Where to Dine in Mequon, Wisconsin | 8 Top Mequon Restaurants

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Mequon, a quiet northern suburb of Milwaukee, has lately undergone an economic development plan that has resulted in a slew of new, independent, and delicious eateries in this relatively tranquil Midwestern town.

What was formerly largely residential dwellings is now a hotspot for interesting places to dine north of Milwaukee. If you find yourself in Wisconsin and travelling north of downtown to this little suburb, be sure to check out the top Mequon eateries listed below.

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8 Mequon Restaurants You Must Try

St. Paul Fish Company is located in The Cannery Mequon.

Mequon (262) 200-99096200 W Mequon Rd

Although the Midwest may not be thought of as a seafood hotspot, the communities around Lake Michigan’s coastlines are widely renowned for a variety of fish dishes, including the typical Wisconsin fish fry. The St. Paul Fish Company debuted their first retail shop and restaurant in downtown Milwaukee’s Public Market, and they’ve taken client favorites like their oyster bar and fresh fish counter to their new suburban Mequon facility.

This restaurant and fresh fish market is housed in an ancient brick commercial building that has been beautifully refurbished to retain the industrial aesthetic of exposed brick and wide windows while adding a spacious, contemporary bar area and dining room. The fresh fish bar, which offers an enormous choice of raw seafood sold by the pound, greets you as you approach the restaurant. Favorites like shrimp, scallops, and salmon, as well as exotic fish like cod, mahi-mahi, lake perch, and Chilean sea bass, are available for consumers to take home and prepare.

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll see a wonderful nautical and marine décor around a big bar and high-top tables. Remain for the oysters and happy hour, or make your way to the rear of the bar to their dining room. The menu offers an excellent selection of seafood selections, both in terms of type and cooking method. They do not accept bookings, so arrive early or anticipate a wait, since the restaurant is still relatively new and popular.

Try the hand-breaded fried calamari or shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. For supper, try the famous Milwaukee Fish Fry, which comes with French fries and coleslaw. There are six different types of fish to pick from. Wisconsin favorites include Lake Perch and Schlitz-Battered Cod.

Don’t worry if fried food isn’t your thing. There are 14 different grilled fish and shrimp entrees to choose from. Choose your fish, top with a sauce like beurre blanc, basil pesto, or fruit salsa, and serve over jasmine rice and sautéed veggies. Instead, their $18 Maine Lobster Dinner includes a one-pound steamed lobster with drawn butter, potatoes, and coleslaw. The meal is delicious, and the rates are reasonable. You won’t be on the water, but you’ll feel like it at this Mequon seafood restaurant.

Foxtown Brewing Company

Mequon, WI +126229257006411 W Mequon Rd

This warm and inviting restaurant offers a stunning décor with a contemporary twist that will take your breath away. It’s a location that will make you feel right at home with its excellent service and terrific pleasant employees.

Foxtown Brewery could be a decent option if you’re searching for a cheap restaurant that sells alcohol.

Pizza, bacon, and burgers will tempt your taste senses. This establishment serves honey beer, stout, and pale ale. Good coffee is also available here.

If you’re in the mood for chicken wraps, this is the place to go. The service was timely and courteous, something I haven’t usually seen in restaurants. It’s also wonderful that there’s a decent selection of cuisine to pick from. I highly suggest this venue for special occasions!

Caf Corazon is located in the Mequon Public Market on Spur 16.

Mequon (262) 643-42566300 W Mequon Rd

This multi-vendor market, which debuted in 2019, is packed with eateries and a few specialized stores. This one-stop store provides tourists with breakfast, lunch, and supper selections, as well as a variety of desserts. Some restaurants have a tiny ordering area, but there is also open seating on the second-story loft where you can enjoy your meal while watching the market below you.

Caf Corazon, a Mexican farm-to-table restaurant featuring vegetarian and vegan options, is a must-visit in the Public Market. They provide non-meat choices such as herb tofu and soy chorizo that may be substituted for any of their menu items in addition to a vegan menu. They offer a little bar area where you can order delicious cuisine, have a beverage (their margaritas are delicious! ), and eat your meal. You may also take your meal upstairs to the loft-style dining area if you’re visiting the market with friends or family and everyone wants something different.

If you’re searching for brunch, they open at 11 a.m. everyday and offer Mexican breakfast items such as tacos and burritos, chilaquiles (fried corn tortilla strips topped in eggs, cheese, meat or vegetables, and either red or green sauce), and huevos rancheros (eggs, sauted onions, and peppers smothered in ranchero sauce on corn tortillas). Vegan breakfast options are comparable, with herbed tofu substituting eggs.

If you go for lunch or dinner, I suggest the taco lunch or dinner plate, which allows you to mix and match some of their great meat selections, such as pig carnitas, steak asada, and pulled beef mechada. They also feature daily specials and, of course, wonderful Mexican favorites like nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, making this Mequon restaurant a must-try.

The Santorini Grill

Mequon, WI +141471657236300 W Mequon Rd

Santorini Grill takes you on a gourmet trip while providing exceptional service.

This restaurant’s standard menu items include gyros, zucchini, and rice. Its lovely design and helpful personnel keep it busy all year. Also, the costs are moderate and cheap.

The tranquil environment and magnificent décor will undoubtedly appeal to you. Also interesting is the outdoor sitting area.

Tasting baklava, delicious fried dough, and lemon dessert is a delightful experience. This location is well-known for its wonderful wine. It is worthwhile to get a bread drink.

