Where to Dine in Melbourne, Australia | 12 Top Melbourne Restaurants

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Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise, and Melbourne restaurants provide a diverse range of cuisines. If you like, you may eat something completely different here three times a day, seven days a week.

You may eat Indonesian specialities one day and delectable Spanish tapas the next. Or maybe you want to know what true Aussie cuisine is. Whatever your taste, the greatest Melbourne restaurants provide the finest fusion cuisine. For coffee and cake enthusiasts visiting the city, there is even a lively café scene.

As an added bonus, Melbourne has a Chinatown, food markets, food trucks, and pop-up restaurants; no matter where you are, you can anticipate many chances to indulge in world-class cuisine at Melbourne’s top places to eat. If you like Asian cuisine, the city will not disappointyou may even attend an Asian food festival! Here, innovation is the name of the game, so if you enjoy the concept of sampling cuisine you’ve never heard of before, come to Melbourne.

We’ve put up a brief guide to assist you locate Melbourne restaurants to dine in to help you decide on this city with so many options.

The Top 12 Melbourne Restaurants

Dumplings at ShanDong MaMa

+61 3 9650 3818200 Bourke St. Mid City, 7th Floor

Every day, dumpling enthusiasts go to ShanDong Mama because they know something you don’t (yet): this restaurant delivers some of the greatest dumplings in the world. Pick from classics like pork and chives or black fungus (which taste far better than they sound! ), high-quality prawn dumplings, and unique fish mackerel cooked dumplings.

Mother knows what she’s doing; after all, she’s from Yan Thai, a seaside city in Shandong Province known for its superb seafood.

Hotcakes at Top Paddock

Richmond, +61 3 9429 4332658 Church St.

Top Paddock is the place to go if the appearance of your meal is as important to you as the flavor. This restaurant knows presentation, and the chef will go out of his way to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your meal. The blueberry and ricotta hotcake should not be missed, but be warned: it looks so wonderful that you could feel terrible eating it! At the very least, we’d wager it winds up on your Instagram.

Brunches are the theme of the day here, so stop by if you’re craving a fluffy hotcake with a side of health: this meal comprises fruits and berries, crunchy seeds, organic maple syrup, and some very wonderful cream. Yum.

Cumulus, Inc.

Flinders Lane, +61 3 9650 144545.

Cumulus Inc. on Flinders Lane is one of Melbourne’s top hipster haunts, and the cuisine is authentic. Have a seat at the bar counter to see the culinary crew at work. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly, with a few vegan choices as well, so the menu should accommodate whatever you like.

Cumulus is known for its bold tastes and inventive dishes, such as buffalo ricotta gnocchi with sugar snaps and brown butter and rabbit, hog cheek, and sour cherry terrine. If you’re hesitant, you can’t go wrong with their daily chefs’ selection menu. This restaurant is usually rather crowded (as one would anticipate), so arrive early, be prepared to wait, or book ahead. While you’re waiting, order a delicious Bloody Mary.

Jinda Thai’s Boat Noodles

+61 3 9419 58991 Address: 7 Ferguson St.

Thai food is another must-try while visiting Melbourne eateries. If you’ve ever traveled to Thailand, you’ll know they know how to make noodles! If you haven’t tried boat noodles yet, now is your opportunity.

They are generally sold from boats in Thailand’s canals and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The boat noodles at Jinda Thai are among the greatest in the world; two popular options are beef or pig crackling. Both come with a rich, black broth as well as flavorful herbs and spices.

Belles Hot Chicken’s Baller Bucket

Several Places

Chicken wings are popular all throughout the globe, so they may be your thing. Yet, not all chicken wings are prepared the same way. Nonetheless, while visiting Melbourne eateries, Belles Hot Chicken is always a safe bet. They’re scattered around Melbourne, with joints in three locations, so you’ll never be far from a good wing or two.

With the Baller Bucket, you can go all out in terms of volume. It includes 16 fried chicken wings, as well as four sides and sauces. It’s generally preferable to bring a companion!

You don’t have to limit yourself to chicken wings; they also provide delicious mac & cheese, Old Bay fries, and a healthier option: the roast yam salad. Order a beer to go with anything you want.

At The Kettle Black, you can get coconut yogurt.

Albert Rd, +61 3 9088 072150.

If you want to do something different for breakfast than other Melbourne eateries, Kettle Black has you covered. Their handcrafted coconut yoghurt is sure to have you going back for more, particularly if you’re vegan and don’t want to sacrifice flavour! Vegan culture, coconut cream, and agave syrup are included in this yoghurt. The flavors are much greater than the components. It’s topped with a nutritious mix of nuts, seeds, cereals, seasonal fruits, and even a dash of citrus powder. It should keep you going for the rest of the day!

Hellenic Republic’s Saganaki

Several Places

You could forget you’re in Australia for a time if you go Greek at the Hellenic Republic. Certainly, it is not the intention, but it does demonstrate the authenticity of their classic Greek food! Every meal has a contemporary touch to liven things up a little.

The Saganaki is highly recommended; this golden fried kefalograviera cheese has a soft and stringy middle. They serve it with spiced figs and wonderful syrupa flavor pleasure you’ll appreciate!

Mobile food vendors

Food trucks abound in Melbourne, giving up a variety of delectable treats. Some of the greatest Asian street cuisine can be found here. White Man Cooks Thai is a popular option among both residents and tourists.

There’s also Gumbo Kitchen, which serves New Orleans-style cuisine, and Dos Diablos, which serves Mexican cuisine. If you’re craving pizza, go to Soul Kitchen for a delicious wood-fired pie.

Gourmet Markets

A visit to the city’s various food markets is one opportunity to experience a variety of cuisines all at once. Your cup will actually overflow with tastes from all around the globe at the markets. The marketplaces contain everything from local organic products to unique meals. They provide a varied experience in terms of views, scents, and sounds as well.

Grab a variety of items and plan your own picnic in a city park. Drink great coffees and wines while nibbling on a variety of pastries, desserts, and other treats. You could like South Melbourne Marketor Brunswicks for its exquisite Lebanese meals, Italian cheeses, homemade pasta, and desserts.


Bourke Street, Little Bourke St.

Add a trip to Chinatown to your itinerary for the greatest Asian cuisine. This bustling sector was established in the 1860s and is now more popular than ever. It includes everything from family-run dim sum businesses to world-class restaurants. Every year, the area organizes an Asian culinary festival for a whole month.

Tea, coffee, and wine are available.

Most visitors to Melbourne will desire tea, coffee, or a drink of wine. Go to Little Italy for a wonderful coffee, where they offer an outstanding espresso. Several establishments in Melbourne provide high tea and unique coffees. Coffee palaces, as they are colloquially known, are easy to discover if you simply follow your nose.

There are five wine-producing zones in and around the city. The Yarra Valley produces a large portion of Victoria’s wine, and some of its greatest productions may be found in the halls of DeBortoli, Fergusson, and Yering Station. You might also visit an indie vineyard like Punt Road or Mandala Wines.

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