free items on their menu, indicating that they really are a one-stop store. They will also happily accommodate any additional allergies in your party.

If you’re in the area on Sunday, you should certainly stop in for some brunch. This little creative eatery has it all.

The Doa Lupe Enchilada

Plaza de Gallos Antigua, Centro

Enchilada Doa Lupe is a popular restaurant in Guanajuato for its distinctive dish, enchiladas mineras. Enchiladas minerals (or mining enchiladas) are a delicacy that local ladies used to make for their husbands who worked in the silver mines.

Enchiladas mineras are a substantial meal that you should taste at least once during your vacation since it is very iconic.

Enchilada Doa Lupe is only open for supper at 6 p.m., yet it is a major success with both residents and tourists.

Where to Get Guanajuato’s Finest Coffee, Ice Cream, and Cocktails-

Negra Oveja

+52 473 141 6939 Cantarranas 70, Centro Zone

The Oveja Negra, or Black Sheep Pub, is a modest establishment with a genuine local vibe. The organizers of this pub want to provide a secure and diversified environment for the younger population to enjoy culturally diverse music while sipping some of the greatest beer and drinks available.

There is always a new drink to sample at Oveja Negra, since they are continually creating something new to attract a younger demographic of consumers. This means that there will be something fresh and fascinating to try each time you come, or you may continue to order your favorites.

This is an excellent spot to mingle with people and learn about Mexican culture. If you haven’t eaten yet, they do provide a complete supper menu, but this is generally a place to hang out with your friends after you’ve eaten.

Tal’s Café

+52 473 690 7390 124 Paseo de La Presa

Caf Tal is a must-visit whether you are a coffee enthusiast or just like a good cup of coffee. They manufacture their own particular blends of coffee as a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, utilizing beans harvested in Coatepec, Veracruz.

If you don’t have anyplace else to go, drop in and have a filtered coffee of the day for just 19p. Bring a nice book or your computer to read, and your coffee cup may be refilled as many times as you like as long as you stay in the shop. They also provide excellent cappuccinos, espressos, and a variety of iced or cold coffees.

Maybe coffee isn’t your thing. That’s OK. You may still enjoy the restaurant’s environment by ordering iced or hot tea, as well as some decaf coffee alternatives.

This is by far the greatest coffee we discovered in Guanajuato. They’ve been operating since 2005 and have become a community institution by not only providing the greatest coffee, but also at the best pricing. You may also purchase their speciality coffee to take home or order it straight from their website.

The Lobos

+52 473 732 7040 Ropero Plaza

There were probably more residents than visitors inside the Los Lobos bar, but we felt perfectly at home. This venue offers a fantastic atmosphere and fantastic music. Los Lobos even refer to themselves as Guanajuato’s Rock & Roll heart. The beverages are powerful and inexpensive, and they come fast. A terrific spot to feel like a native and enjoy some of Guanajuato’s greatest nightlife.

Nieves La Garrafa

Zona Centro, Luis Gonzlez Obregn 2

When you have a sweet craving, you don’t want just any dessert. You just want the finest. That is exactly what we discovered in La Garrafa Nieves. The Snow Carafe is the name, and they serve the greatest chocolate ice cream in Guanajuato.

They had so many different tastes that we had to try them all! All of the tastes are completely handcrafted, and the pricing are extremely fair. After a long, hot day of touring throughout the city, this was a nice location to relax and have some delicious ice cream.

Which of these Guanajuato restaurants do you wish to sample the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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