Mequon Vietnamese Noodles

Mequon (262) 241-19991380 W Mequon Road

Don’t be fooled by the modest name or inconspicuous setting; this is one of those hidden gems you don’t want to miss. This hidden treasure is nestled away at the back of a strip mall, and the menus are a touch old, but the place is spotless and the cuisine is delicious. They offer massive amounts of pho, as you’d expect from a Vietnamese restaurant, as well as a diverse menu of noodle and rice dishes, all in a very contemporary environment with gorgeous paintings on the walls and quirky statement lighting fixtures on the ceiling.

This Mequon eatery offers both standard and huge pho dishes (when in doubt get a regular size, two people can easily share it). There are meat selections such as rare and well-done steak, meatballs, and tripe available, as well as chicken, dumpling, and vegetarian alternatives. The Vietnamese restaurant even offers a vegetarian broth for its vegetarian pho. The noodle soup comes with bean sprouts, basil, lime, and jalapeño peppers on the side, allowing you to personalize your bowl at the table.

If you don’t like soup, try anything from the noodle or rice menu, such as their Soft Egg Noodle Stir Fry or any of their fried rice with your choice of meat or veggies. They also sell Boba Smoothies in interesting varieties including mango, strawberry, and banana. One of the greatest places to dine in Mequon for a taste of the distinct cuisine of Vietnam.

Company Mequon Pizza

Mequon, Wisconsin +1262242591712020 N River Rd

Mequon Pizza Company’s fresh-fired thin-crust or deep-dish pizza pie is simply incomparable.

For lunch and supper, Mequon Pizza Company serves wonderful spaghetti, ravioli, ricotta, lasagna, salads, sandwiches, and more.

The bulk of the cuisine is Italian in nature, yet it includes many Wisconsin staples, such as their excellent Friday Fish Fry.

Theyre ideal for a short stop on your way home from work or for a speedy delivery of your favorite comfort meals. They also provide meal delivery, so you can enjoy your favorite pizza from the comfort of your own home!

Hollander Caf

Mequon (262) 236-01075900 W Mequon Road

This brewery, modeled by European Grand Cafs in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, is a fantastic spot to catch up with friends, enjoy some of Wisconsin’s finest cuisine, and try one or more pints from their vast beer choice. Its expansive outside terrace is inspired by Dutch street-side cafs and is the ideal spot to unwind in the summer. The corner site is especially advantageous, since it provides diners with a view of the Milwaukee River. But keep in mind that there isn’t a lot of parking, so arrive early to get a spot in the lot, or expect to walk a few streets to the restaurant.

Caf Hollander is well-known for its large beer selection and glassware collection. Certain varieties of beer, they believe, need their own glass design to improve aromatics, carbonation, and head development. They have over 40 different kinds of glasses, so any beer you choose will be delivered in the best glassware possible. All of the beers we tried were great, so they must be onto something!

They have their own brewing collaboration, Lowlands Brewing Collaborative, which collaborates with some of the top brewers in the world to make their own range of unique beers. They vary in style from Belgium’s rich, creamy, caramel-laced Tandem Dubbel to the hoppy Hollander IPA.

They also work with Wisconsin brewers to bring in special beers and import some of the best European kinds. With over 30 beers on tap (and many more available by the bottle), it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, they provide taster flights of some of their top selections for $12. If you don’t like beer, they also serve hand-crafted cocktails, award-winning Bloody Marys, and an extensive wine selection.

House-made cheese curds, a Wisconsin tradition, are fried white cheddar cheese curds served with a sriracha ranch dipping sauce. Instead, a Large Soft Pretzel, a salted soft pretzel with bier cheese dipping sauce, will transport you to Belgium. Instead, the Frites Cone, which consists of French fries or sweet potato fries served in a classic paper cone with your choice of one of nine different dipping sauces.

Caf Hollander also serves breakfast, where you may indulge in one of their fantastic, giant waffles created from classic brioche-based dough. Caf Hollander is the greatest spot to dine in Mequon if you want to sample the best cuisine in the area with the flare of the Benelux region.

The Central Grill at Harvey’s

Mequon (262) 241-95891340 W Towne Square Rd

Harveys is a sophisticated cafe in the suburbs with a fancy city ambiance. The restaurant’s trendy bar and decor give way to a relaxing garden-party-style atmosphere on their screened-in patio. The quietly playing cheerful music through the speakers provides just the proper amount of sophistication without being stuffy. Check out their fireplace terrace outdoors if the weather is nice.

Every Monday through Friday from 4-6 pm, they provide a fantastic happy hour with a wide assortment of traditional cocktails including sidecars, gimlets, and Moscow mules. Their cuisine varies seasonally, and their small dish menu truly shines. If you’re looking for something more substantial, consider Wolfgang Puck’s Seafood Stew, a tomato-based soup steeped with saffron and fennel with onions, mushrooms, peppers, and seasonal shellfish. Instead, the Sesame Duck Fettuccini has delicious pulled duck and stir-fried veggies in a balsamic plum sauce over fettuccine pasta. A typical Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry with panko-crusted lake perch is also available, updated with an avocado tartar sauce.

Don’t miss the tiramisu, which is made with layers of soft espresso-infused ladyfingers, creamy mascarpone, and topped with shaved chocolate. They sometimes feature live music, so check their website for the schedule. This historic restaurant is one of the nicest places to dine in Mequon, in our opinion.

Which of these Mequon restaurants do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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